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  1. I don't have time to read all six pages, so please forgive me if someone has already ranted on this topic. I am seriously pissed at how ham-handedly the writers hit us over the head with the "deja vu" wordplay. When watching the episode, I had no idea what its title was. However, I immediately took note that the new foster kid was named Deja because it's an unusual name and I happen to have a student with that name this semester. (Hers is spelled Daeja, but she pronounces it the same.) After a few minutes, I said, "Ooh! Ooh!" and paused the show to tell my husband, "That name is symbolic! Like deja vu!" Then he and took note of all the echoes that were taking place in the plot. If the writers had just left it at that--naming the character Deja--it would have been a lovely detail operating just as good symbolism operates: you can still enjoy the work if you don't pick up on it, but if you do notice it, your enjoyment of the work is enhanced. But of course the writers had to go and hang a big old lampshade on it in Randall's conversation with Deja. I HATE IT when writers treat the audience like we're idiots. When I saw that they had even gone so far as to title the episode "Deja Vu," I threw up a little. I had sworn I was going to ditch the show after Season 1, but damn it, I'm still here.
  2. Has anyone seen Jerry Seinfeld's current standup tour? My spouse and I are considering seeing him when he heads our way in January. I was a fan of his standup long before he had the TV show, but I'd love to hear your impressions of his current stuff.
  3. I'm just furious that Derick is justifying his steady full-time "employment." My youngest daughter had the luxury of attending grad school as a full-time student only because she had a wonderful spouse who delayed his schooling and busted his ass to support them both. Now he's working on his master's as aggressively as he can while they both work full-time because they have bills plus her student loan payments. They've also made a conscious decision to try to avoid pregnancy until they're on a more solid financial footing. This is how responsible young adults with a work ethic define "employment," Dreck.
  4. I am Skyler "Deegs" Gisondo's biggest fan. I thought he was perfectly cast as an insecure dweeb on Santa Clarita Diet, but it turns out he's equally brilliant playing a douchey bully. Is there any way it could turn out that Andy is Deegs' biological father? I would imagine Andy got a pretty early start, sexually speaking. Not to mention that time doesn't exactly play by the rules in the WHAS universe.
  6. The misplaced apostrophe in this thread's title is ruining my life.
  7. Ron Howard is likeable as he can be, but he's a terrible actor and should stick to purely comic roles (like his narration on Arrested Development) where he doesn't distract from the story.
  8. These pics say it all. Really shining the light of Jesus there.
  9. It's been a few days now so I'm not 100% sure who said it--Miguel, maybe--but someone in a flashback scene in the season opener said "oof", and that struck me as completely anachronistic. Please correct me if it's some kind of regional expression that's been around for ages, but I have only noticed "oof" (as a synonym for "yikes" after something uncomfortable has been stated) becoming a thing in the last year or two.
  10. I can't imagine them joining in the dancing, but the international students are no doubt an irresistable mission target--errr, field--for the Dullards. All those Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and atheists are far from home and vulnerable to manipulative proselytizing. It makes me sick. I teach ESL at a university, and I don't make any secret of the fact that I'm a practicing Christian. But I am too respectful of my students' culture to go pushing my religion on them. What's the expression I learned from someone on these forums? God-bothering?
  11. Sorry, I don't need a forking Canadian reminding me how poor I am at U. S. geography.
  12. A lot of Americans pronounce the short I and short E about the same in certain words. I don't have a very strong Southern accent, and I'm pretty careful about my speech in general because I'm an English teacher, but a true short E in "pen" just feels wrong to me.
  13. Bite your tongue! Joy has a lesbian aunt, too, but but does that make it all right???!!??!!?? The BoobChelle offspring are far, far holier than their heathen aunts, dontcha know?
  14. Decades ago, when visiting a friend at a Christian college, I sat through a for-women-only seminar led by a visiting team that I realized much later HAD to have been the Gothard outfit. We were told that female masturbation was a sin.