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  1. a deep dive into the music: https://www.avclub.com/crazy-ex-girlfriend-is-breaking-new-musical-ground-one-1823029816
  2. S19.E13: The Undiscovered Country

    Exactly my reaction. As for the rest... I have no words.
  3. S02.E07: The King Over the Water

    a nitpick: but it seemed like an awfully nice nightgown that victoria wore in the cottage.
  4. S03.E09: On Shaky Ground

    "Once Natalie started taunting them with the idea that their child had a chance and they got their hopes up, I just wanted to punch her in her holier-than-thou face." "Stand in line!" Couldn't get quote to work. Just wanted to say: It's a long line!
  5. S08.E14: School of Hard Knocks

    well, it's always bothered me. agreed about the time with the minority officers, but most of the time i find the writing lazy and heavy-handed. can't remember a time when any critic of frank or the department has been presented as anything other than a fool. watching those who have the temerity to oppose frank, one would never know that there are legitimate issues within the NYPD, not to mention its relations with the community, particularly minority communities.
  6. S02.E05: Entente Cordiale

    though i will never understand why pbs feels the need to pixilate the bare bums. re the makeup: interesting that they referred to "blusher" in the translation. it was "rouge" well into the 20th century.
  7. S43.E10: Sam Rockwell / Halsey

    This! And just imagine the comments had it been Michelle Williams who said, "Uh, no" and Mark Wahlberg agreeing to work for scale.
  8. The Media Thread Emanation

    Some thoughts from Johnny Galecki re the future of BBT: https://www.avclub.com/johnny-galecki-says-the-end-of-the-big-bang-theory-is-i-1821860462
  9. S19.E09: Gone Baby Gone

    QueenMab: a great rant, but this much text with no breaks is really hard to read and absorb.
  10. fwiw: i think amy is actually wearing navy, or maybe midnight, blue, not black.
  11. so, it looks as though there's a possibility (albeit, slim) that there will be a season 2. not sure how i feel about this. the first set of episodes were so over-stuffed - in particular, lake's paternity - that there's plenty of material for a second season. problem is, i never invested emotionally in any of the characters to care about what happens to them. https://www.bustle.com/p/will-ten-days-in-the-valley-return-for-season-2-the-creator-is-confident-there-are-more-stories-to-tell-7791547
  12. S19.E09: Gone Baby Gone

    Pancakes! Pancakes! Sweet baby Jesus. So much potential for a nuanced story with Shelia turned into a steaming pile of bullshit laid at the altar of Saint Olivia because, of course, she had to be the one to save the day. MH is OUT OF CONTROL!
  13. been a busy week; hence the late comments. first, a couple of shallow thoughts: when caroline kennedy choose her dresse, i wonder if she realized how the reflected light would play on camera? and, who dresses meryl streep? as for the show: i, too, missed the cohesion a host provides. the intro from quincy jones felt tacked on and disjointed. because the material can be performed live, tributes to musicians tend to be the most engaging, and tonight was no exception (although we missed the lionel richie. i've read people thought it was a little thin). while the appeal of hip hop contiues to elude me, i still think ll cool j is way too young for a kennedy center honor. maybe it's because he his show is on cbs? the tributes to gloria estafan and carmen de lavallade were excellent. and while i know some people would have preferred more clips from norman lear's shows, but i think way the material was presented really highlighted the influence lear brought to the medium. agreed that it was not up to previous years, but all in all a pretty good show.
  14. S07.E00: Christmas Special 2017

    what in the name if all that's holy, possessed you to watch Call the Midwife in public? glad you did, and delighted to have the recaps back. but i was crying so hard, i dislodged one of my contact lenses.
  15. S43.E09: Kevin Hart / Foo Fighters

    Glad I wasn’t the only one! Boring! boring?! how about offensive, sexist, and given the current state of affairs, tone deaf.