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  1. Whoopi Goldberg: EGOT Winner, So Why Is She Here?

    Whoopi 'stepped in it' over in England Saturday
  2. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    As teased on Friday's show, Melania revealed why she wore the "I REALLY DON'T CARE" jacket:
  3. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    So now Sarah Huckabee Sanders weighs in: Sanders tweeted tonight, “Sad @TheView continues their disgusting attacks on @FLOTUS. The left’s “war on women” they disagree with is a disgrace. @FLOTUS is strong, accomplished, and has a lot more class than the women who bully her.” Word of the day: "class" Melania took her own photog in tow for a fashion shoot in Africa. So classy.
  4. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    @YNB responds to Stephanie Grisham, Melania's spokesperson: Feisty! I like it.
  5. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    "What's the spokesperson's account? I want to see it. Can you please give a link?" Sure, it's @StephGrisham45 Mediaite has an article about today's exchange and the WH response
  6. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    I just hope the suits don't demand that YNB issue an apology. That would be wrong on so many levels.
  7. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    Already a response from Melania's spokesperson:
  8. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    Tom Llamas chastising Yvette for bringing up Melania's likely status as a mistress herself was not cool at all. Just because she's FLOTUS now (as much as I hate it) doesn't mean her past disappears. Because I respect the office is why I don't respect the current occupant.
  9. "The View" Week Of 10/1/2018

    Love when Joy said, “you need to source that if that’s going to be an accusation against a real outlet.” More of this, please. When Abby echoes the talking point du jour, someone needs to call her out every single time. They can take turns. I don't care who it is just so someone steps up and challenges her. Ask: "Who said that?" "Where did you hear it?" "Be specific." Put her on notice that saying, "some people say" or "I've heard/read" - without citing a legitimate source is not going to cut it anymore.
  10. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    Just switched over to watch Rosie on The Talk and oh my goodness what in the world has Sharon O done to herself? She doesn't look the same at all.
  11. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    Rosie wants to guest co-host on The Talk. Wouldn't she and Sharon O clash just like with Whoopi?
  12. "The View" Week Of 9/17/2018

    Hard to believe Jane Fonda is 80 I really like her hair. Very flattering. Wasn't aware of all the issues (body shaming) with her father. Plan to re-watch On Golden Pond
  13. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    Rosie has some insights on Trump, The View, Kavanaugh, etc
  14. "The View" Week Of 9/17/2018

    Whoopi is practically incoherent today. Reminds me of word salad Bitsy.
  15. Small Talk: Come on in, Y’all!

    Vivian's statement: I've belabored making a statement about #HurricaneFlorence and its painful snail's pace path of destruction because I've been uncertain about what to say. More than a week ago we started talking about the possibility of it- what it might mean, where it might make landfall, and what would be left to pick up in her wake. Should we evacuate? Should we board things up? When should we close the restaurants? Today we ask different questions. Is it safe to go home? How much will the river continue to rise? How can we start to fix what's been disturbed? How can we help those most affected? I don't know the answers, but it feels like we've rounded a corner and it's time to push forward. Thank you for all your thoughts and positive energy. We're grateful for all of you have have reached out with concern and well wishes. Don't forget about ENC because the storm is gone. Our region will need your persistent support and mindfulness. The work has just started.