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  1. S01.E06: Love Is the Message 2018.07.08

    I wouldn't consider any of them, other than maybe Damon, to be all that fragile. I mean, Blanca and Angel dealt with Elektra's rude ass for years and had survived the ball scene for some period of time so they would be a lot more jaded about the world than just young things.
  2. S01.E06: Love Is the Message 2018.07.08

    I was holding my breath the entire time Angel was walking to her job at the end of the episode because I fully thought she was going to be attacked or something. I'm glad it didn't go that direction. And something about the red lighting on Stan's face and the way they were looking at each other was like, "Huh, in their own ways, they are each other's peep show." Also I love that even though some characters aren't total focus in the episode, you'll see them pop up. I loved all of Elektra grooving to "Love is the Message" as well as calling Blanca a brick had mad me cackling. I like that in an episode with so much sorrow they still managed to get laughs in there.
  3. The Music of Pose

    I really want the piano instrumental they used of On the Radio.
  4. S10.E14: Grand Finale 2018.06.28

    I wish the queens had a defined part of the stage they had to stay in when they are doing the finale lip syncs.
  5. S10.E14: Grand Finale 2018.06.28

    The final lip synch was by three artists. Could this possibly have been because RuPaul already knew there would be a final three? I think they always intended on a final three lip sync but I don't think they were prepared for Asia imploding. This finale proved that these queens took away the entirely wrong message from Sasha Velour's So Emotional performance. They focused on the gag of the reveal and totally missed how Sasha used her reveals to tell a story within the song. What were Asia's butterflies, even if they worked, going to do in relation to either "If" or Nasty.
  6. S10.E13: Reunited 2018.06.21

    One of the biggest problems I had with the reunion is that everybody was dealing with things in terms of absolutes. Like The Vixen is an asshole shit starter OR the fandom is racist. Kameron Michaels is either a shy introvert OR she's a calculating stealth bitch. So on and so on and the reality is that a lot of the issues were a mix of two extreme ideas but this show and Ru want people to have these nice tidy answers for things. One of the reasons why I stopped listening to his podcast is because he and Michelle come off like such idiots on it and are forever ranting about young people. Ru really is an example of what happens when an edgy outsider over the years has a come up and gets to be an insider and a gatekeeper and seems to have fallen in love with their own self-created mythology.
  7. S10.E13: Reunited 2018.06.21

    I really wish they would've fully addressed the moment that Vixen went off on everybody for choosing her to go home and still attacked Eureka when Eureka was the only one who didn't say her name.
  8. S10.E13: Reunited 2018.06.21

    I'm still eye-rolling over Miz Cracker's victim narrative over Asia's comment. Like if you're THAT shook by something, it says so much more about you than it does about the person delivering it. Also, it's interesting that RuPaul never gave Miz Cracker any sort of "Well get the fuck over it" treatment as she has done to other girls.
  9. S10.E13: Reunited 2018.06.21

    The true gag about RuPaul is that she'll ask for all the details of your trauma and five seconds later won't remember your name.
  10. I feel like Dorinda constantly nitpicks at Sonja because of 1. an intense dislike of her and 2. to keep the spotlight off of her own problems.
  11. Carole's glee over Luann's situation is gross and stupid. Like even if you dislike someone, I would hate for them to get to a place like that in their life. You never know when that could happen to you and you would want some semblance of compassion and if not compassion not outright joy at your misery.
  12. Bethenny calling out Dorinda for her needling Sonja all the time while simultaneously completely forgetting her own actions in regards to Sonja is classic Bethenny.
  13. Sometimes Dale and Tinsley come across like the Bravo version of Miss Havisham and Estella from Great Expectations.
  14. If any of these ladies had any sense, there would be a Dorinda takedown given how she's completely a more charming, more drunk version of Bone Collector Sheree. The amount of times that two women have argued over something away from her and her name comes up as a catalyst and nobody stops to be like, "Okay, so Dorinda keeps being the common denominator in a lot of this." And I say this as someone who enjoys Dorinda.
  15. The only thing Sonja is allergic to is reality. Does anybody else find it super strange to see Carole and Bethenny reaching some slight version of a detente at that dinner, knowing how Carole is going the fuck in on Bethenny in real time on her blog. I wonder what else happens to the relationship OR is it Carole seeing what Bethenny said stoking the flames of things in her.