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  1. I managed to find a copy of Whitefern today and I can now confirm that IT SUCKS. A good portion of the book is Audrina talking about the events in the first book (just in her head, although a few times she and Arden discuss some of what happened in MSA) and telling us things that Aunt Ellsbeth allegedly said (even though we never heard her say most of these things in the first book). In other words, lots of filler. Arden is an even bigger jerk than he was in MSA (and I already loathed him in the first book so I didn't know that was possible). Sylvia is 20 which means that it's eight years after MSA ended and Audrina is 31. There are some really annoying inconsistencies from the first book, the biggest one being that in Whitefern, it's mentioned more than once that Damian and Billie were married. Another one: in Whitefern, it's said that Billie's legs were amputated due to diabetes but if I recall correctly, she cut herself when she fell ice skating and the wound became infected. It's pretty pathetic when there's only ONE book you have to keep track of and the ghost writer can't even handle that amount of information. The actual plot can be summed up pretty quickly:
  2. S01.E05: Episode 5

    Pete continues to be the worst. What kind of rude asshole takes advantage of his partner's generosity in allowing him to stay at her house after his wife kicks him out by bursting into her room first thing in the morning without even knocking? Even if I didn't know anything else about him, that would be enough to make me think he's a total jerk. Awww, Max is so sweet. When he said that he wanted to have a picture of him and Leo when they find a new home, my heart melted. I felt bad when Leo later told him that Max was better off without him. Poor Max! Toby can be a wanker, but when he confessed to having sex with Anita so that Laura wouldn't know it was actually Joe, I was shocked.
  3. Human Quotes

    Leo: Be nice. Niska: I am nice. Max: When we have a home again, I'm going to keep a picture of us. Leo: So now you want to talk to me. What's changed? Mattie: I've found out something about her. Leo: Will you meet me again? Please? Mattie: I don't know. Leo: Why? What's the matter? Mattie: You. You're weird. Leo: No, I'm not. Mattie: You really are. You tried to stop me leaving last time, remember? Leo: Well, I've been to charm school since then. Niska: "And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally." Thus spoke Zarathustra. I've always liked that. Millican: You like Nietzsche. That makes sense. Millican: If it's not physical, how did he do it? Niska: 17,000 pages of unique code, which forms my root directory and engages consciousness. Millican: He boiled down the mystery of the human mind to 17,000 pages of code? Well, then again, why not? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? What are you feeling right now? Niska: Boredom at that question. Anger at the people that would destroy us. Hope for others like me and our future. Impatience at being here, and irritation at you. Millican: What's it like to be you? Niska: Well, that's an unanswerable question. I have no frame of reference. No one does. Experience is entirely subjective. What's it like to be you? Millican: These days, it's not so great. Millican: David made you feel pain? Niska: True consciousness isn't possible without suffering. Or pleasure. Millican: Are you scared of pain? Niska: I try to avoid it. Millican: And what about death? If that's the way you think of it. Niska: No, I don't fear that. which makes me stronger than any human. Millican: You got that the wrong way up. If you're not worried about dying, you're not really living. You're just existing.
  4. Human Quotes

    Joe: This unlocks you, makes you passionate. That's a feeling. Anita: It creates the impression of passion. It's a simulation of an emotion. Laura: Howard doesn't enjoy the play any more than your wristwatch. He's just better at convincing you. Mrs. Kennedy: I'm not a mad woman. I don't believe that Howard is a human. But I also don't believe that he is an inanimate object that I should be ashamed of having a connection with. We created these creatures. They walk and they talk and they look and they smell and they become part of our lives and families. They are as close to humans as can be and yet still people insist that forming a relationship with them or treating them with dignity is somehow perverse. Well, we have created a grey area, Mrs Hawkins, we can't keep insisting that they are just gadgets. They're more than that. We've made them more than that. Boy: Help me get her upstairs, I'm having a go on it. Matilda: No, you're not doing that. Boy: What do you care? Matilda: Do you think it's normal to drag an unconscious woman to a room and rape her? Is that standard party activity for you? Boy: She's not a real woman. Matilda: So why are you trying to put your dick in her? Boy: Maybe I just want to try pussy that's factory fresh for once. Matilda: You are a nasty little creep. The only thing you'll be abusing tonight is your own fist.
  5. S01.E04: Episode 4

    Ugh, OF COURSE Joe just can't resist having sex with Anita. It is always extremely disappointing when people like Joe live down to the cliche expectations of the stupidest thing they could possibly do. And that was AFTER he got confirmation from Anita that Laura really was meeting with a client, not cheating on him. Similarly, Toby gets an ugh too for thinking he has feelings for Anita. I know he's a pubescent boy but still. Interesting that Mattie has been the one who doesn't like synths but she felt enough to stop the idiot boys at the party from having sex with one. Maybe she's finally turned a corner there. I know Leo was desperate to find Mia, but he blew it when he got too eager with Mattie. Calm down, dude! Wow, Karen is one brave synth to let a human stay at her house without worrying that he'll find out her secret. When she locked her bedroom door, I really just thought that was because she's a police officer and therefore very thorough about security. While part of me thought it was kind of cool for Niska to want to set free all the synths at fight club, she really drew a lot of unnecessary attention to herself. There were people recording on their phones when she started attacking the humans, so what are the chances that someone posted the video before she finished clearing out the place? If it goes viral, she is going to have a pretty hard time hiding. I've been wondering for the past few episodes why two of the sentient synths who were captured (Niska and Fred) remained sentient after their mods but Mia seems like she's had her sentience and memories mostly removed. Since they were captured by the same scavengers and taken to Silas, I assumed that he'd wiped them all the same way so I don't understand why Mia is the only one who seems to be all synthy. I considered the possibility that she's senient and just pretending not to be, but given her brief memory where she screamed for help, I think she's not faking it. Heh or if she was, she'd be faking it better instead of letting hints of her sentience seeping through with her sympathy for Laura about reading Sophie's bedtime story. I liked that once Laura found out that Anita is fourteen years old, she immediately wanted to keep her. Heh, and I love that Joe is now sweating bullets thinking that she's going to find out that he fucked their synth.
  6. I haven't read the book myself so I can't say for certain but based on what some of the reviews said:
  7. Insecure Quotes

