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  1. I keep toying with the idea that once my Keurig dies, going back to a percolator. My Keurig, although fast, doesn't make my coffee very hot. I have to hurry and drink my cup fast or it turns lukewarm on me.
  2. I think I remember there being a poster by the name of "Miss Fancy" then another came onboard as "Miss Fancy's Friend". It was the "Miss Fancy's Friend" that someone outed as Ant....I think.
  3. This is from page 19, I'm sorry, I forget who posted it, I think it was Rubberbandgirl; http://walkathome.com/qvc-first-on-air-guest/ If you go to about 3:04 in the 1st clip, you'll find a very young, VERY slim Diva...
  4. Cricket, I am so very sorry to hear that your fear of the defective gene has come true...this whole situation sucks!!! I will continue to pray for both of you.
  5. Looong time lurker, since Television without pity, anyway I'm shy; no way can I keep up with your wit! Anyway, some of you were asking what that Jan Nurse said to Lisa on her Sunday video. Can't remember exactly, but she questioned Lisa on why she was being so open with her pictures, schedule, etc. when the reason she left QVC was because of her stalkers. Granted, she was a little brisk on how she said it, and even before Lisa answered her with her, no Jan, that's not it at all bitchyness (sp), Lisa's tribe started to get all over her. I didn't think what she said was bad enough for her to get banned, or I would have taken a picture while it was still up. Loved the picture of Lisa holding on to her ice cream cone with a death grip, all the while letting some stranger take her picture. Guess she loved that ice cream more than her camera. Or, was it Katie taking her picture? Lisa's tribe is all out in kissing her behind since she was shamed into announcing she was giving the net proceeds (whatever that means) to Texas. Did she ever say to what charity she was (wink, wink) giving it?
  6. Cricket, I am coming out of lurking mode (1st time in years of reading these boards) to let you know that you and Joe are in my thoughts and prayers. I can't imagine what you are going through.