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  1. All Episodes Talk: Open Your Pores

    Is this a crack about James K.? I wouldn't have thought I'd watch something about this, but I'm looking forward to more of these.
  2. James (K) & Cynthia 2018.06.20

    This is pretty much how I feel. James brought this on himself. Also, when she's close enough to hand him food, he can grab her.
  3. The Diggers show I remember, had two middle-aged guys, and they went around to historic sites, when they could get permission, and they were pretty hokey. They found old coins, and nails, and I think they dug at the OK Corral.
  4. I thought he broke the scale. He definitely did not look 350 pounds. They did that before on him, so I'm guessing that he's too big for the regular bed scales, and this is one for REALLY huge people, maybe goes to a half ton.
  5. Lisa and the dog would have gotten onto James' belly, and paddled.
  6. You should have gotten the weigh-in nurse's autograph, and picture of the Lupe's toilet. And why is that any better than pulling out a regular deodorant?
  7. General True Crime Shows

    Some show with Wedding in the title, and not sure if it's on ID or Oxygen.
  8. I love the caveat, "No cameras or phones are allowed during the class."
  9. Don't they ALL just have too much going on, so they can't not eat.
  10. General True Crime Shows

    On my cable, I click on "more showtimes" on the show, and look through the episodes that aren't familiar. And as someone else suggested, you can set the DVR to record "first-run only." One good thing about checking "more showtimes," is that you see when another channel is showing the program. I know I find A&E shows rerun on other channels.
  11. That might have been good value, to pay to see that. Is there someone like Mrs. Miller, a professional bad singer, who could tour with Whit, for an evening of song and dance?
  12. I was thinking of moving Michael in with James K, and maybe Steven Assanti.
  13. OK, I should have checked the link first. Also, am I the only person who saw the update show on Dottie & June? It ran in the morning, on 6/14, with that as the original air date, and I don't recall ever seeing them updated before, but I don't see it on the schedule again. June wants to do it her way again, but she's down to 230, doesn't really want to go lower, but will follow the diet to get all her skin surgeries. She got some things added to her tat that's in her son's memory. Dottie is still grieving the death of her son, with cerebral palsy, and not much better with paying attention to her other little boy, who doesn't really speak much. Wonder why. If this aired before, I never saw it.
  14. I lost a LOT of weight after I retired, because we had a never-empty snack table that everyone contributed to. One person visited family in Japan on a regular basis, and this is where/when I learned to love wasabi peas.
  15. I think that this is the first James, no initial used. http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/my-600-lb-life/photos/james-journey-photos/