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  1. "AK" is Alaska. The abbreviation for Arkansas is AR.
  2. Moira's make-up is darn near identical to an elderly woman i know who's a former professional gospel singer. My favorite Moira pronunciation is her ultra-crisp "cos-me-tics."
  3. No judgment. Not everyone's a crier. My husband is a very sensitive and caring individual, but he hardly ever cries. For some reason I cry buckets at sad/sentimental movies, TV shows, and commercials--not to mention weddings, funerals, and stop signs--but overall I'm honestly not a particularly kind or compassionate person. I'm actually kind of a dick.
  4. Barefoot babies are very much a thing in my part of the world.. My 7-month-old grandson has beautiful clothes but has never worn shoes and won't till he's walking. This is standard among my daughter's "well-off young mom" peer group. I don't care enough to get worked up about it. Jessa's Easter outfit made me sad. This past Sunday I saw tons of young women wearing darling, modest dresses at church. She fould have found something very economical but cute at J. C. Penney or even Target. (Whoops, scratch Target. Transgender Central.)
  5. I found the Chinese mother-in-law story line incredibly relatable. You can run into cultural differences even when both sides of the family are from the same country. And of course, even when there's no cross-cultural divide, there can be tremendous generational conflicts when it comes to the "best" way to care for a baby. When I was birthing my brood, I had a much more polite version of this clash with my own dear mother-in-law. Now my own daughter has a child, and we're not 100% on the same page on quite a few childcare issues. I'm guessing that most families run into this situation to one degree or another and have to learn how to express their differences in a balanced and respectful way.
  6. Since the show kept lampshading the blinded man's heightened sense of smell, I fully expected an end-of-episode reveal that he'd landed a job at a perfume factory!
  7. Meee tooo!
  8. WHAAAAAAAAT? You omitted the one clip that I was burning to have identified . . . and the one that appears in literally every EHG episode! What's the source of the witchy-sounding "We're listening . . . ah-ha-ha . . ." that you always play at the end?
  9. Once my husband became seriously ill at a 6 Flags, and the management not only instantly produced a wheelchair, but also pretty much insisted that he use it... for liability reasons, I imagine. He was embarrassed and really wanted to try to walk under his own power, but ultimately, we understood their position.
  10. Thank you! We couldn't be happier about the nuptials. Once we get access to the professional pics, maaaaybe I'll post the smooch shot here . . . if I'm feeling brave. I'm sure it will be awkward AF. Hee hee!
  11. I can't find the thread(s) where we've discussed this in the past , so I'll put it here and hope it's appropriate. We've talked before about the awkward fundie wedding photos where the newlyweds and both sets of parents pose kissing. So...yesterday my son and his longtime GF tied the knot, and during the photo shoot, the photographer sprang a dreaded Intergenerational Smooch Shot on us! When she was shooting the B & G with both sets of parents, she unexpectedly chirped, "Everyone kiss!" What could we do? My husband and I gave each other "Oh shit!" expressions and then obediently locked lips. Fortunately, this came up in conversation later at the reception, and the MOB said, "Yeah, that one's not going on social media," to which the FOG and I replied, "THANK YOU!" Ugh, is this becoming a thing everywhere? Who actually thinks this is a good idea?
  12. "He took it out" from Seinfeld is a perennial favorite in my house. We find ways to work it into the conversation, although thankfully, we don't experience the actual "taking it out" phenomenon very much in everyday life. My husband and I also use "Tippytoe! Tippytoe!" as an emergency code word, and sometimes we use this exchange: "How can this be?" "Oh, it be." Thanks to Arrested Development, when I want to imply that one of my adult kids is neglecting me, I say "Suddenly someone is too much of a big shot to brush Mother's hair." And this one isn't verbal, but my daughter the actress does a KILLER impression of Lucille Bluth winking while sipping a drink.
  13. Guys. Nurie's hair. When I see hair like that, I expect it to have gray roots and reek of cigarette smoke. That's the hair of a worn-out bar hag, not of a sweet young girl!
  14. Haha naturally! I was describing a preaching approaach that one might find in many kinds of churches, even those those awful liberal churches where ladies can be pastor and they're all going to hell but don't realize it.