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  1. S05.E10: There in the Disappearing Light 2018.07.11

    Wasn’t Tyler’s curse triggered by an accidental death too? I know it makes more sense that it would make more sense for a Mikaelson to kill on purpose but this way the show gets to have their cake and eat it too - Hope triggered her werewolf side AND she gets to moan about how guilty she feels because it was an accident and she didn’t mean to kill an innocent human while murdering a bunch of Nazi vampires.
  2. S15.E06: Academy 2 2018.07.16

    She's one of the only dancers about whom I can say (1) I remember her name (2) I remember what she looks like (3) I remember her for being a good dancer instead of having some sob story.
  3. S02E05: All Souled Out 06.22.2018

    Some people are definitely don't have the personality to work at parties taking selfies with guests and Luke is one of those people. Initially I thought that Piranha hired Luke so that he could set him up for some other crime (like murder) at the party, but it became clear that he really is an obsessed superfan. What he had Luke do was not fun, but he really crossed the line when he invited his guests to come shoot at Luke. As Luke pointed out, the ricocheting bullets could kill someone else which Piranha, genius that he is, clearly didn't think about. Loved Foggy trying to talk Luke into taking the gig by asking how much he thought Beyoncé got paid. I can't wait to see Mariah's reaction when she finds out that Shades and Luke were briefly fighting on the same side. Then again, what could top the look on her face when she saw the three heads? Loved Scarfe's incredulous response when Dontrell said he'd rather be called Cockroach.
  4. Luke Cage Quotes: Sweet Christmas!

    Cockroach: I've been fighting since I was eight years old. Had to. You know, that's Harlem all day. Survival of the fittest. You know, like Prodigy said. Luke: That's Charles Darwin, not Mobb Deep, you ignorant bastard. Foggy: Given my history on the subject, I can't believe I'm even going to say this, but if you're going to fight crime, have you considered wearing a mask? Luke: I'm 6'3", black, and bulletproof. You think wearing a Lone Ranger mask is going to keep people from figuring out who I am? Foggy: Maybe. There are people who still think Shock G and Humpty Hump are two different people. Luke: ... Foggy: Digital Underground? Luke: I know who Digital Underground are, Foggy. Foggy: Don't look surprised. I've been known to rock a hoodie back in the day. Mariah: You don't need to be bulletproof to be a superhero. Black women have always had superpowers. Turning pain into progress, nothing into nurture. Tilda: This is ironic. You're building a foundation for women to protect the legacy of Harlem's biggest madam. All the women that she exploited, the souls she trafficked? Mariah: Don't you dare disrespect her. Our family fortune was born in a whorehouse. So what? So was jazz. You don't see people protesting outside of Lincoln Center, do you? Foggy: Hey, I got a possible cash flow solution - high-end personal appearance gig. Easy money. Luke: I won't do porn. Or escort. Foggy: Relax, gigolo. The call was for a personal appearance. Selfies, handshakes, maybe lift something heavy. Luke: Oh, so now I'm Joe Louis greeting people at the casino? Foggy: Stop being such a baby. Do you know how much Beyoncé got paid to do a bar mitzvah with Destiny's Child a decade ago? A lawyer I clerked for in law school brokered the deal. Chris: It's a documentary series. We're calling it Bulletproof vs. Beast. Have you clicked the link yet? Luke: You want me to fight a shark? Chris: Well, yeah! But we'll save that for the season finale. We'll start you with something smaller first like a a honey badger. You can take a honey badger, right? Luke: You know anything about this guy? Foggy: Yeah, he does stocks. Speculation. You know, stuff like that. Hey, if I knew more about money, I wouldn't have five figures in student loans, right? Piranha: Now, come on, be honest. Tell me what you think. I call this my Luke Cage Hall of Fame. Luke: Honestly? It's creepy. Piranha: I'm a big fan. Might even be your biggest. You got shot with those [bullets] at Crispus Attucks, huh? Luke: How did you get them? Piranha: Man, every time you do your thing, it's eBay paradise. Instant collectibles. Piranha: My first office was at Blimpie's on 125th and MLK for the free wi-fi. I went from taking copies of Black Enterprise from my dentist's office to having a crib and an office bigger than anything Earl Graves could ever dream of. Comanche: Everything all right up there with you and your lady? Thought you guys would be banging on a bed of $100 bills or some shit. Comanche: You ain't coming with me? Shades: I have to go to a party. Comanche: The life of the 1%. Tell Jay and Puff I said, "What up?" Scarfe: Shut up, Dontrell. Cockroach: Cockroach. Get it right. Scarfe: So you prefer to be called Cockroach? Cockroach: Yeah. Scarfe: Okay. Foggy: Is that Ghostface Killah? Luke: Yeah. Method Man wrote a song about me. We kick it from time to time. Foggy: I gotta get superpowers. Drea: It really was an accident. Misty: What? He accidentally hit you in the eye with a jab instead of an uppercut to the chin? Tilda: Guns? That's where our money really comes from? Mariah: Back in the day, dice and coochie then guns. Never drugs. Mariah: It's better to do a little harm for a whole lot of good than it is to do no harm for jack shit.
  5. S02E04: I Get Physical 06.22.2018

