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  1. Present-day Rebecca still wears the necklace Jack gave her. It's hard for me to imagine her continuing to do that if they'd divorced.
  2. Maybe I'm misreading you, but are you suggesting that it may be impossible to fall in love with someone that you've known first as a childhood friend? Because yes, you can. It can even be kind of magical. I have no idea if that's what Joy and Austin have experienced, but I hope like hell it is.
  3. Oh my God Barbie and I had the same prom dress!!!
  4. Country Strong is a terrible movie--well, I'm guessing it's terrible because I sure as hell didn't see it--and a song from said terrible-looking movie. Lawson didn't write it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1555064/
  5. In the most recent episode, when Christina was folding clothes with Taylor, did anyone besides me notice Christina very awkwardly holding up an item of clothing and letting the camera zoom in on it? I think the piece said something like "H is for Home." Am I correct in assuming she got some product placement $$$ for that? Man, it must be nice to make money that way. When Tarek did the little thing with Taylor about the matching necklaces, I found it incredibly uncomfortable and kind of sad.
  6. Yes, and I thought it was a sweet little character detail that she seemed so compassionate and non-judgmental toward Johnny at that moment. Roland would have been a complete asshole about it.
  7. I see they're still dressing Baby Phillip like Jake from State Farm. He looks super masculine, though, so that's good.
  8. Often when we're trying to find a movie to watch at home, I'll scroll through the on-demand options and read the blurbs to my husband. Sometimes when a movie sounds dull or depressing, I'll replace its real description with "An old woman experiences pain and yearning."
  9. You mean "SORE-Y," no doubt.
  10. I can tell you I saw them (and bought them) not only in small-town Arkansas, but in the big city of Memphis. But I did not run with the moneyed elites, and I shopped at fairly modest stores, so I can only say they were in fashion for a certain set. :-)
  11. Good point...and to be fair, I lived in Arkansas in the '90s, and tent maternity dresses were still very much the norm back then. And the stupid clown collars were everywhere, including on many of my non-maternity church dresses.
  12. Oh yeah, mission trip expenses are tax-deductible, along with other ministry contributions. I would give regardless, but at the urging of my tax preparer, I save the receipts if I bake cookies for Bible school, and I track my mileage if I'm a volunteer sriver for a junior high Sunday school event. I've never taken a mission trip where I had to pay my own transport, but I think it's quite likely JB can and does legally write off the plane tickets, DumDums, and nail polish that are so vital to winning brown Catholics for Jesus.
  13. I used to run a non-profit here in Alabama, and when we were working to improve the diversity of our board, religion was very much a factor. We managed to have both a Jew and a Hindu in our organization, which was no mean feat in our overwhelmingly Christan city. But religious diversity for us largely meant looking at potential members' church denomination . . . as in, "We already have several Episcopalians and Baptists; does anyone know any Methodists who are good prospects?" Not even kidding. Churches are a fundamental part of the social fabric, and they can be an important point of networking for business and especially for charitable dealings.