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  1. S01.E09: Rage Against the Machine

    I enjoyed the episode. I love having them back on my TV. Just seeing their Christmas tree made me happy. I still have 3 trees up. 🎄🎄🎄
  2. S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    When he insisted she pull the baby off her breast and hurry up...I was hoping Olga would punch him.
  3. Favorite Commercials

    Somehow I missed this. I love it. Thanks for posting.
  4. I made it through the entire season, and still have a few movies to watch, and I managed to avoid Alicia Witt. Win!!!
  5. The main character was so unlikable, and everytime her “AllState” uncle spoke, it was unnerving. I loved Alice’s friends though.
  6. I agree. I go through my TV guide once a week when the movies start and make sure to record any older movies. I love the older Lifetime movies too.
  7. I just deleted about 20 movies from my DVR. Some real stinkers this year. They need to work on quality and not quantity.
  8. IMO, Gina’s apology was fake. She went after Shannon from day one. Gina brought absolutely nothing to the show. I do feel bad for Shannon....having your marriage dissolve due to infidelity on national television...just horrible.
  9. I’m rewatching this part, and I have never seen anything uglier than Gina, her facial expressions and attitude, and Tamra’s chest. Tamra obviously never uses sunscreen and it looks like her boobs have attached to each other. They looked horrible. I don’t know how Shannon kept from knocking Gina’s teeth out with her hateful performance on the reunion, and I hope Shannon NEVER forgives Tamra for backstabbing her and using her pain as a storyline.
  10. If Lisa V is out, so am I. I adore her.
  11. I have to agree. Tamra was a fucking bitch to Shannon. I’m ready for someone to take her down, or watch Eddie leave her on camera. She is a snake. I HATE Gina so much, and I’m tired of Emily discussing the “legalities” of every situation. They both were a bust.
  12. Holiday and Seasonal Commercials

    I LOVE Jim Carey in The Grinch. It’s my 3 year old grandaughter’s favorite. My whole family saw the new Grinch movie and loved it too. No chance I’m eating green pancakes though.
  13. But he’s chosen to be filmed with them, so he has to take the heat for being an asshole.
  14. Honestly, if I were choosing a T-shirt for Shannon, at her Jamaica size, I would have chosen an XL too. Shannon is very self-conscious of her weight, no one enjoys a tight shirt, and those things run small most of the time. And Vicki was smaller than Shannon at the time. I don’t see the big deal.
  15. I agree so much about Kelly.....her nose appears to be falling down her face. I thought she looked very old at the reunion. And I wish she would stop playing fact checker of all arguments....gets on my nerves.