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  1. S04. E09. Check Your Ed

    According to season 3, he owns the unit. So I guess his co-op should fine him?
  2. S03.E02: Enemy Bag of Tricks

    So I'm watching this on Hulu and I'm really not even sure why; also apologies for resurrecting a dead thread. This show is so dumb. It's really, really dumb. But it's fun so that's okay. However, I did get slightly frustrated when they explained the missile shield and didn't simply say "Yeah, it's basic Ronald Reagan's SDI. You know, Star Wars? That whole thing?". It felt like whoever wrote this episode watched the same episode of Cold War Armageddon on History Channel that I did. Also, I just love how they hide Sullivan Stapleton's Aussie accent by having him talk. In short. Declarative. Sentences. And I want to fix his janky bottom teeth. Lastly, Roman's scar is missing. Has anyone put an APB out for it?
  3. S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    Its my experience that when someone is calling another person out for being an alcoholic publicly it's usually motivated by vindictiveness and not any sort of actual concern; also, the person is almost never an actual alcoholic. Who are also light on how analogies, euphemisms, similes and other rhetorical devices work.
  4. S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    I'm not sure I'm down with the whole "plucked from the masses to be the target of abuse" narrative you're selling. Third Stew's job is to eat shit and smile; it's not only a customer services and hospitality role, it's also the lowest of low rungs on the ladder. If you can't do it, if you can't eat more shit and smile brighter, you won't advance. If it was an easy job, everyone would do it but it's not which is why the tips are so large. If you're hiring on as a green deck hand/stewart you are going to get corrected and it's going to be harsh because it's a very steep learning curve; it's a big-money, high pressure industry that caters to very rich, very particular people. Part of the issue is that Caroline is the type of personality that needs a lot of positive reinforcement verging on hand-holding and that Caroline insisted on social interaction with Kate who is .... well, she's Kate. She's not interested in being your friend and praising you for doing the basic shit that's expected with the job. She's your boss, not your confidante, not your buddy. She has her own confidantes and buddies already and she's not interested in the fragile ego of a green stew. Add to additional strain put on Kate and Josiah by Caroline's maladies and it's not surprising that Kate had even less time for her.
  5. S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    This. Or if you aren't going to work, get the %^&! off the boat. No employer, be it a yacht or a bank is going to let you just hang out while your now-former-coworkers work around you. That's some entitled BS right there. So you needed to talk to the captain before you could "officially" quit? You could have met him at the dock as he was coming back to the ship.
  6. Yeah, if dude had actually been arrested and/or did time, they'd be playing that up like the Paul and Karine Saga.
  7. S03.E06: The Ballad of Donkey Doug

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong ... but aren't Tahani's parents dead? Wasn't there a scene where they'd misspelled her name in their will and left their property to "Tahini Al-Jamil"? Or did I misconstrue the next mission and they're going to see Khamilla?
  8. Rings Like A Bell: The Cast Topic

    We have a new IT guy at work. His name is Derek. Everytime someone says his name, I repeat it like Jason Mantzoukas does. I am not ashamed of this, though Derek is starting to wonder if I'm ever going to ask him a question.
  9. S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    Nicole Kidman. Also, I loved that the guy who asked poor, broken Chidi about the exam was named "Damon" and Chidi rips off a "How you like them apples?" at him.
  10. And I can see Rachel not fighting it as she's be free to just move in with Trashtastic Wolverine. IMO, she's far more likely to just walk away from her kid than to embark on an epic international child custody and abduction battle.
  11. I didn't say she had sole custody of the older child. Please feel free to go re-read exactly what I said.
  12. Again, you're speculating that Rachel is going to become an international fugitive from the law. How about you let her and the kids' fathers work it out before signing her up for a slot on INTERPOL's Most Wanted? For all you know, she may have already come to an agreement about the older kid and have sole custody of the baby. People manage to make these arrangement work all the time, between parents that travel for business or get reassigned or deployed overseas. It's not unheard of for a parent to give their ex custody and then come and spend the summer in the States with the kid or have the kid come spend the summer with her. It's not like Rachel is going completely underground and off the grid. She *may* just be moving to the UK, a developed nation that's easily accessible by air, and will still have plenty of family in the US.
  13. Yeah, I'm right there with you. This pisses me off to no end. NO END. This offends both my Marvel Geek side, my Bourdain loving side and my sense of common decency.
  14. 1. You and I and the board in general aren't privy to their custody arrangement and don't know what they may or may not agree to in the future. 2. You and I and the rest of the board do not know what sort of travel arrangements the father may or may not agree to in the future, if any. 3. The UK, like most civilized countries, is part of several UN-backed pacts regarding non-custodial abduction and is actually quite helpful when it comes to returning a child to the custodial parent. It's not like trying to get a child back from Iran.
  15. I think this is a lot of speculation. Custodial arrangements vary. You never know what two parents will agree to.