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  1. S27.E10: Week 8: Semi-Finals

    I have definitely muted Bruno on more than one occasion, though. I always think of the Argentine Tango as a hooker/customer dance. Whether accurate or not, I do. So it seems kind of a stretch to put a 17-year old out there and have him do a proper AT without looking icky. JP and Cheryl had the right amount of intensity and "adult content". That was Caroline Rhea. She was on Sabrina years ago as an aunt.
  2. Right? I wondered just how many big (and dressy) winter coats she had stuffed into that bag. And speaking of bags...when the sheriff got her off the bus, they didn't even bother to have the driver get her bags out. So did they end up in Cincinnati without her? I shouldn't obsess over details in these movies.
  3. That one bothered me to no end. Please cut down this huge tree with family significance - and by the way we won't even pay you for it - because I want it and my job depends on it. Ugh. I wanted to slap her silly. The outcome was a good one, as usual, but the premise was tough to sit through.
  4. Season 7 Discussion

    Well, Cousin Oliver can go home any time now. Ganging up on Mike with Vanessa, and the endless geology puns will get old fast.
  5. S01.E05 Cavitation

    This one was not my favorite. It had a Very Special after school feel that made me ff through a lot of it. I'll give it another week, but we are on thin ice here.
  6. S27.E07: Week 5: Disney Night

    I could have quoted your entire post since I agree with all of it. Disney is incredibly over praised, but they're the boss so bring on the butt kissing. I'm just not a huge fan of either it or of Halloween. About John... I had that song on a record as a kid, too. It brings a little nostalgia, but I far from "love it". And I'm 99.99 percent sure Alexis has implants. You can practically see the outlines since she has no body fat to smooth things over.
  7. Season Five Discussion

    It sounded liked his grandparents handed him off to a woman they knew and she either abandoned him herself or else yet another person did. Awful people passing a toddler around like a toy. At least he ended up with a good family. And probably far better than being raised by his wackadoo bio mom. Yikes, that woman was exhausting. Her poor kids must spend all their time trying to keep her calm.
  8. S1:E01 Pilot

    They were definitely in most cars by then, but as I recall we just shoved them into the seat cracks and never used them. This seemed like a 70s Catholic version of The Goldbergs to me. And a little less funny.
  9. S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    Seriously, it isn't all about race. She is virtually unknown to most viewers. As was the lady comedian who went out first. The show is set up for fans to vote for their favorites, not necessarily the greatest dancers. I have no problem with Joe staying as long as fans want him to. He's train-wrecky entertainment.
  10. I've had Spectrum cable forever (previously TWC), but if I hear Ellen say "Look at You!" one more time I swear to bob I'm dumping it. I can't reach for the remote fast enough when one of those commercials comes on. And they are played all the dang time.
  11. Not this Taylor Cole. It was another actress with the same name who just had the baby. Unfortunately some Google searches had the wrong photo with the article, causing confusion.
  12. Season 7 Discussion

    I hope Ed's retirement doesn't mean he'll be totally gone from the show. He provides a nice older-generation anchor. This episode had finally had the feel of the previous incarnation. The characters are gelling well with each other again. Well, except for the Mandy actress. I'm not fully on board with her yet. Oh, and Eve was barely there, but still.
  13. S01.E03 A Leash Is Not A Guinea Pig

    Things are supposed to be exaggerated and silly in a sitcom. To be fair, Miggy (?) is a good bit younger than the rest of the crew, probably around late teens to twenty-ish. Cluelessness knows no race at that age.
  14. I could get behind that story line.
  15. The Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker

    Yes, to everything you said. I pretty much hated Capaldi on his first season. He was such a cranky pants after Matt Smith. And unlike a lot of people I loved Clara, too, although more so with Matt. I'm not sure how I'll feel about a female Doctor. Missy turned out to be a fun version of The Master, so we'll see.