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  1. The NBA

    NBA League pass is having a free trial from today until October 23. If you don't have a cable or satellite package with these channels you can watch it free at this website: http://www.nba.com/leaguepass You have to create an NBA account if you don't have one to watch it on your electronic devices. (I believe that creating a NBA account is also free.) There are a lot of games going on tonight. Some of the games I am looking forward to checking out are the Raptors/Cavs game and the Minnesota/Spurs game (especially with all of the drama the T-Wolves are having going on lately regarding Jimmy Butler.)
  2. The NBA

    OKC has some new players, but I could them losing most (if not all of their matchups) against the Warriors this season. Also, I wonder how the Lakers will fare. They definitely have an interesting lineup. They didn't look bad in preseason and did beat the Warriors, but I wonder how they will fare and gel as a team during the regular season (and possibly the playoffs). They will have a lot of games on National Television this year. And speaking of the Rockets, I want to see how Melo fits with them this season. He didn't fit well with OKC, but maybe things will be better for him in Houston. And I also want to see how the Cavs fare now that LeBron has left. It would be interesting if they actually were decent without him.
  3. The NBA

    Today is opening season for the NBA. Celtics/76ers and Warriors/Thunder are the games that are going on tonight. I think that the 76ers/Celitcs might end up being a good game. Russell Westbrook will be sitting out for the Warriors game.
  4. NFL Thread

    I thought that tonight's game ended being an entertaining game. The 49ers performed much better against the Packers than I thought they would. It would have been nice to see them get the win, though the costly penalty at the end plus Aaron Rodgers leading one of his comebacks put a stop to that.
  5. NFL Thread

    The Patriots/Chiefs (like many people predicted) was a pretty competitive game. The Chiefs got their first loss of the season but overall, I think that Patrick Mahomes and their offense played very well. I could definitely see these two teams meeting again in the playoffs.
  6. NFL Thread

    I am glad that the Cowboys won. That was a great win for them today against the Jags. They really dominated the Jaguars. The Jags seem to be in a bit of a funk since the game against the chiefs last week, where they were also dominated. They played very well as a team overall. Both sides of the ball were clicking and special teams was also efficient. Next week's game against Washington could be interesting. Also, I am glad that the Texans won today. After a shaky start their is hope for them in their division. I was disappointed that the Panthers and Browns lost. Carolina made some bad plays at the end of the game today costing them and Cleveland didn't struggled against the Chargers. I hope both teams bounce back next week.
  7. NFL Thread

    Congrats to Drew for becoming the all time passing leader and on a 62 touchdown, no less. That was a special moment to see for him, his team, his family and his fans.
  8. NFL Thread

    I think that maybe Washington or Philly could end up winning the NFC east division this year. Philly has had a shaky start but I could see them getting things together. Dallas might finish underneath these two teams and I think that the Giants will end up finishing last again.. It will be interesting to see how things shake out in this division. Also, things are starting to look up for the Texans. They were looking dead in the water, but after winning two games in a row actually have some hope.
  9. NFL Thread

    I really feel like the Cowboys should have went for it on 4 and 1 in OT in tonight's Cowboys/Texans game. I think that helped cost them the win. I also give DeAndre credit for his impressive play at the end of OT that helped the Texans win. And Deshaun Watson did a nice job of hanging in there to help make that throw to him, (especially considering all of the hits he was taking all night long). I thought that overall both defenses were pretty solid tonight. Unfortunately for Dallas their offense couldn't do enough to help them get the win and I think there was some questionable playcalling that also hurt them.
  10. NFL Thread

    I am very glad that the Browns won. That was an entertaining finish to their game against the Ravens. Baker did a nice job of helping lead them to the win at the end of OT. I'm also glad that the Panthers won. That game against the Giants, ended up being a good one. The Giants really strugged at first, but fought back to make the game more competitive. Graham Gano came up really clutch at the end with the 63 yard kick to help Carolina get the win.
  11. NFL Thread

    I thought that tonight's game was entertaining. I thought that both teams did nice things. Patrick Mahomes continues to be impressive and make really good plays (like when he threw left handed on 3rd down, while being tackled) and the Denver Broncos did a nice job of playing defense throughout much of the game. They did a nice job of trying to contain him throughout much of the game. But towards the end he really stepped up and made some really good plays to help the Chiefs win. Kareem Hunt also played well. I think that the Broncos defense was a good test for Patrick. I am looking forward to seeing what happens when these two teams play each other again.
  12. NFL Thread

    I wish Earl Thomas and Tyler Eifert healthy recoveries. I think that the refs made two bad calls in the Browns/Raiders game today that helped the Raiders win. The Browns were shaky at points in the game and Baker had some turnovers. But overall, I thought he played well and they should have won that game and Raiders should be 0-4. But they lost, and I think now we only have one winless team in the NFL. Hopefully, the Browns will continue to grow/improve as a team and get some more wins. Also, I'm glad that the Cowboys won today, Zeke came up very big for them this week, and their kicker did a nice job of helping them secure the win. We're now a quarter way through the season and I'm glad they didn't get another loss today. I was also happy to see Deshaun Watson and the Texans win. It's interesting to see how things will shape up for teams as the season continues. We already have multiple teams that are 1-3 and who's chances don't look very good right now.
  13. NFL Thread

    According to reports the 49ers fear that Jimmy Garappolo has torn his ACL and his MCL. They will know more about his condition tomorrow once he gets an MRI on his knee. I hate to hear this type of news, especially so early in the season. I wish Jimmy a healthy recovery.
  14. NFL Thread

    I think that we have had some interesting and entertaining games so far today. The Saints/Falcons is a nice competitive game. I am also glad that the Panthers won. Cam did a nice job. Also, Patrick Mahomes continues to do an excellent job for the Chiefs. He is a very impressive young QB.. Josh Allen also played well today in the most surprising game of the week so far. I don't think very many people predicted the Bills to dominate the Vikings today but they did. They did a really good job of stifling the Vikings offense. The Colts also ended up doing something surprising by letting Jacoby Brissett throw the Hail Mary at the end of the game against the Eagles. It looks like they weren't trusting Andrew Luck to try and make that throw. And the Texans and Raiders are in trouble, with their 0-3 starts. I had some reservations when Jon Gruden was announced as HC for the Raiders and was given that really big contract. Also, I hope that Jimmy Garappolo injury isn't very serious, though he looked sad when he was being carted away.
  15. NFL Thread

    I am glad that the Browns won tonight. Baker looked really good. He has great energy and is very entertaining to watch. I hope they have success this year. It would be nice for them and their fans.