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  1. S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    IIRC, gill nets are not allowed where they are in Mongolia. There were some (what seemed to me) very odd restrictions listed in the Making the Cut episode.
  2. Media for Mrs. Maisel

    Is there only an award for a specific episode? Because this show should win this award for the whole season.
  3. Breaking Bad In The Media

    Alert! The entire cast of Breaking Bad including Vince Gilligan will be on Conan tonight.
  4. Better Call Saul In The Media

    Alert! The entire cast of Breaking Bad including Bob Odenkirk and Vince Gilligan will be on Conan tonight.
  5. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    Really, you just can't get back in.
  6. Once again, my beautiful Nicholas Coolridge - fastest time of the night, BTW - gets WWWA treatment. Did he like run over Matt's puppy or something? This has happened every year except when he was a rookie. Does anyone remember the distant past when places like Disneyworld would have picturesque places noted with a plaque that said "Kodak photo spot" so you wouldn't miss it? That's what I felt must have been at the Floating Cubes when it seemed like everyone who got that far decided to stop and wave to their family at the same spot.
  7. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    If you have cable with OnDemand, they usually have the past 3 episodes, but there is at least a 12 hour delay before it's up.
  8. S03.E05: Pies

    Before this episode aired, I have never thought of any type of pies as being uniquely American. They're just - pies. And to quote (the future President) Barack Obama in the movie Southside With You, "Who doesn't like pie?"
  9. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    Some fantastic battles tonight, a lot of evenly matched bots and great driving as well. A lot of the battles went to the judges but they were all unanimous (and obvious) decisions. I don't get the point of Duck, it doesn't seem to have any weapon at all except for that thing in the front that they sort of use as a flipper. But it's obviously not pneumatic, there's no oomph to it at all. It was amazing to see Bronco flip it and then Bronco basically self-flipped a few times as well.
  10. S03.E05: Pies

    Yes, I actively said "Fuck you, Paul" not once but twice during this episode. It looked like a giant Reese's peanut butter cup. She did get distinct layers, though.
  11. S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    That's what I was saying a few weeks ago, but now we've had three taps in a row basically due to starvation. Jesse's bowel problems probably wouldn't have happened if he wasn't driven to eating bark by lack of other food. Everybody is on a river, yet some people are catching ample fish and some can't get a bite. Dave is the only one taking down small game, but he's not the only one who brought a bow. These supposedly equal campsites just - aren't equal. I'm not saying that as a producer shenanigans conspiracy theory, I'm just truly stumped.
  12. Westworld In The Media

    So Jimmi Simpson (really?) gets a nomination but Zahn McClarnon does not?
  13. S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    See, that kind of surprised me because wood is fiber. "Many parts are edible." I'm dating myself. So Fucking Larry caught one fish and then screamed for 5 minutes scaring away any others that might have been in the area. I thought we might see "7.7 miles away" and Britt raising his head going "Did you hear that? What is that?" I don't understand it. I like most of these people, but this season is simply not as engaging as past seasons. If this was the first time I was watching I'd be wondering why people raved about the show.
  14. S13.E06: Divine Dryads 2018.07.10

    Here's how I generally watch the show this season: Flip in at about 8:01pm to see what the challenge is, then flip back to either Rachel Maddow or Forged in Fire for half an hour; check in again at about 8:35pm to see if the reveal and judging has started. I usually watch the judging as Ve, Glenn and Neville struggle to find something nice to say about the makeups. It's so pathetic it's funny this year. Once the critique is done I change channels again, as I have no interest in any of these contestants or their sad makeups.
  15. S02.E06: New York City 2018.07.06

    I enjoyed this episode a lot more than I thought I would. The other cities have always brought a touch of the exotic, NYC, not so much. But I appreciated that Phil just took us places that he knew well like Nathan's and Zabar's (and I finally get the Zabar's reference in Marvelous Mrs Maisel!) and the only chi-chi place was Blue Hill at Stone Farm.