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  1. Perhaps not Cherry Hill as that wouldn't have fit with Randall's daily commute into NYC but yes to Rumson or Mantoloking.
  2. Truer words have never been spoken! This show really does make you scratch your head. A lot. If the writers wanted to pick an upscale community in NJ that was as far as possible from Philadelphia, they succeeded! Alpine actually borders NY State! They never should have shown that damned post card which allowed us to pinpoint where Randall and Beth live. At least without a definitive answer, we could have assumed that they lived somewhere in central NJ, where a lot of people do commute into NYC for work but still have a reasonable drive to Philly. It truly makes me think the writers put no long-term thinking into the full story arc of the series and that they're just making it up as they go along.
  3. Premature Unfurling: TV spoilers & speculation

    'Lucifer’: Vinessa Vidotto Gets Her Wings As Remiel
  4. Seriously, the casting director who found all three of these kids deserves a promotion and a big raise! Each one of them is perfect for their individual role.
  5. I am all for this! Let Sheldon go off to college; we can check in on him occasionally but I would love it if the focus of the show stayed in Texas with Missy. Oh and Georgie too. :-)
  6. S03.E04: Vietnam

    I am also a boomer and remember the Vietnam era well. For the first time ever while watching a TIU episode, I found myself going through my phone because I was bored. That means nothing about my feelings on the war in Vietnam, it means the TIU writers did a lousy job telling the story they set out to tell. And the part of your comment that I put in bold letters: They are ALL terrible, crazy, ugly wars that take a tremendous toll, each in their own awful way. Do you truly believe that Gen Xers and Millennials that have returned home from Iraq or Afghanistan are any less messed up than those who returned from Vietnam?
  7. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Honestly, I think this is now the popular opinion! I love William. Whenever I realize we're seeing a flashback where William is alive, my response is, "Ooh, a William scene!"
  8. S03.E04: Vietnam

    From Jack's comments to the doctor, I got the impression that he had already been declared 4F. He was several years older than Nicky so that would have already had to have been established. He was going to give up that status in order to enlist.
  9. S03.E04: Vietnam

    I'm sure that this will be an unpopular opinion, but I think Jack was flat-out wrong to forfeit his 4-F status and enlist for duty in Vietnam. The odds that he would even get anywhere near his brother were very high against him. The fact that the show makes it happen is quite a stretch IMO. Also--and I say this as the mother of two sons--why would he ever do that to his mother? Of course, she was frantic with worry about Nicky. Now she has to be frantic with worry about Jack too? Honestly, Jack's savior complex here is selfish and misplaced.
  10. Genius in the Media: Breaking News - E=mc2

    Glad we agree on Sir Paul. And the mediocrity continues: Have you heard his latest single, "Come On to Me?" Purely subjective, of course, but I think it's downright awful. I love the Dick Clark idea. He definitely had his finger on the pulse of many phases of the entertainment industry and was at the forefront of many. Would be an interesting subject for the series. (I'm not discounting your Berry Gordy idea though. That would make for an interesting series. I just think his genius was business oriented; always knowing just which button to push, as opposed to straight musical genius.) While I'm happy with the idea of S3 of Genius being about Aretha Franklin, I do agree that at least part of Brian Grazer's thinking on this has to be prodded by striking while the iron's hot. Part of me can't blame him for that. The ratings for Genius have not exactly been stellar and I'd think that a study of Aretha Franklin might very well bring more eyeballs to the screen right now than one of Mary Shelley. Not a Stones' fan, huh? ;-)
  11. Genius in the Media: Breaking News - E=mc2

    As far as Genius, the television series goes, you could write off Lennon and McCartney as potential subjects since Ron Howard and Brian Grazer recently produced The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years. I doubt they'd want to go back to that well again so soon. HBO produced Phil Spector five years ago with Al Pacino and Helen Mirren so no need to spotlight Spector again. Berry Gordy would make an interesting subject for the series but in my opinion, it's his business acumen that makes him a genius and a business genius has not yet been spotlighted. In the Deadline article linked above, it seems that Brian Grazer, himself, is the one who's pushing for the Aretha Franklin project and I think it will be very interesting. Just as an aside, IMO John Lennon and Paul McCartney are ALWAYS held up as genius musicians and I don't think anyone would argue with that, but I'd like to see a spotlight focused on Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Great performers, musicians, producers (The Glimmer Twins!) and the area that always gets overlooked, outstanding songwriters. That always seems to be forgotten. Who do people think WROTE all those phenomenal Rolling Stones' songs FOR DECADES! JMO, but McCartney's songwriting has been suspect for a long time now. He was always a better songwriter in collaboration, be it with Lennon or with the members of Wings. I think as a solo songwriter, George Harrison ran rings around McCartney.
  12. Genius in the Media: Breaking News - E=mc2

    I think the idea behind Genius is to show the various types of "genius" that exist in the world. Einstein fit the bill for the traditional idea of a genius; someone whose intelligence was far above the norm. Picasso's genius was in his artistic creativity. Certainly Mary Shelley will fit the bill well for literature. Do you not think that musical genius should be included under the "genius" tent? Alternatively, if you do believe that musical genius should be included but specifically that Aretha doesn't qualify, what other modern musical artists do you think fall into the category? (Arbitrarily say, within the last 75-80 years or so.) I think that the producers of the show like the idea of having the subject be a modern era musician as opposed to going back in time to Mozart, Beethoven, etc. Aretha, in addition to being the great singer and entertainer that you have acknowledged, also was a brilliant piano player and was considered a child prodigy in that area. She also wrote many of her own hits and her compositions have been covered by many other artists. She is also credited with arranging and interpreting the songs of others. In my opinion, she would be a worthy inclusion for the series.
  13. Genius in the Media: Breaking News - E=mc2

    Move over, Mary Shelley? From Deadline: ‘Genius’: Aretha Franklin Eyed As Subject Of Season 3 Of National Geographic Series
  14. The Magicians In The Media

    Season 4: Sneak Peek (It's a full scene so obviously, spoiler alert.)
  15. Small Talk: The Mess

    $100.00 "Spaldeen." Proceeds benefit ACLU of Southern California. https://www.ifonly.com/entertainment/product/64557/ball-signed-by-the-west-wing-actor-richard-schiff