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  1. S05.E08: Slayer II

    I was overjoyed to see F-ing Larry but now can't follow the series. How is he doing? I had subscribed to Sling again but they aren't showing Atlanta and Americans are boring so I unsubscribed again. Does F-ing Larry stand a chance?
  2. S01E09 Pre-Nuptial 07.30.2018

    Okay, I'm out. That last episode was disgusting. Besides, their roles are so undynamic I still don't know one person from another. Is the one brother hitting on his sister? Should have known what was coming (no pun) with the ejaculation on the picture window a few episodes back. Stopped watching.
  3. S01.E10: Ease on Down the Road

    For dramatic purposes of the opposite kind... It is unlikely that ALL of the kids would be such poor dancers. But, in their defense, they may have been dancing with no music as is often done in films. But still, if I was producer or director, I would say, "no way, give them some music! They look so lame!".
  4. S01.E07: The Whistle

    What exactly happened in the barbershop?
  5. Low Carb Eating

    s, thisLow C is a great breakfast, lunch or brunch dish. I made it for breaksfast this morning. Numbers are 7.9 g protein, 3.9 g carbs and 27 g fat. 298.8 calories. Pepper Egg Boats
  6. I also advise talking with your doctor. Have you ever had labs done? They test your blood and urine to get feedback on your blood sugar, chlolestral, thyroid and all other body functions. Cometimes, low blood sugar or pressure cause the palpitations as well as high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Getting tested will be the best thing.
  7. It sounds so nice. Should be very calming. Do you feel it when you use it? Would love to have a massage with it, lol.
  8. S01.E07: Prison Cell to Wedding Bells

    Becauser logos and a few other things are artwork and you have to have permission from the creator to use it. Learned that through CafePress...
  9. What is Yoga Balm? Be sure, if anyone is using just the oils, to mix it with a carrier oil or cream. Direct contact with skin is not advised. Seriously all, when you learn the few little precautions using the oils is easily done and safe.
  10. S01.E06: Penetrate a Fraud

    I would not take exception to your view even if you did not find it compelling. It is the same view of Black life in Los Angeles, Southern California. Frankly, I get tired of the one-ness of Black life anywhere. But as I said, it is well-written and fully developed. Just as The Wire made me sad but I could not look away.
  11. S01.E06: Penetrate a Fraud

    Yes, I am having problems respecting the point of view from the writer. For sure, it makes great television for some if not the majority of viewers. But from everyday life from the perspective of African American urban life, not so much. It is harmful in a way to present just this one view of Chicago because people oare so vulnerable these days and do not do much thinking outside of what they are shown. Thus, we have the stereo typical Black thug, baby daddy, abusive male, loose Black woman character. It would surprise the world to know that not every young Black male struggles... some just march right on through life accomplishing, winning, settling into mundane or very credible lives. I wonder, though, if little kids actually run around all hours of the night doing whatever without anyone being concerned? Yet, the parent is shown as caring and hard working. But the show is intriguing because it is well-written with fully developed characters that you can actually get to know through the script. Also, it is based on some parts of someone's life somewhere because a lack of realism would turn it into a whole nother story.
  12. S01.E06: Penetrate a Fraud

    Bandon's mom bothers me. Her new husband bothers me. Emmet is unbelieveably millennial. The guy in the hat who bought the building who stole the dog scares me. I can't decide of this show is depressing or entertaining. If it is more depressing than The Wire or if The Wire was better all around. IJDK...
  13. And some oils not good around children. Please check before using.
  14. Alla & James: An Officer and a Heroin

    (emoticon needed for your comment) Ever since I watched part of the "reality show" series, the one that showed the behind the scenes, I have been suspect of that very thing.
  15. Alla & James: An Officer and a Heroin

    With the film crew there do you think they looked the other way?