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  1. I think it was last season where Shannon made such a huge deal about how she was moving from one ginormous mansion to a smaller mansion like it was the largest struggle ever experienced by anybody on this planet.
  2. They've been doing this for years on the OC and it messes up the narrative flow.
  3. Interesting parallel this season. BoJack getting Gina to sing Kernel of Truth for the producers reminds me of Mr. Peanutbutter doing the library for Diane.
  4. Return to Bravo: Anticipation and Fears

    So it's really just one large reboot of the series I guess.
  5. S10.E20: Reunion Part 1

    Whatever issues they may have legit with Bethenny, most of these ladies would be smart to turn on Dorinda since she has actively admitted to trying to stir the pot and cause friction and animosity and seems to mostly get away with it.
  6. S10.E20: Reunion Part 1

    All these women choosing to be on Team Carole just made me think of Sheree completely miscalculating things and being Team Kim and Nene hilariously telling her she had chosen the wrong team.
  7. I am beyond disappointed that this episode wasn't titled "Shit Talking"
  8. S10.E17: Ship Happens

    I believe Carole, mostly because Andy has been friends with Carole a lot longer than he has been friends with Bethenny. And he actively campaigned for years to get Carole onto the show.
  9. S10.E17: Ship Happens

    Bethenny will do anything to remain on brand.
  10. S10.E17: Ship Happens

    It just highlights how pieced together from different interviews these confessionals are. I noticed it going from crimped to New Wig Who Dis
  11. S10.E17: Ship Happens

    The whole situation with Dorinda is so odd because she gets mad at Luann, seems to be sort of remorseful and then is extra embolden in her original feelings whenever they cut to her in the confessionals. Like saying "I could've been a lot meaner" is such a weird hill to die on. And she has managed to drift through this season, openly shit stirring and fighting with folks while everybody keeps making up excuses for her. I wonder what will happen at the reunion with the absence of Lu, I would hope some of the harsh glare turns onto Dorinda. In regards the camera crew and footage, I remember way back when this was being reported as a thing that had happened, there were definitely bits about how not all of the things were going to be shown because there were whispers of some them wanting to sue. And with the Bethenny/Carole stuff, Bethenny is getting dangerously close to giving a "Choose me, Love Me, Pick Me" speech a la Meredith Grey to Carole.
  12. Hollywood

    The past two episodes of Hollywood have been better than the last few seasons of Atlanta.
  13. I feel like Carole's truth problem was that she got in her own way. Both Luann and Bethenny were doing a great job of hanging themselves but being so bitchy about them instead of just letting them twist in the wind made people sympathetic, against their own judgement, in their favor.
  14. S01.E08: Mother of the Year 2018.07.22

    I love one of the consistent things of the season is Elektra's love of music. She got her life from "Love is the Message" and her fangirling for Al B. Sure fulls rights in line with it.
  15. I also hollered at Shannon talking about how she had felt Vicki's authenticity at the reunion in regards to her divorce. Like, if by authenticity, you, Tamra and Vicki probably all got a talking to from the network about how they couldn't have another season with you all at odds and not filming together so get it together quick or someone will be cut.