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  1. S03.E10: The Art of the Deal

    The other thing I was wondering was if anyone could realistically think, "Oh, the Fairy Queen broke her word to save the lives of her people. What an untrustworthy liar!" When it's life and death, a lot of principles go out the window. I don't think a normal logical person would think that she should have let them all die just to keep her precious integrity intact. And who's going to tell other beings that she broke her word? The only ones who really know what happened are Julia, Fen, the Fairy Queen, and the fairies she rescued. Everyone else who was in the house is dead. And based on the fact that no one else outside of that family seemed to know that there were slave fairies in the McAllister family (or anywhere else on earth), there's no one to know that there were enslaved earth fairies to be rescued, let alone that the Fairy Queen had to break her word in order to save them. So who were the McAllisters about to sell all of their fairy dust to? I'm sure that's going to come back and bite Julia in the ass sooner or later.
  2. S14.E15: Old Scars, Future Hearts

    I agree - for the most part, Jackson acts like an adult (both at work and in his relationships) while Maggie acts like a flustered sixth grader. The disparity in their maturity level is not enjoyable for me to watch. I had the same issue with Jackson and April. Even before all the issues with their religious differences, the baby, etc. her reaction to anything that didn't go her way was often to get high pitched and start babbling nonstop. I do not need frantic, screechy, overwrought monologues at top volume. I didn't like Jackson with April then and I don't like him with Maggie now. If we're going to talk about Jackson being too hot for either of them (or any of the other women he's dated on the show), let's be real. Few people, male or female, are as pretty as he is. He's going to be hotter than 99% of anyone he dates, works with, or bumps into on the street. That's the curse of being really smoking hot. YMMV of course but I think that short of dating a supermodel, he's always going to be hotter than anyone else he dates, anyone else who's in the room (or on the planet), etc. For the record, I think that both Maggie and April are attractive. ETA: I don't think Jackson is TOO hot for either of them though. It's not like he's a 10 and either of them is a 2. They're all conventionally attractive and appealing.
  3. S02.E06: AKA Facetime

    I know I'm supposed to think that Jessica and Oscar doing it in paint was sexy but no. So cliche. I don't mind them hooking up but I kept thinking about how Oscar said in the previous episode that his mom lived there and hoping she wouldn't walk out of her bedroom to find them having sex on the floor in a puddle of paint. Trish's addiction storyline holds no interest for me. It's been done a million times and so far this one isn't any different. I did like her being nice to Malcolm, but I agreed with Jessica about Trish leading him on. Now that they've had sex, poor Malcolm is going to get his heart broken by Trish! I can't wait to hear why Dr. Karl had to inject Jessica's mother to get her into the car. Is this one of those "I have to protect you from yourself" things? I know Jessica thought she was terrible for taking Ambrose's kid hostage in exchange for information but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have hurt that kid if push came to shove.
  4. Jessica Jones Quotes

    Jessica: Love isn't for the weak-hearted. It's for idiots. And murderers, apparently. A wedding ring? So the creep and the maniac have found happiness together. Guess there's someone for everyone. Jessica: There's a saying in my business. "Where there's an ex, there's always a why." Oscar: Why are you really here, Jessica? Jessica: I was too lazy to walk to the liquor store. Malcolm: Morning. Jessica: What is that supposed to mean? Malcolm: I just said good morning. It doesn't take a PI or even a PI's associate to recognize a walk of shame. You left your phone here last night, you've got serious bedhead going on, and you're covered in paint. Banging the super, huh? Jessica: How about you use some of those skills I've taught you to do something useful? Malcolm: How about this? You thought that this ring was a wedding band, didn't you? It's not. It's a university class ring. I recognized it. Jessica: From the university you got kicked out of. Malcolm: They put me on academic probation so technically, I dropped out. Jeri: Glad to see you're enjoying my gold-leaf truffles from Switzerland. Inez: Ah, that's why they taste like rusty nails. Jeri: Says the homeless woman who asked for a $100 T-shirt with holes in it. Inez: It's distressed. Jessica: If you want to yell or hug it out, I'm here. Trish: Can we just focus on something else for a couple hours? Jessica: Fine by me. I can repress feelings all day. Jessica: Look, fish were hurt. People were terrorized. Jessica: Dude has to drug her to get her into the car? Where's the romance? Trish: You don't think he's controlling her, do you? Jessica: A powered woman used as a weapon? Déjà vu sucks ass. Jeri: I am done babysitting your homeless woman. She is filthy. She's a slob. She's manipulative. Jessica: You're calling someone manipulative? Trish: That looks more like a cast member from Hair than a scientist. Are you sure that's him? Trish: You know, Malcolm, you're doing a really good job. The private investigator thing suits you. Malcolm: Thanks. I'm still learning, but- Trish: I'm sure Jessica would tell you she appreciates you if she wasn't, you know Jessica. Trish: Encouraging people increases productivity, and it strengthens loyalty. You might want to try it some time before he quits on you. Trish: How did you know he was gonna be at the club? Jessica: It's Sunday. What else do rich assholes with private golf club memberships do? Let's go hit some balls. Ambrose: I'm taking a mulligan on that putt by the way. Jessica: I don't care what that means. Ambrose: Spray tanning and open-toed shoes - they've killed the hosiery market. Jessica: The line keeps moving and I keep stepping over it How far is too far? And will there ever be a way back?
  5. S02.E05: AKA The Octopus

