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  1. I can see why someone wouldn't care for having their father's wooden dummy referred to as their sibling. As much as Edgar Bergen was skilled at making Charlie McCarthy seem human (see for example YOU CAN'T CHEAT AN HONEST MAN, the movie Bergen made with WC Fields and that included Charlie and several of Bergen's other characters), it's a little devaluing for a human child.
  2. S06.E08: Jell-O Shots and the Truth About Santa

    I think it's plausible that Violet is angry and bitter now *because* Christy was sober her last couple of years at home and therefore the constant crises ended. She now has time and space to let her own emotions surface in a way they couldn't when she was younger. I think she was 16 when the series began, and Christy was six months sober. So Violet had been keeping things together for Roscoe; then she went through the pregnancy; then she went through the aftermath of giving up the baby; and then she went into and out of a serious relationship. That's a lot of drama to contend with and leaves little space for self-reflection. Her being in a better and more independent place now is what's *allowing* her to see the trauma and stress of her childhood and confront her emotions about it.
  3. HazelEyes4325: I think the words you're looking for are, "I was hoping it wouldn't come up."
  4. What *is* a little weird about the smoking thing is that AA groups are notoriously filled with smokers. It seems to be the one drug they all accept. Tammy and Bonnie sitting in the car outside the guy's house reminded me of Cybill and MaryAnn sitting outside Dr Dick's house in CYBILL.
  5. In other news, USA Gymnastics has filed for bankruptcy: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/dec/05/usa-gymnastics-files-for-bankruptcy-in-wake-of-larry-nassar-scandal
  6. Chuck Lorre began his TV career writing for Saturday morning cartoon shows - it was the first job he could get. His real dream was to be a musician. Sadly for him, his biggest musical success was writing the theme song for TEENAGED MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Seen MOM? There's a lot of seriousness behind the comedy in MOM. I really respect Lorre for trying something new and risking falling flat on his face when he's already had such an enormously successful career.
  7. This is always the problem for people who aren't stars: the agent is supposed to be on your side because they work for you, but the reality is that they have to deal with the same clutch of executives all the time, whereas you're just one small client...and their ability to get work for you and their other clients depends on their having good relationships with the executives.
  8. Breaking Bad In The Media

    Some way away, but in June 2019 MIT Press will publish The Science of Breaking Bad: https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/science-breaking-bad I know Mythbusters tested a couple of things, particularly dissolving a body in a bathtub, but this sounds like it will be a more comprehensive tour through the show's biology, chemistry, and physics. Should be good.
  9. S10.E01: The West Side Curmudgeon

    If you want to see how good an actor David Schwimmer really is, have a look at the movie IT'S THE RAGE. Schwimmer did a lot of stage work before FRIENDS, and he's been doing quite a bit since. He's also exec-produced a program for the BBC about families living in temporary accommodation, based on a previous theatrical production I think he was also involved with: https://inews.co.uk/culture/david-schwimmer-why-my-bbc-drama-about-poverty-should-replace-doctor-who-at-christmas/
  10. hoodooznoodooz: what's impractical about the card catalogue? It works perfectly for its original purpose, to store index cards. I was in a professor's office some years ago, and he had one, which he used to store cards with summaries of articles and books he'd read with all the bibliographical data. Even now, that would be useful. Not everything is online.
  11. S01.E05: Miracles

    Well, we don't know how much Becky has been drinking lately. And...you know for generations women drank while pregnant and *most* of the babies came out OK! Also, lots of women in their early 40s have perfectly healthy babies who *don't* have Down Syndrome. And after all, Becky *is* on a sitcom...
  12. S01.E05: Miracles

    I don't think a sexually active woman in her 40s, no matter how many one night stands she has, deserves the epithet of "slut". I would point out, also, that people change in response to their circumstances. Becky met the guy she married very young, and didn't do much experimentation then as a result. It's very clear she found being widowed - again very young for that life stage - very hard. Some people might respond to that by getting used to being alone; others might deal with it by looking for comfort however they could find it, and I can easily see Becky picking the latter strategy, particularly if she thinks, as she well might, that having lucked out early she is unlikely to find that sort of luck a second time. I also know a couple who got together at 18/19, married at 20/21, and would be married today if he hadn't been so rude as to die six years ago (at 59).
  13. S04.E07: New Initiative

    Any episode that has Meagan Fay in it is fine with me: I thought she was brilliant as Jonah's mother. I've really never understood why she isn't a bigger star - I first saw her working with Carol Burnett on CAROL AND COMPANY, and she had a tiny role in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, played Josh's biological son's adoptive mother on TRANSPARENT. I'm sure she works regularly, but she's so funny I keep thinking she ought to be a regular on some successful show.
  14. S11.E09: Thanksgiving and Taking

    No way I go for Thanksgiving dinner at the home of someone who is a notoriously bad cook without bringing food, no matter what the host says. shlbycindyk: It seemed to me the episode was too kind to ICE.
  15. S01.E05: Miracles

    I first saw Jay R. Ferguson on EVENING SHADE, where he played the oldest - teenaged - son of Marilu Henner and Burt Reynolds. He was the lead on LIVING BIBLICALLY last year, too. I liked him here a lot.