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  1. The NBA

    According to Adrian Wojnarowski on twitter, OKC has traded Carmelo Anthony and a protected 2022 first round pick to the Atlanta Hawks for Dennis Schroeder and Mike Muscala. Melo will be waived by the Hawks so he can sign with whatever team he wants to.
  2. The NBA

    I agree with you. The league is not that competitive right now and I find that unfortunate. Even worse that the dominating team (The Warriors) is a team I can't. Even with some of the other dynasties, other teams had an opportunity to win and keep things competitive. Right now we don't really have that and it's given us really bad playoff and final series. There are people that definitely DO care about this. Granted,, there are some that don't, like people that love the Warrior/hate LeBron and decide to bandwagon on the Warriors as a result. Or people that have bad teams that never are going to go anywhere (like bad East Coast teams) and don't care, people that like domination etc... Also, according, to reporters from ESPN and other sources, the Raptors are finalizing a deal to get Kawhi Leonard from the Spurs. The trade package for him would include sending DeMar DeRozan to the Spurs. It sounds like neither DeMar nor Kawhi are that enthusiastic about this trade.
  3. The NBA

    I wish Melo the best. Unfortunately overall he just didn't play that well with the Thunder last year. This move will save them a lot of money on a very high payroll. I wonder which team he will go to next.
  4. The NBA

    It looks they did free up more cap space by buying out Dwight. I wonder how he will fare with the Wizards. He's been on a lot of teams and hasn't really fared well with most of them.
  5. The NBA

    According to reports like Yahoo sports Dwight Howard has accepted a buyout from the Nets and will sign with the Washington Wizards at the MLE for one year.
  6. The NBA

    The rich get richer. I wonder if one of the reasons that Boogie decided to sign with the Warriors (not only because it's a much easier path to a ring) is because he was upset that teams like the Lakers/Pelicans didn't make more of an effort to sign him. So he just went "Heck with it, might as well sign with the Warriors and get a ring".
  7. The NBA

    OKC has signed Nerlens Noel to a two year contract, with a player option for the 2nd year: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/23978552/nerlens-noel-oklahoma-city-thunder-agree-deal ETA: There are also reports now that Rondo has signed with the Lakers as well.
  8. The NBA

    As a Pacers fan, I have always really liked Lance Stephenson. I like his energy and believe that he has always played his best basketball in a Pacers jersey. He hasn't fared very well on other teams. It will be interesting to see how he fares playing alongside LeBron. He actually could have played with LeBron last year, as he was brought in by the Cavs (along with some other players) for a tryout. I think that LeBron actually respects Lance.
  9. The NBA

    I agree that they are not really contenders in the West with just LeBron. If they were in the east they would have a better chance. I definitely think they will be trying to move some of the young players to make LeBron happy. I'm not sure what will happen with Kawhi, but I could see the Spurs moving him to a team that is not the Lakers. I could see them not wanting to strengthen another team in the West. Reports are they still want to be playoff contenders themselves, even if they trade Kawhi. The Lakers might have a shot at getting Boogie Cousins. They are talking to him, (along with the Pelicans.) Getting him could help them.
  10. The NBA

    It looks like Magic won't have to step down after all. With LeBron now agreeing to sign with the Lakers, I wonder what other moves they now will make. I do believe they will now be moving some players around. I could see them moving someone like Lonzo to another team.
  11. The NBA

    Paul George signing with OKC is definitely good for them and the league as well IMO. It helps keep a small market team relevant. And it also shows team you can take a risk by trading for a player for one year and he might actually stay with the team if the organization does the right things. Maybe some teams will be less hesitant to trade for Kawhi for a year now that Paul has decided to stay with the Thunder. I think that this definitely will affect what decision LeBron makes. I believe there is a solid chance he might actually sign with the 76ers. His reps are meeting with them today. As far as Kawhi goes, I could see him being traded to an East team. If the Spurs did trade him to the Lakers I believe they would take a lot from the Lakers. The Spurs are also in talks with the 76ers. I wonder who the Lakers might end up and if they may actually not land a big free agent. For the past several years there have been speculation especially from the media that a lot of stars want to go the Lakers. Especially people who are from California/the LA area. (Including rumors, about Melo, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, LeBron, Klay Thompson, Kawhi, etc). But the Bulk of these stars have not gone to the Lakers and some have had the opportunity to do so.
  12. The NBA

    I think that LeBron's children seem like sweet children. Also, last night Free agceny began at midnight and here's some of the news we've gotten so far. Biggest news so far is that Paul George has signed a 4 year 137 year deal with OKC. A lot of people especially analysts are acting like they are surprised by this But Paul has gotten close with Russ and I thought it was interesting in his free agency documentary special on ESPN how Sam Presti was shown in it. I thought that might have been a good sign that Paul would stay with the Thunder. Now that he's not going to the Lakers. I do wonder how that will affect LeBron's decision. I think it could have a big impact on it especially since I believe that the Spurs will not trade Kawhi to the Lakers. Also, Trevor Ariza has signed a 1 year deal with the Suns, while Chris Paull has signed a 4 year/160 million dollar max deal with the Rockets. DeAndre Jordan has also reportedly agreed to a 1 year 24 million dollar deal with the Mavs. Kevin Durant is also going to sign a 2 year deal with a player Option with the Warriors.
  13. The NBA

    According to Stephen A. Smith he has sources that say that LeBron actually texted Kevin Durant asking him to team up in LA. I think that Kevin Durant will not do that. I think he wants to stay with the Warriors. Also, according to ESPN the Mavs are chasing after DeAndre Jordan again. He's a target of theirs this summer. And there is a report from ESPN that Kawhi would also be okay with going to the Clippers (in addition to being interested in going to the Lakers.) The Spurs are engaging in discussions with multiple teams regarding trading Kawhi.
  14. The NBA

    Congrats to James Harden on winning MVP and to Ben Simmons, Victor Oladipo and the other players on winning their respective awards. Also, according to Adrian Wojnarowski Austin Rivers has been traded by the Clippers to the WIzards for Marcin Gortat. I am interested in seeing what other moves will be made by teams before and during free agency.
  15. The NBA

    The NBA draft is tonight. I am interested in seeing what happens in it and also happens as a result of it. Also, yesterday Dwight Howard was traded from the Hornets to the Nets. According to former NBA player Brendan Haywood the Hornets locker room did not care for Dwight.