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  1. General True Crime Shows

    Him and his creepy fuck of a father.
  2. S03.E18: Reunion Part 2

    Kameron saying she hates the word "society" was the funniest part of the reunion for me. Typical LeeAnne - she's a fucking pit viper.
  3. There's no such thing as too much love for bringing up jail to that FELON Teresa, in my book. If I won the lotto, I'd be tempted to rent 3 billboards outside Montville, New Jersey calling her & Joe jailbirds. ;-) Jackie seems to be just a little too normal for this bunch. But I am living for her taking the piss out of Teresa. Danielle is a grotesque.
  4. S13:E14 Christmas!

    I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I'd almost forgotten how young the kids were on their first family Xmas; it's nice to see how much they've both blossomed and grown. It was a hoot seeing Bill's monstrous blow-up yard figures, and Jen's refusal to let him put those huge "vintage" lights on the little tree (he got the outside, she got the inside). Zoey explaining to the adoption event puppy how much she loved him, but her Daddy wouldn't let her bring him home was priceless; she's become such a little chatterbox. Then there was Will shopping for other kids at the toy store, and asking for a BOOK - such a pleasant surprise. Seeing Jen have to go in for chemo the day after Xmas reminded me how much she had to go through in those early days of creating a new family, and what a rock Bill was for her. These people have been through a lifetime of hardship, but remain positive and happy, which amazes me.
  5. Nope, she mentioned having to DVR some show because she had to go to bed so early.
  6. I was flipping through the local news channels trying to find a weather report and saw cleavage - not just a little, a lot (a top suitable for a nightclub). It was just after 4:30 in the a.m.
  7. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    From what I saw, Riley* certainly didn't acquit herself admirably as an Alaskan boat captain. Ashton was most fortunate that a cameraman with a lick of sense was nearby, and acted swiftly. In comparison, Wryly* looked like she was in slo-mo. It was sweet how the rest of the crew tended to Ashton while he was laid up. It just goes to show how well liked he really is. * if she can't be bothered to act like a deckhand who can take orders, then I can't be bothered to spell her name correctly.
  8. Pet Peeves

    I'd be on the phone demanding that he fix it - pronto! No way will OTC meds cut it. Can you chug a vat of booze and pass out? ;-)
  9. S07.E02: Hope and Pride

    Douche, dickswab, delusional twit - he's the trifecta, Baby! ;-) Also, he is too quick to call females he has an issue with sluts or whores (when he's not calling them fat). That's just unimaginative, which is the greatest sin of all.
  10. Pet Peeves

  11. S04.E03 : Two Kills. 2018.12.09

    Being able to pump water in their cabin is such a big game changer for Ashley and Tyler, especially now that they have a baby. No more long treks with heavy buckets for Ashley. Edna's in seventh heaven staying with Colby while the rest of the family is hunting; she's crazy about that little one! Krin & Scott seem to be quite suited to the lifestyle ("date night"), and I hope they can find a way to live in the refuge and help out the folks in their old age. Scott was so proud to be able to prove himself to Heimo. I really appreciated Heimo's little talk about finding the arrowhead, and how people would shape them while hunting for game on a vantage point. Seeing Bob in decline is absolutely heartbreaking. Fucking cancer.
  12. All Episodes Talk

    Ditto. But that photo of tiny Robert with that ginormous snake draped around him scared the tar out of me. That was some "Fatal Attractions" style level of nutfuckery.
  13. All Episodes Talk

    It was wonderful to see the 5 dogs rescued from Puerto Rico finding their forever homes. Every single one had a touching story, but I think the teenage boy who fell in love with li'l ole Mr. Rags was so damned sweet. Amanda has so much love for each and every one of these rescues - her pure heart just shines right through my TV screen. Chewy Cabin is an awesome improvement for the rescue - now Amanda & Jade can be warm & off the floor when sleeping with some of the new rescues, and there's a great setup for mass intakes. Plus, Gary gets the separate washer & dryer! I also loved the painting of Amanda's pack, and the painting of Duncan, the wonderdog. Seeing Duncan doing anything, everything and even nothing brings a big smile to my face - every time. I could watch him until the cows come home!
  14. But he is on the show, and has interacted with them on camera. Emily is the one who keeps trying to "explain" him to the other women, and to the viewing audience in her THs.
  15. S11.E06: Whining and Dining