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  1. Say WHAT? Never heard that in my life. And I'm not a kid. If that's ever been a real thing in the U. S., I'm pretty sure it's not current practice, because my daughter researched baby care with almost maniacal fervor from the moment she became pregnant. Shaping my grandson's head is one of the only things she didn't obsess about when he was tiny. Now, I'm not saying that the way a child lies in the crib can't affect head shape. Having been born with a dislocated hip, I spent several months as a baby wearing heavy casts on both legs. To make things even more cumbersome, there was a bar that kept my legs apart. I was held a lot--my tiny mother was a super-woman, and I also had older siblings who doted on me and carried me a lot--but when I was sleeping I was flat on my back. Sure enough, the back of my head is fairly flat and a little pointed. But . . . big deal! Luckily I have plenty of hair, and my brain is absolutely fine. (Some may argue with that last point--haha.) Also, I can't know for sure that my head wouldn't have been a little flat in the back anyway. If genetics helps determine the shape of one's hands, ears, and overall frame, surely it also plays a part in whether one has a roundish head, a squarish head, etc. Am I way off base, @doodlebug or other medical experts?
  2. I agree! Someone else pointed out that rice is super-cheap, but why not add in some beans along with the rice? They'd add protein and make the dish MUCH better to look at.
  3. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    Per the dish-washing shenanigans, I was most bothered by the fact that Rebecca began drying dishes when the dining room table had not yet been fully cleared. That whole operation was going to grind to a halt as soon as Jack finished cleaning the small stack of dirty things next to the sink. Very inefficient! It would make a whole lot more sense to let the dishes drip- and air-dry for at least a couple of minutes before anyone began to dry them. BTW Jack was both washing and rinsing the dishes. I hate Kate pretty consistently, but I too would have taken offense if anyone suggested it was immoral not to adopt. I am very moved by adoption stories, but had I had fertility problems, I'm not sure it would have been for me.
  4. Dear @LibGirl2: Why did you only consider giving trains to a boy child? Sorry, I've got to ask. Sincerely, A girl who asked for a train set three Christmases in a row and never got one I guess because it was the early '70s . . . ?
  5. Umm I was a girl skateboarder 40 years ago! Not to brag.
  6. Just when I thought this thread couldn't get any grosser...!
  7. Rings Like A Bell: The Cast Topic

    My spouse and I finally started watching this series last week, and we've already powered through the first two seasons. The entire series is amazingly well-cast, but the player who has most inspired my awe is Ted Danson. I'm old enough to remember his first big turn as the hunky lead on Cheers. My impression of him was always "He's fine, he's funny, he's affable, he's nice to look at" (although I find his craggy features infinitely more handsome when paired with gray hair and glasses). In the decades between Cheers and The Good Place, I never took notice of him simply because I was never interested in whatever it was he was doing. So--WOW. What a revelation for me to discover so late in his career what an intelligent and versatile performer he is! Not to mention how well he matches his costars' physical and emotional energy despite being 71 (???) years old.
  8. My work here is done.
  9. My daughter is fashion-conscious and pretty affluent--so it's not like she can't afford good clothes for her kid--but I'm proud to say that she bucked the current trend and mostly dressed my now-2-year-old grandson in lots of soft, stretchable clothes, including mainly onesies. He's an athletic prodigy, and while he mainly inherited that trait from his mommy, I think the comfy clothes didn't hurt! How can a toddler comfortably explore his environment in goddamn khakis? DD has also made it clear that she won't feel the need for obsessive gender-signaling (huge bows, swaths of pink, etc.) of any future girl-child. Not that she's against feminine-looking clothing for a little girl, but she's commented that it would be ridiculous to let her son's gender-neutral hand-me-downs go to waste.
  10. I'm pretty sure most Finance jobs are located in Satan Sector. But seriously . . . perhaps he likes working with his hands. Or maybe he wants to learn every aspect of the family business but has his eye on a future position as the company's CFO. Just guessing, of course. But I'm reminded of a family friend who recently went to work as a technician in his dad's Heating & AC business. The son obtained bachelor's degrees in HVAC and Business Admin. He enjoys the tech work, but it's assumed that he will one day take over the administration of the business.
  11. Erin's the one in navy, right? That's pretty much exactly the dress that I wore to the wedding of one of my daughters. She looks way overdressed for church, IMO. This is kind of mean, but this picture reminds me of something my daughters used to snark about when they were teens: girls who think they're pretty (and convince boys they're pretty) simply because they're thin and blonde.
  12. I think that's definitely a YMMV thing. My three adult children are all married, and I most decidedly consider their parents and even their siblings to be a special category of extended family. I think my reasoning is, "These people are the family of my DIL/SIL. And they are now my son/daughter's family, so they're important to me, too." Social media make it easy for me to keep up with their milestones and general health, even though we all live in different cities. When I am talking to my DIL or SIL, I consider it a matter of common courtesy to inquire after their family--for example, "How is your sister's pregnancy going?" or "Has your dad been back to the heart doctor lately?" We send Christmas gifts to each other's families. Sometimes we send flowers to funerals. And yes, we do invite one another to weddings as well as bridal and baby showers, but I don't think anyone feels under any huge obligation to travel for a wedding or to send an expensive gift. Surely I'm not the only one who has this kind of relationship with my kids' in-laws . . . ? I understand that it's not the case for everyone, but I'm kind of surprised to hear it labeled strange.
  13. I did a fair amount of public nursing back in the day, and I'm here to tell you, there's an easily attainable middle ground between burying the baby under a massive modesty shield and flopping your titties around for all to see. Toss a thin baby blanket over your shoulder and the baby, reach under your top and unsnap the flap on the nursing bra, pull out the breast, get the baby latched on, then remove the blanket. If strangers were in close quarters i might still position the blanket to block the view, but often I'd remove it altogether and just pull my shirt down to the nipple. I had three thirsty kids, and over the years I got I got zero ugly comments, a negligible number of stinkeyes, a lot of smiles, and mostly a whole lotta nothing...because generally no one noticed what i was doing,, even in a crowded mall or restaurant.
  14. Dadgum it, you are 100% right! That's what I get for jumping in too quickly at the end of a long day. Nice work, @BradandJanet.
  15. Whomever, because it's the object of the preposition to. But these days it's acceptable to just use who/whoever in all contexts.