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  1. Man, I was hoping that Natalie's team would lose so they could vote her out ! I probably would have lost it and cussed her out if she had talked to me that way at camp. It's one thing for someone to be bossy when that someone is actually doing so work also, but she just sat there on her fat ass barking orders ( that we saw anyway. Could have been editing.) And you know when she gets voted out , she will be like "Oh, they were just intimidated by me". Or some other crap. No, you were just a lazy, bossy know-it-all. Gabby is cute, but she's losing it a little. She does realize that her odds of winning the game are pretty small anyway ? Chill out. But I do get it, a lot of people have a hard time fitting in, especially when they think the rest of the group is better than they are ( which usually isn't true, but...)
  2. Just watched the first episode today. And that's a first for me, I've never watched a Netflix original on the first day it dropped in my life ! To be honest, I find most of their original stuff underwhelming. But I love the horror genre, and this story in particular. I didn't even hate the movie they made in '99 ( but that's mostly for Catherine Zeta-Jones ). The movie was Ok with the special effects and all, but it really failed in bringing any scares at all. It was more like a comedy to me. So here's hoping this effort is a lot better-- and based on this first one it should be. It was a bit slow, but they do have quite a bit of time to fill, so I get it. I hope they spend most of the time in the house, as it's a main character to me. I'm going to try & parcel these episodes out as much as I can stand to, so they will last a bit. Not sure if I'll be able to do that, though. Is everyone else going to do that, or are you all planning to binge ?
  3. S08.E05: Boy Wonder

    Not really a comment on the episode as a whole ( I missed some parts and have to re watch), but I agree. I'm a big FM fan and "Gypsy" is just about my favorite song ( along with Dreams and Sara). I was recently watching some You tube clips of their tour from earlier this year and she has really lost what made her voice so great. I always thought she had the sweetest and sexiest voice of any female singer, not just from the 70's and 80's, but probably my favorite of all time. And Gypsy just highlights that so well. FM is doing a concert close to me soon, but the lowest price tickets are like $80 and they way she sounds, I just don't think it would be worth it. Still love the band, though.
  4. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    Boy, they really telegraphed a Goliath loss early on, I think it went something like "Hey, why are we arguing right now ? We safe, we not at (or going ) to tribal. That's when you start to debate !" Then voila, they lose ! Survivor, master of subtlety. I wasn't quite as sure it was going to be a blindside on Jeremy, until maybe half way thru tribal, then I was fairly sure. It seemed to me like he knew also-- that he had said too much and said it in a way that doomed him. Or maybe not, but that was my read. Frankly, after this episode and all the back & forth, I didn't really care which one went. I think I would have voted Natalie, though. Unless all the rest of the challenges are bossing people around and providing sass, she's not going to be very useful.
  5. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    Well, that was John Billingsley... I've seen him in a ton of things and he plays both good and bad guys very well. He did an episode of the old show "Cold Case" years ago where he played a bad guy and he was chilling. And he did seem awfully nervous, but that could just be because he knows that firing a woman of color over a white woman might look sketchy no matter if the reason is valid. I've had to fire a few people over the years, I'm glad I've never had to do it in that situation !
  6. I have to admit, I had NO idea who the singer is who pulled the bedroom prank on Jimmy last night. I'm way out of the demo, but I usually have at least heard the names of popular singers the 'kids' of today like, even if I haven't heard their music. But not this one. With a name like Dua Lipa, I doubt if I had heard it, I would forget it ! And then on Nightline, the trivia at the start of the show was about Youtube views, she had something like 200 million views, which wasn't the highest but it sounds impressive to me.
  7. SNL in the Media

