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  1. S08.E30: Road Rage 2018.07.23

    Have at it. He's a nice guy and all, but I'd lose my mind after about five minutes of his vocal antics and feel the need to slap him silly. This is still pissing me off. Seriously, if she wasn't a five-foot-nothing, hundred-and-nothing pound white female Deputy Pixel there would have had her out of the truck, cuffs behind her back for officer safety, calling Barb to come get Jace so they can get him out of there while they tear the car apart looking for drug paraphernalia, residue, etc. You can always tell when Jenelle is up to some shit, as she gets that "cat that ate the canary" smile on that smug little face of hers. I don't think Jenelle has met the criteria for severing her parental rights (i.e. ending her visitation). It's a really high (dismally low? you get the picture) standard to meet including severe or chronic neglect, sexual abuse, abandonment, long-term mental illness or deficiency, long-term drug and/or alcohol induced incapacity, failure to support or maintain contact and conviction of certain felonies. For as shitty a parent as she is, she someone manages to just flirt with these standards and not actually check the box. They can severely limit her visitation and force her to have it at the visitation center like Chelsea though.
  2. S08.E30: Road Rage 2018.07.23

    I see her point, and more importantly, I see it with my friends who are divorced. Too many of them go for child support just to find out their contractor/landscaper ex-husband and/or sperm donor when from making really good money to working 15 hours a week on the books. It's hard to sympathize with Kail, who apparently has money to wipe her bulbous ass with, but not so hard to sympathize with the second grade teacher or the physical therapist or the secretary who suddenly finds herself trying to support a kid or three on one pay check when previously there had been two incomes in the household and someone's getting back at the other for getting a divorce/not wanting to be together/cheating. (Which, interesting to note, Kail pretty much said the only reason she'd filed on Chris was because he'd cheated on her. We all know that's a lie though. She's got her lawyer on speed dial. The minute Chris stuck his toe out of line, she was gonna slap him with a child support order. It's how she operates. She uses her kids for leverage adn emotional blackmail.)
  3. S08.E30: Road Rage 2018.07.23

    Just gonna point out that they seemingly don't have money yet, they're still living in that hood-adjacent apartment, cramming three adults and two kids into a two bedroom. But yeah, acting like you're some sort of moral arbiters when they're collectively three and a half messes is kinda ridiculous. You must be one of those responsible drivers I hear so much about. ;) Jenelle is thisclose to being the next Permit Patty or Coupon Carl.
  4. S08.E30: Road Rage 2018.07.23

