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  1. S03.E15: Deductions

    I'm conflicted-- I really hate Roman for what he is, a terrorist and cold blooded killer, but man, he is also quite the bad ass ! Took out all those ex-Mossad guys without even breaking a sweat ! David Morse better kill him before "Tom" kills him. There's no way he wants his daughter falling for a guy he knows is bad. Or maybe he does, he's crazy as hell also.
  2. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at the girl who went to Ghost Island being a bit afraid of it, but it made her sound a little wimpy to me. I can see not wanting to go because you will miss out on what happens at camp, but you do get some solitude and it seems like some extra food. That's not bad.
  3. S02.E12: The Final Frontier

    I still enjoy the show, but it just isn't as good as it was in the beginning. I wonder why it is that it seems so many shows start out great and then end up slipping into mediocrity ? I remember Flash Forward, I loved the pilot and the premise and then the first season just got so bogged down in poor writing that a lot of viewers left. I thought it improved greatly toward the middle and end of the 2nd season, but by then it was too late. I think Kim Raver still fits well with Kiefer and I'd be all for her having a permanent role on the show. Based on their scenes in this episode, I'd say they are heading that way, Mr. President sure seemed fond of her, at least it seemed that way to me. I hope the show can regain some of the 1st seasons excitement, but I will probably keep watching regardless. I watched all of "Touch" mainly because I think Kiefer is a pretty good actor, if I can make it thru that, I can make it thru this.
  4. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I hate to be a contrarian , but I never really liked MASH. I'm old enough to remember it first run in the 70's, and my Dad liked it ( it was his favorite show, in fact.) My feeling was that anything my Dad liked and thought was funny had to be terrible (kids, you know !). When I was older, I never watched it in syndication and to this day, I still have no desire to watch it. I've seen a few episodes fully, and that was enough. I will say, though, that I really enjoyed David OS in the Dead Zone series that was on USA some years back. The first few seasons of that show were really good, and he played a character that pretty slimy and he did it well. I've seen him in a couple other things but, at the moment, I can't think of them. But if you enjoyed the Dead Zone movie and have a chance, check out the series.
  5. S02.E11: Grief

    Thanks, you answered a question I had-- I missed them saying that the driver was texting & I couldn't understand why he was in jail if he accidentally ran a red light. I tragic mistake to be sure, but criminal ? If he was texting, yes that I can understand. It's hard to believe that people think they can do this and still be safe, but I know it happens.
  6. S36.E01: Can You Reverse the Curse?

    I always have the CC on, but I actually had to read most of what Donathon said ! That accent is really hard to understand. And the name, I have to ask why ? Not that I'm blaming him, I blame his parents. I bet his whole life he's had to repeat and spell that name. "No, not JONathon !!" Of course, that's assuming the person could understand him in the first place. He does seem like a nice kid, though. Don't think Dommenick ( I think, the one who found the idol in the dark) will last all that long. You have to be a weasel of Tony-level to play that hard & last, and I don't think he has it. I must have been tuned out some, because I didn't see what was so bad about Gonzalez ? She acted out at tribal, yeah, but what about the rest of the time ? Maybe I missed it. Didn't like Stephanie much, it was good game play but she totally bambozzeled poor Jacob and it was hardly a fair fight. Kind of like fishing with dynomite, Jacob was no match for her.
  7. S01.E01: Pilot

    So, the premier just ended and I can already feel the hate, like it's weighing in the air and I'm an empath or something. Well, I kind of liked it. I tend to like dumb sitcoms and this one fits the bill nicely. That means, of course, that it will last about as long as am ice cream cone on a hot summer day. But, til then it's mindless fun.
  8. Crap, I wanted Ari to win favorite. Just like a regular season, the BB gods hate me ! I rarely get my wishes granted.
  9. I guess that shows that celebs vote for spite just as much as "regular" players !
  10. Ross really deserves to win and it 'does' look like they are voting for Marissa ! Why ?
  11. I'm soooo glad O didn't win that ! If she goes, I'm good with just about anyone else winning-- although I think I'll be disappointed if Marissa wins. She hasn't done much to get the win, IMO. I think the others have played better. My guess is, if Ross is there at the end, he'll win it.
  12. I wonder if it's hoping for too much, the hope being that O does write a very successful book and makes a million or 2 & then just disappears from public life forever ! Yeah, I know, the world just isn't that kind. I just can't stand her, the condescending attitude, she seems to believe that she's so much better than everyone else & if she just wasn't ignored and passed over because of her race, she'd be running the world. You know, when you are being fired from important jobs over and over again, maybe it's you ! I am glad I won't have to listen to her gain after tonight's show. I'm really OK with anyone but O winning, but I might be pulling for Adrianna a little more, she's seems like a really lovely lady and it would be nice to see her win something for real ( and not have it taken away after 30 seconds ! I hope Julie doesn't misread the winner's name, ha.)
  13. I hate, like everyone else, that Metta's begging to leave ruined the veto twist, but the guy has always been a bit unstable and impulse control is something he never displayed when playing basketball. Maybe he needs the money and knew he would lose the pay if he self-evicted. The lack of impulse control is more my opinion than anything else, but I'll never forget when he played for the Pacers and ran into the stands to confront a fan he thought threw a cup at him. Someone did, in fact, do that, only he went after the wrong person. Then more players got involved & everything went to hell. He was suspended and lost a big chunk of salary. I know a lot of comments that I've read seem to indicate that people are enjoying this season, but for me, I'm barely hanging on-- I think it's mainly because it's BB that I like, not the celebs. Metta was OK, but I really can't stand Omarosa. I really wish she would have been the 1st to go.
  14. I hope when the inevitable Omarosa book comes out, it sells about 20 copies, all to relatives ! May the rest of the world not give a flip with hearing whatever she thinks she knows.
  15. Boy, they really do pad this show. I recorded it and all I skipped were the ads, even sat thru that pointlessly long Veto comp and took a couple of bathroom breaks and also was cooking supper, and I still got thru in about an hour and a half. I guess the show isn't doing awful against the Olympics, so they have to milk it for all it's worth. I remember see American Pie & thinking Shannon was beautiful and all these years later, she's still beautiful. I'm all for saving elephants and rhinos, but since I had steak last night and brats tonight, I'm guessing she'd probably hate me. I grew up in a meat-eating household and I will continue to do so til I drop dead ( probably of clogged arteries !)