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  1. S19.E08: Intent

    I’m sorry is there someone out there looking for more Benson drama? I can’t believe there is an audience dying to hear more about Noah. So.... why???
  2. Worked for me... thanks! Excited for a reason to do a full season rewatch!
  3. S06.E19: Socalyalcon VI

    "Can my name be Daphne?"..... Daphne being the name I would have loved to be at 13, PROVES Winston is my spirit animal. Nice to have confirmation before the show ends.
  4. Speculation With Spoilers

    Gotta say I was expecting a few Originals to show up, at the very least Klaus. They were such a large part of the show and definitely one of the favorite "villains".
  5. Wait.. did Caroline and Stefan get married at the Lockwood estate? Aka her ex boyfriend's house who the officiant killed? Classy
  6. Cade's requirements for coming to his hell have yet to make sense to me this season. Nor how Stefan has been shot, stabbed, and who knows what else but the cure is still in his body. I've given up trying to find any logic in these last few episodes and just plan on enjoying the pretty.
  7. Fair points.... she definitely is an enabler.
  8. Well thank goodness those two crazy kids are gonna get married! I am always saying my vampire shows need more weddings... and babies/kids..... I have watched a lot of bad tv but this show has crossed two lines making it easier to say "bon voyage TVD"! First they they barely seem to give a thought to continuity or cannon, to the point I spend half the episode shaking my head or rolling my eyes. Plot points dropped or forgotten, characters acting totally out of character, etc. Secondly, with exception of Bonnie Bennett, they're all the biggest bunch of self involved dicks to ever dick around Mystic Falls! My empathy level is so low I have no horse in the race with how anything ends. Although I do kinda wish the ultimate big bad (new one every year!) would come in and be like, "Redemption? You fools are crazy... you're all a bunch of a-holes going straight to hell. Have you guys watch this show for the last 8 years? Geez".
  9. S12.E08: The Grief And The Girl

    I have to say it's a bad idea to watch a rerun of this show prior to a new Episode, the difference in chemistry is glaringly obvious.
  10. Dear lord yes! Im gonna stop myself before I get all worked up again about the incredible self absorbed killing of Kol and his entire line to give little shit Gilbert his mark/Tatoo. Not today, Satan, not today!
  11. So stabbed last week and shot this week... and yet the cure remains in Stefan.....Sigh. As always enjoyed Kai and someone rightfully telling Damon he's redemption arch is bullshit. I less enjoyed the irony of Damon thinking the creepy guy taking advantage of a younger girl made him a bad person. Sell it somewhere else show.
  12. S08.E12: What Are You?

    So a syringe of Elena's blood is the total sum of the cure but Stefan loses pints of blood and it's still in his system....
  13. S08.E10: Nostalgia's a Bitch

    What exactly is so great about about Mystic falls and Salvatore penis? Because to me nothing but bad shit happenen around both. I can usually take or leave Damon but when the show presents situations like this with him and Caroline it never sits well with me. Also, umm gang maybe Damon deserves to suffer in his subconscious for a couple of Years?!?!? I really wanted Matt to tell Caroline to take a fyling leap when she ask him to do it for her. And in the spirit of finding something good in a pile of dog poo.... Kat Graham continues to rock and may be the only person I can still stand at this point.
  14. Oh good The Cure...again..... said no one in this forum ever...
  15. This show....sigh... it's become boring, repetitive, dumb, confusing, etc era.... As I watched I just kept thinking what is the point? With this being the last season and the horrible ratings, you would think they should either be doing a victory lap for your hardcore fans OR trying to drum up fans to watch The Originals. I must say epic fail on both of those fronts.