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  1. 2019 Awards Season

    In a brilliant Twitter thread (13 tweets), Guillermo del Toro gives us an analysis of Roma. As he discusses specific scenes, MAJOR spoilers abound. Enter at your own risk, but well worth the read. https://twitter.com/RealGDT/status/1084701184110153729?s=19
  2. I'm just so relieved that Regina King received her Oscar nomination after somehow NOT getting the nod from either SAG or BAFTA. Now, she's clearly the Oscar's frontrunner. Also, and I'll call these minor snubs, several actors were considered possibilities for receiving either a lead or supporting nomination or both, as an outlier: Emily Blunt (Mary Poppins Returns/A Quiet Place); Nicole Kidman (Destroyer/Boy Erased); Lucss Hedges (Boy Erased/Ben is Back.) None received a nomination.
  3. I'm pretty shocked by the snubs in the Documentary Feature category where neither Won't You Be My Neighbor nor Three Identical Strangers got a nomination.
  4. Andre Braugher should receive a nomination every year, no matter what he's in. The man is seriously one of the best actors on the planet!
  5. 2019 Awards Season

    IMO, many people are thinking that if Glenn Close were to win the Oscar this year, it would just be a career award as she's never won before so she's overdue. No! She's fantastic in THIS particular performance. Sadly, The Wife is a film that most people did not see. (I saw it several months ago at our local art house theater.) If I may, there's another actress in a film with a plot very similar to The Wife who was also deserving of a nomination in another film that few have seen: Keira Knightley in Colette. Her performance was amazing. I'm very sorry that her work wasn't recognized. Back in October/November, she was on many lists of possible contenders, but that turned out not to be the case. :( I'm rooting for Glenn Close big time and I do believe she's going to win.
  6. The girl who broke George's heart at age 15 (I'm blanking on her name, was it Catherine Dempsey?) must still be around their neighborhood if George watched Mary making cupcakes for her daughter's birthday party. Are they setting up a story line for the affair we know George is going to have?
  7. The West Wing

    Whaaaa? It looked like we had made the cut. Very disappointed, PTV.
  8. HM Queen Victoria In The Media

    Wow, how bizarre! I was actually getting ready to message one of my British friends, thinking she would have already seen S3, to ask if Ernst was scheduled to be in any future episodes. That could have been awkward!
  9. 2019 Awards Season

    Perhaps not just one winner emerges. Scenario: Emily Blunt wins the SAG for Supporting Female Actor for A Quiet Place (consolation prize instead of Best Female Actor in Mary Poppins Returns for which she's also nominated.) Rachel wins the BAFTA (The Favourite is nominated for 12 BAFTAs, 5 more than any other film! It's going to win a lot of them.) Regina could still be the front runner for the Oscar. We'll have to wait until next Tuesday to be sure she gets the Oscar nomination. I still think she has a path to the Oscar.
  10. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Or Jim? Good question. Perhaps when Brother dropped out, the producers decided to allow only the chefs from the current season to return? I think that should be addressed though.
  11. I think she needs a belt. The right belt could pull the entire look together. Palmer is a gorgeous child.
  12. From the article: Show me the parent that doesn't get "overwhelmed" when caring for a 4 year old and a 3 year old for any extended period and I'll show you one who has assistance from a family member, a friend or A NANNY! Kathryn doesn't have the benefit of a F/T nanny as Thomas has always had. Two pre-schoolers is pretty overwhelming! What a DB he is.
  13. 2019 Awards Season

    BAFTA nominations announced. 'The Favourite' Dominates BAFTA Nominations 2019 Notable: Viola Davis with a Best Actress nod for Widows. Like the SAGs, Regina King didn't get a nomination for Supporting. Instead, Margot Robbie gets the nod for Mary Queen of Scots. Steve Coogan is nominated for Best Actor for Stan and Ollie. I'm looking forward to that one.
  14. This may have been one of the best episodes ever. Both subjects were so interesting. By the time Dr. Gates said that the DNA testing revealed that Andy Samberg's mother had a half-brother, I was weeping. Such an amazing discovery. And then to have her meet her family! The fact that one of her new family members was actually in possession of a photo with her two birth parents together, with Mrs. Samberg's birth mother having been unidentifiable to them as anything but a date their father was with one evening was a pretty incredible story. They had a gap filled in also. I was touched that Andy Samberg said he would normally have said no to a request like this program because he likes to keep his personal life private, but did it for his mother with the requirement that they try to find her birth mother. What an amazing gift for him to be able to give her! And, my eyes are welling up again just thinking about it. :) Beautiful episode.
  15. 2019 Awards Season

    And hot on the heels of the WGA nominations yesterday, here are the DGA nominations released today: DGA Awards Unveils Nominations in Feature Film Categories Here's the absolutely shocking piece of information from the release: What?!?! I'm astonished!