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  1. S04.E05: Parasite Lost

    I'd have found it more interesting if the alien healer guy had actually been a crappy father. It would have been a nice bit of gray in the story. This is one of the things that bugs me. I feel like the guy with a steel plant should have much less concern of losing business to aliens than the woman running a high end tech company who now has to compete with people who have mastered faster than light travel and quantum computing. Someone like Lena could invest years and a small fortune into R&D on the new Widget, only for the Appellaxians to show up with even more advanced Widgets that they can sell for dirt cheap because for their people a Widget is about as advanced as a VCR.
  2. The Avatar has returned to rekindle the shipping wars of old!
  3. S04.E03: Man of Steel

    They should bring back the Supergirl worshiping cult this season, but reveal that the whole thing is actually a scam so they can claim property damaged during one of her fights as an Act of God on their insurance forms.
  4. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    The problem with trying to use the Shrieking Shack Incident, where Sirius looks really bad but everyone else comes looking okay, to kick off a redemption story is that it happens before the events of Snape's Worst Memory, where all of the Marauders come off looking pretty awful. Personally I don't have any interest in a Marauders era story, I mean, unless they make a story that's just about a bunch of Hufflepuffs from that era hanging out in their rooms at night talking about what a bunch of assholes the Marauders and the future Death Eaters are and thanking Merlin that they got sorted into the laid back house. That I would watch.
  5. I had been looking forward to Lex showing up ever since they introduced Lena, but after the way they wrote Mercy I'm not so sure I even want him anymore. Mercy is so comically evil and dumb that she killed off DEO agents that defect to her side and had her brother stepping on kids toys just to be mean. I thought we'd get to see a different side of Lex, having him interact with Lena, someone who genuinely cares for him (and who he seemed to genuinely care for before he became more unhinged). But now it feels like they're just going to make him a moron villain in the mold of Mercy, who does tactically foolish and/or completely petty acts of evil just to remind everyone of how evil he is, with a side of him being jealous that Lena is smarter than him.
  6. S04.E04: Ahisma

    It's Mercy Graves! She knows Lena! She knows Lex! She's smart and dangerous! She's ... dead?
  7. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    I don't know if it played in, but I can imagine white directors having concerns about whether it's okay to show a white guy in traditional Wakandan dress or joining in on a traditional chant and opting for the safe route.
  8. The Star Wars Saga

    This is very similar to the "Machete Order" (named after the blog that first suggested it), except that the Machete Order omits Episode 1 entirely (or leaves it to be watched later as a sort of standalone prequel). The idea being that Episode I is largely irrelevant to the story of the fall of Anakin Skywalker, and rather boring on the whole. By removing TPM it also 'edits' the relationship between Anakin and Padme so we skip over seeing adult actress Padme with little kid Anakin.
  9. S04.E03: Man of Steel

    I'd suggest that Alex should have known that there was, at least, a good chance Ben wasn't attacking the alien since he had clearly been 'shot' in the back, so her jumping to conclusions about Ben attacking was done specifically to make him come off as the sympathetic one to the audience in their conversation. His FBI conspiracy stuff is a bit odd: He's correct that there is something odd going on (The "FBI" working with Supergirl is actually the secret DEO organization) and that they're being lied to. He then comes up with an incorrect conspiracy theory off his initially correct hunch and tries to spread it. Then the narrative makes him accidentally 'right' about the "FBI" and Supergirl in the sense Supergirl and the top people at the DEO/"FBI" are actually involved in a conspiracy to keep an illegally elected woman in position as the President of the United States because they are putting their politics over the the alien situation over the truth and Constitutional law. Of course when Mercy talks about it with Ben (the guy who was just ranting about aliens on a street corner) even he dismisses it as a crazy "4chan" conspiracy theory, and then the conspiracy theorists actually prove it to be true. This is a world where the conspiracy theorists are correct and the Democrat president they don't like is an undocumented alien who was elected president in violation of the US Constitution. This creates the narrative that people like Ben who are spouting crazy conspiracies might be wrong on the details, but that their general sense of paranoia and feeling that there's something 'off' and that the people in charge at the "FBI" are operating to a political agenda is actually somewhat true.
  10. S04.E03: Man of Steel

    I think you're accurate on the others, James and Lena were nice to him until he went into angry rant mode, Kara simply got between him and a woman he was harassing, MM could have been less scary, but he was in the middle of fighting an alien invasion. But Alex did open by accusing him of being part of the attack on the alien when he was legitimately trying to stop it and was almost killed as a result. I think the writers wanted the audience to be sympathetic to Ben in spite of him being a, uh, racist murderer, so they have his first interaction with one of the main cast be him being unfairly accused of something we know he didn't do. This sets the audience's sympathies with him and colors the way the audience views the rest of his interactions with the cast when, as you say, he brought any negative responses he got from them on himself through his own words and actions. I'm not sure what to make of the overall message this seems to be sending (through Ben, and the Dean that fired him for his rhetoric converting later in the episode) that every educated white liberal is, apparently, just a few bad days away from turning into a monster.
  11. S04.E03: Man of Steel

    Nth metal is awesome so someone like Lena Luthor wants to use it in her high end projects? Sure. Nth metal, a material that they're shipping to Earth from other planets at faster than light speeds, is apparently so cheap that they're using it to make chalk trays? No. That the sequence where Ben's father died was so similar to the opening sequence from Batman v Superman where Bruce is caught in the middle of the Superman/Zod fight (from Man Of Steel, no less) made me laugh.
  12. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Saw this on imgur.
  13. The Star Wars Saga

    The Force Awaken initially presents Kylo Ren as a cool, powerful villain with a sympathetic backstory of being corrupted by an evil figure. A clear pastiche of Darth Vader. But then TFA tears down that entire image. It reveals that the man under the mask is just an angry young man lashing out because he's frustrated and afraid he's not as powerful as his legendary family before him. His angry tantrums are played as comedy rather than a show of real power. He has every chance to do the right thing and be good. He speaks of feeling the pull of the light. He's away from Snoke. His father arrives to reach out to him and offer him redemption, and he rejects it out of his selfish desire and jealousy and murders Han Solo. He tries to corrupt Rey because, if he can't match her natural gifts, then he wants to use her instead. Rey sees through this and kicks his ass in the climax of the film. Kylo Ren is not sympathetic in TFA, he's pathetic. He's a deconstruction of the cool/powerful/sympathetic villain and the allure of evil that has previously dominated Star Wars. He's not dangerous because he's strong, he's dangerous because he's weak. I thought it was a brilliant attack on one of the more unsettling things about Star Wars fandom, the Fetishiztion of the Sith/Empire. The Last Jedi then rebuilds Kylo Ren into the cool, powerful, sympathetic, alluring villain he was presented as at the start of TFA so Rey can be taught a lesson about what happens to pretty girls who try to save bad boys or something even though she clearly rejected him at the end of the previous film.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks that they wanted to get Lucy Lane back, but couldn't get the actress, so they just gave James a sister with a military history to fill the same basic role?
  15. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    I imagine that they're constantly buying Dudley the newest model so Harry would eventually get his hands on one of the old ones. On the other hand Dudley is totally the douche who has a highly successful YouTube channel where he constantly pranks his cousin while screaming about it just being a "social experiment" whenever Harry gets mad.