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  1. OK all - yes Erica is a former DCC but this conversation has devolved into a support/don’t support. I think all that can be said has been said and now it’s time to drop it. Please keep in mind that anyone is free to post here and constantly questioning someone’s motives violates our Be Civil rule. We’ll be hiding further posts and asking you to use the ignore feature for people you’d rather not hear from.
  2. Getting Our Claws Into Season 2

    Dave’s Gossip Girls guess goes down as one of the best/worst ways I’ve had to explain to my co-workers that I’m listening to a podcast in my tiny Bluetooth earbud and that’s why I yelled “NO WAY” and laughed like a loon in my office. Hat tip good sir!
  3. S02.E05: Akane No Mai

    Thank god for a straightforward timeline this episode for Eve’s sake! I was so happy you wouldn’t have to figure out when the hell we were.
  4. Finding Our Way Through Lost In Space

    Can I maybe just never watch TV again and just have Jeb Lund describe TV to me? He's very engaging and I love him.
  5. Farrah

    Guys watch it with the politics in this thread. We have a site wide policy against talking opinion politics
  6. S07.E15: Keep Chugging Away

    Any Marriage Boot Camp comments will be hidden. Please visit the MBC boards here on PTV for comments about that show. .
  7. Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Hi all, this the Amber Teen Mom thread. You need to take ALLL this MBC talk over to the MBC boards. I’ll be hiding and then moving your talk about that show over to that board. http://forums.previously.tv/forum/888-marriage-boot-camp/ Thanks!
  8. Hey guys! Can we move general talk re: censorship to the general threads and save this one for actual quotes? Thank you!
  9. S07.E12: Something Blue

    If you don’t see your post it was either hidden for content or because it quoted hidden content. We’ll be handing out time outs for all the back biting in this thread.
  10. Leah Messer Sims Calvert Messer: She's 23!

    Guys posting about other posters is off limits. If a post is missing this is why.
  11. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Hey guys keep the comments to their twitter feeds and their opinions, not comments about the country etc... It’s too easy to veer into political territory. Thanks.
  12. S07.E12: Something Blue

    Guys watch it with talking about other posters. This is a board to talk about the SHOW. Time outs will be given.
  13. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    MOD NOTE: If you don’t see your post it’s because you either continued to comment on each other’s post vs talking about the show or you then quoted a post that has been hidden. You guys absolutely know not to post about each other so don’t be surprised if you get a time out when you continue to do this.
  14. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Posts here should be about the SHOW and not the posters here. If you cannot stand what a poster says please use the ignore feature. Posters who cannot help themselves will be receiving warnings or time outs.
  15. Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Hey guys the last few posts that had absolutely nothing to do with Amberbor the show have been hidden. Let’s try to keep things a bit more on topic please.