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  1. S07.E02 The Longbow Hunters

    Diggle wanted to be in prison and was pissed when Oliver showed up to spring him. But Oliver (and Lyla) didn't think it was right that he was there doing penance while they suffered his absence. Doesn't seem so dissimilar to me. She was trying to murder her out of revenge while knowing doing so would ruin the city as well. Felicity is trying to catch Diaz or take him out via sanctioned powers since he is a current and ongoing threat. It's not about revenge. Felicity also wasn't trying to kill her former teammates for getting in the way. Pretty different attitudes and actions in my opinion.
  2. S07.E02 The Longbow Hunters

    But making Diaz a lower priority is not keeping Oliver and his family safe. It's keeping them in danger. As for the idea that Felicity, Rene and Curtis got in the way of some operation, yeah sure, they were there, but they didn't scare away the targets, the place was empty. Diggle was blowing smoke. And no one will convince me that anyone would have handled the computer better than Felicity. If she tripped something on it then ANYONE Argus had look at it would have caused the same or worse results. I don't think Diggle really was part of the immunity deal in as much as by the time Oliver turned to the FBI for help, Diggle wasn't a vigilante. He was a team leader at Argus. His involvement in the Diaz hunt at that point would have been all sanctioned so he wouldn't have needed the deal since the FBI had no proof to pin on him for his past time as a vigilante. I get that Diggle can only do so much at Argus and while i'd have liked for him to find a way to do more, that's not what I'm holding against him. It's that he told Felicity to basically let it go and move on and forget about Oliver or her family's safety like she was being neurotic or unreasonable. Like her raw pain was too uncomfortable for him when he'd already moved on and let go of the past. It's his lack of understanding that if he was in her place he'd be doing exactly what she was doing that keeps disappointing me. I'd have rather he said I understand what you are going through but I'm stuck. I wish there was more I was allowed to do. What you are going through is impossibly hard but we won't stop trying. Something that at least acknowledged her reality. Instead, she got the patronizing company line to let them handle it in due time and was instructed to abandon all hope for any kind of semblance of the life she loved now or upcoming future.
  3. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    It's also why it feels like Argus could take Diaz off the board if only they actually put a little more effort into it. (And Argus likely wouldn't have had to worry about the super battery falling into the wrong hands and blowing up a city if they'd taken Diaz down before he ever plotted his new plot) Instead it kind of feels like Argus just isn't that interested in doing more than the basics. Which doesn't make sense. Which I think is why I'm more frustrated about Diggle's trust Argus approach. It feels like not bagging Diaz is a choice they are making.
  4. S07.E02 The Longbow Hunters

    Thanks for clarifying. I wasn't sure what you meant.
  5. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Doesn't Dinah have a day job to keep her busy?? I wonder who really is running the SCPD.
  6. S07.E02 The Longbow Hunters

    She can't promise to back his decisions if they run counter to her goals, yes, I agree to that but was that all that you meant or were you suggesting she was too emotional to think clearly?
  7. S07.E02 The Longbow Hunters

