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  1. Married To Medicine

    Did Cecil say he is looking for a new job? I thought he said he left his job, but I missed what he said after that.
  2. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I was a bit skeptical of the St. Louis couple saying they traveled all over the country doing wedding photography. There are so many people who do that kind of photography now. Plus, they did look hipster and not exactly what an in demand professional wedding photographer would look like in my mind. But, what do I know.
  3. The Texas to Mexico couple last night. I didn't give the episode my full attention, but I disliked this couple immensely. They chose to move to Mexico, but the husband was complaining how they gave up so much to move there, blah, blah, and they wanted to get what they wanted, etc. She complained about green tile in a kitchen and orange paint. They complained that their dogs couldn't be off leash. He complained that they weren't right on the beach. Not enough privacy in another place. It was endless. Their agent was fed up with them, as she should have been. They were so unpleasant and seemed so full of themselves. Good luck making friends there.
  4. I wonder what Debra would have done if John survived? Would she have nursed him back to health? I almost believe she would.
  5. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    The Florence family seemed so nice and down to earth. Seven children! The little bit we saw of them, they seemed really well behaved.
  6. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    The California episode last night. I was surprised she painted those tiles. She did say it saved them $1000. I do not like the black/white geometric tiles that seem to be popular now. These homeowners did a lot of the projects themselves. It would be exhausting. I thought they picked the right house, since they wanted to be close to the beach.
  7. Million Dollar Listing LA

    Tracey’s signature look seems to be an off the shoulder top. Her assistant really has a trout pout. In the preview clips, it looks like Tracey goes to Dubai and visits Bravo Ladies of a London (now cancelled) Caroline Stanbury. First Dorit and PK and coming up, a Ladies of London cast member.
  8. I really liked the couple moving to Australia. They were pleasant and nice to each other. They also picked the best place,
  9. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    The Orange County wife made it clear she had zero interest in a kitchen. She does no cooking. They grill. Kind of interesting, but I cannot imagine being so disinterested in that space.
  10. I think the Dublin couple is still engaged. Not married yet.
  11. Dublin episode. This couple did not seem like they went together. She was insisting on three bedrooms for all of their visitors. Crazy. They had a high budget. $4500. Went up to $5100 for the three bedrooms. He must be making a ton of money.
  12. This made me laugh! Where did the parents live?
  13. Watch What Happens Live

    Marie Osmond with her constant laughing. She looks like a wax figure. Zero lines on her face at age 58. Almost no nose. Huge hair. Bizarre.
  14. I just can't watch this baby fake death/swap storyline. Ugh. Maybe I am being ridiculous, but it is too sad. I watch just for the fluff and this isn't fluffy enough for me. There is too much upsetting stuff on the news every day. I can't watch it on here too. I will just read here for now.
  15. Debra is on Andy Cohen’s show tonight behind the bar. She said the Bravo show was not showing the ‘romance’ of her relationship with John. Omg, what is wrong with her? Connie Britton definitely nailed her demeanor. She seems tranquilized. And the breathy, baby voice.