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  1. Good point! I could never have predicted that I'd love being called "Ninny." Grandparenting has turned me to mush!
  2. Mr. Bynam looks like a barrel of laughs.
  3. Why is the video titled "Samuel Dillard Helps His Daddy Vacuum" when it's clear that Israel is play-vacuuming, too? I used to think people here were exaggerating J & D's favoritism of Sam, but sheesh. It's just so obvious.
  4. Okay, I know it's just a silly typo, but I can't help snickering at "the him or her."
  5. Haha! I just can't help but hope Jessa will do at least marginally better than her birth mom did in that department. The bar is pretty low.
  6. Good gosh. I didn't mind having a tiny house when my three were very small, but at least we had 3 tiny bedrooms and a tiny half-bath in addition to a decent-sized main bathroom. I can appreciate the appeal of having fewer rooms and bathrooms to clean, but surely at a certain point they'll admit that they are just too cramped and up in each other's business? I mean, once she's doing proper, graded homeschooling, where will she store her materials and meet individually with children? I just can't fathom such a tiny space for a family of 5. Even in our leanest times, a second toilet was always a deal-breaker for our family. But I guess having a husband/dad with severe IBS will do that to you!
  7. How many bedrooms and bathrooms in the mold house?
  8. When we were Baptist I used to get so frustrated over the "Jesus drank grape juice" garbage. If you want to say its a sin to take a drink, fine--say that. But don't try to rewrite the Bible to prove your point. When my kids were teens, I was so tempted to tell one particular Youth Sunday School teacher, "Say, instead of torturing the Scriptures, why don't you challenge those young people to think about what a Christian's relationship to alcohol should be."
  9. New Year, New Batch Of FMK Matchups

    Dick Solomon didn't own a home. He rented from Mrs. Dubcek.
  10. Wait, what? Granted, I've only worked at state universities and community colleges, but everywhere I've taught, grades are due a couple of days after finals end, whether you're a tenured prof or a TA. And students generally get their grades pretty soon after that because everything is online.
  11. It's also possible to save and re-use inexpensive gift bags, festive-looking holiday boxes, bows, ribbon, and even tags if you're careful. This year at our house, my 30-year-old daughter pointed out some ribbon that she bought herself when she was still in college. That sort of thriftiness is supposed to be the Duggars' bread and butter!
  12. I googled "Obedience is better than sacrifice"and got this. 😉
  13. Not to be argumentative on Christmas 😆, but they're all about the savior coming to earth to save humankind...?
  14. I agree with magpye. Believe me, I know a LOT of really dumb evangelicals, but I doubt many (if any) of them think Dec. 25 is Jesus's sho-nuff birthday.
  15. Where did Jiil find the outdated baby bonnet for her littlest one? Did she travel back to 1975? Weird hat or no, the baby looks cute and bright as a shiny penny. I pray she's doing well.