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  1. Weirdo here. This ep was very uneven for me, mainly because I've found William fairly unlikable all along. (And it sure didn't help anything when he threw the maps out the window. Heehee, his littering is so wacky and outrageous!) That being said, I thought the ending was lovely and cried buckets. I'm not made of stone, after all.
  2. I friggin' LOVE Paul Bunyan. So imagine my delight.
  3. So any time I mention "Humans" to my husband (and it's been coming up in conversation a lot lately), I pause for as long as it takes until he says "Heard of 'em." The conversation grinds to a halt, sometimes for as long as a minute, while he looks at me, bewildered. The poor goober just can't get the hang of it. It's pretty funny. So . . . thanks.
  4. YES! and YES!
  5. Why do you call the stage an altar? ;-) Different types of churches have different terminology. In the Lutheran churches I grew up in, we used the word "altar" to describe not the raised front part of the church (which you seem to be suggesting) but the table that was the focal point of worship and that held the communion elements, offering plates, crucifix, etc. But I've never heard anyone in an evangelical church call anything an "altar." (If there's a table, it's usually called the "Lord's supper table," in my experience.) In those churches I usually hear the raised front area of the sanctuary/nave/auditorium/whatever called the "platform," but I don't think it's surprising that it gets referred to as "stage" since so many modern sanctuaries have a somewhat theatrical design. Anyway, long story short, I can't get judge-y about minor variations in vocabulary. Different strokes.
  6. I haven't looked at their recipe, but if it's anything like the chicken spaghetti I know of . . . well, I'm not ashamed to say it; I love that stuff! I only make it on the rarest of occasions (when I know my grown son will be around, so I can say it's for him) because it's heart attack food.
  7. All bets are off with regard to "old person" baby names. My (adorable) 5-month-old grandson is named Walter. Many people don't bat an eye when they hear his name because there are other little Walts out there. I think Henry's a fine name, and the family pics are undeniably cute.
  8. Imma name my next kid Alexander Hamilton, but tell everyone "Nonono he's not named after Alexander Hamilton! He's named after Linda Hamilton. And Alex Trebek."
  9. I hate Miguel because HE'S NOT MY DAD!!! ;-)
  10. See, that kneecap turned me gay. Satan must have built a fortress in my heart. Good for you, though.
  11. Once Rebecca located a proper barber for Randall, I hope she would learn that American lice are adapted for while folks' hair. She had little or nothing to worry about with Randall.
  12. I regularly find myself thinking, "That William has a lot of nerve." Especially the time he made Randall miss work so he could drive Randall's car and spend Randall's money on sunglasses. Am I really supposed to think that this is okay just because he's dying? Maybe I just lucked out, but even when he was elderly my own father was never that selfish . . . and he'd been my dad for my entire life, so I owed him a lot. I also think Randall should have been "allowed" to decide that his business obligation needed to take precedence over that chess tournament. Most parents have to make a call like this at some point or another. Randall is one of my favorite characters, but I'm ready for him to stop making decisions based on guilt or fear of being less than perfect.
  13. What I found the most unbelievable about Jack's romantic gesture was how Rebecca unquestioningly accepted that he'd packed for her. I'm 29 years in with the most thoughtful man on earth, but no WAY would I trust my husband to pack for me, even for a quick overnight trip. At the very least I'd quiz him about a few key items before I got in the car. I think it's would have been funny if Rebecca has asked Jack if he remembered the birth control.
  14. Ugh--I now associate Graham not with Billy, for whom I have some measure of respect, but his son Franklin, who makes me sick to my stomach. It's hard for me to imagine them choosing Samson, since despite his end-of-life heroism, was undone by his lust for a filthy whorish woman.
  15. The outfit made total sense to me. Red and blue are boy colors. Children who are dressed in the wrong colors turn into gays or--still worse--those scary transgenders who wave their genitalia around in the restrooms in Target.