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  1. S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    Maybe not so delusional as the object of his search was there before him as he woke up from his whatever. So, he had a calling to find his dream girl? Good luck, Dude, prepare to share her in this crazy story. Anyway, the coming attraction seemed to indicate that Brow and Icicle are two halves of an anointed pair. Combine that with Cal, the Golden Child, we might have the makings of a new cult.
  2. S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    Seriously? Is that what it was or are you joking? If the showrunners and writers have gone so far as to have props set up with fictitious, intricate details, meanwhile deliberately seeding the Mani-verse with "Lost"-style Easter eggs and over-hyped triangle drama, we are truly
  3. S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    @Green. You bring up good points. Ben has never sat Grace down and read her the Bible on Flight #828, BUT, has Grace ever sat BEN down and said, there's some weird shit going on around us and especially around Cal. I see you and your sister conferring with others, especially that fine-ass Specialist that you keep texting, SO, what the fuck is happening????? NO, she never did. If someone has information that you feel you should need, you ask until you get the information that you want. Grace seems to be stuck in "I don't know what to do" mode. The only way to get out of that mode is ask fucking questions!!!! NOT when your son is missing and presumed abducted, but when shit started happening like a freaking plane blowing up with a lot of the 828-er's standing around gawking. What happened there? Instead, she's bitching about Ben & Cal coming back from the dead and how hard it was for her in the beginning, so much so that she needed multiple MEN to come into the house with their own keys, just to help. There's no rule that says Ben has to explain every little thing to her when she doesn't even seem curious enough to even ask?
  4. S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    I loved it. The new addition adds a nice, new twist. It seems the Major wants Cal for her own personal uses. I don't like the fact that she has control of everything related to law enforcement. Why are all these shows using the whole Government conspiracy with no regard to individual lives scenario. It's just depressing, like we have no control over our own lives. I don't like seeing soldiers used to round up and collect victims of an incident not of their own making. I also don’t like the attempt to gaslight us with regard to Grace. The writers have her acting like Ben deliberately left her in the dark, as far as I remember, she didn’t want to know shit and thought Ben cared about everyone else except his family. That’s not how I remember it. Grace even went so far as to warn off Saanvi from interacting with both Cal AND Ben, so she had at least some idea that shit was going down around Cal. She showed ZERO curiosity!!! Ben has always tried to protect Cal and his family, not just everyone else. Sure, he has to check out every lead but he needs to get to who is responsible. I still don’t forgive Autumn for what she did. I understand her reasons, but she has done too much damage already. Go "Brows" for the "smash and grab" and subsequent roughing up of Autumn. The show could have made it a little harder for "Brows" to find Autumn's daughter. It took less time to find her daughter than it takes to have a pizza delivered. Did Autumn even look for her daughter or did she just whine about her ex-partners robbing her blind? What the fuck did she expect when she was working with identity thieves? That's what they do. She was thought dead, of course her old partners would try to blame her for everything and rob her blind. She herself did it to others. Loved Cal's drawings, it must be Hell inside his head right now. Mick's head also. LOL, Jared's got it bad. He's not even thinking about his wife. Poor Lourdes, she's getting screwed and doesn't even know it. Has Jared even mentioned anything to his wife or is he just going along with the pregnancy plan? Perhaps, just a line or two about his wife will do. Otherwise, he's not worth it for either woman. I hate to say it, but when the scene shifted to all of Cal's family members in the house with NINETEEN police officers (she counted?) looking frantically for him, I thought Olive looked like she just wanted to call Danny and cry on his shoulder. She didn't even hug her parents for comfort. She stood on the opposite side of the room, not even near her parents; like she's not a part of the family. Nice thinking on her feet by Brows to call in Jared for the Grandpa deception. Smooth, although the detective was still a bit skeptical. Perhaps, they should have pulled her aside and maybe test her out a bit for complicity. This "Major has every law enforcement officer under her thumb" shit gets old. Where's MSNBC or CNN investigating. Speaking of, what happened to the reporter who was working with Ben? Did he get killed or something? He was there, now he's not. Did he get "Vanced"? Does any body remember what the Major called Cal? She called him something like "The Focus" or something. She said something like, "We can't let another 'Focus' get away again", or something along those lines. Was there another Focus? Was that Focus the Abominable Snowman?
  5. Perhaps there are Eidelons in the Galaxy. ;)
  6. We'll have to see how much of Ed's decision to turn Telaya back over to the Krill was influenced by emotions for Janel as opposed to a logical, diplomatic solution as Danielg342 observed.
  7. Nicely done. Perhaps Seth chose this plan as opposed to the usual trope, because it was so deliberate, involved, and personal on Telaya's part, of course they (the Krill) could have done this with any Union ship if they had the capability to use genetic microtrans-ectomy (or whatever they called it) but they needed someone willing to undergo the painful procedure and who was dedicated to the mission. Telaya had sufficient motivation if she didn't let any of those pesky, illogical things like romantic feelings get in the way. She kept on insisting the things that Ed did that infuriated her: snoring; clingy (or as she put it "painfully attentive") & narrow. Why tell someone you plan to kill exactly what they need to know to attract a mate in the future and, by inference, traits she prefers in a mate? Maybe I see hope for Ed because I was hoping he and Alara could make it work on the show. I guess I'm a sucker for impossible unions: Humans/Cylons; Human/Sebacean; Human/Minbari; Human/Vampire; Human/Werewolf; maybe even Human/Wraiths.
  8. One thing that could have helped is what Telaya learned about Humans and Earth while she was trying to infiltrate their society. After all that time, wouldn't she have found that Humans believe in many Gods, and believe in souls. Actually, the Krill are practically very similar to humans. They believe in similar philosophies and the concepts of religion, entertainment, & honor. I think she came away with some small measure of respect for humans and Ed. She saw that Kelly, Ed's ex, didn't hate her both before and after she was brought back to the Orville (and in custody behind bars) despite knowing that she played them and clearly hurt the man Kelly loves.
  9. Telaya had a singular importance to the Krill military. She successfully survived a very dangerous procedure and infiltrated a Union ship, learned some secrets, had time to explore their ship and compromised a Union ship's Captain. She could have valuable Intel and should be saved and brought back for questioning.
  10. He didn't just let her go. He asked her to contact the Krill for her release into their custody. An actual Krill ship arrived as John stated, without weapons charged and sent out a shuttle. The shuttle arrived and met the security forces of the Orville. Guns everywhere and no shots fired. I think at least some diplomacy facilitated this. The ship could have arrived and destroyed the Union ship and taken Telaya if she survived. Ed's gesture of defiance was already paying off dividends.
  11. Isn't this the same scenario with Captain Archer (Pink man) and the Andorian, "Shran" in ENT?
  12. S01.E01: Pilot

