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  1. Wow, I am surprised that a church as large as Cross is hosting an "ex-gay" speaker; that viewpoint has become increasingly controversial since Exodus International closed and so many former leaders in the movement have publicly acknowledged that it's ineffective and damaging. I'm so sorry you went through that with your co-worker. I think I know the man who was on the cover of that book along with his "former lesbian" wife, but I can't remember their names at the moment. If it's the guy I'm thinking of, he was publicly disgraced when he backslid into homosexual behavior. I think he's now an opponent of conversion therapy. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/10/the-man-who-dismantled-the-ex-gay-ministry/408970/
  2. S01.E01: The Boy on the Bridge

    That's not a perfect solution if one is trying to watch during daylight hours (unless one happens to have a viewing room with no natural light).
  3. I've literally seen a pregnant woman excitedly proclaim on Facebook that birth must be imminent because she's lost her mucus plug. So yeah, anything goes! (I just thanked my lucky stars she didn't include a photo.)
  4. I agree that she's not super-clear, but I think she's definitely NOT agreeing. She's replying to "God loves everyone" with "But no one gets saved except by accepting [my version of] Jesus."
  5. Aja, I'm a straight woman, but I would be honored to gay-kiss you if it meant pissing off the Duggars!
  6. FMK 7: (Gettin') Lucky Number Seven

    I recently did a full rewatch of Breaking Bad. Not only did Walter demonstrate occasional interest in sex, but on at least one occasion, it was hinted that his attitude toward spousal consent was . . . troubling. ::shudder:: WW's a strong K for me.
  7. I was surprised that BoobChelle didn't say anything spiritual in their recent post about Cousin Oliver. I would imagine getting him saved would be priority #1 for the whole family. Does anyone know if they are legally prevented from proselytizing him?
  8. Haha, Celia! So yeah, any church worth its salt has a rigorous security program for babies and older kids these days. Just this morning, walking to the parking lot after church, I pointed to a little boy's sticker on his back and suggested that my husband should have one in case he wanders off or someone besides me tries to pick him up.
  9. Get out of my head! When I was trying to sell this series to my brother, I told him it's "Martha Stewart meets Pee-Wee's Playhouse." This song has become a Friday ritual for my husband and me! You have to do the jaunty little dance to get the full effect.
  10. Can you even imagine facing that sort of responsibility at the age of 12? If one of my daughters had a micro-preemie and were unable to care for the baby herself, I would be willing to help, of course, but I would be beyond anxious. I get a little sick to my stomach just thinking about how scary it would be . . . and I'm a mature adult who has successfully raised three babies to adulthood.
  11. I think he overestimates his fans' ability to understand satire. In my news feed, I see fundamentalist simpletons forwarding Onion articles as fact all the time.
  12. My ESL students would agree with this statement 1000%!
  13. Okay, I'm the a-hole who started the apostrophe talk. I was just snarking on what seemed to me to be misplaced priorities--people criticizing the Dullards for neglecting certain academic skills while apparently disregarding what I consider to be more foundational skills. Personally I think grammar and punctuation are more important than cursive writing and envelope addressing. But then again, I'm a college English teacher . . . and, as I've already mentioned, a bit of an a-hole. ;-) And yeah, we're all here to have fun. My writing style is anything but formal on these forums, and I've broken several "rules" in this very post. Edited to add: crap! Did I post this on the wrong thread? Didn't the apostrophe stuff start on the Dullard thread? I'm so confused.
  14. I think that Dave Ramsey course covers more than just eliminating debt: investment strategies, retirement planning, and whatnot.