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  1. I think you mean gist, but what a great slip considering his sermons are a joke.
  2. Nothing to see here. Either I'm crazy, or my phone is.
  3. The most anti-Catholic Evangelicals I've known have mainly been former Catholics. I used to go to church with a formerly Catholic woman who never missed an opportunity to rant about how Catholicism meets all the requirements of a cult.
  4. Honestly, even though I have a couple of English degrees, I had to check it to make sure I was right. School was a looong time ago.
  5. Because I am a pedantic SOB...the attached image is an example of Old English. The KJV is considered Early Modern English. That said, I think it's ridiculous to have youngsters learn such unnecessarily difficult text. When my kids were grade school age, our church's "Bible Drill"program used KJV. I begged for that to change, but I was told the only alternative was NIV, and our pastor had problems with that translation, so nope.
  6. Every church I've been part of, even tiny ones without the resources for a full-time handyman/custodian, has a committee who take pride in keeping up the facilities and grounds. That being said, if the church members can't or won't do it, I agree that the pastor should be willing to step up.
  7. Never in a MILLION YEARS would I have figured out that was supposed to be a diamond ring.
  8. Not to mention the kissy emoji.
  9. The bad punctuation in that bio just caused me to lose my salvation.
  10. Why wasn't Mechelle leading her duckling line of red-clad childbots to the public library when they were little? When my kids were small we didn't have two nickels to rub together, and my tots and I were fixtures at the local library. They offered weekly story time activities, good AC, and all the books we could carry...for FREE. You'd think that would appeal to the Duggars even if the joy of reading didn't.
  11. Then we'll go nuts in a different way? ;-)
  12. People would go NUTS over a Jana courtship. Even I would, I'm afraid.
  13. Personally I don't find anything disrespectful about the Bible being tossed onto the table on that video. I think this is just a matter of "different strokes for different folks." I was brought up to have great reverence for the Word of God, but the emphasis was on the message more than the object. Physically kissing a Bible or not allowing any object to be placed on top of that book are completely unfamiliar concepts to me. Not wrong--just unfamiliar. Many Evangelicals carry their Bibles around a lot...I wonder if that could be one reason for their more "casual" relationship with their Books. When my kids were little I constantly nagged them to take good care of their Bibles, but they always ended up getting a bit grimy and worn out because they were being lugged to church camp, Bible Drill, VBS, Sunday school, etc. Ultimately I was happier that the books were being used than I was upset at having to replace them every few years. I do understand that physical actions can indicate a lack of respect. That's why I never let my kids run and jump in the sanctuary of our church even if the service was long over...although if I'm being honest, that was more about me not wanting to offend other people than being worried that the kids would offend God. To me, the heart attitude is much more important. But again, I don't mean to belittle anyone else's attitudes toward "proper" religious behavior. I'm just saying MMV. Do we know if any of the Duggars or the new inlaws favor an electronic Bible? I'd estimate than well over 50 percent of the people at my Baptist church use their phones now instead of carrying a physical Bible. But I'd guess that the Duggars would tend toward the traditional?
  14. The dresses do nothing for me, but I really love that shade of blue. I wouldn't call it navy. I'm a big fan of orange, but I'm kind of scratching my head at the color combo.
  15. There's no excuse for not figuring out basic cooking. I didn't learn much cooking from my mom, but i could follow a frigging recipe, and I picked up tricks from friends here and there. And now we've got Google and Youtube. You can find tutorials on everything. EVERYTHING. Edited to add this important qualifier: "...if you're motivated."