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  1. I predict Jackson will take what he learns and create his own pet training business. He needs to start thinking about how he's going to make a living. In four or five years he could have a wife and a baby on the way.
  2. I have a couple of English degrees and teach the language for a living, but I'm still prone to the occasional brain fart . . . so I'm glad to have someone confirm that there's nothing wrong with the grammar of Jill's original sentence. :-) I wasn't at all surprised to learn that Derick may be considering law school. He fancies himself a an intellectual giant and a champion debater. This is purely speculation, but I wonder whether any conservative Christian legal organizations (such as Jay Sekulow's American Center for Law and Justice) offer scholarships for right-wing religious types who aspire to be attorneys. (BTW, "good Christian lawyer" is my favorite oxymoron! I wish I could say I made up that joke.) I currently attend a Baptist church, and our young pastor (whom I love) recently switched us to the "communion snack packs." I like them a lot more than I ever dreamed I would, and here's why. Baptist churches, at least in my experience*, traditionally eschew the more formal and ritualistic aspects of worship that you see in Catholicism and the mainline protestant denominations . . . BUT you sure wouldn't know that if you attended some SBC churches on a Lord's Supper Sunday. When you see a white cloth draped over the communion elements on the Lord's Supper table, you know things are about to become very fancy. Deacons clad in their best suits line up and march about very ceremonially as they distribute the shiny trays of wafers and communion cups to every corner of the space. (Don't forget the balcony! And the choir loft! And the pianist!) At least two of them will have the opportunity to pray aloud during the Lord's Supper ceremony, and you can be sure they have written them out and practiced them in advance, because they're much more elegant than the run-of-the-mill prayers for the sick and the shut-ins. The way we do communion has always seemed a bit distracting and off-brand to me. The practice of communion, at least as I interpret it, is about remembering Christ's sacrifice and what that means for his church and for me personally, and the over-emphasis on people during the ceremony always bothered me. As our new pastor prepared the congregation for our snack pack trial run, he explained that it would simplify the process and help focus our attention toward the act of communion itself. For me it was a surprisingly easy transition. I'm sure there are some people who are more distracted by the cheesy packaging of the new method, but I actually find it less distracting than the shiny trays and self-important deacons. Edited to Add: After re-reading my post, I think I should clarify that I am not trying to make fun of churches that have a more ritualized approach to communion. I grew up in such a church, and I enjoy and have great respect for many styles of worship. I am only saying that I have always felt that the way some Baptists celebrate communion seems at odds with other aspects of Baptist worship. * It's worth noting that SBC churches are autonomous, so practices may vary somewhat from one congregation to another. Ultimately I can only speak to the churches I have attended.
  3. I'm not sure I understand. How is that first sentence an example of buchering the language?
  4. Jill, 1988 called and they want their recipe back! That's exactly the sort of crap recipe I might have tried 30 years ago, when I was a newlywed in a hick town. I'm in my 50s now, and I wouldn't dream of cooking like this because my husband and I are trying to stay alive another 2 to 3 decades. But I'm proud to say my three kids and their spouses--all of them in their 20s--cook and eat quite healthily, because they're smart AND IT'S 2018. (Two of the three couples are on a tight budget, but they still manage.) It's just unbelievably weird to me that someone Jill's age is posting recipes like this. I find it hard to believe there are many actual Millennials who take recipes like this seriously.
  5. S01.E10: We Are Gone

    With regard to whether or not Goodsir remained a goody-goody . . . I don't recall the actual dialogue, and maybe I just imagined this, but didn't he and Crozier talk about God when they were alone in the tent? I got the impression that Goodsir considered himself lost. That was the moment that I thought "He's going to try to kill Hickey, maybe others." Then again, I feel like I understand about 10% of this show at any given moment. I am really looking forward to doing a re-watch this summer.
  6. Blowing a casket sounds even more serious than blowing a gasket! That'd be an exciting way to end a funeral, though. ;-) (Sorry, couldn't resist. I am QUEEN of the typos.)
  7. Small Talk: The Northwest Coffee Shop

    I've seen the portraits, but where would I find the sketch you mention?
  8. Meh, it's on brand for Silver Dollar City--old-timey and homespun. Apparently this interactive ride is modeled on a grain silo. A little guy like Israel might enjoy imagining that it's his brute strength, and not his dad's, that is propelling them to the top. (Not that Derick's spaghetti arms are capable of much. That's where engineering comes in, I suppose.) The park has modern thrill rides, too. https://www.silverdollarcity.com/theme-park/Attractions/Rides/The-High-Low-Silos
  9. S04.E13: Christmas

    That rings a bell, IMDb lists the date for episode 04.13 as 17 April 2018, but there is no episode summary. And I'm quite certain it never turned up on my DVR.
  10. I grew up going to Silver Dollar City, and my husband and I took our kids there several times when they were kids/young teens. (Then we moved to an area where the beach was closer than the Ozarks.) I loooove SDC. To me it's far better than Six Flags because in addition to rides, there are demonstrations all sorts of old-timey activities like glass-blowing and candy making. The rides are good too, and they've added more thrill rides over the years to keep up with other parks. Also, there's a great cave right on site. I love me a cave tour!
  11. Silver Dollar City has plenty of fun/scary rides for adults and older kids. I have no idea why James and Jenni weren't off by themselves having fun. Who footed the bill for this "party," I wonder? Seems an expensive and odd choice for the birthday of a grown-ass woman.
  12. I completely agree about the LEOs of Evil Genius, and I'd add that they're articulate and--dare I say it?--charismatic (at least by documentary cop standards). Why hasn't this story been made into a feature film? Roseanne Barr should make it happen, because she was born to play Marge.
  13. Watch Your Neck: The Hickey Topic

    You may be on to something. That's funny to me, because he has such a cute, crinkly-eyed smile. I think I'd love him in a nice-guy role.
  14. Watch Your Neck: The Hickey Topic

    Wow, now I'm going to have to go back and rewatch Happy Valley! Love that show.