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  1. Jamie can suck it for trying to guilt trip and bribe Fergus into stealing the cell keys so that he could attempt to commandeer the ship to go chasing after the Porpoise. I haven't seen enough of Fergus and Marsali's relationship to know how much they really love each other, but what I do know is that it's shitty of Jamie to tell Fergus that he doesn't really know what love is just because he didn't want to steal those keys for his half-baked plan. And as Fergus pointed out, it would be 7 against 20, and even if they could get the whole ship behind Jamie, what would happen if they managed to catch up to the Porpoise? Attack the ship while Claire is still on it? Awwwww, poor Elias. Just goes to show that you can make me love a character in just one episode.
  3. Fabian was a jerk but I appreciate that in the end when Jane came through and wrote the hacky monologue he wanted but People wasn't going to come, Fabian was willing to try to help Jane get publicity for the bookstore. I'm glad that despite his jerky behavior earlier, he was willing to do the right thing. I loved how well they showed Jane's happiness tinged with sadness. I think that even if the book weren't about Michael, she would still feel that, just knowing that he wasn't there to share in her happiest moments. But because the book is based on their love story, that just makes the happiness even more bittersweet for her. I really wish Rafael had been able to be at the party for her, partly because they are so good as friends, but also because he was the one who encouraged her to do it. Her discussion with Isabel Allende had me in tears. I feel like Magda is too obvious a choice for Anezka's murder so I think it will end up being someone else. I felt bad for Anezka when she was talking to her Scott shrine and telling him that he was the only one who she could really trust. She's no angel. She has willingly done terrible things. But it's also terrible to go through life knowing you can't trust your own mother or sister, and she's not as shrewd as Petra so she was an easy target for Magda to manipulate. I'm glad Adam is gone. He wasn't the worst or anything but he just never did anything for me. Someone needs to teach Rafael how to create a resume out of only one job: list your positions/responsibilities as separate jobs and bullet point the different responsibilities for each one! I'm glad Jane convinced him to take the bartending job. Not every job is going to be glamorous or fun or cater to your everchanging schedule. Not too sound too Jane here, but that's how a lot of people's jobs are. Not everyone gets a huge office with a view and an assistant and the ability to leave work when you are taking your kid to swim class in the middle of the day. Not everyone has their dream job but everyone has bills to pay.
  4. Rafael: Remind me why I need to let go [of the Marbella]. Jane: Because lying and sneaking around got you thrown in jail in the past and run over by a car in the present so we need to protect the future - not just for you but for your children who need you as a role model. Rafael: Wow, guilt plus scare tactics. Well done. Anezka: Yes, I am in charge. That is why I have new business shoes. Xiomara: Did Teresa finally tell Elena that Rodrigo is really Juan Carlos in a bad wig? Fabian: Come on. Sexpot to sexpot, can you help me? Petra: If Carl is real that means Luisa's in a mental institution for nothing. Well, not for nothing. She was still trying to break a mass murderer out of jail. That's legitimately crazy but not hallucination crazy. Rogelio: Press + celeb photos = business! Magda: I see you've spent time in prison. I like that. Shows you can get scrappy. Fabian: This monologue is a stinky piece of garbage and I hardly understand it. Jane: It's like I'm falling for you all over again. Fabian: It needs more pizazz. It needs more sparkle. It needs to be more flowery. Jane: Okay, flowery. Fine, I can do flowery. Flowery is my specialty. [30 minutes later] Fabian: Now it has too many describey words. Jane: Adjectives? Fabian: No. Words that describe other words. Jane: Ugh, rum and Cherry Coke? Rafael: I'm still figuring out the soda gun. Fabian: Do not underestimate the power of my shirtlessness. No. This is an emergency. I'm going to go completely naked and cover my precious junk with your precious book. I may need two.
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  15. Awwwww, I loved hearing the instrumental of "I Have Friends" during this episode. Oh, Nathaniel. I know it's hard to know the right thing to say after something like this happens, even under normal circumstances. I have struggled over what to say in sympathy cards EVERY time I've had to send one. Nothing ever feels adequate. But knowing what happened with his mom just makes it that much more understandable. I was annoyed with Hector when he walked right behind Valencia while she was shooting a video. You see someone is shooting a video. You know what it's for. Your choices are (1) wait a whole minute so that she can finish shooting this video (2) walk in front Valencia's chair so that you can pee AND not be in the shot (3) walk right behind Valencia's chair so that you can pee and be in the shot. But later when he told Josh that he was providing an outlet for Valencia's aggression, I thought it was weird but sweet that he knows her well enough to put himself in the line of fire on purpose. I totally understand Rebecca pinning all her hopes on a new diagnosis. Semi-related, a friend of mine got sick and none of the doctors could figure out what was wrong with him. Some of them said there was nothing wrong with him and that there was no medical reason for him to have these symptoms. This went on for a good six months. At one point, he began to wonder if he was imagining this illness. He just wanted to know what was actually wrong and get some kind of treatment. So from that point of view, I could see how being told by Dr. D that she had been previously misdiagnosed and that was why she had been struggling would make her feel like a new diagnosis would be a ray of light and the answer to her problems. Unfortunately, I felt that she was so focused on the semantics of having a personality disorder that she initially didn't want to accept it. I'm glad that Dr. Akopian was able to get her to see it after just reading her the list. I get Josh wanting to apologize because he feels guilty. He SHOULD feel guilty because he did a really shitty thing. But it shouldn't take Rebecca trying to commit suicide for him to realize that he did a shitty thing. What's worse is that it's his guilt that's driving him. He wants to apologize so that HE feels better. While a puppy is a sweet gesture in theory, it is a terrible idea to give ANYONE a pet as a gift unless you know 100% that they want this pet and are willing to commit to the lifespan of this animal as a responsible pet owner. What Rebecca needs right now is not an animal that needs housebreaking, feeding, walking, vet appointments, etc. She needs time to deal with everything that's going on with her right now. It was an adorable puppy, but it was just another sign of Josh's state of mind. He wants to make a kind gesture but he chooses the wrong one.