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  1. S01.E08: All About Ava

    I agree. This will make me go back and watch the pilot episode so that I can see Berto's initial reaction to Sam's hiring. Anybody know how long Monica has known Sam? I initially got the sensation that she was a long-time friend, but things came up to make me think that isn't the case. Then Monica said, during the "About last night' episode, that Sam, "Didn't come home last night!" Do they live together?
  2. Season 3 Discussion

    If you're a subscriber to the Old Wive's Tale or TV Trope that if a kid hits another kid, then they must be doing it because they like the other person, then yeah, Lindsay and Arlo were telegraphed from the 1st. However, I don't subscribe to that theory. It's all done to the writer's discretion. Lyndsay went beyond just hitting Arlo, she also falsely accused him of things, and made fun of him around her girlfriends. Why make fun of a guy you like around your girlfriends, that will bite you in the end when you hook up with him. The story went from her not liking him very much, to all of her sudden interest when he was dating Emma. Then a lot of lingering around Arlo and injecting herself in his conversations. The next thing I know, they're an item 24/7 with them becoming intimate all of a sudden. So, yes, it was a surprise that they began to snuggle under blankets. It was odd, to me. Yes, Lyndsay and Shay were in the same Arts class, but with the way the Weld High School works, students share classes regardless of age. So, I don't know if Lyndsay and Shay are the same age. I think Shay is older and Lyndsay is Arlo's age. I dare say, your Arlo/Lyndsay acceptance may be due to your accelerated viewing. To you, it may appear natural, but for those of us who watched the seasons as they aired, their relationship was much more acrimonious in the beginning. I did enjoy her quietly getting furious about Poppy joining the crew and Shay's pleasure in inciting the Lyndsay/Arlo/Poppy growing situation. Shay dropped all kinds of nefarious hints and suggestions to deliberately goad Arlo and Poppy into situations that would make Lyndsay more jealous.
  3. Season 3 Discussion

    Hey!!!! All right. Another one in the George/Katie camp. Fi, if anything will get desperate for a kid and accept Robbie's offer, yecch! Siouxsie's relationship with Shay is interesting. Who would have thought those two would become friends? It's a wonder it didn't happen sooner, being like spirits an all. Lindsay, I have no clue about. She spent the first two seasons torturing Arlo, now she can't stand leaving him alone, especially around Poppy. LOL, that came out of nowhere and I hated that development
  4. Season 1 Discussion

    Acourding to this web page in the U.K., the episode, "The Book of Names" season 1, episode 6, aired last night or will air tonight. The Outpost: Summary & Episode Guide
  5. S01.E08: All About Ava

    I don't think any of the other actors in "All About Ava" match Sam's amount of TV experience. You're correct, they did specifically use percentages of likelihood of a genetic match.
  6. S01.E08: All About Ava

    Although I've been liking this series so far, I had a few problems with this episode, "All About Ava". I know that time is compressed in TV episodes, but I have reservations when things happen so quickly that I lose sense of reality with regards to the rules of other TV crime shows. DNA results do NOT happen over night, nor do I think you can place a probability on genetic likelihoods so quickly. Mick's DNA determination that the victim of the 20 year old hit and run, despite degradation of the sample occurred at TV speed, unlike in other shows where they always say, it's going to take some time for the results to come back. Do likelihoods of genetic parentage take less time? I didn't pay that much attention to the discovery, but how did Sam and Eddie determine that the restaurant worker's son was the victim so quickly? I know the DNA samply and location of the town assisted and Sam's fortuitous spotting of the worker's son wearing the very glasses in evidence helped. It wa just a large leap. DId they ever go back and tell the worker that her son was murdered and that they caught the murderer? I know it was a hit-n'-run, but while technically an accident, to leave the scene of the crime and to hide evidence of it is negligent vehicular homicide, at least. Eddie and Sam enter LeMaise, hear a woman screaming and with. gun drawn approach two psychiatric technicians controlling a patient. THEN they ask, "What is this place? Um, ask Berto or Google it before you go in. Patient's doctor spills entire medical history to a P.I. W/O a warrant or even a hesitation. I know the patient is dead, but HIPPA laws still apply. I don't like how the doc just went ahead and gave the deets on Ava's condition so easily. I know, TV, but other shows more realistically thrown up roadblocks. Murderer is a director of a TV series. Plans a reboot of that series; is discovered to be the murderer of the star of the show, and a some days later, the reboot is greenlit with all involved sans director. No talk of acquiring another director (who would even know the intricacies of the series?) Perhaps Sam show have been asked to direct, she has the most experience and is familiar with the series. Part of our weekly, plot hole discussion with this show.
  7. S01.E08: All About Ava

    I posted an interview with the actress, Alice Lee, who plays Monica. She described her character as having connectivity issues with people. Here's her take on her character, "The best description of Monica, is by the actress who plays her, Alice Lee, “Lee likes the fact that her character of "Monica" is unique in the world of television. "I mean, she's very quirky," said Lee. "I just haven't played someone that quirky, her humor is very dry, and so it's very different. Her outfits are loud, she has a lot of personality, but then when she's actually doing human connection she's kinda awkward.". Yes, you're correct, she has problems with social skills, which means the actress is doing a good job with her character. It could just be the actual Vancouver outdoor shot since I think the billboard said CTV. Both Take Two and Lucifer are shot in Vancouver. It's a meta directorial trick. It's not an accident of location . Directors and film editors are aware of the background, mostly, (The film, "Ben Hur" had a car in the background during a chariot race) Usually, it's done to subliminally advertise one of the network's other shows.
  8. S01.E08: All About Ava

