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  1. Kinda like, "Okay, let me get a running start." "Oops, let's try that one again; it's not spontaneous enough." I noticed a lot of new and PERFECT furnishings...everywhere. Also, as far as Blake's parents. I think there were two parents, each married to a non-parent...and for some reason no "step" was worth introducing. I'm not sure they all even spoke to each other.
  2. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    Sounds like maybe he should get a card table, (2) chairs, and a briefcase from Goodwill. He can set up his office outside of Small Claims Court--on whatever schedule suits him...until the law runs him off.
  3. My adult sons and I GROAN every time someone on TV says, "Let's cheers." I think it started with Laguna Hills (one of those L.A. teen-ish shows) and now it's ubiquitous. Garrett did say, "I want to make a toast," and then said, "Cheers to....."
  4. But the romper trend is just MADE for the Bachelorette Handshake!
  5. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

    I think Whoopi would go for this if the producers would explain that she can eat and drink all she wants to...as rudely as she pleases.
  6. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

    I remember that, CoffeeWineWater, and probably rolled my eyes. (re sex trafficking...lest I mislead)
  7. I don't really watch the show (I check in and see snippets), so I don't real ALL of the comments in this forum. Maybe this has been discussed. I watched more of last night's show than usual. Does anyone get a gay vibe from Garrett? He seems so innocent and earnest, trying to force himself into a marriage. ALSO: "All the times" he and his not-for-long wife got together with his family when he lived in Tahoe sounded like twice. He divorced her for not fitting in?
  8. How great for him for the next five years; people remember! Employers, coworkers, friends, possible romances. OY!
  9. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

    You're so much kinder than I. It was a new episode on Sunday, 7/15. It's all over the 'net so should be easy to find--also, several clips on YouTube.
  10. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

    I came here to specifically comment on this part of today's show! Thanks BackForMore!
  11. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

    I dread today's show! I hope View viewers can find this Family Feud episode. Not only was she stoopid, she was an ass. She needs/needed attention so badly that she jumped around, gyrated too many times in her "I'm so sexy" way (ugh). She bugged her eyes so often I thought she'd need an amblee-ance. At one point she almost lost her wig...unintentionally, I think. I think Steve Harvey is over Sherri! I was long ago.
  12. "The View" Week Of 7/16/2018

  13. This is hilarious because I could just HEAR her sayin' it.
  14. OMG ... TLC must really believe that "their Danielle" IS a fan favorite. WHY did we have to see her face again? WHY did we have to learn that she "reached out" to Muh-hammet because she needed help setting up a website. Does TLC think we're as duhhhhmb as she is?
  15. Apparently lipstick around a BITE! On the video that Chris and his wife made (and someone was kind enough to post it here--30min, I think), they explained that the comment was edited WAY out of context and nothing irregular was even considered.