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  1. The Conners

    some thoughts on the reboot from james poniewozik @ the ny times: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/22/arts/television/roseanne-the-conners-abc.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=mini-moth&region=top-stories-below&WT.nav=top-stories-below
  2. Man in an Orange Shirt

    agreed that the storytelling was way too compressed. among the many questions left unanswered was what happened to adam's parents. did i miss something? or was it never mentioned?
  3. yeah, lots of tears this year. but, this is how the in memorium segment should be done, with the main focus on those who've passed. the oscars drive me nuts. between showcasing whoever's performing and some "creative" camera work, some years it's impossible to see the names. here's hoping that the oscar producers might take note.
  4. ATWT actors: Where are they now?

    nice to see lien (ming na wen) and adam (mathew morrison) hughes on tonight's tony's
  5. Law & Order: SVU in the Media

    would love to hear what the rest of the cast really thinks. say, after a couple of drinks and off the record -- no recording devices allowed...
  6. S06.E06: Give Me the Finger 2018.06.04

    Interesting meta throwback to a web series from a few years back, Blue, part of WIGS, sadly, no longer streaming anywhere. Anyway, Blue was about a high-priced call girl played by Julia Stiles. In the episode, 'You're Good," Tony Plana (the Air Force general) played a client who wore a diaper as he was treated like a baby.
  7. when i binged-watched the 4th season, i already knew the show had been cancelled, which may have colored my perception, but while the final episode could have functioned as a season finale, it had the feeling of a series finale -- and a relatively satisfying one, at that. all of the characters had grown, emotionally and professionally. that said, i would have loved to see when a 5th season would have led them.
  8. Roseanne: Aftermath

    conflicted as i've always been about roseanne, the person, i enjoyed the reboot (save for the first episode). had been planning to watch the finale tomorrow on roku. guess not...
  9. S04.E17: Chapter Eighty-One

    slate's thoughts on the finale and beyond: https://slate.com/culture/2018/04/how-the-jane-the-virgin-season-4-finale-should-change-how-we-watch-chapter-fifty-four.html
  10. S07.E05: Episode 5

    according to the 2015 book, the missing kennedy, the birth story is correct, and, she had a botched lobotomy (still an experimental procedure) ordered by her father.
  11. S01.E03: Clinical Trial and Error

    think i'm out. hate the idea of a triangle. and clinical trials depend on more than funding: hospitals have committees; protocols must be approved. i get that shows often sacrifice reality for drama, but this is so far out there... ETA note to self: finish watching show before posting.
  12. S01.E02: Most of all to Dream

    i'm mostly hating lou. but, i just came across this vulture review, which suggests that the second half of the season address lou's shortcomings. problem is that i'm finding his character so insufferable, i may not last that long. http://www.vulture.com/2018/03/rise-review.html#comments
  13. S01.E01: Pilot

    YES! finally a show that realizes how difficult (make that impossible) it is to read texts being typed on a phone screen! can't tell you how much information i miss, so i'm thrilled that this show enlarges the text. yes, i know, cbs's viewership skews old. finally, here's an advantage!
  14. Rise in the Media

    alan sepinwall @ uprox break down the show's flaws: https://uproxx.com/sepinwall/rise-review-jason-katims-nbc-high-school-musical-spring-awakening/
  15. S02.E18: The Wedding

    "I don't like that they went from an entire episode about Deja and her mom to a quick bit of dialogue between Beth and Randall about how Deja's mother gave up her parental rights in court. What was the point of taking us through Deja's mother's experiences and having us sympathize with her if she was just going to take off." don't know why the quote function is so tempermental... but, i agree. deja's mother giving up her parental rights is too big a fucking deal to be revealed in a single piece of exposition. to me it felt as though the revelation was to set up her attack on the car. but it was so compressed, jammed into an already overflowing episode. however, had they ended the deja episode with everyone in court the groundwork would have been laid for her violent reaction.