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  1. S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    Nicole Kidman. Also, I loved that the guy who asked poor, broken Chidi about the exam was named "Damon" and Chidi rips off a "How you like them apples?" at him.
  2. And I can see Rachel not fighting it as she's be free to just move in with Trashtastic Wolverine. IMO, she's far more likely to just walk away from her kid than to embark on an epic international child custody and abduction battle.
  3. I didn't say she had sole custody of the older child. Please feel free to go re-read exactly what I said.
  4. Again, you're speculating that Rachel is going to become an international fugitive from the law. How about you let her and the kids' fathers work it out before signing her up for a slot on INTERPOL's Most Wanted? For all you know, she may have already come to an agreement about the older kid and have sole custody of the baby. People manage to make these arrangement work all the time, between parents that travel for business or get reassigned or deployed overseas. It's not unheard of for a parent to give their ex custody and then come and spend the summer in the States with the kid or have the kid come spend the summer with her. It's not like Rachel is going completely underground and off the grid. She *may* just be moving to the UK, a developed nation that's easily accessible by air, and will still have plenty of family in the US.
  5. Yeah, I'm right there with you. This pisses me off to no end. NO END. This offends both my Marvel Geek side, my Bourdain loving side and my sense of common decency.
  6. 1. You and I and the board in general aren't privy to their custody arrangement and don't know what they may or may not agree to in the future. 2. You and I and the rest of the board do not know what sort of travel arrangements the father may or may not agree to in the future, if any. 3. The UK, like most civilized countries, is part of several UN-backed pacts regarding non-custodial abduction and is actually quite helpful when it comes to returning a child to the custodial parent. It's not like trying to get a child back from Iran.
  7. I think this is a lot of speculation. Custodial arrangements vary. You never know what two parents will agree to.
  8. Not always. Some are fluffier, some are muscley. Some are skinny. Some are curvey. Some are visibly pregnant. Some have massive scars from what looks like an open leg fracture. Some have half an arm. What? Are you telling me your local strip club doesn't have Scratch and Dent night? It's usually Tuesday.
  9. Dr. Who fans? She sacrificed it the minute she stepped onto that MetroNorth Shit Crate in rejects from Mariah Carey's last tour road case and six inch heels. Also, why are you going to a park that roughly 37% of SVU episodes start in?
  10. Dear Darcey's Sister ... the word is CITED. You were CITED. Gaaah.
  11. S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

    Being a Reserve or Special is different from being a Constable. Reserves and Specials aren't elected positions, which a constable is. And to run a campaign you need money and the backing of your local party, which is usually attainable with money.
  12. S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

    Or an actual LEO I know likes to call them, "Pay for Play Cops".
  13. S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

  14. And He will raise you up On eagle's wings Bear you on The breadth of dawn Make you to shine like the sun And hold you in the palm of of His hand. On Eagles' Wings is a very popular hymn from the mid-70's that based on several books, including Psalms, Matthew and Exodus. (13 years of Catholic education. It's an involuntary reflex.)
  15. I have. Back when when I worked in the Registrar's Office at a very poorly rated Law School That's Not NYU, the Con Law 1 class had a couple of exams before the final at the end of the semester. Could be what he's referring to.