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  1. The Marvelous Cast

    I knew him right away from The Astronaut Wives Club, where he played the reporter from Life magazine who shadowed the wives for an in-depth article. To my knowledge, that was the first thing in which I'd ever seen him and he made an instant impression.
  2. Premature Unfurling: TV spoilers & speculation

    I was going to put this in the media thread as I normally would with tweets, but this one from D.B. Woodside is spoilery. Looks like Amenadiel will make a return to earth in the new season!
  3. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    Today's the first day of shooting for Season 4. The Mazikeen part of the video from Lux is the best. :D She takes quite a shot at FOX!
  4. I just read this article from THR's Pret-A-Reporter and thought you might find this interesting. The change in date of the Academy Awards to the early part of February may have effects on the fashion world. What the New Oscars Date Could Mean for Fashion
  5. I found an answer to my own question in an article from The Hollywood Reporter. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/academy-plans-three-hour-oscars-telecast-adds-popular-film-category-1133138?facebook_2018811
  6. Line Items - West Wing Quotes

    The unpardoned turkey will now win the "Most Popular" award.
  7. Media for Mrs. Maisel

    Interesting article from The Hollywood Reporter. Season 2 will have 10 episodes, up from S1's 8. They've also been given a third season by Amazon. (I can't remember if we knew that already. I didn't look back at earlier articles.) Other interesting topics too. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/marvelous-mrs-maisel-producers-very-ambitious-season-2-1133256 Also, new S2 trailer at this link:
  8. I certainly hope they don't present the screenplay awards during a commercial break. I WAIT for those! I don't think it's fair for any of the awards to be relegated to the commercial breaks. An Oscar winner is an Oscar winner and deserves the glory! As to the popular film category, I've been thinking about it for much of the day and I've decided that I truly don't like the idea. What criteria are they using to define "popular?" Box office only? As someone said above, it would seem that some truly great films that also happened to be "popular" might not be properly recognized in the "Best Picture" category. Historically, there have been some immensely popular films that have won Best Picture (Titanic, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.) Could films of that caliber be nominated in both categories? Yeah, I don't like it.
  9. S02.E04: Duck, Duck, Boom

    I think Hannah would love to see Hannah with Daniel! Daniel is the one who, in his early 20s, put his own life on hold to come in and save the family business from going down the drain when his father was convicted and jailed for 21 months for obstruction and mishandling of company pension funds. This was a very public news story in the Savannah area that had legs. It was on the news A LOT. I'm sure the negative effect on the business was monstrous. From what we've heard on SCS about what Daniel has planned for his own business venture, it could also be very beneficial to the existing family business. They should be backing him but his departure will probably mean that Daddy and older brother--who comes across as a DB--will have to shoulder more of the business burden. I don't see Daniel as an idiot at all. Just my opinion, but I think Catherine's an alcoholic. She needs help.
  10. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    Title released for S4, Ep1
  11. S02.E03: Duck, Duck, Goosed

    She crossed the Talmadge Bridge so she was in South Carolina. Once on the SC side of the river, you've got to drive a minimum of 10 miles through "the middle of nowhere" as you so aptly put it, to get to anyplace where you might be able to see a counselor. People from the South Carolina side often drive into Savannah for health care; not the other way around! I was really disappointed that they never showed her arriving at her destination. Next time we saw Catherine she was getting ready for the trip up to Hagood's family home. Why would they just drop the story line? Perhaps we'll see clips of her therapy session(s?) as flashbacks in a future episode? Not that I truly care. Both she and Lyle come across as complete and total idiots to me.
  12. The West Wing in the Media

    A tweet to put a smile on your face, courtesy of Richard Schiff.
  13. S05.E16: Reunion Part 2 2018.07.26

    Austen Kroll's Instagram handle is krollthewarriorking, which is most likely where the King in the King's Calling Brewing Co. comes from.
  14. I dozed off somewhere in the middle of the episode. Zzzzz... The only character whom I find at all interesting is Daniel. The scene at his house with his father and brother was the only one that held my interest. I don't think it's at all awful that he'd like some financial backing for a six month period from the firm to get his own business off the ground. He's going to provide a business plan to his brother and convicted felon father. Daniel put his own career on a back burner to help the family legal practice remain afloat while Daddy was away doing time. I don't think he's asking too much to have the firm give him some assistance getting his own business off the ground under the circumstances. I like Hannah; she seems like a nice person although probably not interesting enough for reality TV. Lyle and Catherine can go away at any point.
  15. This Is Us In The Media

    Slightly spoiler-ish article from The Hollywood Reporter regarding a new character and potential story line for Season 3. "Mudbound" actor Rob Morgan will recur during the NBC drama's upcoming season.