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  1. I guess I just assumed they just ran outside in what they were wearing to get a pic with the snow. Snow is a big deal when you live someplace where it's rare. I will cut her some slack since I have a hilarious video of my husband wearing shorts and a t-shirt spinning around in an Alabama "snowstorm."
  2. I'm actually usually pretty cool with gross stuff, but it's impossible for me to read your OP without triggering my gag reflex! But hey, kudos to you for the vividness of your description.
  3. Good God, give us a trigger warning before you post something like that! Haha
  4. I hate them, too! I always think of them as lumpy clay sculptures, but your melting wax doll analogy is great. I was quietly relieved when my daughter told me she wouldn't be getting one.
  5. Agree, agree. Even when we had very modest means, we always had multiple gifts per child under the tree (usually only one per child of any significant value), not to mention gifts for our parents and grandparents and a couple for each other. And those packages aren't spectacular looking at all. All you need is a decent-quality roll of paper. My eldest daughter's wrapped gifts are works of art, but I have neither the talent not the patience for that.
  6. I think we're all in agreement that the Duggar attitude of "skin = hussy" is stupid and dangerous. But in fairness, in your earlier post you seemed to be saying that Jinger was the only one who would look "okay" in a two piece. I don't think you were commenting there on what would be okay with Boob and Meechelle, since they don't think bikinis are acceptable for anyone.
  7. I'm a little uncomfortable with the suggestions on this thread that only women who haven't given birth should be allowed to wear a bikini in public because it won't be "pretty." Very few people have "perfect " bodies, but I say if you feel comfortable revealing some stretch marks or cellulite, more power to you. I have a lot of body shame issues and am sincerely jealous of women my size who aren't afraid to flaunt their voluptuous silhouttes.
  8. I don't recall hearing anyone mention that Charlotte Stewart, in addition to playing Miss Beadle, played the role of Mary in fucking Eraserhead.
  9. I know we've had some form of this discussion at least once before. While I am not a scriptural literalist like the Duggars, I consider myself to have reverence for the Word of God,. However, I don't consider any physical book to be some sort of relic or talisman that I must be fearful of disrepecting. Jesus' whole thing was that it's what's in your heart that matters. Literal Bible thumping isn't my thing, but I don't think it automatically belies a lack of respect for the Word. I've been in churches where the Bible is kissed, and honestly, THAT is what strikes me as very weird--but only because it's not what I'm used to. Different strokes.
  10. Kind of like this? (From the great film Saved! )
  11. #kidswillbekids? Since when? More like #kidswillbemanipulativegodlessheathensinnersinneedofredemption.
  12. Haha! What acute little angle!
  13. That special had escaped my notice. I'll check it out. Thanks!
  14. I've been watching Mindhunter, a Netflix series about the early days of the FBI's criminal profiling program, and this character makes me think of You-know-Who. Sorry Derick...he's a perverted child rapist-murderer, not an FBI agent. That must suck for you.
  15. I checked this series out at the recommendation of a coworker and was instantly hooked. I was excited to figure out in this episode that the BTK vignettes were going to be a running feature. But it was a bit depressing to realize we won't be watching the guys catch Rader. That didn't happen till the 2000s, if I recall correctly.