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  1. Re : the religion. I can't say for sure, but I'd bet there is, it seems like, in this world, there's some religious restriction for almost everything. For example, I had an uncle who had some kind of kidney disease, that, according to my mother ( who was a nurse), while it may not have been something they could cure without doing a transplant, it was treatable enough that he could have lived for quite a while and without a lot of issues. Because of his religion, though, he did nothing and died in less than a year ( this was in the 80's and at the time, I didn't know much about it). He and my Aunt were members of Christian Science. To this day, I still don't know much about it, but after seeing that, not much surprises me when it comes to beliefs,
  2. Boy, they telegraphed that about a mile away ! Anytime a show has a person sitting in a chauffeured limousine and then they pan the camera to the window, all you have to do is count to "2" and Bam ! , they are rammed by a truck. I've seen that so often, I would have been shocked if it didn't happen. Yeah, this has not been a good year for tv wives ! I've always liked the actress, so I'm kind of sorry to see her go, but maybe this will be the nudge the show needs to get back to more exciting stories ? I loved the show last year, this year it's been a bit of a bore. According to Imdb, Natasha M. ( the First lady) asked to be released from the show, she has another series in the works. So at least it was her decision.
  3. I happened upon MSNBC this afternoon, just after Franken resigned. They had Joe Piscopo on, to me it seemed like he just vanished after SNL. Anyway, he said he was sad about Franken, that he never saw anything untoward when he knew him, etc. The anchor ( name escapes me) mentioned that Joe has a popular radio show now- I would assume on satellite radio- so that answers what he's doing with his time. I did get a chuckle when he said, with an incredulous tone, that he couldn't believe all these guys even had the nerve to be so over-the-top-bold with their actions, that he's a "dork" and would be very embarrassed to even do something like walk around without pants on with anyone present other than his wife. He was trying to be funny about something that isn't so funny, but you have to wonder what these guys are thinking, for example CK showing off his thing to different women, in work environment, how does something like that even occur to you and if it does, why isn't the next thought in your head, "hey, that's probably not the smartest thing to do ?". With Franken, if it was just that picture, maybe considering he was a comedian at the time, and all, maybe he would have survived it & still be a Senator. I think the accusations after that was the nail in the coffin.
  4. Well, I disagree but I can certainly understand your opinion. I don't think AHS is crap, necessarily, but there have been several seasons, probably 3 if I'm honest, that I just didn't think were very good. I thought season 2 was really good. Maybe it's just because there's so very little in the horror genre on tv that I'm willing to take whatever is offered ? As for The Exorcist, I really liked last season, but this season I've had a hard time with. Mainly because I can't watch it live & then I missed 1 or 2 and couldn't catch up, so I've been behind forever. And I hate being behind on tv, that's why I prefer watching live ( and always will !) So maybe if I ever get all caught up and get a cohesive picture of the season, I'll like it more.
  5. I realize this show generates a lot of hate & scorn, not just here but it seems like every comment I read anywhere seems to think it's awful. I don't know what it is but I enjoy it every time it's on. I know it's not groundbreaking tv, maybe the writing isn't great, etc. but still, maybe it reminds me of the type of sitcom that I grew up on. And Elliott Gould plays befuddled and hen-pecked better than most. Yes, Albert Tsai is rather shoe-horned into the plot-- everyone raved about him in Trophy Wife, I thought he was just OK. I've already accepted that the show won't last beyond this season, so I'll enjoy it while it's still on.
  6. I watched the Manson doc "Inside the mind of a madman" on History last night. It's just the first episode, but I think this may be one of the better ones the channel has done. It actually had some new info, stuff I hadn't heard before, which is surprising. I'm not all that surprised, though, that younger people aren't familiar with the case, it's been almost 50 years. My nephew, who is 29, started watching the OJ mini-series that was on earlier this year ( it's now on Netflix) and he told he, other than just generally knowing about the murders, he didn't know any real details of the case. He really didn't even know that OJ was such a superstar in his football days, and this kid is kind of a sports nut ! I just think it's kind of a generational thing, even the chase and stuff happened when he was just a kid, so it's not as ingrained in his memory the way it is us older folks. Now that he's getting older, he's watching all these shows about history and I get to spout off all my trivia about it to someone who hasn't heard it a million times ! I'm not sure how many episodes History is doing on Manson, but if they keep up the quality of the 1st episode, it'll be worth watching.