    Alex and Izzy was a slightly better coupling than Izzy and Jesse or worse, Ward. I just didn’t see Izzy choosing Alex voluntarily and not because she was without a great love. Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, yes. Izzy/Michael, Izzy/Alex, Izzy/Jesse, Izzy/Ward, No!
  13. They at least “slept” together, from that comment and from Ed’s, “But we canoodled!”. It depends on your meaning of canoodling. Does it solely imply snuggling or can it include sex? I hope they did and they both enjoyed it. I choose to believe that Telaya was attracted to Ed while on the Krill ship last year and that attraction led to her having feelings for him, despite her insufferable logic and it also led to her emotional pain and anger at his deception and subsequent killings. These emotions drove her to see how HE feels about his earlier deception by turning the tables on him under the exact same scenario. She talked a mean game but if she REALLY wanted to kill Ed, she would have even if she needed him to travel to the higher ground and send a message. Her last longing look gave me the impression that she realized with regret that despite being a “human” he was actually the man she thought he was, compassionate and caring. She got her man, judging by Ed’s sorrowful face at the end.
  14. Orvillian Media

    Orville co-stars Scott Grimes and-Adrianne-palicki-are-engaged not the couple I was imagining, but here's the lovely couple. Good luck!
  15. S01.E01: Pilot

    Never having read the books, I DID, however watch the Original about 10 times total from start to finish and am surprised at the changes. Making Michael Gay, ruins part of the fun of the show between Maria and her hygenically-challenged boyfriend, “Space boy” Michael. Then to put Michael and Alex together, two people that didn’t trust each other a bit in the original, is so odd. I was a Shiri Appleby and Katherine Heigl fan and I hate to say that while many have complained about Katherine Heigl’s acting, I like her version of Izzy better than this actress, so far,