    All I could think while Mariah was typing on her laptop is how I wish I could have a desk with nothing on it. Unfortunately, I can't work without other stuff like pens, post it notes, etc. Loved that Misty was clearly concerned about Luke but when he asked if he could stay with her for a few days, her response was "HELL NO."
  6. Luke Cage Quotes: Sweet Christmas!

    DW: Damn, Luke. Shabba Ranks laid you out. Luke: I got ambushed by this Jamaican cat named Bushmaster. He knocked me on my ass. Bobby: Well, did he have a supersuit? Luke: No. He was just fast. Unnaturally fast. Bobby: Well, he is Jamaican. Shades: You two are sitting here having drinks at 10:00 am, talking about money that's invisible. In my world, if you can't touch it, it ain't real. Mariah: Let me make one thing crystal clear, Che. You bust up in my office like that ever again, I will cut your balls off and roll them like dice. Comanche: You gonna blow on 'em first? Mariah: Jamaica me crazy? Luke: Ha ha. Misty: What I'm about to show you could cost me my job. Luke; Yeah? What else is new? Luke: Since when did you change your name to Iyanla Knight? Misty: Hey, you're the one living out of a bag right now. Luke: Can I crash at your crib for a few nights? Misty: Hell no. Luke: That was some real Ripley in Aliens shit. Misty: I was going for Sarah Connor. Luke: You're gonna need a bigger sidearm. Misty: Shit. I gotta call this in. First I gotta think of a damn good reason why a Harlem detective and Luke Cage are standing over a headless body in Brooklyn. Luke; Just tell them you were following me. I'm always getting blamed for something anyway. Misty: Works for me. Luke: Wait, won't that get you in trouble? Misty: Eh. My doghouse is a lot more comfortable than the one you're in. Luke: Touché. Comanche: Alex thought you might like a coffee. Mariah: Just leave it on my desk. Did you spit in it? You have something you want to say to me? Comanche: Shades told me about the deal you two got going on with Piranha. I was thinking maybe I could help. I read a lot about stocks when I was inside - about valuations and risks, the benefits of a fixed price offer versus tender, where prices are negotiable. You know, shit like that. Mariah: You did time with Bernie Madoff? Comanche: I'm just saying, Ms. Dillard, even if you put it in a three-piece suit, street is still street. Comanche: If you can't explain the scam to a seven year old, you're probably the one getting scammed. Luke: I was actually wondering if you might have sold something in one of these recently. Tilda: Well, yeah. Any time I sell dried herbs, which is many times a day, I usually bag it up in one of those. Luke: This would have been to a large Jamaican man. Tilda: Those are half my customers. Tilda: Do you know where your strength comes from? Luke: Well, it's a long story, wrapped up in a lot of baggage. Tilda: Sometimes when we unpack baggage and repack it, it's not as heavy. Tilda: Even though you are who you are, you might want to get an MRI.
  7. Dietland Quotes

    Messenger: You're one of them, right? Jennifer? Plum: No, I'm just a woman who thinks. Stanley: I am penis number seven. That's beautiful. The man in the White House is number one. Can't fault them there, I guess. Walter Erickson, number four? My god, brave new world. The man's penis hasn't had contact with anything but a catheter for twenty years yet he's number four. Dominic: Jealous, sir? Stanley: A little bit maybe. I must say all these whiny lesbos have given me my first unmedicated erection in some time. Dominic: I don't need other people fighting my battles. Stanley: That's where you're wrong. That is the wealthy man's secret, my friend. Always let other people fight your battles. Kitty: Crackers? Is bloated in now? Kitty: What are your plans for the future? Plum: Just not being here. Stanley: Most of the men on that list, they are honest, upstanding, job-creating Americans. I need you to show that. Stanley: "I'm a serious journalist." They watch you for your tits.
  8. Multiverse: Cast in Other Roles