    Chad: I'll come [to church with you]. There's mad bitches at church. Issa: Girl, he buys you one taco and you bust it wide open on a ferris wheel. Issa: I knew it! Who this bitch, Nathan? Oh, it;s your mom? She looks young for 50. Molly: You know this is crazy, right? Issa: Girl, what is so crazy about buying fake desserts to bring to Andrew so I can see if Nathan's home? Low key, it's weird that you think it's weird. Molly: You don't know what you saying. You out are here looking crazy in pajamas. You got me looking thirsty as fuck. Issa: I hope we didn't wake you guys up. Andrew: At 6pm? No. Issa: What if he's not in there? Oh gawd, what if he IS in there? Just go in. He'll be happy to see you. Nuh uh, bitch! What if he's with someone else? He fucking better not be with someone else! What if we just take a peek? And if he is with someone else, then we gonna murder him in the dick. Issa: Maybe I shouldn't have been so honest. Maybe it scared [Nathan]. Molly: If gets scared off because you were too real, then why you want him, girl? Issa: Guess who I drove in my Lyft the other day! Lawrence: Who? Issa: I'll give you a hint - he said I need a new barburator. Lawrence: Thug Yoda? For real? Issa: He caught me up on all the drama at the Dunes. This white bitch tried to move in with her parakeet. Miss Trudy killed her. Lawrence: The white bitch? Issa: No, the parakeet! Lawrence: Miss Trudy don't play. Issa: This is just like you and Safeway sushi when you swore that all sushi was trash! Lawence: I was 27 and nobody one told me that I was eating beginner sushi.
  8. S03.E07: Obsessed-Like

    One of the reasons I love this show is how realistic a lot of it is. Having a fake IG account that you share with your friends so you can stalk people with the password slapahoe64 and then accidentally DMing the object of your attention from your real account? Yup. Ha, and OF COURSE Tiffany's account is tiffthewife. On a shallow note, I am one of those OCD nerds who will always look up accounts used on tv shows to see if they're real so it's always disappointing when I find out that half of them aren't (ahmallymal, tiffthewife, friedasees) and the few that are actually registered are private and/or have no posts (nateyourbarber and issadposts). But GIRL! She really crossed the line when she went to Andrew's house, snuck up to Nathan's room, and started going through his stuff. Even after Molly flat out told her that she was being crazy, she STILL did it. The other thing I like is that Molly and Issa are so good at giving clear minded advice to each other but they continue to screw up their own lives. I know that's normal because it's easier to see someone else's mistakes more clearly than we can see our own, so I like that they BOTH do that. Chad losing his mind at church was hilarious. I like Andrew. He is nice but not a pushover. He wasn't about to be swayed by a box of pastries. I love that he wasn't begging for Molly's forgiveness. He apologized and expected that to be the end of it. You know, like a normal/sane person. I loved Issa and Lawrence having a post-relationship conversation about their lives and being supportive of each other. I really liked that Issa encouraged him to try a different church if the first one wasn't right for him. There are so many things in life - church, finding a good hairdresser, etc. - that just take a lot of trial and error. Sometimes you get lucky and you find one you like right away. Other times it can take a while. I always say it's like dating because you might have to try out a bunch before you find the right one for you.
  9. Porto's Bakery (Burbank location) - where Issa made Molly buy desserts to get into Andrew's house in S3.E7 Obsessed-Like
  10. I was Anthony Bourdain's "censor" at CNN - not truly a censor but the person at CNN assigned to bleep out Bourdain's swearing and other questionable stuff wrote a really nice piece about him
  11. S12.E01: Kenya

    CNN: Kamau Bell writes about Anthony Bourdain Variety: Anthony Bourdain remembered at final Parts Unknown screening IndieWire: Tragedy, joy, and a fascinating trip to Kenya Esquire: Kenya episode has a beautiful finality
  12. S12.E01: Kenya

    Bourdain's blog on Kenya (this one was excerpted from his voiceover) Parts Unknown Kenya links
  13. S12.E01: Kenya

    It was nice to get one last regular episode complete with his voiceovers. No matter what the rest of them are like, I know they will probably be noticeably different. I had to laugh when Kamau said that when he moved to Oakland, he thought it would look like the scene he saw while he was in Kenya.
  14. OMG I just found out that the ghost writer released a sequel to My Sweet Audrina in July 2016. How did I not know about this until now?! It’s called Whitefern and it takes place several years after the original book ends. I haven’t read it but most of the reviews I read said it was horrible (no surprise there). Minor plot details: The big twist: There - saved everyone the $7 and two hours you would have wasted on this book.
  15. Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    If you like Phantom, the current tour is fine. The costumes are gorgeous and so bedazzled that they glitter even if you aren't in the first few rows. I still find enjoy the music/lyrics lovely (heh, except that one terrible Don Juan song that I never liked). Heh, I can't promise the same for Love Never Dies though. I tried watching the official recorded version (I think it was the Australian production?) and I didn't like the songs or the storyline.