    I disagree that Diggle telling Felicity to sit tight and trust that Argus will eventually get around to making Diaz's capture a priority would be what Oliver would want to hear. Getting Diaz off the board was the only reason Oliver sacrificed his life. And now he's in jail and his wife and kid aren't even safe??? It's been five months and now in less than a week they've finally had two sightings of him and for some reason, nobody gives a damn, at least not enough to do anything about it...except Oliver and Felicity. I don't think Diggle stopped caring but I think he's gotten used to his new life and is frankly, too comfortable and complacent. I don't understand how he can be so blase about letting Diaz run around when he'd JUST defeated their security protocols, first to get to Felicity (and the only reason she survived was SHE was able to hold him off long enough for ARGUS to finally show up) and then a couple days later, Diaz used the same methods to steal the battery. He has no reason to have faith in ARGUS's abilities but he asks for her to trust them? Maybe I could understand about securing the battery being the first priority, but once the battery was secure, they STILL didn't and weren't making Diaz's capture a priority. They were only focused on their top objective and that meant actively letting Diaz go even though he was RIGHT THERE. Why not send someone after him? To not even try, that's unworkable with good reason for Felicity. Diggle should have convinced the new appears out of nowhere/we've never heard of Lyla or Waller having a boss at Argus before that catching Diaz was imperative for the same reason retrieving the battery was a priority. Maybe let him be the second objective, but he should be one of the objectives. Dude is the one plotting all the dastardly plots. He'll just move on to a new one and ARGUS will once again run in and stick a band-aid on the problem without ending the problem. It's proof of poor judgement and not inspiring of trust. And while she trusts Diggle, right now Diggle has put his trust in something else. IF and when Diaz gets close to Felicity again, the question Oliver will ask Diggle is "why is Diaz still free to attack Felicity?" Protecting Felicity means catching Diaz. Diggle is focusing on her need to get Diaz as if she assuming it's going to magically get Oliver out of prison. And that's what makes no sense to me. Oliver getting out anytime soon is a separate issue. Felicity connects getting Diaz as making Oliver's sacrifice have meaning, but she knows it's not getting him out BUT there is no kind of normal she or William can have until Diaz is caught. That's what Diggle seems no longer to comprehend. Leaving Oliver getting out of jail anytime soon out of it, Felicity can't just accept her old life is gone when there is no new life she can even start to build. There is NO life outside of hiding from Diaz or catching him. Not for her or William. Not even for Oliver in prison since Diaz proved he can get to him there. And yet Diggle was oblivious enough to think it is fine to tell her to just hang and chill while he eventually gets around to Diaz. Diggle greatly disappoints me because he's made his job more important than Oliver, Felicity, and William's safety or ability to try and start a new normal apart. He wants to help and probably tells himself that he needs ARGUS to help them, but at the same time, he seems resigned to the destruction of Felicity's family if it happens even while telling her he wouldn't put his family through something like that. It feels like Diggle is back to blaming Oliver for all the mistakes and lost chances (like he did in Brother's in Arms 6-17) and absolving himself of any responsibility. Again, I don't think there is any ill intent, but he's made it clear her life and family are not his first priority or even his second priority. And for someone that is supposed to be their family, it's so disheartening. I still believe he'd lay his life on the line in the field but he won't do anything to put his new job at risk in the meantime even when golden chances fall in his lap. And can't seem to completely understand why she'd be upset about this. Felicity is just so sad about the distance, even if she's resigned to find another way. She needs some ride or dies of her very own she can call on since clearly Curtis has no backbone, Diggle and DInah are caught up following the rules, Rene is toothless and BS even with the walking maniac part put aside, a flat out screw up. I seethed when the Noobs said they had her back and of course it proved to be nothing more than words.
  8. The old school Shipp suit looks better. Sorry SA. (Though he wins for best butt buy a buttload, pun intended)
  9. S04.E01: The Virgin Gary

    Nora did totally evil things but I'm willing to give her a chance because she has a really good excuse, aka sent to evil boot camp as a child while possessed by Malus. She really didn't have a chance not to be evil before. Now she has her chance, so I'm willing to buy into her making her own choices for the first time. So while we still get the bad girl/boy scout dynamic between her and Ray, it's a tad less of a cliche for me since again, she wasn't exactly calling the shots before. We don't really know how much she should personally be held responsible for. So I'm rooting for Ray and Nora (Noray? Rara? Rora? I like the last one, the first sounds anti Ray and the second Scooby Doo trying to talk.) Dammit Barry!
  10. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I'm thinking we get more on Felicity working with Watson too.
  11. S07.E02 The Longbow Hunters

