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  1. Welcome! Her hashtag actually reads, "My thumb isn't as green as my sisters.'" Hastags can be tough to read, especially since they don't include apostrophes.
  2. Better Call Saul In The Media

    I think all five of them look hot AF!
  3. S04.E02: Breathe

    Yup. In that BB scene at Madrigal's German HQ, I recall there being a huge open area where the logos of all its subsidiaries are displayed. I remember giving a little gasp when they panned to Los Pollos Hermanos logo.
  4. Guess what--I tell my husband to smile sometimes! That doesn't make me a big ole hypocrite, does it? His resting face can look downright angry at times, so if he's on stage or in an uncomfortable social setting, he needs to be reminded to assume a pleasant (or at least truly neutral) expression. I think the difference there is that I know and love him, and he agrees with me that it's something he needs to be careful about. It sounds to me like your spouse also has your best interests at heart. And I 1000% agree with you about the poor Duggar children being paraded like show ponies.
  5. The "Jenni should smile" comments made me react the same way. I have an adult daughter who gets told to smile by strangers on a semi-regular basis. This daughter is a petite, angelic-looking blonde who can look about 12 depending on what she's wearing. But she can rip you a new one if you're stupid enough to tell her that she'd look prettier if she'd just change her expression.
  6. I fully admit this is a cranky semi-rant, and it's not aimed at any one individual because sooo many people have snarked on Jill's "forehead wrinkles." Y'all, there's a difference between a permanent wrinkle and a crease or fold that is caused by contorting your face. If I raise my eyebrows high (and I do this a lot because I have a very animated face and tend to open my eyes wide when speaking excitedly), my forehead creases. When I relax my face, my forehead looks smooth. I'm 54, and while I have plenty of age-appropriate lines around my eyes, my forehead is completely unlined despite years of working those eyebrows like a crazy person. I'm sure that moving one's face can and does lead to certain wrinkles, but I'm pretty sure that genetic factors are also at play. By all accounts I should have a wrinkled forehead, but so far it looks great. On the other hand, my 27-year-old son already seems to be developing them, and I suspect he inherited them from my dad, who had noticeable horizontal lines across his forehead by the time he was my current age. No matter what your age, if you literally cannot contort your face in a way that creates some sort of "bunching" of your forehead skin, I suspect that this is a happy byproduct of the structure of your facial bones and/or the thickness of your skin. I don't get bragging about that. When my toddler grandson does his "surprised face," his forehead scrunches up, but that's just his face. (And it's pretty darn cute on him.) Jill is an annoying ninny, but for some reason it drives me crazy when people get hung up on her "wrinkles." There are so many better reasons to attack her! haha
  7. Yeah, if all he said was it is their ministry, there's the chance he was using careful wording to avoid answering the question directly. After all, "real" ministers (i.e., church staff members) generally get paid for their ministry. And I know plenty of Christians who consider their paid vocation (such as teaching or nursing) to be their "ministry." I honestly don't know why Nostrils would feel the need to be coy about making money from the show, though, as long as they aren't also begging for donations like the Dullards.
  8. In my experience it's pretty rare to see 1/8 cup in a recipe. Usually the recipe will say 2 Tablespoons instead. I want to say I used to see it more often long ago, but maybe I'm imagining that.
  9. I think it's no one's damn business how far apart one chooses to have their children as long as they're being cherished and cared-for.
  10. Q. Why don't Baptists have sex standing up? A. Because it will lead to dancing!
  11. I think it's a bit unfair to dismiss a place as not-really-a-church because the architecture doesn't suit you. If someone points to a building and says, "That's my place of worship," I'm like, "Cool--that's your house of worship. Got it." I don't have to like the way it looks, nor do I have to worship there myself if it doesn't suit me.
  12. I was coming here to say the same thing. I have tons of thick hair, but I have a very prominent, difficult-to hide whorl on the crown of my head. When my white roots are showing badly, it can look like a bald patch.
  13. I wonder why she hasn't had surgery for her varicose veins. I finally went to see a vein specialist a couple of weeks ago, and now I wish I'd gone years ago. The surgery is going to be a piece of cake--they call in "lunch hour surgery" because you can literally go back to work later in the day if you want to. I'll have to jump through a couple of hoops in order to get insurance approval, but it is going to be covered. BTW, three closely-spaced pregnancies were enough to screw with my veins; I can only imagine what mine would be like if I'd spent 14 years of my life being pregnant. Personally, I wore hose all summer long when I lived in Arkansas because I liked the way they looked and I am not terribly hot-natured. There were enough women also wearing them that I didn't feel like I was the only one. It wasn't until I moved to Alabama that I reluctantly ditched the hose because literally NO ONE wears them here.
  14. Poor Israel always looks off to me. Like, you know, not very smart. The videos I've seen of him don't confirm any cognitive problems, but I can't look at him without thinking, "Bless his heart."
  15. Does Cathy mention her husband much on social media? If not, then it seems likely to me that he doesn't enjoy that sort of thing and the family respects his wishes.