  7. Well, this episode got a .4 rating ( 1.23 million viewers). It is lower than last year, but not by a whole lot. If I recall correctly, last year it was getting around a .6. I might be off on that, but it was close to the bottom of the ratings last year & they still renewed it ( I was shocked when that happened). So who knows anymore what they will or won't renew. You might start bracing yourself in case it's cancelled, though, because the odds don't look all that great.
  8. I swear, I thought I heard that Mel Tillis had died a long time ago. So I was a bit shocked to hear this news 'again'. Either it's the Mandela effect or I just have a faulty memory.
  9. I was a really big Friends fan back in the day and, until recently, I watched reruns a lot so much so that I've had to stop, I was getting to the point that I knew every single thing that was going to happen. Anyway, I liked Joey on the show, although he wasn't my favorite 'Friend' because he was far too often just too dumb. So at least on this show, he has at least a little more smarts. I didn't think the 1st part of the season was all that good, but last night's show was better. The guest star, Victoria Justice, I had to look up ( because I'm old !) I've heard the name, but I'm not sure I've seen her in anything before. Very pretty. I know that when I 1st started hearing her name, whenever that was, I kept thinking they were talking about the former SNL player, whose name is actually Victoria Jackson. I was confused because she hadn't been in much since her SNL days, and I kept wondering why all of a sudden she was getting all this press. At some point, I must have realized they were two (very) different people.
  10. Just finished. I know I shouldn't, but I did feel a bit sorry for Winter, even though she's as bad as the rest of them. Maybe it's because I feel of all of them, she felt the most obligation to Kai and just went along with what he wanted because he "saved" her at the horror house ? I'm not explaining it well, I'm still not sure why, but I did feel a bit sorry for her. Maybe that's the mark of a good season, it twists your emotions ?
  11. I thought it was fairly obvious in the 'entire cult drinks the Kool-Aid" that Kai was testing them. At the most I thought he had poisoned 1 random cup or maybe a specific male member for some reason. Npo way did I think he was going to kill everyone. I think he's just too high on himself to kill himself and he loves that he has lots of followers. I still liked the scene, all the women freaking out was kind of funny. Despite how ridiculous some of the things are ( the city council meeting, as has been stated, is absurd), I think it has been a good season. I'm surprised that there has been no supernatural events- at all- if I'm not mistaken ( other than in Kai's imagination ). Is this the first season for that so far, or this late in the season ? Of course, we still have enough time for it to happen.
  12. Bastards. That's the sentiment that comes to mind. It seems like half the shows I like get pulled before they even finish a season. I want to like "Man with a Plan", I actually like all the main actors in it. Was a big "Friends" fan, liked Liza on "Yes, Dear " and who doesn't like Kevin Nealon ? But I don't think the show is very good & it's hard for me to sit thru. I thought M,M & I was one of the better sitcoms this year. Too bad not many other people did .
  13. I love this show, as crazy and bad as it is most of the time. I was so bummed looking at the ratings last season, I really thought the show would be cancelled. Even though I'd love 5 more seasons, I'm glad that at least we got one more. It came off to me as if Patterson was doing something illegal, so I hope I'm wrong. Illegal to right a wrong is fine, but not illegal as in working against America ! That just wouldn't fit her character, IMO. Stapleton seems like he could be a good actor, but he's really not on this show, again IMO.
  14. That last scene had me confused. Jack was thinking about his Dad and then he looked at that picture and I thought Wow, he sure looks like his Dad ! But then they zoomed in on the brother and I thought,"What ? How is that possible ?" I now realize the uniform was too late of a style for it to have been the dad's. I think I'm a little slow tonight.
  15. I just got finished with this episode today, it's funny because yesterday I was talking to my nephew and his wife- I think he watches more tv & movies than I do & that's saying something ! Anyway, I hope they forget that I recommended this show or at least they stop after the first season, because man so far this one has really stunk. I get that Kiefer is getting a little older and maybe he wants to do more than chase bad guys and yell at people, but geez, do something ! Giving someone a stern talking to once an episode isn't cutting it for me. I don't know who decided to take this show from an action packed conspiracy show to a dull political procedural, but I don't like it ! I'll give it till the mid-season break, but I'm worried. This show was one of my most anticipated ones when I first heard about it and I'd hate to give it up.