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  1. Gone Without a Vote: Medevacs and Quitters

    I can't believe NaOnka and Purple Kelly haven't shown up in this conversation yet. It's obvious what category they go in. John Rocker's wife was another weak quit. Penner's medevac is one of the saddest to me, because infection risk is a thing that just doesn't feel like a big deal until it's too late. He didn't quit, but I bet he feels like he did.
  2. S36 Ghost Island Preview and Speculation

    I vote for discussing the winner in the episode thread rather than the reunion thread, if it matters. @violet and green, I've been driving myself batshit crazy running through all the possibilities, and I'm delighted to stoke your Donathan fire. As I've explained here and elsewhere, Donathan's E1 edit leads me to believe that he makes F3. I do think that Donathan will be the consensus F6 target and be out unless he wins immunity. I feel certain he makes F3, so I expect him to win F6 immunity. If Dom/Wendell bounces the other before F4 and then loses F4 firemaking, we could see an F3 with neither Dom nor Wendell. If we see Dom/Wendell face off in a fire making challenge, I think the winner of it wins F3. I think winning the fire-making challenge elevates a person in the eyes of the jury. I suggested last season that Chrissy should have picked Ben to at least rob him of the opportunity to win one more thing in front of the jury. You tell the jury you didn't want to shy away from your toughest competition and hope for the best. But that same principle of being elevated by fire making applies to Donathan: if Donathan gets into F3 by winning fire making, it gives him a nice, recent, feel-good resume point in front of the jury. I still see a chance for Laurel to win with a loyalty story or Sea Bass to win with a Fabio story (including immunities), but I find these so unlikely as to not be worth discussing.
  3. S36 Donathan Hurley

    He certainly is more appealing with an island look. The facial hair makes him look more mature and I think naturally shaggy hair is a good look for him. I hope he doesn't look like a 12-year-old again at the reunion.
  4. S36 Ghost Island Preview and Speculation

    I went to law school at age 37 because I decided I'd rather regret going to law school than regret not going to law school. Plenty of people go to law school thinking they want to be lawyers but not really understanding how tedious the profession is. Others go thinking that a law degree is their tool to save the world (that was my case), not realizing how ineffectual the law is to make change and how it's kind of a secret club open only to the wealthy. In my school, which was among the top, no one really dropped out for realizing it sucked; no one really dropped out at all unless they couldn't make it (washed out) or they got a better offer (e.g., two people in my section quit to go to Quantico once they got accepted to FBI training). For those of us who could make it, the extreme pressure we put upon ourselves to succeed would not allow us to get out until we finished that bitch. I graduated cum laude and was appointed to "order of the coif" (a national honor society), and I am now a homemaker and a blogger. Topic? Oh yeah - Y'all know I've been obsessed with Donathan's edit since week one; I posted most of my spec in the episode thread but I want to go into a little more detail here. I still can't get over that first-week edit with Donathan achieving what big strong hot James could not. If he was just the also-ran he's been portrayed to be up to now, there was no reason for that. The week one story was a warning that you shouldn't underestimate Donathan. The F3 - and maybe winner, is the wrap-up of that story.
  5. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    I'm so so late to the party - just finished reading all the posts in this thread, and it seems as though, since next episode is the last, it's OK to mix some speculation with the episode talk here. If not, please advise and I'll edit appropriately. Note: I am completely unspoiled. But I'm gonna start with this: I think Donathan is going to F3, and I think he's going to immunity his way there. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a different show from those of you who think Donathan has no chance to win. IIRC, early on an argument was made that he couldn't win because no one would let him near the F3 because adorable country boy with sick mama and meemaw and Aunt Patty. (I don't read bootee interviews or watch Ponderosa videos. I read about them here, and based on that, I know Donathan isn't very popular among the jury, but I'm basing my spec just on watching the show as edited.) I've been arguing that Donathan is an important character since week one, because of the edit with the diving challenge. IMO, that's even stronger in retrospect; James was pretty much irrelevant to the end game so there was no need to show it for his story, and if they didn't want to show something specific about how Donathan was perceived by everyone (including himself), they could've edited it as blah as it needed to be. Donathan hasn't been hapless in the challenges. He finished second in the ball-balance that Dom(?) won (the one that killed Malcolm even though he had the advantage*). He hung in there just fine on the spool team challenge with Laurel; they beat Sebastian and Kellyn. I'm not sure that he's ever been the first out of any individual challenge, and I could list at least a half dozen F6/5/4 challenges in which he would be competitive. So, to bring it to this episode: I believe Donathan's meltdown was to show that he was the only one insisting on trying to split up Dom/Wendell at this point (word is that Kellyn was too, but we weren't shown that), and that might win crucial brownie points with the jury at the end. For Wendell, this episode emphasized that he is King Jury Management. Remember the shell he brought back to Sea Bass, especially in the context of his giving Sebastian hints on the puzzle this time? Wendell is getting an amazing edit, and I believe that if he gets to F3 he wins. For that reason, I believe there will be some sort of consensus to target him before then. In other words, I think that his apparent coronation this episode just explains the "why" of his ultimate ouster. I think Wendell is the only one who can beat Donathan in F3. I think this episode may have set up a Donathan/Domenic showdown in F3; one that is as good-natured as it seems the rest of this competition has been. All the ousted, up to and including Kellyn, have behaved very sportsmanly toward their rivals. So, working backward, I think Donathan wins F4 IC and takes Laurel, leaving Domenic vs whoever (it could be Wendell and that would certainly be a good climax to the Wendell/Domenic story, but it really doesn't matter who it is) for fire-making, and Domenic wins. Speaking of fire making: One might argue that your fire-making skills are at the core of your fitness to play this game. So whomever Dominic beats in that F4 fire-making challenge can get there in a variety of ways, with or without idols, but as we wrap up the season, these are the stories I'm seeing.
  6. Ponderosa S36