    Or, the show is trying to emphasize that Sam is enjoying her new family being with Eddie. She's starting her emotional rebirth; less pretending (acting) more reality (her growing closeness with Eddie) and him with her, if his reaction to her possibly leaving is any indication of HIS growing emotions. I like that, to me, the show isn't trying to force the WT/WT romance, it's occurring more naturally, for a summer short-lived series.
  9. S01.E08: All About Ava

    The show "Lucifer" did this in one of the early season 1 scenes (I think when Chloe and Lucifer were checking out a hit and run crime scene), when crossing the street, there was a billboard for "Supergirl" in the background.
  10. Super(girl) Media

    This ^^. Said more eloquently, than I managed. Despite many interviews stating that Alex is Gay, the lack of any historical indicators makes me skeptical that Alex is Solely Gay. She could be, but the writers did a poor job of setting that up and I just question why. I suspect its simply a ratings thing. I think, the writers are trying to capture the popularity of Sara's character on LOT and think they've narrowed it down to her sexuality, so they've tried to emulate that popularity in Alex's character. However, they've misjudged her popularity badly. Sara's popularity is not solely due to her sexuality. Sara is fun, she kicks ass and laughs in your face as she's doing it. She's honest with others and she's an excellent leader. Now, "Supergirl" is trying to capture the affection that fans have for Sara by changing Alex into "Supergirl's" version of Sara. Winn's new suit for Alex makes her an even bigger badass than she was before, with J'onzz departure making Alex the de facto leader of the DEO (which honestly, isn't his call; he can designate her in-charge while he's away from the DEO, but I would think it's a Presidential appointment, and up to President Marsdin for it to be permanent). I think it's all the show's attempt to capture some of the popularity of "LOT" to help with the ratings of "Supergirl". It may work, but Alex is not Sara. Alex, really, is too serious, she doesn't have Sara's cavalier attitude, she rarely laughs and smiles, and while I love Chyler Leigh, and I've loved her since she played Lexie on Grey's, she doesn't have Caity Lotz' swagger and Joie de vivre. You can't transplant the fun of "Legends" into "Supergirl". As I've said upthread, "Supergirl" has a casting problem, hence this whole shakeup.
  11. Cynic! Maybe Bond fans HAVE evolved. Doctor Who fans have accepted a female Doctor. First time for everything.
  12. Not the same reaction from just a few years back. Now some WANT Elba to play Bond. I wonder what changed? Idris Elba as James Bond? Fans are shaken and stirred at the possibility
  13. Super(girl) Media

    I had forgotten about that, but as you said, there was a question about whether it was genuine or whether Lord was attempting to discover whether Alex worked for some Secret Organization. I think that was what he was trying to find out. I remember he was very shady with her and seemed to be using her; I want to say that he used her attraction towards him or she reacted to his flattering attention towards her.
  14. Super(girl) Media

    I'm not contesting what they "say", they could say that Alex is whatever they say she is, but that to ME, doesn't make it what they say. Don't get me wrong, if they want to label Alex as Gay, than that's what they want her character to be. And I have no ulterior motive for believing what I think. It's just that Alex has never had any reltionships on the show. Kara went through 2-3 relationships on the show and Alex never had a single one. Winn had two (if you count his feelings for Kara), James had two, also. Alex, ZERO. A super cute, tough as nails DEO agent (who could be a lesbian as none of those attributes exclude the other). However, Alex has never even been shown to even glance at a guy OR woman and check them out. For me, there's no history or track record, unlike Sara, who had Ollie, than Nyssa, then a series of ONS. Then they introduced Maggie and now Alex is Gay, NOT bisexual, Not Asexual, not Pansexual (Whatever the heck that is, as I still don't know). The actress who played Maggie, wanted to move on and to give a reason for a breakup, Alex feels SO strongly that she wants kids that she and Maggie break up. I know, I'm revisiting what we all know and followed on the show and I hate to speak about the chronology, but with regards to relationships, specifically, Alex's, I just don't see her as solely a lesbian as I have never seen her with anybody. If she were introduced as a lesbian character, then thast's quite different, but if she's never shown any sexual interests at all, and to say she's Gay or lesbian I'm just not feeling it. Now, if I come across as insensitive or stupid or ignorant, sorry. This all started with my wish to not have Alex paired with Batwoman. To me, it just strikes me as a contrivance, done to attract male viewers who are hesitant to watch 'Supergirl'. Surprisingly, there are male superhero viewers who don't want to watch "Supergirl" just because she's a woman Superhero. Yet those same guys will salivate just at the thought of watching Wonder Woman. If they introduced Power Girl, with her full costume (big boobs and all), those same guys will be all over Supergirl.
  15. Super(girl) Media

    I misread your post and thought you said. Alex was with Sara. When I reread your post I realized that I had totally misunderstood. That's my fault. I tried to rewrite my post but all the attempts failed. I kind of thought Alex was not a lesbian but that she just realized that she loved the detective; not the same thing. The Alex Sara hookup, to me, was her just missing her ex. I don't think of her as being a lesbian or even bisexual, like Sara.