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  1. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Hey! A Reddit AMA with Keith Morrison!
  2. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I rewatched the Cottonwood Creek episode about the death of Dr. Leslie Mueller from a mysterious fall into the creek and both (hung jury) trials of her husband Fred Mueller. I’m perplexed. On one hand, if he was several steps away how did he see her hit the rocks? And everyone I’ve asked says they’d look forever for their possibly knocked out and drowning loved one rather than run off for help like Fred did. That’s very suspicious to me. On the other hand, no motive. None. I noticed Leslie looked very sad. In every picture, even the old ones, her eyes were dead. I wonder if she committed suicide, and Fred is covering for her. That’s the only thing I can think of to reconcile all the available facts, although I think it’s a stretch. I dont think he held her down or even even physically fought with her as there’d be abrasions on her and bruising. Yet no broken spine from her fall is completely mysterious too. IMO this one is truly a mystery.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I called this one in the first 5 minutes, but half way through I asked my fellow crime show fans if I was the only one wondering about her and her oddness. My mom couldn’t put it into words, what was wrong with her, but I think sociopath is the word we were all looking for.
  4. Pet Peeves

    Since I’m pretty sure you’re completely aware of the degrees of professional attire I have nothing to say in the interest of not being drawn in. I prefer professionals to look professional, men and women. That’s my pet peeve.
  5. Pet Peeves

    I have a pet peeve. I was watching a crime show, maybe Dateline. The female DA was very professional in a stylish blue business suit and white button down. Then they cut to her walking up some steps, and she was wearing utterly inappropriate spiked party-girl Louboutins. Business up top, party down below Miss DA? Is that really the image you want to project in your professional life and on national TV?? I’d feel the same if a male professional was dressed in appropriate business attire only to be wearing his pants hanging off his butt gansta-style or shuffling around the courthouse in flip-flops. These people need to stay off my lawn! Edited to say I am pet peeved with myself. I’m a borderline hoarder. My goal this summer is to clear out using the Konmari method. But until then I’d love to work on my big needlework project with Disappeared and Snapped playing in the background, but I’ve no idea where I stored in during my last major cleanup!
  6. General True Crime Shows

    Oh wow, I didn’t know that. The case was covered 24/7, so I tuned it all out. All I’d gathered was Casey accused him.
  7. General True Crime Shows

    Why is Baez so hated? I never paid much attention to this case.
  8. Pet Peeves

    Pet peeve: companies that refuse to acknowledge an issue. All we customers want is a little respect. We understand issues happen, but don’t pretend everything is fine when it’s not. Hire enough people to freaking deal with us. A few months ago I ordered a dresser to be delivered from Ikea. The info page said it’d be about three weeks, and I’d get a call the day before to set up delivery. This annoyed me. Who in 2018 requires THREE weeks? *At the three-week mark I began checking my phone and email. *At four weeks I got an email saying I’d get a call. *At five weeks I got an email saying it had been delayed but to check my email for updates. *At six weeks I got on the phone. Hours. On hold. I literally spent HOURS on hold. After I yelled at the last human I got he admitted they had a high call volume due to their delivery issues. I thanked him profusely for being honest. I looked on Consumer Affairs to find THOUSANDS of complaints about this very thing. More hours on hold, several days, and I gave up. I was going to contest it at my bank. *At the seventh week I get The Call. It would be delivered the next day. Woohoo. I ended up with an extra dresser frame I didn’t order, a fraction of the drawers I needed, and several piles of hardware. I had my dad build the additional needed drawers using the hardware. The other frame will be turned into a bookshelf. I didn’t bother calling Ikea, and I feel so sorry for whoever waited their two months for a mountain of drawers but no dresser frames or hardware!
  9. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    That was fascinating. I never really understood it either. Him picking them up with the knife is.....ugh. Horrible. I knew Nicole didn’t stand a chance, but poor Ron didn’t either. I always wondered about that.
  10. Hmmm, that might be it. I’ll watch it. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, but that’s not it. Those are the only details I remember. Maybe it wasn’t L&O, but I could’ve sworn it was.
  12. Does anyone remember an episode that took place in a high school? It’s not School Daze. The kid they were investigating was picked on. I think his nickname was Freak. I’m sure it was an early nineties episode.
  13. Pet Peeves

    I’d like to hope once they’ve wed I’ll never again be subjected to the press’ desperate attempts at convincing everyone Meghan Markle is beautiful and amazing, but I suspect it’ll go and on and on for decades.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I admit Ja’Michael killing Dani came out of left field for me because he was so cool during the interrogations. I noticed too he made eye contact with the family when he was apologizing and during the one victim impact statement. That was unusual. However, I absolutely don’t believe his version of the story. I’m surprised his friend didn’t fess up with more details. I feel sorry for the grandpa. Even if he’d started looking for her within 15 minutes it would’ve been too late as he didn’t know she was at the creek. I’m sure that provides him with no comfort though.
  15. General True Crime Shows

    It’s been years since I read up on this case, but wouldn’t the use of pronouns in this message point directly to murder? Edited to say whoever painted the message is right-handed IMO. As a leftie I’d never make the E with swipes left to right. It’s awkward. Lefties usually swipe right to left.