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  1. I recently saw Rob Reiner's film, LBJ and was quite impressed with Jeffrey Donovan's turn as JFK. I also thought Greg Kinnear did a good job as JFK in the television mini-series, The Kennedys a few years back. Michael C. Hall was surprisingly awful here; IMO the first poor casting choice in this otherwise perfectly cast series.
  2. Michael and Tommy owe Martin a big, fat apology! I was so glad when Elizabeth put Michael in his place.
  3. Margaret's gold necklace worn at the dinner party was absolutely stunning. I'm not normally a big jewelry person but I couldn't take my eyes off it!
  4. I hadn't been bowled over by Matt Smith's performance prior to this episode, but I thought he was excellent here in an episode where the focus was on him. I loved the use of Elizabeth's note left in his briefcase. The first time Philip reads the note, I believe he sees it annoyingly as a warning, a guideline she's setting for his behavior, "Don't forget you have a family." Then, after the interview with the journalist where she opens old wounds of the broken family of his youth and the ensuing homesickness it awakens, he looks at the note differently. "Don't forget you have a family;" a place where you are loved, missed and where you belong. Nicely done, show.
  5. Interesting article from The Hollywood Reporter on the casting of the show's younger actors.
  6. Dustin Waters of the Charleston City Paper who writes the hilarious reviews of Southern Charm is also reviewing Relationshep.
  7. Charleston ladies' man Shep Rose looks for love in new Bravo series, 'Relationshep' 😂 I guess we'll see how this plays out tonight.
  8. "Who's been hit." Jed relates his fears about Zoey to her, scaring her
  9. Leo tells Jed he'll lead an army. Jed stays on the phone with the doomed sailor. "Who's been hit?" (IMO, the aftermath is much more memorable than the shooting itself.)
  10. Bartlet embarrasses Hoynes Jed decides not to stay the execution CJ does The Jackal
  11. Loved the beach scene with Linda and Amenadiel.
  12. Do people really call Brady, "Tom Terrific?" While not a football fan, I answered correctly just by the wording of the question but to me there's only one "Tom Terrific." He played another sport and his name's Seaver.
  13. This is awful.
  14. TWW cast and crew reunited for a book party for Lawrence O'Donnell's new book.
  15. One per season would be great and probably even necessary for S1-S4 but personally, I'd be hard pressed to find more than a handful in total for S5-S7.