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  1. S04.E03: Episode 3

    Suitably chastised, please forgive any slight inferred. As you state, Demelza’s state of style is wardrobe’s responsibility not Eleanor Tomlinson’s thus any conjecture that she gives off the appearance of being loose is not the character’s fault as you state but wardrobes. This show doesn’t really do character growth very well. Look how long it takes for the characters to learn from their past. Some never change. That’s the show runner’s fault.
  2. S04.E03: Episode 3

    It seems a bit judgmental. Demelza is well respected in the town. In fact, the only person that dislikes her is George. Even Elizabeth respects her; Verity considers her family; miners’ wives respect her and consider her one of them; Caroline considers her a BFF. If anyone would be so unaware as to consider Demelza a “loose woman” based on her attire and hair, then fuck ‘em, they’re not worth consideration. Demelza works very hard and is probably the #1 person besides Ross that someone would seek help from. I like the scene where Demelza and Verity are sitting around and Demelza is playing Matchmaker. Those two are my favorite when they’re together. Verity is so sweet, she’s smart & observant and can follow conversational sub-text. It won’t be long before she figures out the Hugh fiasco. I’m looking forward to that reveal. Will Verity be understanding, or will she be disappointed with Demelza?
  3. S04.E03: Episode 3

    I prefer Demelza with just the everyday, casual look. Jeans, or with mates at the local pub.
  4. S04.E03: Episode 3

    Ross implied that Elizabeth was not unwelcoming and they spoke a bit. Critiquing their conversation was simple enough, they were both courteous and spoke to each other like old friends who knew each other well. Their conversation was informative and not accusatory. However, their body language was something different. Ross, was his usual charming self but was not suggestive; Elizabeth, on the other hand, was damn near flirtatious (lots of side–eye and sexy smile). All of this has got me suspicious of her rather sudden change in demeanor towards Ross and her seeming duplicitous behavior when dealing with both Ross and her sister-in-law. I was wondering, what would happen if ELIZABETH seduced Ross and got pregnant again by Ross, she could say, "See, he has that same obvious mass of black hair that you noticed was different than GC's blond hair, it runs in my family." (and Ross has nothing to do with it.) IMHO, Sarah is blind. I didn't notice the lack of her tracking the light of the window, but I did notice the lack of tracking on Dwight's face. As if, Sarah responded to touch and not the sight of Dwight. I hope that's not the cause for Caroline leaving Dwight
  5. S04.E03: Episode 3

    Still watching the episode so haven't even seen enough to form opinions, HOWEVER, my eyes lit upon the name Ruby Benthal in the opening credits and I immediately felt better. My girl is back and during the episode, like her name, she is strewing bold truths as she talks.
  6. S04.E02: Episode 2

    The thought that someone would actually say these things to someone they love is laughable. However, while I dislike that whole storyline, I don't think it was done out of pure manipulation. I think Hugh is simply naïve and too much of a child. He reminds me of a child that can't get the toy he wants because another kid is playing with it and won't share. I want it!....(pout!!). He's not manipulating Demelza, he's simply showing that he's a toddler while he's dying. If a woman told me that, I would be so completely turned off that I would think she was weak-willed and not someone with whom I should continue a relationship with.
  7. Season 3 Discussion

    @windsprints What show is this that reminds you of Everwood, :"East of Everything"? Everwood was a show that introduced me to some fan favorites like: Emily VanCamp (I still follow her wherever she goes, except for her latest venture, "The Resident" because I don't like the jerk who played Logan, on Gilmore Girls; Chris Pratt (the lovable lunk), Sarah Drew, (Everybody seems to hate April from "Grey's" but I've loved her ever since Everwood; and Sarah Lancaster (Chuck's sister) and a major babe!
  8. S04.E02: Episode 2

