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  1. All Episodes: A Galaxy of Episodes

    It is so weird that after all this time we have never seen a human-Twi'lek hybrid. We have seen human-Twilek romance before (SW Legacy comic) but not offspring. I like the focus on Lothal for the finale since the story started there. The whole Rebels series was more or less exploration of Ezra's experience so it makes sense to have it ended with freeing and protecting his home planet. The way Filoni removed Ezra and Thrawn from the movie timeline was so unexpected and I loved it. Those creatures showed up once in what most of us thought as another filler episode. Brilliant! Wasn't her owl creature there when Vader left the temple? Assuming that was the same owl that Ezra met in a world between worlds, that meant Ahsoka (and the owl) went back to more or less the same time period. I am going with Ahsoka is stuck in that desolate planet of Malachor without a way out when movies 4-6 happened. There was probably some arcane jedi / neutral Force knowledge deep in the bottom of the Sith temple that she could learn while waiting for / building a ride home. I'd imagine Lothal went way down in Emperor's todo list as soon as Ezra went missing and the Jedi temple in Lothal was gone. Plus, just a couple of years later he had Luke to obsess upon
  2. All Episodes: A Galaxy of Episodes

    So that happened. That was a bitter sweet ending.. So much to process... So Jason eh? How and when did that happen??? HOLY SHIT DISNEY, GIVE FILONI HIS OWN STAR WARS MOVIES ALREADY !!!!
  3. They did this in the episode which the boys drove out of state to see rocket launch and got rained out. The girls went to get dolled up. I like the George and Sheldon's interactions in that episode
  4. S15.E13: A Little Place Called Aspen

    Thanks for the explanation. I thought she was the editor of F&W during previous season of TC. I was surprised by the "Contributor" tag under her name I welcome the misdirection :P :P :P Although I do not think they needed any misdirection. I've watched TC / ogle at Padma long enough to notice she looks great this season.. I will admit the boobs took away my attention from her face, which is a shame since she emotes more this season
  5. Spot on. This is why George is one of my favorite characters in this series. Despite the "jock turned coach" archetype, he is actually a caring husband and father
  6. S09.E14: Written in the Stars

    Apparently Alex is the Haley of Caltech' Robotics Department :D
  7. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018)

    I got the Emoji movie vibe with all of the product placements... How much did eBay pay to be featured in the trailer???
  8. S09.E14: Written in the Stars

    It is the Game of Thrones of sitcoms :D But what can you expect when he grows up with Manny as role model. I do not have any problem with the age difference, but the storyline is shaping up to be a love triangle with Alex as the loser. It does not have to be a triangle Lol. The show is contractually obligated to pay the actors but clearly runs out of story ideas for Manny, Alex, and Lilly about 2 seasons ago :D
  9. All Episodes: A Galaxy of Episodes

    Yep. Those were the Mortis gods from CW
  10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    Belated comments (watched once in late December): Good: - Kylo Ren. From whiny boy in TFA to badass manipulating Sith in TLJ, who was still a bit of a mommy's boy :P - Hyperjump kamikaze by admiral Purple Hair. Finn and Rose should have just hijacked 1 or 2 of the Star Destroyers and done the same thing - Puppet Yoda - Finally, Praetorian Guards who could fight Meh: - Luke in exile with blue milk - Luke astral projection sequence and death scene were cool but those were the results of bad writing/plotting IMHO Bad: - So Luke did not care Kylo killed millions by blowing multiple planets? Seriously? - Luke was afraid of mirros - Chewie DID NOT eat that Porg - Writers could not find anything better for Poe or Finn to do so they were stuck doing pointless B-plot - Phasma survived Starkiller Base destruction? Did it have super strong dumpster bin that could withstand planetary destruction?? Was this a homage to Kingdom of Crystal Skull?? Atrocious: - The whole trip to casino planet. Forget the children slaves, we freed the alien horses = worth it - DJ - Rose crashing to Finn to stop him from heroic sacrifice. Hell, good thing Rose was not in love with admiral Purple Hair. She would have stopped the hyperjump kamikaze and let FO Star Destroyers shot all of the escape pods - Wasted potential of Phasma. They had the opportunity to explore the psyche of a mid rank officer who was a female to boot. Instead she had 1.5 minutes cameo while the movie wasted 10 minutes of my life on Finn and Rose riding alien horses.
  11. All Episodes: A Galaxy of Episodes

    Great episode. All the elements worked. Ahsoka & Kanan taught Ezra something. The time travel in SW? Why not? Seeing Vader again? Sure ;) Plus Chopper saved the day :D On 1 hand Ahsoka survived, on the other hand, she is now stuck in that Sith Temple like Maul was before her. :P Btw, speaking of callback, wasn't that the basin Palpatine & Dooku used to interfere with Yoda's mystic journey in CW ??? I can't believe there is only 1.5 hours of new Rebels left :( Why can't someone in Disney higher up asked Filoni to write/direct/produce a few SW movies already?
  12. All Episodes: A Galaxy of Episodes

    It is not advantageous for Thrawn to take the credit since he would have to concede killing 1 Jedi is more important than maintaining TIE-D production. At this point Thrawn wants the Emperor to think his project is very important to keep its funding.
  13. Eh, I hope it turns out to be some kind of misunderstanding. I like the dad character so much I hate to see cheating plotline forced upon him. Actually I like this show so much more than the last few seasons of TBBT, I'd rather the 2 shows maintaining some "fuzzy" but not exact continuity. It should not be hard since TBBT does not maintain any continuity from season to season either. :P Young Sheldon is shaping up to be a 90s version of Wonder Years (with comedy sprinkled here and there). I hope it continues that way without any burden of TBBT continuity
  14. S01.E15: Will You Take My Hand?

    When Lorca gave MB tour of Discovery (ep2?), he boasted the many experiments on the ship with Spore drive being 1 of those. Yet, when they were stranded in mirror universe or when they returned to original universe, NONE of the other experiments was used or even mentioned???? How incompetent is this version of Starfleet ?? I could understand if they were not experienced in war, but to be crappy scientists as well ????
  15. All Episodes: A Galaxy of Episodes

    He left in a hurry to defend his TIE Defender project to the Emeperor vs "Stardust". Having Tie-D production paused does not bode well for the longevity of his project. I think Gov. Pryce dies by the end of the series leaving Thrawn to eat the punishment /demotion / exile for his failed project