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  1. I was wondering if Felicity Huffman ever had a DNA test done to verify which man was actually her bio father. Taking her mother's word for it as a child is one thing, but as an adult, I think she'd want proof. It would be easy to see if she was or wasn't a full sibling to her brothers and sisters. I didn't find either story to be all that compelling, unlike last week's installment.
  2. S23.E02: Week 2

    I agree with all of this. I usually like Nick Offerman, but he and Megan were trying too hard to be edgy and it came across as sleazy to me. Didn't like their segment at all. And as for Billy, just no. I have never found him to be funny. Ditto the endless virgin jokes.
  3. It sounded to me - based on that comment from Lord Palmerston - that her grocer father was loaded, and she married a (probably) penniless duke. Money talks.
  4. I one thing I found to be unrealistic was when Feodora first made her bedraggled appearance and Victoria went over and immediately fell to her knees to console her. No way. The woman was 9 months pregnant. She could barely get up from a chair, so there would be no kneeling on the floor with ease.
  5. Last Man Standing

    Oh good, Cousin Oliver is finally here. Because bringing in a spare kid ALWAYS improves a show's ratings.
  6. Just watched Christmas for the Books with Chelsea Kane. It was ok, but I have never noticed so many commercials in a Hallmark movie before. Seriously, I started noting the time and there were about 5 min of commercials per 10 min of show. It must have been shorter than normal, or else Hallmark is hard-up for cash. It was super annoying.
  7. S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    Seeing Mrs Hughes from Downton Abbey as one of the Ux was a bit jarring. It would have been cool if her male counterpart was Carson.
  8. Time hopping and showing potential futures for a character was a story tool long before "This is Us" (blech - not a fan of that sap-fest). I'm thinking, "A Christmas Carol" for starters. I really liked A Shoe Addict's Christmas. As you mentioned, it was a bit different from Hallmark's usual formula, and the budget looked like it was pretty sizeable in this one. It was quite pretty.
  9. S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    Grace isn't black. I looked up the actress and she is Greek/Egyptian/Canadian.
  10. Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe felt like it was about 8 hours long. I kept looking at the clock... only 45 minutes have passed? I beg you Hallmark Channel, stop using Austen's stories in a mixed-up, gender-crossed muddle. Darcy was the girl, Luke was Lizzie, Pemberley was something (the town, maybe?) and none of the rest of the story had anything to do with P&P. I know it was based on some Austen rip-off book, but it was just terrible.
  11. S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    I was inwardly screaming at Ben to grow a spine, or a pair. Just letting that shrew yell about HER needs, HER feelings, HER whatever while he stood all teary-eyed and not fighting back at all was maddening. I wonder if the show realizes how Grace comes across, or if they think she's an admirably strong character.
  12. S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    This, times a million.
  13. Same here. I waited until 9 and switched over to Return to Christmas Creek on HMM. That one was pretty enjoyable.
  14. Last Man Standing

    I have really enjoyed the last couple of episodes. The show seems to be finding its rhythm again. Still dreading the upcoming addition of Cousin Oliver, whenever that may be. I even put something on Tim Allen's Twitter page saying how bad an idea this is. Maybe if they get enough negative feedback, they'll make that story line a short one and move on.
  15. S27.E10: Week 8: Semi-Finals

    I have definitely muted Bruno on more than one occasion, though. I always think of the Argentine Tango as a hooker/customer dance. Whether accurate or not, I do. So it seems kind of a stretch to put a 17-year old out there and have him do a proper AT without looking icky. JP and Cheryl had the right amount of intensity and "adult content". That was Caroline Rhea. She was on Sabrina years ago as an aunt.