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  1. S04.E09: Elseworlds Part III (2018.12.11)

    That, plus, they were running on the planet, not pushing the planet. Not to mention that last I checked, the Earth is also going around the sun (moving) and the sun is also traveling along with the Milky Way (moving), so even if the Earth's rotation slows, it's still in motion.
  2. S04.E09: Elseworlds Part III (2018.12.11)

    Well, if you ignore the slight issue that very little of that made sense, that was fun! Good things: 1. Crisis on Infinite Earths! Which I sincerely hope will include Black Lightning. I know that would create some production issues, but work with them! 2. The CW's unofficial announcement that Flash, Arrow and Supergirl would be back in Fall 2019! I laughed. 3. Batwoman deciding that of her two options, calling Oliver is the better bet. Heh. 4. Superman crushed coal to make a diamond for Lois! AWWWWWWW! 5. And to set the romantic mood, Lois decided to put on her 1970s dress! AWWWwww....ok, frankly, that was just fanservice, so not really all that awww. But a nice touch. 6. James was a) in this and b) not instantly dead, which counts as an improvement. Also, Superman's Worst Pal. I laughed. 7. Tyler Hoechlin was really good in this, as Superman/Clark and Deegan. 8. Really liked the Kara/Alex moments. Yeah, that all happened way too quickly and Alex should have been far less trusting, but I love their sister moments. 9. Gary! Not really the Legends of Tomorrow cameo I wanted, but I will accept that Team Legends is busy this season and not interested in making this an annual thing. 10. Carlos Valdes always has fun playing evil, and it was fun to let him do that here. 11. Barry complaining that they had to head to the Fortress of Solitude after just getting back from the Fortress of Solitude. 12. Oliver going up to the Monitor and yelling at him, and then shooting the book. YAY! 13. Also, Oliver knocking out both Diggle and Caitlin in the elevator. 14. Oliver and Barry enjoying their traditional annual bonding scene before heading off to not speak to each other for months. 15. NO WAREHOUSES. It was like a little Arrowverse miracle! Questionable things: 1. Convenient for Deegan to end up in the cell next to Psycho Pirate instead of, say, Oswald Cobblepot, wouldn't you say? 2. Who was the dweeb dating Pam in HR? 3. Why was everyone just standing around in light jackets in the ARCTIC? I get that Clark and Kara probably don't feel the cold and Barry can just, I dunno, shiver fast enough to stay warm, but Oliver, Cisco and Lois should have been COLD. 4. To answer the question of how everyone was just able to use the book....Nah. I got nothing. How was everyone just able to use the book? 5. I was happy to see them, but how exactly did J'onn and Brainy get there? J'onn was kinda partly from Kara's brain, like Alex, I guess, but Brainy? 6. "This is becoming an annual thing." "God, I hope not." I know, Barry. Script anvils like this hurt me, too. 7. This is more of an overall crossover complaint, but Lois and Kara and Iris didn't get to meet and swap journalism stories. That was sad. 8. Caitlin's wig. Loved the lipstick; the wig was distracting. 9. What - what - did Oliver sacrifice to ensure we get crossovers next year? DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN! 10. Slowing the earth's rotation slowed time? 11. Did Einstein, catching a hint of this episode, consider rising up from his grave and rushing over to ghost some sense into the Arrowverse writers? 12. Why was Supergirl's skin burning up when she was running around at Mach-7? She's gone faster when she's popped up above the atmosphere in previous episodes without setting herself on fire? And why didn't she show a single scorch mark after that? I get that Barry went immediately into super-healing mode but when Kara gets injured she does have to heal, right? 13. How did Oliver manage to get this much kryptonite for his arrows, and does he always pull the kryptonite arrows out every December now just in case a random crossover appears? And why doesn't Google Chrome recognize that "kryptonite" is too a word? Bad things: 1. What the hell happened with the lighting department during the Anti-Monitor space scenes? That's the worst lighting for a purely greenscreen shot we've seen since, hmm, season 3 of Arrow, I think. Geesh. 2. No Lena :( 3. These shows have come up with questionable excuses before this to keep the superpowered guys busy so the non-superpowered guys can still do stuff, but "let's run really really fast to slow down the Earth's rotation" has got to be among the worst. 4. Also, slowing the earth's rotation could stop the bad guy, maybe, but could also CAUSE A NUMBER OF OTHER ISSUES, BARRY, like, just as a start, really screwing with the weather. And maybe starting a few earthquakes. Did you not think about this? You're supposed to have an interest in science! 5. To be fair, though, Supergirl didn't think about that either - Earth's rotation slowed? Not a problem! Didn't change a single cloud. 6. I'm also not at all sure how just running very very very fast would slow down the rotation of any planet, but I guess I'm spending too much time on this. 7. If this leads to Oliver keeping yet another secret from Felicity after a crossover I may scream Berlanti's ears off. Definitely looking forward to Crisis on Infinite Earths next season, though. Assuming the lighting is better.
  3. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    Oliver refusing a hug :)
  4. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    And now for the annual Barry/Oliver bonding scene!
  5. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    And little baby Superkids!
  6. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    "The world doesn't need Superman if it has Supergirl." AWWWWWWWW.
  7. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

  8. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    Apparently Barry and Kara should have put on some major moisturizer before doing all this speed running.
  9. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    I think she'll be ok. Superman couldn't superspeed to the book just then because.....because he was still questioning the script, but he always speeds to Lois!
  10. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    Really, Deegan, what did that taxi do to you?
  11. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    In some future film class, they will use this as an example of How Not To Light GreenScreens.
  12. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    Well, to be fair, by just standing around and doing nothing he's not contributing to the "slowing the earth's rotation will slow time" idiocy!
  13. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

  14. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    If this episode ends with someone killing Diaz in every Earth and Elseworld I will forgive it all its sins. Ok, not some of the lighting for the greenscreening moments, but the other sins.
  15. Elseworlds Crossover Live Thread

    That said, I, too, am curious about just how Oliver obtained enough Kryptonite to make these arrows.