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  1. It seemed too much just Vince's way of flirting to have deeper meaning. But you never know.
  2. One of the things that really bugged me was NTA acting like Oliver was the one waiting around to go after Cayden James when it was those three that had been lazing on their arses for 5 weeks. And now they are acting like they are going to waltz in and clean up his mess. EVERYTHING is getting blamed on Oliver even if it doesn't make sense.
  3. If I had my way, the noobs would keep their team and the only reconciliation would be the OTA occasionally calling them in like subcontractors to boost their numbers for some fight. Go in, do the job and then go their separate ways. But I doubt I'll be so lucky. And even though Curtis and his balls seem even less special than before, I think Felicity being shown so overwhelmingly tired after so many allnighters shows the show saying she needs Curtis to take shifts behind the keyboard. I have a hard time buying it because previously she set programs to run without having to be there all the time. I could buy this is a special case because of Cayden James. But after that... Except when Oliver asked for an explanation (and he tried to talk to her in private) he was told, the whole team was told it was none of their business and she refused to offer any explanation. She wanted to have their blind trust and not have to defend herself even though the team was compromised.
  4. Lol, I think you have a typo.
  5. So writers rooms do take note of that kind of thing.
  6. I love this line.
  7. It wouldn't shock me if there was something behind the scenes. Maybe something as simple Franz wanting to move on too since he was doing movies before joining Legends or an impasse maybe in negotiations since his role would be changing if he stayed, but I also know that I enjoyed Jax a lot more once I stopped following Franz's Instagram.
  8. Yeah, since when does anyone like Sara and Ava? I've only heard tolerance for her character, not like.
  9. 615 Is Roy's return, right? Which means even if the rest of the episode is about BS, there's still a chance it could become my second favorite 15th episode. Season 1 had Dodger but after that numbe15 has been a string of stinkers. (S2 The Promise - yawn. S3 was Nada Parbat aka Felicity sleeps with Ray, S4 Taken Is the break up and last year Thea had to get Susan's job back.
  10. Currently, there are 26 comments. 15 are an answer to this question. Only one was team newbie. For reference, here that is:
  11. Well, a simple thing would be to do the episode poll (rank it 10-1) on the "What did you think of the episode page?" So far I'm the only one that rated let alone reviewed it, lol. IGN did their review and gave it a 4.1 on their site and it makes Reddit happy so I guess not hating the episode would be a take over in itself, lol. Here's the page link:http://www.ksitetv.com/forums/showthread.php?177488-Loved-It-Hated-It-What-did-you-think-of-quot-Divided-quot&p=8181738&posted=1#post8181738
  12. I am very much not a fan of using the term "daddy" in any sort of a sexual way. Icks the hell out of me but I took it more as the newbs being childish than Felicity seeing Oliver as her "Daddy" in any way. Before they were mom and dad. Daddy makes the children in question even more infantile and that works very well for me. I am so holding a grudge against this lot. It does make me hopeful that we will see the NTA really humbled and see them all have to say all the ways they were completely wrong. Though from what the OTA actors were saying at the most recent con, I don't think we will see a resolution very fast. The only good thing about stretching it out (besides more OTA time) is I think it increases the chances of one of the newbs permanently retiring. (not dying but getting on a bus)
  13. For whatever reason, yeah, it seems clear they are not letting Willa back in the costume. Maybe it's as simple as the lair is already crowded once the rift is over. Maybe there is BTS stuff. Or maybe they know I'd give even less a fuck about the newbs if Thea was on OTA. If we had Oliver, Diggle and Thea out in the field, really, what the hell would we need the bird, the dog and the T for?
  14. Before this episode Reddit was very NTA. Now some are still ecstatic over Curtis and Rene "calling" Felicity on her stuff. But it's no longer a safe haven for the NTA. Still plenty defending them but even over there the tide seems to be shifting. It's refreshing for them not to be only ranting about Felicity, lol.