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  1. Jesse, I thought the same thing when Tara mentioned the weird emphasis in the old ad! John McWhorter is like a god to me, and I love Lexicon Valley nearly as much as I love Extra Hot Great, which is saying a lot.
  2. I'm not remotely a hunter, and I swear I'm not trying to stir shit up, but I think it's possible that that deer lived a better life than the cow that provided my last steak dinner.
  3. [raises both fists] Steve Holt!
  4. I screamed, "He looks like a Sea Monkey!"
  5. That was an awesome moment! I wouldn't have even noticed that it was her, but my husband screamed "JANET!"
  6. Jeez, that was some boring shit.
  7. The gently used cabinets could be donated. According to Google, there are several Habitat for Humanity ReStores in the LA area. The donor gets a tax writeoff; Habitat gets to sell the donated items and keep the money. Win-win! In my community, Habitat will even send a truck to come pick up your donated items.
  8. WHAT? I thought my children made up "fluff"! When they were kids they had different names for different types of, um, gaseous emissions. There was an entire fart taxonomy, and "fluff" was definitely on there.
  9. Did Jeremy really say "fart"? I gusss I missed it, and I'm shocked. I guarantee that kind of talk doesn't fly with his in-laws. In my experience, nice Southern church kids aren't allowed to say anything cruder than "poot."
  10. Hey Jeremy. Say "down under" one more time. Heh. I love that Jeremy's acting like it's some sort of requirement that you speak in an Australian accent while in Australia. Because wherever you go, the locals really love that.
  11. Maybe the picture is there to discourage people from, you know, unrighteously self-fulfilling their desires in the bathroom? You gotta admit, it'd be a good fantasy killer.
  12. He's also fictional, which is probably why I'm being so very tactless about someone so recently departed. :-D
  13. The more I think about the map toss, the angrier I get. So William lets Randall bankroll the trip but reserves the right to control every tiny detail, right down to the mode of navigation. I'll say it again: William was an asshole.
  14. Um, I think you mean BLESSED.