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  1. I cannot be the only person who has entertained the occasional sexual thought about the Geiko cavemen. That one guy is kind of cute. And they are cavemen, people.
  2. I'm struggling to imagine Jill or Derick relating effectively to college kids. Even the sweetest, most sheltered Christian student has typically still lived in the "real world" of shorts, contemporary music, and dating.
  3. Wait, doesn't their modest wear render this move unnecessary? One of the upsides to dressing conservatively--and I say this as a voluptuous gal who moves around a great deal while teaching young adults--is that you can relax and move freely without worrying that you're going to be giving someone a peek down your top or up your skirt. If a Duggar woman is wearing multiple layers and a high neckline, but she still makes a show of clutching her top before bending forward, that strikes me as an arrogant display of aggressive modesty.
  4. Yes, I'm almost positive that was the Old Testament "logic." A woman is unclean after childbirth, and she's extra unclean after giving birth to another woman.
  5. Granted, I've gotten a tad overprotective since becoming a grandmother, but...isn't he too young for plastic cutlery? I've snapped a tine off many a cheap plastic fork. Swallowing something so sharp could end badly.
  6. I'm unfamiliar with any Lutheran restrictions on scouting; perhaps that was in a different branch of the church than the one I was raised in. I was Missouri Synod Lutheran, and I am as sure as I can be that my very devout father would not have let me be a Brownie in the early 1970s if that were against church teachings. Would be curious to hear more from @fonfereksglen on the matter.
  7. Isn't it a little on-the-nose when your shirt's giant Eye Trap literally screams "Nike"?
  8. I think someone was trying to demonstrate how hip he is by employing slang that's been around for several years.
  9. I can only speak from my limited experience, but I think generally pastor's wives are given far more freedom these days to decide for themselves what "serving the church" will mean for them. I think there's always the expectation that the pastor's wife will be involved in ministry of some sort, but not necessarily to any greater degree than other members of the church. I know tons of pastor's wives who work, so certainly the days are gone when one is expected to be running Bible studies and rummage sales every day of the week. I would also hope that most church members would appreciate the logic of the pastor's wife serving according to her spiritual gifts and talents, not according to some cookie-cutter notion of what she should do. The Bible says to serve according to your gifts; it doesn't say "run the nursery program or teach a women's mission group because that's what the pastor's wife has always done." So anyway, I'm hopeful that Jinger feels free to do as she feels led. I know this is going to skeeve some people out, but I think her primary "ministry" is to be Jeremy's wife, and beyond that, what she does for the church is between her and God. Someone upthread mentioned that most Baptists go to church three times a week. That's still true for more traditional congregations, but a lot of churches these days have abandoned the Sunday night service in favor of small group meetings in people's homes. I still don't know how Jeremy is able to travel so much, though. I would expect someone so new to his position to be allowed only one or maybe two Sundays a year out of the pulpit. And I also don't think it speaks terribly well of a pastor's dedication to his flock, his community, and his responsibility if he's taking off all the time.
  10. It's a shame that I find myself being relieved that he at least came out on the right side of racism. I often have similarly low expectations at my own church.
  11. I've seen it at a wedding. And when I sputtered at the outrage, my 27 year old daughter told me I was fighting a losing battle.
  12. Did anyone besides me see Ruth Negga in her Oscar-nominated role in Loving?
  13. I'm 100% supportive of John David in this case. I think I contracted an intestinal parasite just looking at that video.
  14. Yeah, what is the source of these pics? I'm not saying the Duggars have good taste or anything, but those things look very late '80s to me.
  15. I'm to the age (close to yours, I think) where all I can remember is shit like the Underdog theme.