    Masterpiece: Poldark Season 4, episode 2: Recap Paging Dr. Choake Leeches are just one of the treatments in Dr. Choake’s medicine bag of horrors (see “trepanning,” and shudder) But it’s Dwight who best understands what’s really ailing Hugh: a heart broken by the knowledge that Demelza’s belongs to Ross.
  9. The Grounder Gazette: the 100 in the Media

    Reviewers are right, everyone is too beautiful on this show. I like it. :=) The 100 ★ Cast In Real Life
  10. S04.E02: Episode 2

    Which is why when Francis worked the field, it was such a family "feel good moment". If Francis, who basically loathed to do any manual labor, can WORK the field, George could at least go outside and LOOK at his land. I think the Cudgel/Sam wrestling match was the first time I've seen George outside, other than around the manor peeing on Aunt Agatha's grave.
  11. S04.E02: Episode 2

    That's who I've missed seeing: Verity. WOW!!! Did I ever screw up that post. I incorrectly said that Verity is George's sister, when Verity was, in fact Francis' sister. Blamey STILL should have killed him.
  12. S04.E02: Episode 2

    Excellent points. Unfortunately, it's been like this for years and nothing changes; George still hasn't learned, there's no evolution or progression with the character. He's still this self-absorbed, non-aware individual. If it doesn't advance his standing amongst the gentry or bring in coin, George doesn't pay any heed. At what point does Elizabeth stop enabling this tiresome behavior? She has to know that her station must rely on George's good standing and her very continued acceptance in high society can either he welcomed or ridiculed. George is bordering on having the Warleggan family name become a laughingstock.
  13. Season 3 Discussion

    I was searching for a forum where posters were discussing "800 Words" and discovered this forum where most comments were disparaging and described the show as a straight rip-off of another series called "SeaChange". Has anybody heard or seen of "SeaChange"? There's also another AU show called, "East of Everything" that is being compared to "800 Words". Australian Forum Discussing 800 Words
  14. S04.E02: Episode 2

    Yes, I also think that's what Dwight implied; that Hugh has lost the Will to live since he has nothing to live for if he cannot have the thing he wants most - Demelza. Now, how Dwight would know all that is pure conjecture, but I think Dwight went through similar feelings of frustration when he returned from French captivity, plus Dwight was floating around throughout the whole episode. Every time I turned around Dwight was there. So, he had plenty of opportunity to note the tone of despondency in Hugh's voice. Boy Band died pining for Demelza and was probably on Suicide-Watch by Dwight. Due to the nature of the recent events, I'm sure there will be lingering resentment, anger, jealousy, fear, depression. In which case, there might be some familial disturbance in the Poldark residence in the near future. Demelza's story will probably not be defined by this incident alone. She has so much more going for her. I believe she and Caroline should set up a Think Tank set to advise Ross, he'll need the best people advising him.
  15. S04.E02: Episode 2

    Why must they be ranked? They each have their own levels of despicable traits. Ossie has low level self-esteem issues with delusions of piety and inflated self-worth. His sexual appetites are unappealing. While having your toes sucked may be pleasurable, I don't have the taste for it regardless if the toes belong to an heiress or a prostitute. Tom is just a bully and a sniveling coward. His eyes show a malevolence usually reserved for murderers and career criminals and rapists. While George is a thumb -sucking, mustache twirling, evil bastard who will inflict any pain that he can on someone just to prove that he's superior and can cause them pain. I don't know if his continued abhorrent behavior is solely due to his shoddy treatment by Ross and Francis. Blamey should have just killed him, as his only saving grace is that he's Verity's brother. ""Yeah, I had sex outside of marriage. The world didn't end, and I'm not sorry about it." is that what she said? The whole accent thing is difficult to decipher. (actually the hardest British accents to follow are those spoken in this British show called “No Offence”, damn near impossible to understand unless you came from the British underground) I thought Emma was just telling Sam that Tom was lying and that she didn’t sleep with him (Ewww!!) and hasn’t laid with a man yet but that Sam is too pious for her.