    Wait, I thought that was Andrew Savage.
  7. I watched "Talking Points" last night. The Ann Coulter character is played by Charlotte Ross, who is totally not the same person as the Rohmbot, no matter what your eyeballs tell you.
  8. S36.E10: It's Like the Perfect Crime

    Well yeah, it's the smarter play, but the show shouldn't let that happen. They should force exposure, dammit. Also, it makes me grumpy. Also, why has no one yet talked about how Sebastian spelled Desiree's name?
  9. S36 Ghost Island Preview and Speculation

    I dunno; Libby's been the only original Malolo to go since the merge, and she seemed tightest with Michael. Now there are four original Malolo left, and Laurel and Donathan have options. Michael doesn't really have options and Jenna just has Sebastian, who is basically just a walking blunt. If she even has him because who the hell knows. Anyway, Malolo 4 is still a very workable group at this point. I don't see where Laurel has any down side to the last several votes.
  10. Ponderosa S36

    LOL at the idea of Chris as the mayor of anything. He's more like the court jester. Or the mayor's dog.
  11. S36.E10: It's Like the Perfect Crime

    Oh. My. God. My neck still hasn't recovered from my synesthesia in seeing her all scrunched up like that. If I were her trainer, I would have lit into her for that form, but you can't argue with results. What a great unlikely challenge beast she'd be. For real. There was one TC shot of everyone, and I knew he was supposed to be there but I swear I could not see him even though I was actively looking. I definitely heard him say the word "high," though, and I laughed. I was too, after all. If she did this, I would forgive all her other sins. I don't despise her, but I do find her annoying. The cutesy thing just does not work for me. +11 to this post. Rocks is such a cop-out. When it's a group decision, they should at least vote. That would introduce an additional element of strategy when there are cross-tribal alliances due to mix-ups or whatever. Will we see an individual challenge winner have to send someone to Ghost Island? It would be so weak if they can just bleat "rocks" and not have to take responsibility. And not only is it lame that so many people have not been able to play, but the fact that it's a game of chance is stupid too. It should be something that the person has control over. What if they had to solve a super-hard puzzle that could maybe take them all night? They have to decide whether it's more worth it to go to sleep or stay up for the advantage. Watching them do the puzzle would be boring, but watching them stress out over their decision might be cool. I don't know. Or a challenge against a clock. I don't know. Anything other than this fucking dice roll. I guess I forgot to quote the post, but I'm with whoever said above that Donathan's game is underrated. I still fully expect him to win at least one immunity. Either way, I think Laurel and Donathan are both in a great place, but I have mixed feelings about whether telling Dom about Des's plan to oust Kellyn was the right thing to do. Right now, Laurel and Donathan have options with Dom/Wendell and original orange tribe. Bouncing Kellyn would have cut off one of Dom and Wendell's other options, potentially making Dom/Wendell more dependent on them. Of course, If Laurel quietly went along without notifying Dom and Wendell, that would run its own risk of alienating them. Laurel's best option would have been to organize the vote so that Kellyn goes without Laurel having to vote for her.
  12. S36.E09: The Sea Slug Slugger

    I am heartbroken that Probst didn't say, "This is NOT...just a fuckin' stick." So what if they bleep him - we all know what he really said! And would anyone here not love him for it?
  13. Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    Definitely counts as an idol, but only at the TCs it's good for. So Dom had an idol at 13, but even if he hadn't used it, he wouldn't have had an idol at 12. Also, a hot dog is a sandwich and so is a taco.
  14. Wendell is most definitely a bear. Ben was a bear too (Chrissy's), but he was what happens when you let a bear into the finals (i.e., they win). This is the primary reason that I am very anti the new F4-->F3 format. Fucks up the Fox's whole strategy. Idols and advantages get in the way too, but part of being a good player in any role is accounting for potential monkey wrenches and having the ability to adapt.
  15. Ponderosa S36

    Agree with the two posts above. Chris's annoyingness doesn't come from a jerk place. He's more of a clown than anything else. He's a douche, to be sure, but more toward the "useless" end of the douche spectrum than the "harmful" end. I think Ponderosa will be fun. As excruciating as it is to have Chris around when you're trying to get something done, he's probably OK to hang with, especially once someone else gets there to join in the mockery.