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  1. You can relax. It's not a Chuck Lorre production. ;) Oh, if only this were more often true. Unfortunately, I think far too few parents do this. Being a good parent requires you to be almost selfless. Not many people are willing to put their own needs and desires on a back burner. From what we've seen of Kate, I'm not particularly hopeful that she can do this. She has too many emotional issues of her own that need attention. B.B. King was a great lady? He certainly was great but... I agree with your default position. :-) While the writing for this show has quality, its depiction of female characters leaves a good deal to be desired, with Beth perhaps being the outlier.
  2. Abby and Leo Amy and Abby Fitz and Nancy
  3. Will and CJ Kate and CJ CJ and Donna - I never really saw that as a friendship, just amiable working acquaintances.
  4. Will and Donna Will and CJ Kate and CJ I never cared for Will and I disliked Kate even more so the quicker they're out, the happier i'll be.
  5. Possible friendship list additions: Charlie and Mrs. Landingham? Leo and Fitz? Leo and Margaret? It's interesting that we never really saw any of the staff have friendships to speak of outside the confines of the WH. Perhaps only Abby, who did have friends from the world of medicine.
  6. I'm definitely choosing Jed and Abby for the win but I'm pleasantly surprised to have seen Matt and Helen Santos make it all the way to the end.
  7. @Bastet I feel the same way about Sam and Ainsley voters! /SlowlyBacksOutOfTheRoom Leo and Jordan Speaking of Jordan, I had no idea until he died last week that Monty Hall was Joanna Gleason's father!
  8. Josh and Amy CJ and Toby
  9. Donna and Cliff Josh and Amy Gardner
  10. Yes, I was wondering why Brad Rutter wasn't on the list linked in GreekGeek's post. So I guess the list only includes those who competed after the "5 wins" era? That seems unfair.
  11. Will and Kate Josh and Donna (I thought I'd have to defend this choice but it seems I've got company!)
  12. Leo and Jenny Leo and Annabeth Margaret and Bruno (I hope it's OK to jump in and play at this late date.)
  13. Amenadiel did ask her how she was really doing. She demurred. Linda's just not ready to talk yet. I'm sure she will be eventually. I'm wondering if there has been turnover in the writers' room. The first two episodes have felt off to me, as if the writers have lost their mojo; except for the last scene with Lucifer holding court. That was excellent. It doesn't hurt that Tom Ellis is in a different league acting-wise from the rest of the cast. I liked Tom Welling as Clark Kent but this does not seem to be a good fit here. I'll give them more time to develop his character but my initial impression is not a good one. I did like the final scene between Pierce and Lucifer. Just my speculation but it seems telegraphed that the Sinnerman killed Pierce's child. Perhaps his spouse also.
  14. Lucifer Showrunners Reveal the Devil Will Embrace His Dark Side This Season From TV Guide, the article contains a hefty dose of spoilers about the premiere and beyond.
  15. Rumors are that it's already been cancelled.