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  1. Yea, she said she would be selling it. There is also a large pocketbook to match! I thought it was pretty yucky too!
  2. LOL, Google can't say "Olympics" , but here's betting Shawn will!
  3. Dunno! I think it just comes in black; it's a liquid eyeliner --the best kind, don't you know. She's been using it for the past five years. She also instructs her tribe on how to apply it, when to apply it (before the false eyelashes), how to make the "wings" go up in order to "lift" your eyelid, and I forget the rest...all the "ums" and "on that one" get getting in the way of me paying attention. She did say that while working on that shopping channel, she was told to wear false eyelashes, and she was so busy, that she wouldn't take her lashes off every night. That was why she has no eyelashes of her own today. Reminded me a little of Shawn...wish I had paid more attention to her little talk, but don't want to listen to it again. Oh! She also said she's coming out with a lipstick in a little while. She also loves lip liner!
  4. QVC

    That is one ugly top!
  5. Shouldn't she though, have absorbed some good speaking skills from all her years in front of the camera, through osmosis if nothing else? Wouldn't habit creep in somewhere? I remember when she was on at QVC, she used filler words, mainly her "um's" quite often. She gave me the impression that she thought she was cute when she'd say them, especially right before or after her sprouting something she thought was funny . Which might be an answer, DTS; she doesn't acknowledge her presentation flaws because she is so out of touch with herself that she doesn't realize she has any. Her minions aren't going to say much, for fear of being bullied by her tribe, and/or God forbid, by being snotingly (is there even such a word?) banned by her royal highness.
  6. Did anyone watch Lisa's broadcast tonight regarding the new eyeliner she's introducing this week? It was hard to follow, what with all the "um's" and "on that note" utterances. It really seemed like every other word was "um". I don't understand why someone that has been in front of the camera for as many years as she has still has these speech ticks.
  7. Booney, OMG, more so than I thought....you've got me laughing out loud! Thanks!
  8. Booney, JMO, but that picture of Isaac could almost be interchangeable with one of Carolyn.
  9. QVC

    Is it just me (probably is), or do both of them wear "hair curtains", and if so, why does this style look so much better on Martha?
  10. QVC

    I think MBR has 2 kids yet to put through college, so I don't see her retiring yet, maybe going part-time if that is allowed? I think Wheels might be at the age where he can collect his Social Security, and didn't want to wait around for an extra year just to hit 30 years on the job. YMMV.
  11. Oh, no! I loved her books! I didn't know she had cancer, or was even sick! I hate hearing this!
  12. QVC

    I keep toying with the idea that once my Keurig dies, going back to a percolator. My Keurig, although fast, doesn't make my coffee very hot. I have to hurry and drink my cup fast or it turns lukewarm on me.
  13. I think I remember there being a poster by the name of "Miss Fancy" then another came onboard as "Miss Fancy's Friend". It was the "Miss Fancy's Friend" that someone outed as Ant....I think.
  14. This is from page 19, I'm sorry, I forget who posted it, I think it was Rubberbandgirl; http://walkathome.com/qvc-first-on-air-guest/ If you go to about 3:04 in the 1st clip, you'll find a very young, VERY slim Diva...