    Dorothy found Griffin's proposal "breathtaking." I found it creepy, manipulative, and presumptuous disguised as romantic. He had clearly been planning this for a while but didn't say a thing to Jessica, so he is disregarding what Trish told him when he complained about her recently - they're a package deal so if he wants Trish to be in his life, he has to accept Jessica (and not just begrudgingly). Trish considers Jessica to be her sister so I understand her attitude. My sisters and I have not been in as many harrowing life or death situations as Trish and Jessica have (thank goodness!) and I definitely wouldn't date, let alone marry, someone who didn't wholeheartedly embrace them as part of my life. His whiny/negative comments about Jessica would have been enough for me to dump his ass if I were Trish. When he jokingly said that he gathered all of their friends and family together so that he could pressure her into saying yes, I was like yeaaaaaah, he's not really kidding. One of my friends was really principled about not saying "I love you" unless he meant it. One of his girlfriends sprang "I love you" on him pretty early in their relationship and he was not about to say it back just because she said it first so his response was "thank you." That's all I could think about when Griffin proposed and Trish said, "Thank you," instead of something along the lines of "Omigawd, YES!" Awwwww, Malcolm got a promotion! He is like a sweet little puppy dog whenever Jessica says anything remotely un-negative to him. I don't know why Oscar said that Jessica asking for a fake ID into the hospital was putting his family's safety at risk. He already makes fake IDs for other people and that's not putting his family's safety at risk but a hospital badge is a big risk? Dorothy is the worst so I don't understand why Trish gave her a key to her place.
  6. Jessica Jones Quotes

    Jeri: [The police] believe you know things you're not telling them. Jessica: Yeah, it's called professional discretion. Jeri: They will call it obstruction of justice. It's a probation violation. Jessica: I'm not mad at you. Malcolm: Have they got you on sedatives? Jessica: No, I'm just trying something new. Apparently, I'm alienating. Jeri: Your paranoia is exhausting. Pryce: You're a killer. Jessica: Not today, I'm not. Today I'm free. Do you know why? No, cause you're a shitty investigator. So go talk to the cops, go steal someone else's cases. You know what? Go beat off in the corner, because I don't give a dead moose's last shit. I'm gonna find the actual killer. Jessica: You get Inez to Jeri Hogarth at this address. Tell her you're my associate. Malcolm: Wait, did you just promote me? Jessica: Maybe. Malcolm: Does it come with a raise? Jessica: No. Get going. Malcolm: Whatever you say, associate. Jessica: I'm instantly regretting this. Malcolm: Look, I am not the person that you need to be running from right now. I'm just trying to get you someplace safe. Inez: Yeah, that last place was real safe - except for the homicide out front. Oscar :I don't think the woman that saved Vido's life is capable of murder. I still owe you for that. Jessica: About that. I may need to collect. Oscar :How about dinner? Jessica: Like a date? Oscar: Or just dinner? Or do you have something else in mind? Jessica: Let's say, hypothetically, I needed to get into a secure psych ward. Oscar: You want me to commit you? Jessica: As a therapist. Griffin: What do you say, Trish Walker? I'm asking you to marry me. Trish: Thank you. Griffin: "Thank you" means yes, right? Jeri: You work for Jessica. Malcolm: I'm her associate, Malcolm Ducasse. Jeri: I didn't realize that Jessica had associates. Malcolm: Well, I just got promoted. This is Inez. Jeri: Please come in. Inez: Hell of an upgrade from the last armpit I was staying in. Malcolm: Just keep an eye on your TV. You take care of yourself, Inez. Inez: You're the worst kind of person. You pretend to care but you're not about helping anybody except yourself. Jeri: Sounds like Jessica's people skills are rubbing off on you. That's a good thing. I don't pay her to be popular. Jessica: I gotta work. Oscar: What work? It's late. Jessica: I think and I drink. It's a whole process. Oscar: Well, let me get you started. Jessica: Spañada? Oscar: It's like sangria. Mama's favorite. Gets better after the third glass. Jessica: It's actually the first thing I got drunk on. My parents used to keep it around the house. Oscar: My first was rum. Killed mojitos for me. Jessica: Fun fact - when an octopus is attacked, it ditches its wounded arm and just swims away. It's better to let things go before they drag you under.
  7. S04.E14: Chapter Seventy-Eight

  8. S04.E13: Chapter Seventy-Seven

    Awwwwww, Petra got me three times in this episode, first when she made Alba tell her about Xo by saying, "I'm family," again when when she dressed up as the tooth fairy to fix things with Mateo, and then when she told Jane how hard it was when she was waiting for Rafael's test results. I also loved Jane trying to comfort Rogelio and give him a pep talk. The more I think about it, the more I love all of Jane's relationships on this show: Jane/Petra, Jane/Rafael, Jane/Xiomara, Jane/Rogelio, Jane/Alba. When Rafael found Luisa and she asked if he had only tracked her down to get his money back, I wish he had told her that he's been trying to find her since he found out that Magda and Anezka set her up to make her think she was crazy. I knew Xo was lying, but I understand why she did it.

