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  1. I do tend to think some of this support for like JH and RG is because of how much hate there is toward the NTA. Don't know if it's motivated by a network request or the actors showing support on their own but it seems coordinated to me. As for the pics of EBR, SA and Cass, I wonder if more of those are being released perhaps as a way to deal with rumors. SA and EBR are friends, I think that's been proved, but doing pics of the work wife with the actual wife shows they all get along so no secret relationship? Or it could just be that EBR and Cass are now friends so they all just hang out so much more so more chances for pics.
  2. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I feel threatened by the fact that you stayed on the beach. 😲😨😬
  3. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I honestly don't think they could recast the way they were talking about it and have the show go on. I'd be more open to flat out pulling a soap opera stunt and swapping in a new actor than bringing in a new character like they were talking. But even then, CC is very well cast for his part. I guess if it's such a mess, just cancel the whole thing. Just a normal day, surrounded by everything that wants to try to kill you. Lol.
  4. I had heard her mother and sister were to some extent but her parents I guess live in CA so maybe they were not up to the crazier level stuff. Or maybe this was a wake up call. Hopefully for all of them. Four nights in jail had to have made some kind of impression. And that's on top of nearly a month away from direct contact with KR. I think it was 20/20 that had an interview last year with a woman that had been in a relationship with him for like a decade. She spoke of "sessions" where she'd go in and think she talked to him for like 10-20 minutes and was told no it had been many hours. Freaky stuff. Even just the regular offered to the public "intensives" they taught are scary stuff. This is from a Vanity Fair article written back in 2010 https://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2010/11/bronfman-201011 She's been arrested for her actions and will go to trial unless there's some kind of plea which is more accountability than most of the male offenders who only lost jobs or popularity have faced. The pretty blond girl didn't get special treatment. They should make note of that.
  5. Mack didn't rise up the ranks. KR set up the group with her and a few others already in their ranking positions. These were women he'd already made his slaves and had subjected to many years of conditioning. So it's really not as simple as saying others suffering the same abuse didn't end up where she did because many DID end up where she did but it seems her fame such as it was and her ability to recruit made her important. And in the criminal complaint, there is at least one other female co-conspirator which I couldn't ID from the documents but others said WAS one of the other actresses involved and hints of several more top-tier slaves on nearly the same level all who reported directly to KR. It sounds like AM was the most "successful" of the bunch in carrying out her "vow" though. She'd been a top recruiter for Nxivm for a long while and I guess that could be called rising up the ranks before DOS started but they all were doing the same stuff because of the man that started the whole cult in the first place. AM's actions are terrible but this isn't a case of some bad childhood that anyone is trying to use as an excuse for something terrible that she did later in life. I don't think anyone is suggesting she not be held accountable but it's not a simple case of her just two years ago starting up a sex cult since she was already IN a cult and a relationship with the head guy that included brainwashing, starvation, sleep deprivation, verbal abuse, physical abuse and even imprisonment. He locked her in a cage people. A cage. How could she think that was ok and be still completely of sound mind? (The details are all in the state's complaint.) And all that was apparently going on BEFORE the sex cult started up as well as during per what they quote her as saying. No one has to forgive her for her actions but at least please don't forget the man that really started all this crap in the first place.
  6. I still stand behind the character and the narrative I think would have better served the show. So I still wish Chlois could have happened but I bet DC is happy it didn't.
  7. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I'd never rule out relatives or friends being cast (Brandon Routh's wife had a big part on Legends actually just this year) but it seems late in the season for something like a cameo and they made IMO too big a fuss for it to be someone new and I would have thought they would have wanted to advertise it rather than hide it if they did do some stunt casting. Interesting spec though.
  8. I suppose they could have end up having BS figure out how to open breaches too and then send herself back to E2 but I liked it better when I thought she wouldn't be able to come back. But can she be redeemed!
  9. Yeah, not one retweet about Olicity, Felicity, or OTA quotes or moments BUT they retweeted someone saying "I love Felicity Smoak" and said they did too. It that supposed to just cover it all?
  10. Is ImdbPro different from regular anyone can add stuff Imdb? Because according to this tweet thread someone with access to ImdbPro noticed that EBR had switched talent agencies and got a new publicist and lawyer. But I don't know whether that is something people can trust to be accurate or not. Here's the tweet anyway.
  11. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I suspect it's going to be a long summer hiatus filled with constant praise of the NTA cast members from the OTA and the show runners. They have their work cut out for them even if the show redeems the NTA to some degree.
  12. The weather since this weekend has been shockingly nice after a very drawn out winter. (This weekend it was in the 60's while just the weekend before here in MN we got a foot of snow dumped on us.) I'm guessing just wanting to be outside played a big part of the numbers drop. If it did, then the numbers should be down for the rest of the week as well, though maybe not as much as the work week grinds on.
  13. With assists from Amunet? So one of the Flash villains is going to be on the side of the heroes when they bring in a Nazi Laurel? Interesting choices.
  14. Still don't understand why Regina is in the UNsung Hero list. She gets more credit already than she probably deserves, lol. I don't hate her but she was right next to all the other "heroes" on that show after the first couple seasons.