    This is IMO a KC problem. It's one of the major reasons why her Laurel point one oh didn't work for me. (To be clear, I mean the sincerity, not the tarantulas, though, yeah, lol) I often just didn't find her sincere even when she was supposedly a wholly good guy. So many of the Laurel issues the first time around could be blamed on the writing but some of it was IMO how KC played her so if mostly squeaky clean Earth 1 Laurel couldn't convince me of her sincerity, how is consistent evil doer Earth 2 Laurel supposed to convince me she's "not that person" anymore? I found Diggle out of the blue last year putting the blame for every failed mission on Oliver's shoulders pretty disloyal personally. As for Cayden James, if Diaz was the puppet master they portrayed him as, even if Felicity hadn't broken him out, James would have gotten out somehow so that he could enact Diaz's super complicated long term plan. Felicity's involvement wouldn't have changed anything. Agreed and that does annoy me. I appreciated the sentiment that Felicity came to town and lit a fire beneath play it safe, I like my job Curtis but yeah, if the writers would just let Rene own up to what he did and how he was the catalyst for all their problems, maybe I could let it go. As it is, the show's attempt to gaslight me like it never happened only makes me more upset. That said, in show on Felicity's POV, I am just telling myself that she has bigger fish to fry than to worry about the NTA and frankly, wouldn't mind pretending at least one thing in her life hadn't changed. It's denial but IMO the NTA doesn't matter enough for her to stay too mad at them. Even Rene swinging the ax, she'd have had total confidence that Oliver would take him down so she might be able to shrug at Rene's willingness to kill Oliver. She's so lonely that she's willing to put up with a lot. In contrast, she was upset with what Diggle was saying and doing because she expects more from him. He matters. Oliver didn't turn himself in to cover their crimes. He let the FBI charge him in exchange for their help to get Diaz and part of that included immunity for the rest of the team. He's not in jail because they found him guilty. He beat the charges and they had nothing on him or the rest of the team they could make stick at that point until he confessed. So in a way, he was wrongly imprisoned since by going thru the justice system, he was supposed to go free but he still ended up in jail, not because they caught him at it or could prove anything, but because the FBI pretty much used Oliver's stupidity and extorted him into going to jail in order for them to offer help they should have been giving with or without his sacrifice. That Diggle is perfectly ok with letting Oliver rot for what ALL of them were doing, makes no sense.
  12. S07.E02 The Longbow Hunters

    The other thing about Diggle telling Felicity to let it go and wait til Argus gets around to caring is he seems to have completely forgotten that William is stuck off at boarding school, alone and in danger. Even if Dig's all about Felicity moving on from Oliver being around anytime soon, what about William?? The urgency to get Diaz doesn't end with Oliver being behind bars. Felicity is still a target too. How can she move on if she can't even drive herself around town? (Though I suspect she's going to have to shake those watchdogs if she's going to get anything done.) It was almost the dumbest thing I've ever heard Diggle say.
  13. S04.E01: The Virgin Gary

    This was exactly what I came to post about. And at this point, I think the answer is yes. It makes no sense for the father to be ashamed he wasn't more rough and tumble. They framed him originally as being super sheltered and not allowed to take any of those kinds of risks. If they are saying his dad rejected him because he had a disease then not sure the dad is worth a reconciliation. I'm spoiler free but Nate's dad getting a new job in DC where the Time Bureau happen to be based doesn't seem like a coincidence. I am hopeful by bringing up Zari's future that they will address just what the heck happened. I keep wishing we got stuff about it on Arrow when they use ARGUS so much but so far nothing concrete. It seems to me the Legends need to nip that whole thing in the bud at some point. I really don't know how he wasn't naked by the time he stood up.
  14. S07.E02 The Longbow Hunters

    It's IMO a case of different priorities. ARGUS is ok in this case of just putting out the most immediate fire, the weapon, but is ignoring the arsonist out there still setting the fires. Felicity is looking both at what she needs most, taking Diaz off the board for personal reasons but also it's the answer to the big picture problem. I don't agree Diaz is anything more than a thug but if he's this huge threat, then it's absurd ARGUS isn't focused on eliminating him. I mean, Cayden James was never more than a hypothetical threat and they illegally black sited him. But Diaz and the Longbow Hunters can be allowed to just go free. AGAIN? Is that how Diaz escaped last time? They never bothered to try to catch him?
  15. S07.E02 The Longbow Hunters

    Yeah I don't like history being rewritten but I can comfort myself that people do this all the time. So I guess this is how Diggle comforts himself for the role he played in the mess Oliver, Felicity and William are in now, by telling himself it was the life and the mask not the people that let Oliver down. At the same time, I feel safe that it won't take Diggle forever before he realizes the Argus way isn't the way for him so while I'm irritated at the divide, I know it won't ruin my love of Diggle in the long run. And Felicity got to be the one to walk away from Argus. Given the skills she brings, if she wanted to stick around I'm sure she could have talked them into letting her stick around. Yes to all of this though I remain braced for BS tagging along at some point if Watson isn't getting things done.