    Ha, this made me laugh so hard!
  9. S01.E08: Rad Fatties 2018.07.16

    I did not trust that guy at all, solely because he started contacting her to apologize after she got some media attention. That seemed entirely too coincidental and opportunistic. I was so suspicious of everything he did. At the bar, I thought he was just trying to get her drunk, possibly to get information out of her so he could sell it to a magazine. When he took her back to his place, I thought he had a hidden camera somewhere in the hopes of making a sex tape that he could sell. Stanley keeps showing his true colors and more, from the way he grabbed Kitty last week to threaten her to pretty much everything he did this week: being a patronizing dick to Cheryl, making comments about her tits to Dominic, and lamenting that he can't even grab women's asses anymore. It's just the worst when women won't passively accept assault and battery!
  10. S15.E05: Academy 1 2018.07.09

    They began the academy with 70 dancers in the solo round. The judges then cut 17 people so that there were 53 dancers in the hip hop round. The ballroom round began with 44 dancers (it's unclear if Cat was including Zoe, the injured dancer, in that number because first Cat said there were 44 dancers and then she said one dancer was injured). At the end of the ballroom round, there were 41 dancers left so they cut very few people there. I don't think that Jay was picking a fight with Nigel. To me it sounded like Jay admitted he did badly in the ballroom round but that he wanted to show the judges that he's more than a performer and that he can really dance. But I do wonder what else from their conversation was cut (sidenote: I know more than one act that made it to the televised round of America's Got Talent and the stories they told me about what the judges said and how it was edited made me give that show a permanent side eye, which is why I kind of gave Arcadian Broad a pass for saying that the producers told him what kind of routine to do). The transcript of what was said: Nigel: We weren't happy with your partner [Baby] so we gave you the opportunity of dancing with Stephanie. It blew your mind. You were dancing with somebody that wasn't really there for you and you were the strong one. When you transferred and let the tiger out of the cage- Jay: She ate me. Nigel: She ate you. And you were just lost. Jay: I know that. And I will show you that I deserve to be here. Nigel: I wasn't really happy with you coming to the academy. Jay: No kidding! Nigel: And you are slowly turning me around. Jay: You told me that very first day. You said, "You're an entertainer, not a dancer," and that hurt - not because I believed you but because I know that's what you believe. And I promise you before I leave here, you will know that I am a dancer. Nigel: You're already doing that. Jay: And I will continue to. Nigel: And more than that, you're proving that you are a dancer with guts. Jay: Thank you.
  11. The Originals in the Media

    The cast says goodbye to the fans:
  12. S15.E06: Academy 2 2018.07.16

    Travis Wall talks about his contemporary segment: Bridget, Emily, and Genessy perform Travis Wall's contemporary: Mandy Moore teaches her group number: Mandy Moore's group number: Dustin's solo:
  13. S15.E06: Academy 2 2018.07.16

    We started with 41 dancers at the beginning of this episode so only eight people were cut after Travis's contemporary routine. I think that's a record for fewest cuts after contemporary. On a shallow note, I hate that hair color on Travis. 33 made it to Mandy Moore's group routine. I was kind of laughing when she said that if dancers can't hang in the group routine, they're getting cut. How many times have we seen dancers who were weak in whatever the group number style was (often contemporary) being hidden in the back, posing on the side, or just offstage for part of the routine? I still hate having the dancers choreograph anything (because this is NOT So You Think You Can Choreograph) but at least paring it down to giving each group and hour to add one eight-count isn't as bad as what we used to get. The tappers were so lucky - only two of them so relatively easy to put something together quickly without drama. I know the judges love hyperbole and every season it's "that was the BEST EVER!" but I am finding it increasingly hard to swallow these proclamations from the judges because it's so obvious to me that Tessa's solo was not the best ever and that this ballroom group is not the best ever and that the combination Travis taught was not the most difficult ever. Anyway, they only cut six dancers after the group routine to get us down to 27 soloists. After they got down to the top 20, I was like thank goodness we FINALLY get to have the show start! Then they announced they were cutting half of them and I was like nooooooooooo! Honestly, I think talent wise they can afford to cut more people but I'm so tired of all the auditions and academy stuff. Can we just start the real show already? Most of the people they cut deserved it (thank goodness Tessa is finally gone) but there were a few that perplexed me, like cutting Gaevin (the guy from Las Vegas) after Mandy's group routine. I watched the entire routine and he didn't screw up or anything so they just cut him for the sake of cutting him? Eddie the happy tap dancer, on the other hand, was obviously all over the place during the group routine so it made sense that they cut him.
  14. S15.E06: Academy 2 2018.07.16

    Comes in Waves by Psychologist (and I found it annoying too).