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  1. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    I'm pretty sure that's exactly the Russian way.
  2. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    I was more surprised when she said "...not the same black blazer I've worn for the past 2 years." I know she's always worn dark colors, but I didn't realize she's specifically worn black since Trump took office.
  3. He would look better if he washed his hair. He must have been in one of the earlier seasons that has not been shown in the U.S., since I don't remember him at all.
  4. I think they're only showing one episode because of the Lucy Worsley special on Victoria and Albert's wedding that follows. But you're right, this episode felt incomplete and the second episode continues to deal with the chartists, so a 2 episode premier would have actually made a lot of sense.
  5. Dirty John, The Dirty Truth (on Oxygen)

    I've only watched bits here and there so far, but Debra comes across as much more intelligent than she did on the podcast, although she displays a rather flat affect emotionally. I will say this is one of the few times I've noticed that the real life person is as attractive as the actor that portrays them.
  6. The downstairs people have really grown on me since the first season. I even like Mr. Penge now.
  7. S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    I did, too, although I was hoping they wouldn't show the knife in eye. But I opened my eyes just in time to see it.
  8. https://www.oxygen.com/dirty-john-the-dirty-truth Airs Monday, January 14th at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. ETA: With a last minute sneak preview Sunday after the Dirty John finale.
  9. My PBS station shows random reruns on Saturday afternoons, but it's up to the individual station and it's unlikely you'd ever be able to see the whole series. (Which, BTW, is much, much better than the US version.) If you feel like bingeing the show, you can always sign up for Netflix for the free 30 day period. And watch The Crown, too, while you're at it.
  10. The nasty brown teeth are always enough to make me look away from the screen before we even get into his made-up "religion". Hopefully he took some Crest Whitestrips with him during his sojourn with Xenu.
  11. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    I think all the fill-ins do that, take on the attitude of the person they're subbing for. You can see it on LOD's show as well. Maybe it's the way the copy is written behind the scenes, but I'm sure it's intentional.
  12. S02.05: Shadow Puppets

    When I said there must be something big on TV that night, I didn't necessarily mean on Starz. I meant something big on a different channel (like the Superbowl or the Oscars, although obviously it's neither of those) so that they wouldn't want to waste a new episode when no one would watch. Although if they're airing a new episode of Outlander, my theory goes down the drain. Maybe they're doing it just because we're at the half-way point of the season. :( I find it hard to trust Naya, mostly because I learned not to trust anyone on this show. I know she's supposed to be from the outside and uncompromised, but that seems like a really convenient plot contrivance.
  13. I noticed that Debra's mother has that same giggling, breathy way of speaking that Debra has.
  14. HM Queen Victoria In The Media

    I'm not sure where to post this, but immediately following the Season 3 premier on January 13th, PBS is airing a Lucy Worsley special where she recreates Victoria and Albert's wedding.
  15. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    I didn't take it like that, but as part of her "Watch what they do, not what they say" philosophy in the current political climate. It can apply to the Mueller investigation as well as the Trump administration. They keep expecting him to act Presidential. I won't hold my breath.