    I agree that something isn't adding up with the aide for Leah's kid situation. Something feels ... off. She made it sound like word came down from on high, like the local superintendent or school board decided to personally axe the funding for only her kid. I don't own any children, but a good friend is a school board lawyer and advocate for kids who need IEPs and that sort of thing doesn't just happen out of the blue, it opens the schools (and school board and thus tax payers) up to too much litigation risk. As much as I love Roxanne telling Captain Save-a-Ho what's what, but let's be honest. She was planning on being there from the get-go. This all just seemed to manufactured, like third-rate pro wrestling "league executives" sitting around and writing the most trite and stupid storylines. "Oooh, oooh, even though we already broke up, I'll show up at your surgery anyway!" "Yeah, and then I'll get my mom and sister to bust in all like ready to bust heads! MTV will *HAVE* to keep us on." Ugh. Anyone else watch LivePD? Anyone else notice how differently Jenelle "Human Tofu" Evans was treated than the average skell who gets pulled over? Anyone else find it a bit funny that she wasn't raged at for not telling the cop she has a loaded hand gun in between her seat and the console? Or that she wasn't detained (aka cuffed) for officer safety because she didn't tell them she had a loaded hand gun? And that no K9 unit was called out to paw through her truck (because you know that either the truck or she reeked of weed)? What was it? Was it because she was a white chick in a pretty nice truck with a kid in the front seat? The cameras everywhere? I don't get it. I have nothing to say about Chelsea. Not that I'm bored by her, but in the words of Eleanor Shellstrope, I'm a messy bench that loves drama.
  5. Yeah, but once it came out that Cy Vance had been shielding Weinstein since 2003, the Manhattan DA made good on those charges right quick. That said, I agree with the rest of your comment.
  6. Oh good, maybe Bristol can tell how important is to make sure the guy you're going to marry is actually divorced before planning the wedding? Also, her married name is Bristol Meyer. This cracks me up, because I'm easily amused.
  7. Don't expect South Carolina to move at the same pace of New York. That said, I strongly suspect that Thomas will not be charged unless there is overwhelming evidence that goes public. That doesn't mean he'll ever be completely cleared either. And some of his very public outbursts certainly do not help to dispel the specter of those accusations.
  8. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    It makes sense to me too. Pillows are a pain in the d*** to store, so not having his covers on a form makes sense, especially if they're finished, which they clearly were. If he was a woman, no one would be making fun of his sewing. Or if he was designing clothes. Or if he was making sails. Sewing used to be an incredibly valuable tool for the manliest of men - military men - and was considered something you should know before going off to war. That said, I still think he's a jackass and has some major entitlement and potentially mental health issues.
  9. Sure she can, but if it's what she wants why should she?
  10. I don't think Craig made those cat pillows. They're 3D.
  11. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    My condolences. I have a similar relationship with the movie New Jack City. Craig doesn't have the intellectual capacity to be the type of attorney who can pull that shit, effectively putting the deadline management off on his paralegal. He's the exact type of attorney I despise working with. Really? Because girlfriend decided to get a new set of tatas you're going to completely discount any personal growth and maturity by her? And I'm sure Gwynn's was okay with it. That overgrown pageant girl look plays in some circles. Because Thomas has a NAME. He has an old Southern name in an old Southern town where these things count. He owns a plantation. He has the local judicial system in his back pocket as he's probably one of the largest political donors in town. He managed to do time on a drug charge and have his social reputation pretty much intact. This is one of the things that makes Charleston and Charleston society fodder for a show like this. He has more than money. He has 400+ years of rich, which male Southern privilege and the Ravenelle name. YASSSSSSS. This exactly.
  12. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Yup. They're brachiocephalic, meaning they have a very short snort and bulbous head. They also have a compromised airway, which means they weeze naturally and would really benefit from a C-PAP machine when they sleep. Also, they can't swim. They literally cannot swim to save their lives. They sink. The Rock lost one of his Frenchies last summer when the dog jumped in the pool unsupervised.
  13. I actually grew up just outside of North Philadelphia, hence the disdain for chain sandwich shops and any place that can't make a proper cheesesteak, but I currently live about 4 blocks north from the former Piancone's (I was there for a funeral repast right before it closed; seemed oddly fitting). Not a huge fan of the new restaurant in there, but apparently Johnny opened a place in Long Branch. I seriously only converted over to Jersey Mike's about six months ago and completely by accident, as I had a weird craving for Subway, but the Subway right outside of Ocean Grove was now a Jersey Mike's. I was pleasantly surprised, though they still do have orange cheese.
  14. S05.E13 Game Changer 2018.06.28

    Yup. You can still find some historic homes that have a breezeway between the old kitchen and the main house, or where an addition has been added over both to pull it into the structure. What's even more fun is trying to find the old outhouses. But that's something for the Small Talk thread.
  15. S05.E13 Game Changer 2018.06.28

    Pretty much this. Brooklands is on Edisto Island and thus has a very high water table so it's not a basement in a traditional sense with the foundation below ground level. It's the lowest level of the house. A quick history lesson on the anatomy of a plantation house (again, proving to my mother that the history degree is useful) ... It's the lowest level of the main house, which was usually used for storage and quarters for the house slaves/servants. It wouldn't be out of line for the nursery for an infant to be down there now, if live-in care is living down there, though the nursery in Antebellum times was usually on the upper levels and the nanny/mammy slept there with the children (a white child would never be sleeping in slaves quarters). Keep in mind that the house most likely did not have an indoor kitchen (or bathroom) originally and they had to be integrated into the structure, with the kitchen most usually being on the lowest level.