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  1. @BillyGoat Not that I heard in the video. Like it never happened!
  2. If she ever has a problem in her future with stalkers, she should mail them this picture!
  3. I was watching Nancy's stuffed cabbage video just now (slow day and I like stuffed cabbage). Anyway, if you go to approx 18:19, Nancy talks about her feet in the bath picture, and how some people were saying it wasn't her feet! Proof that this site IS read by Lisa and friends!
  4. Too add my saga to the smoking/non-smoking debate, I too quit my 2 pack a day addiction in 1982. I finally had success on my 3rd try. I agree with @Lisanna in that your mind set is of utmost importance. I kept telling myself that I am an independent woman, and as such, cannot be both independent AND dependent at the same time. I had also read somewhere that when quiting, you should, for example, wait until you go on vacation. That way, you are not around your normal, everyday situations where you automatically light up without thinking. It helped work for me anyway. I went cold turkey, and thank God, it worked! I also agree about losing weight being harder! Moderation has never been my strong point!
  5. @Haddock Branzini, you bring back the memories! White eyeliner (or eye shadow, I can't remember) used to be a thing too! I feel like singing "Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end..." !
  6. Yes, Boney and CuriousParker for putting all this together! It was fun for all of us!
  7. LOL! Another exquisite,high-end treasure for her tribe! LOL’ing still!
  8. OMG, she doesn’t even look like the same person! I wonder if any of her tribe saw her in NYC, and walked right by her, not even recognizing her? This looks like a ‘mother-daughter’ comparison.
  9. Thanks, @Thumper. II do hope she's doing alright!
  10. I've been gone for awhile, and am busy playing catch-up. Has anyone heard from Cricket?
  11. Don't know why Georgia doesn't have one either. I'm on my way driving from GA to PA today, and went past the big peach in Gafney, SC. It's a landmark! I think it looks like a big peach colored rear end with a little you know what sticking out! But then, sometimes I'm 12.
  12. WOW...I just saw the pictures that Sidebar posted of Jane when she was younger! I take back my bone structure comment, def time for lipo!
  13. Years ago,I worked with a girl who was very thin in all areas but her hips. If you looked at her sideway, she'd look like she as a size 0. See her from her front or back, and she was huge! I think with her, it was more of her bone structure. Her Mom was built the same way.
  14. He looks like he's thinking, yea, she's drunk....but gotta do this for my brand!
  15. It wouldn't surprise me if Lisa spends more time with her tribe than we think. She craves attention 24/7 and she'll have her adoring fans right there with her. She'll be in heaven! YMMV.