    Mateo: Look! I have a loose tooth and it's hanging by a string! Elsa: Ewwww. Anna: Gross. River: I did hate the character of Brenda. it's just the worst kind of one dimensional stereotypical female character. "Heaving bosom," "beautiful but doesn't know it," "effortlessly thin." Are you freaking kidding me? Rogelio: I will happily adjust the character according to your criticism, River Fields. You want a smaller bosom? Done. And starting now, Brenda is beautiful but she does know it. And of course she doesn't have to be thin. She could be a midwest medium. Go ahead and eat those fries! River: My point was she needs characteristics, a point of view. What does she want? Rogelio: Well, she wants Steve to love her. River: What else? Rogelio: French fries? Mateo: Mommy, don't hurt the tooth fairy! Rafael: I need your help. Rose: Why would I help you? You're the reason I'm in here. Rafael: Actually you're in jail because of all the people you murdered. Rose: Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. Narrator: Is it just me or does it look like Petra wants to be wrongfully accused or murder again? Narrator: I know! Straight out of a telenovela, right? Or a controversial premium cable drama. Rogelio: River Fields is on board! We are officially going to make The Passions of Steve and Brenda: The First Co-Presidents of the United States!
  10. S03.E10: The Art of the Deal

    OMG, MICHAEL LUWOYE IS HADES!!!!! For those of you who aren't Broadway fans, he is the current Hamilton on Broadway. I saw him when the tour was in San Francisco last year (when his tour contract was up earlier this year, he was moved to the Broadway cast). I liked that this episode addressed some of the blatant racism we've seen on the show. Fen hates ALL fairies because of what the Fairy Queen did to her as a result of the deal Margo made. The actions of one fairy have made her hate an entire race. The Fairy Queen hates ALL humans because magicians (and it's worth remembering that not all humans are magicians) tried to wipe them out hundreds of years ago. When she told Julia that oppressors have short memories, I was like no, that's not Julia having a short memory. That's you somehow blaming Julia for something that she had nothing to do with because she clearly wasn't even born when all that happened. It's fine to hate someone who has done you wrong. McAllister's entire family deserved to die for enslaving the earth fairies and grinding them to powder. But Julia? She's never done anything to the fairies, so hating her just because she's human is a bit extreme. The Stone Queen aka creepy mom continues to crack me up, partly because I always remember her as Lucinda, the professor's wife who Brandon had an affair with on 90210, and Kate, the actress who Joey slept with on Friends (who then watched as Vic got on that spaceship). For someone so smart, Penny can be really dumb. He played right into what Hades wanted him to do. And giving his pig metro card to Sylvia was doing exactly what Hades said Penny likes to do: sacrifice himself for others so that he can feel like he's still important. Eating that cupcake was a brand new level of stupid. If it wasn't pomegranate flavored, then at the very least I'll expect him to change size like Alice in Wonderland. No good will come of this! But hey, who can resist a cupcake? I don't know why Sylvia wants to go chase after a family that ditched her without a second thought. Re: the unexplained travel. We saw in one episode that Fen came through the clock from Fillory to Brakebills without a key. Since there's a door in the ship, I'm just assuming that they used it get the others onboard before going to Fillory.
  11. The Magicians In The Media

    Alice's trivia challenge:
  12. S03.E10: The Art of the Deal

    Making magic: Clip: down under
  13. S03.E08: Six Short Stories About Magic

    Clip: layers
  14. S02.E04: AKA God Help the Hobo

    Awwww, I love that Malcolm immediately told Jessica about Pryce's offer. But of course Jessica being Jessica means she just told Malcolm to consider it. I also loved that immediately after Jessica revealed how fucked up her life has been and then broke the ball, he immediately signed her card. See, counselor? She wasn't kidding when she said she doubted she was the same as the rest of you! Part of me hopes that after he gets over the initial of it all, he finds a way to help her at their next meeting. I don't think he's going to ever be able to turn her into someone who wears pink party dresses and has rainbow themed parties, but he could still help her, even if only incrementally.
  15. S07.E05: Active Measures

    Heh, all this talk about purses being stolen or put on the floor definitely makes Carrie's endless supply of crossbody bags seem even more practical! Yeah, after I re-read the movie description I wrote, it definitely sounds like something that would have been on Lifetime! It was either that or one of those made for tv movies that used to air on network channels. I was trying to remember more about the movie to see if I could find out the title, but the only other detail that came back to me was that the girl in the bathroom stall was a musician leaving for college. She had a scholarship to play the violin or some other stringed instrument. In order to avoid having to reveal that she couldn't actually play, the runaway who stole her identity smashed her own hand.