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  1. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    I believe that one of the people Gunn was sharing pedo jokes back and forth with was fairly recently caught with child porn on his computer and plead guilty, I don't know if that factored in to Disney firing him now when he'd skated by before, or if it's just the general shift in climate, but its a possible difference between now and the last time it came up. I do have to say that one of the baffling things is people saying that Gunn's tweets are indefensible but then saying that Disney make a mistake for giving in to the Pizzagate guy. Like, I get that he's doing this out of spite and the guy has said some deeply problematic things himself, but this take is sort of like getting upset at the police because they arrested a criminal after another criminal snitched on him. What Gunn did was either worthy of being fired over or not, the source shouldn't factor in to it.
  2. The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    There was an interesting article on that subject just the other day. https://screenrant.com/dark-knight-batman-movie-influence-wrong-lessons/ I think it's kind of funny that this pretty much mirrors what happened in the comics industry in the 90s after the successes of Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns when the entire industry decided to double down on grim, dark and edgy, even on characters that weren't really built for it.
  3. The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    WB Exec: I think the problem with films has been that they just haven't been dark and angry enough.
  4. The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    Because after the successes of The Dark Knight trilogy and 300, Warner Brothers thought that was the way they needed to do comic book movies. So they hired the guys who made those films and told them to make Superman cool like Batman and the Spartans.
  5. The Star Wars Saga

    I'm not sure what Lando's characterization in a series set before ANH has to do with TLJ?
  6. The Star Wars Saga

    No, I'm saying that it was originally supposed to be Lando who would help Finn and Rose escape and then betray them for money. Johnson explained this when he was asked about Lando's absence from the film in some interview a while back. Apparently he decided that people like Lando too much to buy it, so it became DJ instead.
  7. The Star Wars Saga

    I'm just thankful that he didn't make it into The Last Jedi so Rian could have him be the one who sells out Finn and Rose to the First Order.
  8. The Fosters in the Media

    I would say that women in their teens and 20s are their main target audience. As much as I like Stef and Lena, I can't really imagine a spinoff centered around two married adults in their 40s on Freeform. Maybe if they surrounded them with a new generation of teens, but then Stef and Lena would probably quickly end up taking a back seat to the same teen drama.
  9. It's always been really weird to me that they make Wonder Woman one of the teens in this instead of just having Wonder Girl in the mix.
  10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    I'm not going to be dramatic enough to claim that I'm done with Star Wars, but I haven't seen Solo yet either, it's not a boycott or anything, TLJ just left me with no excitement for anything Star Wars. I've seen every Star Wars film released in my lifetime in the theater (with the exception of the Clone Wars animated film), but when it comes to Solo I sort of shrug my shoulders and assume that I'll get around to seeing it sooner or later. TLJ is the first Star Wars film that I haven't bought on BluRay/DVD shortly after that came out, it is the only Star Wars film that I've only watched once. I feel the same way about Episode IX, I'm not excited for its release or counting the days. I'm sure I'll see it at some point, but ... Eh? I'm not even interested in watching Return of the Jedi anymore, because the entire ending rings false. Because of TLJ Star Wars has become just another action franchise for me to rent the new film or watch on Netflix whenever I happen to be bored and don't have anything interesting on my DVR, or maybe something to see when it hits the dollar theater and I don't have anything better to do. I'm about as interested in the conclusion of this trilogy as I am in a conclusion to the Divergent series.
  11. The Star Wars Saga

    See, this is why I question if I should bother reading the article if these are the sort of points he makes. The "boring conversation" between Han and the Imp on the Death Star is nothing like the opening prank phone call between Poe and Hux. Han is caught in a bad situation and tries to ward off the Imperials sending more troops by desperately answering the call and pretending to be an Imperial Officer himself. That Han's back is against the wall and his insistence that "everything is fine" after they've just had a fire fight with explosions and a roaring Wookie is so ridiculous (and obviously doomed to fail) that the hopelessness of the effort is played for comedy. Poe, by comparison, flies out there in his X-Wing, puts the call in to Hux who is at the helm of a Star Destroyer pointed in his direction, and then smugly mocks Hux who is too comically stupid to realize that Poe is obviously trolling him. Poe's plan inexplicably works instead of Hux just blowing him out of the sky errr ... space. I'm not sure how the author can legitimately claim that these two scenes have a similar tone, or act like the bartender was being unreasonably for not accepting this as a refutation. That the bartender gets flustered by, apparently, not having the language to articulate the difference in the style of humor to the satisfaction of a professional film critic isn't a point in the critics favor, though he's willing to twist it into one. Which is why I question if the author is actually being genuine in his supposed "open, kind, and inclusive" article about "love" of Star Wars.
  12. The Star Wars Saga

    It's funny because the film's central plot is, quite literally, the empowerment of the young angry toxic male, Kylo Ren, who it bends over backward to make look sympathetic and appealing.
  13. The Star Wars Saga

    Which is why I asked if it ever went beyond that.
  14. The Star Wars Saga

    Ah, but this article purports to be ignoring those racist, sexist loudest voices to address other issues people bring up, of course it then immediately suggests that most of the points that those non loudest voices bring up are rooted in "subconscious racism and stealth sexism."
  15. The Star Wars Saga

    I got about half way through this does any of the criticism ever rise beyond, "People who don't like this movie don't like it because they are TOXIC MEN who HATE WOMEN and TOXIC MEN are used to being CATERED TO!!!"? Anyway, I stopped reading after the section on Holdo, where he claims that she didn't tell Poe her plan because she was concerned about how The First Order was tracking them, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Finn explicitly tell them about the First Order's new tracking tech?