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  1. The thought of meeting my beloved animals in some afterlife is the ONLY reason I'm not a die hard atheist.
  2. Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    Holy fuckballs! I know I've seen creepy Joe Exotic somewhere else, and, at the time, thought he was wrong, wrong, wrong. But he's a famewhore who cannot resist a camera, and I hope a camera brought him down. I'm pleasantly surprised that the Warriors were able to keep their cool, and behave in a diplomatic fashion. I'd be in jail.
  3. Small Talk: We'll Be Right Back

    Crickets. I just love the sound of crickets. I could listen to them all night long; and often do.
  4. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    I don't know what makes me more jealous - the fact that y'all have photogenic pets or the fact that y'all have cameras, and know how to use them. I'll just be back here in my sulky corner, waiting for Mama Raccoon to bring her newest 3 little roly-poly bandit babies to my back door for snack time. I didn't have to wait long - she's actually hoovering up cat food in the dusk as we speak - and I see 3 little faces peeking out at me from the bushes! Time for eggs. Life is sweet.
  5. Pet Peeves

    Don't make me hate you.! I've had hot flashes since 2001. Not nearly as acute these days, but I still cannot rock a single piece of warm clothing unless it rips off, quickly & easily. :-D
  6. Pet Peeves

    Cramps are the worst. The only upside of menopause is no more cramps - but the other stuff might make you wish you were dead! :-)
  7. General True Crime Shows

    Hey, we're all just True Crime junkies looking for a safe place to shoot up. The ID Channel forum was destroyed for us, and much as our Overlords try to conquer and divide by creating separate forums for all the shows we watch, we still gravitate back to this Mothership. :-)
  8. Pet Peeves

    Why aren't your husband and son waiting on you hand & foot - like you would be doing for them if they had a hangnail? Passing you a virtual tissue and some Vicks, and perhaps some booze-spiked honey-lemon tea & sympathy.
  9. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    There's no such thing as a photo-off ... Every damned one of those pics deserves it's own hall of Fame. AND ... you cannot MAKE me vote for my favorite animal pic (I'm Canadian, eh!).
  10. That story broke me, yet again. I don't know how these people go on doing what they do, except, I do. Because my heart has been broken into a million pieces SO many times by rescuing animals - one needs to develop a fragile shell to go on with the other lives you CAN save. And when those sad/bad thoughts threaten to overtake you, you must train your brain to respond to the stupid "La-la-la-la - I can't HEAR you" refrain. And go on to the next one who needs you.
  11. All Episodes Talk

    Oh, girl - have YOU been missing out. My DVR is set to record everything Queer Eye, and Bravo was rerunning episodes in the early a.m. all week long, and several times on weekends. I hope someone techno-savvy can point you in the right direction, because re-living those episodes made me very, very happy. ;-)
  12. I'm afraid if I read much further into this article, I would die of thundering apoplexy, and my cats and wild critters would have no one to feed them. The wild critters would do just fine (other than Mama Raccoon missing her nighttime TeeVee), but the cats - especially twice daily medicated Babalu? Not so much. Go fuck yourselves, States that allow private ownership of exotics. And while I'm at it, go fuck yourselves, people who think you should be allowed to own exotics. Speaking of exotics ... my TeeVee watching Mama Raccoon brought her three little roly-poly babies to the cat food bowls last night, for the first time. They are so stinkin' cute at that age - all askeered & running for cover from the scary human who brings the food, but curious enough to watch their Mama give that lady an appreciative foot pat before devouring said food. They will grow up learning that I have little interaction with them, other than food - no petting or cuddles allowed (no matter how cute & squishable their little bandit faces are). Raccoons have been my backyard denizens for decades, and I've never made a pet of a single one of them. What's wrong with appreciating wild animals in their own habitat, I ask you Floridians?
  13. They are in Florida. Where stuff that should be illegal, isn't. ;-)
  14. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Perhaps you should stop letting Kook watch The X Files with you ... ;-)
  15. All Episodes Talk

    Hello, @Finchers, and welcome!