    Thanks, helenamonster. I looked a little after I posted the question and that's about what I found also. It just seems to be so little, compared to the rest of show business ! When you add in the fact that residuals are probably little to nothing ( again, compared to any other hit show that gets that far) I wonder is it just to be able to say "I was on SNL" ? I know most of the cast does movies during summer break, at least I've seen a lot of them in previews and such, so that money must be a whole lot better. But I still think the pay must sound minute compared to other gigs.
  8. I know this info is online somewhere, but maybe someone knows... what do the main players make per episode on SNL these days ? I remember, long ago, I heard a figure of something like $25 K per episode. I can't remember how long ago it was, though. Doesn't really seem like a lot-- and yeah, it is to the average worker, but I mean for someone in showbiz. Especially when you know that other tv players are making 10-20 ( or more, Big Bang Theory, talking to you !) times that per week on other shows ( that aren't live !). I'm just curious.
  9. I really like Penny's hair longer and curled like that-- i think she looks best with it long. ( I think most women look better with long hair, though, so it's kind of my thing. ) Nothing against Anu (?) but she and Raj are both crazy if they go ahead with this ! Raj is in no way fit to be married, unless he's going to suddenly be a yes man to her ( which it kind of seemed that way at the end.) He's had several girl friends and screwed up every time. While I agree that L & P should have talked about kids, I totally disagree that they are wrong for each other. The discussion didn't turn into an argument, if it had then I'd say there might be trouble. And 90 % of the time, they seem to enjoy each others company. The love is there. IMO, they are doing much better than a lot of people at this stage. I've seen way worse in real life. They've worked thru every problem so far, again IRL, I've seen it go the other way more times than not. That said, Howard and Bernie are probably the "best" couple, in that they pretty much always seem on the same page ( not always, you know, but close.)
  10. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    I think Pat's motormouth would have gotten old real fast, but no way do I ever want someone to go out due to injury. And so soon. As soon as they showed Mike, I kept thinking "where do I know that guy from ?" I hadn't read about any of the players,as I usually do, so I didn't know he was going to be on. I probably saw him on TAR, but I knew of him even before that, I either saw him on a late night show, or a doc about show biz writers. I'm glad they told us early in the show who he is, because it would have bugged me until I had time to look it up ! A decent start, other than the evac. I hate having wet clothes on, even for a little while, so I feel for them sitting in the rain for days. Very glad it isn't me !
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    On a really shallow note, Haleigh looked really hot tonight. And when she speaks, she usually sounds much more mature than her years. She's got potential to go far in this world.
  12. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I Think Tyler really deserved the win more, but at least I don't hate Kaycee like I usually hate the winner !
  13. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    Mandy Moore IS very pretty, but Rebecca was, on this ep, and the whole show, IMO, very full of herself. Maybe the date seemed kind of terrible while it was happening, but when she found out he only had $9 and tried his best to stretch that money out to buy her stuff, her reaction to me seemed really shitty. It should have been , at least, "well that's a sweet thing to do." But noooo, it was a shitty date because her damn hair got wet ( or whatever she was thinking.) She apparently had money, why didn't she just buy the umbrella ? Other than her being hot, I often wonder why Jack even fell for her ?
  14. Code Blue: New Amsterdam Anticipation

    I had to look her up because I didn't know her from anything. Such a beautiful lady and I love an accent. That said, medical drams really aren't my thing and, having just finished watching the pilot, I don't think this show will be the exception. But right now, I have no 10 pm show on Tues, so I guess I can watch the show while I browse the forums, at least until a better show comes on. I like "Tom" as an actor, but I liked him much better as a badass on The Blacklist. Of course, since that show has gone downhill so far, I don't blame him for running away from it. Besides, they kind of made him a wimp toward the end, at home caring for the baby, when he should have been out breaking jaws ! But I digress.
  15. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    Sorry if someone has answered this ( haven't read he thread yet) but what the hell does Franco Harris have to do with all this ?? The guy at the bike ( ?) shop was deja's dad, right, so it can't be Franco. And they included him too much to not tell in to the family drama. (As an aside, I remember seeing Franco play, for real. I'm old.) Edit- I read the thread, I guess I get it now. So thanks to those who explained it. I think this way was a bit of a stretch, I mean people who aren't 50 might not even know who Franco Harris was-- my nephew, who is 30 and is big into football, only knows a little about OJ, who is much more famous ( and infamous) than Harris, so I think it's a bit confusing. But oh well.