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  1. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Yes, that’s him.
  2. She announced she’s getting married, hence the flowers and white dress.
  3. Me too! Thanks:)
  4. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Speaking of the Robert/Finn scene, I thought it was ridiculous that germ-phobic Dr. Finn allowed Robert to inject him without use of an alcohol swab.
  5. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Yes, it’s part of “the plan”.
  6. Thanks for this, it was fun! A few of my choices were “winners”! lol
  7. She said it was from a heart medication she was taking, but is off of now since her procedure. She also said that she’s working on losing the weight it made her gain. This was about a week or so ago (?) on a D & C Show with Gary.
  8. Leah looks like she’s lost weight. She always looks good, and whatever she’s doing is paying off.
  9. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    RH’s kids are adorable.
  10. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Also, Michael calls Spinelli and asks him to investigate Nelle —anything that would exonerate Carly.
  11. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Did I hear a nod to AMC yesterday? I thought Maxie complimented the model who Nina invited to meet Peter for her Enchantment shoot. (?)
  12. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I think she used disappearing ink.
  13. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    They were referred to as “Soap royalty”, and Laura as an Emmy winning actress on The Kitchen. It was pretty low key though, I thought the whole segment was a bit awkward.
  14. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    The friend’s name is Dakota.
  15. That top is too small, really bad choice. Carolyn was positively giddy when she “met” the new (to her) size 1x model. Literally squealed when the model told her what size she was wearing.