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  1. NFL Thread

    According to Ian Rapoport on Twitter Kirk Cousins has agreed to sign a 3year/86 million dollar deal with the Vikings. This is a fully guaranteed deal.
  2. NFL Thread

    According to Ian Rapoport on Twitter the Browns have traded for both Jarvis Landry and Tyrod Taylor. I think these are interesting moves. There has been speculation for a bit now that the Browns have wanted to go after Josh Allen as their #1 pick as well as report that they were listening to offers for that pick. I wonder what they will end up doing in the draft, especially after making these trades. ***Edited because the Browns have made another trade*** It's now being reported that the Browns have traded DeShone Kizer to the Green Bay Packers.
  3. The NBA

    I know it's early but I think that so far the New Cavs look really good. They did a nice job defensively today and played very well together. The young players were hustling, very energetic and had good attitudes that affected the team in a very positive manner. LeBron definitely needs to embrace them, youthful energy and play like that is really good for the team.
  4. The NBA

    Kendrick has been playing with the Cavs G-League affliate (the Canton Charge) this year and even went with the Cavs to training camp and pre-training camp earlier in the season. It's being speculated they may want to use him to help fill a role that Channing Fyre had in the locker room. They may want him around as the team is transitioning with this new lineup of veterans and young players. http://lebronwire.usatoday.com/2018/02/08/report-cavs-expected-to-fill-roster-spot-with-kendrick-perkins/
  5. The NBA

    I wonder how this new version of the Cavs will fare and what their chemistry will be like. The Cavs tend to struggle to adjust a bit when they have a new lineup. Though in the last lineup with IT they really struggled. I wonder if the Cavs will have struggle to adjust at first with this new lineup and if so, how long that will last. I do think that them getting the two young players from the Lakers could help them. I feel like they need some youth and energy on the team. They had the oldest roster in the league before they made all of these trades today. Also, in some more news in regards to today's trades. Utah will release Derrick Rose and it's being reported that he will probably sign with the T-Wolves. And Joe Johnson is also expected to be bought out by the Kings and may sign with a contender. And it's being reported by Marc Stein that the Cavs may sign Kendrick Perkins to be a veteran presence in their locker room.
  6. The NBA

    Here is some more information about the Cavs largely changing up their roster with trades from Adrian (Including a three team trade) Utah has decided to trade Rodney Hood to the Cavs, Utah will send Joe Johnson to Sacramento and Cleveland will send Derek Rose and Jae Crowder to Utah. Sacramento will also send George Hill to the Cavs and Cleveland will send Iman Shumpert to the Kings. And Dwyane Wade is being traded back to Miami. The Cavs have really changed up the roster to try and win the East/get LeBron to stay. I am interested in seeing how things work out for them.
  7. The NBA

    Today is NBA trade deadline (at 3pm.) We just got our first significant trade of the day. According to Adrian Wojnaroskwi on Twitter the Lakers have decided to trade Larry Nance Jr, and Jordan Clarkson to the Cavs for Isaiah Thomas, Channing Fyre and the Cavs own first round pick. Unfortunately, Isaiah hasn't been fitting in well with the Cavs and they felt the need to move him, even though he recently said he didn't want to be traded again.
  8. NFL Thread

    IMO, this a bad look for Josh especially since he also got together a staff of assistants to go to the Colts with them. Some of them had other job offers but turned them down to go with him. Now they might end up being displaced. Mike Garafalo of NFL Network is reporting that the Colts might keep them, but they were misled by Josh. Plus, it possibly messes over the next HC the Colts hire because they may not get to choose their own assistants. He should not have let the Colts hire him and also assemble staff of people unless he was sure he was going to the Colts. Especially if he was leaning towards going back to NE. This decision ends up affecting more people than him.
  9. Super Bowl LII: The Live Chat Topic

    I think that Nick Foles should definitely be the Superbowl MVP. Also, I am very happy for Carson Wentz, who also deserves a lot of credit for playing well before his injury and helping Philly make the playoffs.
  10. Super Bowl LII: The Live Chat Topic

    Congrats to the Eagles and their fans for winning the SuperBowl! Nick Foles was excellent tonight. He was poised and kept his team in the game, when Tom Brady and the Patriots kept coming back. I am proud of the way that Nick played tonight, he played like a veteran. This ended up being an exciting Superbowl.
  11. Super Bowl LII: The Live Chat Topic

    lol at that Eli/Odell Commerical.
  12. Super Bowl LII: The Live Chat Topic

    I liked that commercial for "The Voice". Also, I liked that the Eagles have been aggressive so far this season. So far they are showing they really are trying to win this game. Hopefully, they can hang onto the lead in this 2nd half, don't make a bunch of costly penalties and get this win.
  13. Super Bowl LII: The Live Chat Topic

    That was a good stop by Philly on 3rd down, and then they got some more help with Patriots missing the Field Goal. I think that Nick Foles has been doing a nice job so far tonight. I hope he keeps playing well and that the Eagles end up winning this game.
  14. NFL Thread

    30 for 30 is airing a new episode tonight (on ESPN at 9:00 pm EST) called the "Two Bills" about Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick if anyone is interested in watching that. While I am definitely not a Patriots fan, ESPN has produced several excellent 30 for 30s programs. This one might actually end up being interesting as well. https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/31/entertainment/the-two-bills-review/index.html
  15. NFL Thread

    According to Ian Rapoport on Twitter, the Chiefs have decided to trade Alex Smith to Washington. And according to ESPN and other sources Alex has signed a four year deal with Washington, something that Kirk couldn't get done. I wonder where Kirk Cousins may end up now. I could see him maybe going somewhere like the Broncos. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22268637/kansas-city-chiefs-trade-quarterback-alex-smith-washington-redskins