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  1. The NBA League Pass is free again this weekend. If you are unable to watch it on tv, you can watch it online. http://www.nba.com/leaguepass/?iid=EDT_NBA_HolidayFreePreview_homepage_121517-121717
  2. That Thunder sixers game was a whirlwind of a game. (With its 3OTs and 9 players playing 40+minutes and several playing 50 minutes.) It was also the most Joel Embiid has ever played in a game. Speaking of Joel, he made great defensive plays on Russ in this game. I am glad that the Thunder won this game, but I felt they should have won it more comfortably and without going into all those OTs.If the Thunder had lost, I do think that Russ would have largely been responsible for it. He did get another TD tonight but he played out of control throughout most of the game, had several turnovers and took the team out of rhythm multiple times. He also wasn't passing the ball as much as he should have. He should also have passed the ball to Melo more who played well tonight. I would like to see Russ shoot less and have better shot selection. I also hope he fixes his free throw issues. His free throw shooting percentage has gone down since last year.
  3. Jerry Richardson the owner of the Carolina Panthers is being investigated by the organization for workplace misconduct. I wonder what exactly the allegations are against him. I am glad that the organization has taken the initiative to conduct an investigation. An ESPN insider said that the NFL may end up letting the Panthers conduct their investigation before the league gets involved. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21779125/carolina-panthers-owner-jerry-richardson-investigation-workplace-misconduct
  4. Here are my picks for the Week: WEEK 15 Thursday, December 14, 2017 Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts Saturday, December 16, 2017 Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions Los Angeles Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, December 17, 2017 Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills Green Bay Packers @ Carolina Panthers Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars Cincinnati Bengals @ Minnesota Vikings New York Jets @ New Orleans Saints Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants Arizona Cardinals @ Washington Redskins Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks _ I think that this game could go either way. I hope that the Rams win this game, but I think that Seahawks may end up winning it. New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers- This is another game that I could see going either way. I am going to go with the Patriots. Tennessee Titans @ San Francisco 49ers Dallas Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders * I hope that Dallas win this game to keep their playoff chances alive. Oakland hasn't been playing well this year but I hope this isn't a trap game for Dallas. Monday, December 18, 2017 Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers- I think that the Falcons win this game but I hope that Bucs win it. The Falcons own the tiebreaker over the Cowboys and other NFC teams.
  5. Paul George was booed heavily when he returned to Indiana tonight. He had a poor shooting night as did the rest of OKC's big three. They have all been shooting pretty poorly this season. Steven Adams had a good game and continues to be the most consistent player on the Thunder this season. I hope that the Thunder can figure out a way to deal with their offensive woes, because they won't beat many teams with their big three shooting as poorly as they have been. With the help of Adams and the bench they were able to get past Indy tonight. Indiana has been doing a nice job this season especially Victor Oladipo. He seems happy to be back in Indy and he has had a lot of good games this season. Not too long ago he had like a 47 point game. He is much more consistent with the Pacers than he was with the Thunder. He also lost weight and has gotten in much better shape. I think this has helped his game as well. Also, Indianapolis has been selected to host the 2021 NBA All-Star Game.
  6. I think that my total is off by 1. I had counted that I got 9 picks right.
  7. The NFC has a lot of good teams and most of those playoff spots are just about locked up except for the last spot. I believe that Atlanta may get that last spot. Seattle, Dallas, Green Bay, and the Detroit could possibly steal that spot, but I'm not sure if Atlanta is going to lose 2 of their last three. Atlanta also has the advantage with a lot of tiebreakers. The AFC is definitely more wide open. I'm not sure what will happen there. But I think top three will be Steelers/Patriots/Jags. I think that the Jags might be a sleeper team. 4th-6th spot is a toss up. I could see the Chargers making it in. NFC playoff teams (in no particular order yet)- Eagles, Rams, Saints, Vikings, Panthers, maybe Atlanta. AFC playoff teams- Patriots, Steelers, Jaguars 4th-6th toss up.
  8. That was a very good win for Miami. Jay Cutler, Kenyan Drake, and Xavien Howard played very well. Jay had some impressive throws and Xavien 2nd interception against Tom Brady tonight was very impressive. Miami defense did a great job against Tom Brady and the Patriots offense tonight. I thought that Tom looked tired in this game and that Jay looked fired up and showed personality. The Steelers should take notes from this game on how to deal with the Patriots next week. They have the chance to secure the #1 overall seed in the AFC and get homefield advantage. Beating the Patriots next week will bring them closer to doing those things.
  9. I agree the fans were definitely wrong for throwing things at Quinton. They should have received/receive discipline (maybe some type of ban). At the very least they should have been removed from the stadium as well. That ending was ugly, but I am glad things didn't get even worse. I'm glad we didn't get some type of "Malice at the Palace" type of situation.
  10. According to ESPN there are sources that believe that he tore his ACL. I am definitely sorry to hear that. I don't like to see anybody injured like that, let alone someone that talented. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21733078/philadelphia-eagles-qb-carson-wentz-exits-game-vs-los-angeles-rams-knee-injury After today's win, the Eagles are now in the playoffs. Though I am not sure how far they will get in them without Carson.
  11. That was an ugly end in the Seattle/Jags game. Some of the Seattle players acted very poorly. They really came undone by starting multiple fights when the Jags were trying to do the victory formation (twice) and Richardson even got into it with the fans (who were throwing stuff at him) after he was ejected. He tried to jump into the stands to get at the fans. I understand that Seattle was upset with losing, but that was definitely not the way they should have handled that loss. This game was a good win for the Jaguars. Also, I am glad that the Panthers and Cowboys won again today. Cam made some nice plays and Jonathan Stewart played well. And the Cowboys kept their playoff hopes alives with good games from Dak and Rod Smith. Jimmy Garappolo also continues to look good for the 49ers and helped them get their second win. I hope he continues to play well. I also hope that Carson Wentz ends up being okay and that he doesn't have a very serious injury. The Eagles/Rams game was a good game. It was very competitive and high energy. Eagles have now clinched the NFC East.
  12. Congrats to Baker Mayfield for winning the Heisman trophy. He played very well this season.
  13. That was a rough interception at the end for Drew Brees. He threw the ball into triple coverage. I think they should have ran the ball some more to get closer to the endzone. They were already in field goal position. I am disappointed that the Saints lost. I wanted them to win this game and help out the Panthers/Cowboys playoff chances.
  14. The Browns have decided to hire John Dorsey as their new GM. John has worked for the Kansas City Chiefs for four years as a GM (2013-2016) and has also worked for the Packers. http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/article-5/Browns-name-John-Dorsey-General-Manager/afd38a04-201f-4f9f-bfb8-88f6aa9f320c
  15. Here are my picks for the Week: WEEK 14 Thursday, December 7, 2017 New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons Sunday, December 10, 2017 Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals Green Bay Packers @ Cleveland Browns San Francisco 49ers @ Houston Texans Seattle Seahawks @ Jacksonville Jaguars Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs Detroit Lions @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans @ Arizona Cardinals New York Jets @ Denver Broncos- I hope that the Jets continue to win and keep their playoff chances alive. Washington Redskins @ Los Angeles Chargers Philadelphia Eagles @ Los Angeles Rams - I think that this could be a good competitive matchup. I will pick the Rams to win this game. Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants- I hope that the Cowboys win this game and keep their playoff chances alive. I could see the Giants rallying around Eli and trying to get him this win. Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers * Monday, December 11, 2017 New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins