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  1. S14.E10: The Men Tell All

    Jordan doesn't bother me. Whether it's shtick or he truly is a narcissist, I find it funny when the shows ridiculousness is thrown back in its face. Jason could not have been more phony and arrogant. He already believes his own hype and seems much changed from Becca's season. I mean his opening comments were SO practiced that you could almost hear the producers telling him that it's his chance to show if he can be articulate and command a room like a lead needs to. The folded politician hands only made him seem more disingenuous (I'm sorry disingenuine). Connor was quite the hypocrite calling out Chris for losing his composure.. really dude who chucked a picture in the pool on like night 2. I'm guessing Jason gets the gig, but Colton certainly seems to be auditioning as well. Both men's tears were ridiculously forced.
  2. Becca seems nice enough but she's a woo! girl. Aka a "cool girl" (TM Amazing Amy - Gone Girl). She enthusiastically agrees with whatever her partner is saying and would never lodge a concern such as "wow, I don't think I'd be ok with our kids limbs being chewed up in farm equipment" because that would seem naggy and less than easy going/low guy maintenance.
  3. I lived in Denver for a few years. The saying was always, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. In January, it could be snowing and sub zero temps one day, and sunny and short sleeves the next.. sometimes within hours of each other. You could never really pack away summer or winter clothing. It can also vary wildly between say Rocky Mountain National Park and the city.
  4. I'm glad to finally see Lincoln go.. but maybe he was just misunderstood
  5. Ok so I see zero problem with the fact that Mike called out Ron for his behavior and even confided he may need rehab. Mike may come off as preachy but he does know the path Ron is going down. Sometimes when you care you have to confront the person and make them face their shit.. the rest of them calling Mike judgemental are really only enabling Ron and his destructive behavior. Being a friend isn't always supporting someone's actions no matter what. The guy is completely out of control and especially knowing what we know now.. he needs intervention not excuses.
  6. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: God, He's Gross

    On their way home from a barbeque?? Why are these two still spending time together? They are completely toxic substance abusers who end up out of control every time they go somewhere and party. Ugghh.. that baby in the backseat as she was driving so erratically she shredded 3 tires and could have killed Ron in the process. They are the WORST. STOP DRINKING YOU IDIOTS.
  7. YES! What the heck?? I turned to my husband when she was kissing Wills and I was like wtf is she making out with his top lip? 😂🤣 Also, if you constantly repeat "not gonna lie" I'm just going to assume you're lying the few times you now don't say it.
  8. Exxxxactly! Jen gives zero fucks what Ron does.. she just wants insta followers and camera time too. This is what Vinnie needs if he wants to continue to behave this way. Or just stay single dude.
  9. Vinnie was tweeting up a storm yesterday taking exception to some outlets describing his behavior as cheating. He was pretty defensive. Like I get it..its edited and for drama and we don't see everything. And I guess he didn't cheat in any technical sense. But dude you were an asshole and I'd say pretty disloyal to your lady. She obviously got hurt, and I do not think it's unreasonable for her to feel that way. He's better off with some thirsty famewhore who cares more about being with a reality star than she does about respect and loyalty from her boyfriend.
  10. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: God, He's Gross

    She has been involved in domestic violence disputes in the past, and we know Ron was abusive toward Sam.. these 2 need to be shipped off to an island alone with their drugs and alcohol to destroy each other in private away from social media. Give their children to a couple who desperately wants to have a family.. because these two sure don't.
  11. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: God, He's Gross

    That messiness is all alcohol and drugs and how it ruins your life... it's all fun at the start of the night but then neither can stop and just devolve into this disgusting display.. they are both substance abusers and extremely toxic. That poor kid needs to be removed from the home.
  12. Years of alcohol and steroid abuse have ruined Ron's brain. He would need to do a massive detox of all drugs and alcohol, employ a healthy eating plan, and probably get some counseling to even begin to function like a semi-normal human being. As it stands right now, he's a piece of trash who abuses not only substances, but those around him. Doesn't he have any family to intervene?
  13. It's possible. My husband and I started dating long distance, and really our relationship has been as much ever since. We eventually moved in together and married, but as a consultant, he's gone every Monday through Thursday. If you want to be together it's easier than ever in our technologically and transportationally advanced world!
  14. S22.E12: After the Final Rose

    Yes exactly.. and after I typed that all out I thought wow these people have all swapped bodily fluids. ABC must have stock in valtrex.
  15. S22.E12: After the Final Rose

    Ok I'm going to hate myself for posting this but I feel like clearing up what "sloppy seconds" means because there seems to be confusion. Sloppy seconds refers to a woman (or hey a man too) who has sex with someone and then has sex with someone else afterwards. So technically Becca should be saying to Lauren "enjoy my sloppy seconds".. or as it is often used by men, Ross could say to Arie that Becca is his sloppy seconds. And in terms of Krystal she could also potentially say to Becca to "enjoy her sloppy seconds" in Arie. Gahhh I feel so dirty 😂