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  1. One of my friends has a theory that maybe that it'll turn out to be Dory is the anonymous tip against herself.
  2. For a show that was initially more comedy than mystery, they did a really good job at keeping the threads and establishing things like them being able to hear fights in different apartments was established super early in season one and brought up again when Drew slept with Chantal so that was cool to see stuff. Also, I totally forgot about how Agnes knew where Chantal was hiding out at. I want to know who the anonymous tip was from because they've established it could be from a whole slew of the characters.
  3. If this show continues on, I hope each season has an episode that ends with Elliot running away from something and towards the camera in a state of panic.
  4. I know some people don't enjoy the first season as much as the later years but I always loved that the characterizations for the more part were more grounded and less sitcom-y. Like compare how Blanche talks about her husband's death in season to how it comes when Blanche talks about getting her toes done while George was in a coma in that two parter with Dorothy's sickness.
  5. The idea of someone knowingly having unprotected sex with Jax makes me want to vomit.
  6. It is still so weird to me that a network would build a relationship show around someone they spent a season showing to be a grabby drunkard unless they're hoping that Shep becomes some reality show version of Dudley Moore in Arthur.
  7. Do not forget "Morganza" from season one, who infamously wore her outfit out and ripped it.
  8. Brandon losing sort of reminds me of Daniel Vosovic not winning on Season 2 in terms of judge favorite who gets way too cocky by the end of the season and doesn't bring it at the finale.
  9. Whoever did the editing on the show was super heavy handed with the "Kentaro doesn't think he's going to win" stuff at the beginning just for him to the win at the end of the episode. Like if it is that obvious, do you even call that foreshadowing? Is it like fore-spoilering? Fore-projecting?
  10. I think a lot depends on Reunion performance. I think Brandi doing well at the first reunion was what got her on the show fulltime and I think the reunion where Luann on RHONY wasn't a main cast member and she mounted a comeback got her back on the full-time.
  11. Which made Margarita's attempt at hiding stuff seem extra delusional because Zac and even Heidi really are good at pointing out flaws, especially ones they are trying to mask.
  12. One thing I will credit Brandon with is that if you are doing something in relation to breast cancer, having some shade of pink, a color closely associated with breast cancer foundations, is a pretty smart idea. I don't know if it it was intentional or not.
  13. I screamed of laughter when Heidi was like, "Well I think you're creating something new" to Brandon when, even if that was totally true, the show went out of its way to show a montage of sameness of these alleged new clothes this same episode.
  14. I truly wonder if Margarita and Michael wouldn't have been so "THIS WASN'T MY INTENTION" if they hadn't received such a cool response from the judges on the runway when they initially brought up the cheating allegations. They were sort of dismissive of it all, which I think sent them both into a panic mode and made them want to spin this in the best possible light for themselves.
  15. I was completely dying of laughter when D'andra basically deflated a lot of the drama around Cary saying Rich had a small penis when Brandi and Stephanie had made Cary's statement so awful they couldn't tell her. And then she flat out asks Cary what she said and she tells her about the small dick thing and D'andra just eye-rolling and going, "Is that it?!" about it was hilarious.