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  1. Often when actors are given a producer credit late in the show's run, it's another way to keep them happy because they get the title and additional salary, but it doesn't always translate to being given the power to make decisions about the storylines. It varies from show to show, obviously, but the title itself isn't always indicative of a lot of power to shape the plot.
  2. I don't really care if the character/actress has an accent or not, but I'm puzzled as to why someone is listed in the credits as Nicole Kidman's accent coach because someone is getting paid to help her sound like something, but it's not clear exactly what that something is!
  3. Cast spotlight: There are a bunch of short promos for S3 so I'm putting them under the cut just so the page doesn't take forever to load:
  4. And don't forget Xena: The Musical. but it was better than That 70's Show: The Musical and Happy Days: The Musical. Anybody else got musical episodes of TV shows to add to the list. I remember Seventh Heaven had a musical episode but I never watched it (my sister was the one who watched that show). Buffy is the only tv musical I loved enough to put on my ipod and I still listen to the songs! The Scrubs song I always get stuck in my head is Guy Love. I don't watch Supergirl so I only know Melissa from Glee and Mon-El from The Vampire Diaries. I love musicals and I was super excited to have so many known singers! Often when tv shows do musicals, the majority of the cast members aren't really singers and that can affect the vocal range/performances of the songs. Jesse L. Martin did not disappoint. I haven't heard him sing anything since he was in Rent, so I looooooved the show finally gave him an opportunity to sing! I was expecting a lot from Barrowman due to the roles he's had in the past (Chris in Miss Saigon, Raoul in Phantom of the Opera, etc). I was one of the ten people who watched Smash until the bitter end so I was also excited to see Jeremy Jordan sing again. I was really glad that Darren, Melissa, and Grant got to share scenes together. I would have been disappointed if the Glee reunion didn't have at least one scene with all three of them. It was a fun episode full of fluff, which I will take since this season has been so gloomy.
  5. Mon-El: We need to find whoever did this to Kara and punch him repeatedly until he reverses whatever spell he put on her. And I get to punch him first. Kara: [Mon-El] is not my boyfriend. He is just a boy. Who is not my friend. He's my nothing. Kara: My sister says I put the Kara in karaoke. Barry: I don't know who you are. Obviously you're someone who's quick with a knife. Music Meister: We're inside your head. You created this world. And we got lucky because it could have been a war movie or a space opera. Kara: Remember, she might look like Iris but she is not Iris. Barry: I know. This is going to be weird. Kara: I'm glad we haven't seen anyone that looks like Mon-El. I'd probably punch him in the face just for the fun of it. Iris as Millie: Alright, you caught us. Mon-El as Tommy: We're in love. Kara: Ugh, gross. Caitlin: Guys, we have a problem. Well, another problem. Cisco: Look, John, I respect this whole special agent situation you got going on, but this problem right here needs someone with...green skin and a sick ass cape. Iris as Millie: Our fathers hate each other. Our love is forbidden. Barry: This is just like West Side Story. Kara: I was thinking more Fantasticks. Iris as Millie: Okay, we'll do it. Kara: Uh, convincing people in musicals is really easy. Iris as Millie: Dads Barry: Dads? Millie's two dads: You got a problem with that? Barry: No, I love musicals. Stein: He's a hooligan! His father's a hooligan! His mother's- Joe as Diggsy: Hey, not in front of the girl. Music Meister: Now if you don't mind, I'm just going to chill in this wonderfully decorated cell of yours. Music Meister: Love is about letting yourself be saved.
  6. New S3 promo!
  7. Promo:
  8. The other reason that the pictures were a big deal is that Sebastien is a famous and respected photographer. Think a fictitious version of Annie Liebowitz. He contacted Moira and wanted to collaborate on a project with her, which would be a big deal to a D list celebrity like Moira whose claim to fame is being on a soap opera.
  9. Sneak peek:
  10. As annoying as that is, I actually learned about the political leanings of some of my FB friends who NEVER post about that kind of stuff because my feed was showing me public posts that they had liked. When I saw some of the things a college friend of mine had liked (but not shared/posted), I was like :O Mr. EB's company has a refrigerator full of free drinks including different kinds of milk for people to use with the free (fancy) coffee. They also get catered lunches for meetings several times a week. They used to have a free candy dispenser (the kind where you twist the handle and a handful of candy comes out of the slot) full of M&Ms until a few years ago when HR decided that they should encourage healthier eating habits by taking away the free chocolate. You'd think people would just be grateful that they can help themselves to free drinks and food, but instead people are always complaining or requesting very specific things (one person wanted Diet Dr. Pepper). Their company occupies two floors of an office building. There are stairs and an elevator. They have coffee on both floors. Every once in a while, something will happen (like the coffee machine malfunctioning) that results in only having a working coffee maker on one floor. People then complained because they didn't want to have to go ONE FLOOR to get free coffee. How about walking four blocks and paying for it yourself? Ingrates!
  11. Ha, no kidding! As soon as I saw that hat, I was like WTF, Regina? Snow will be the matron of honor, of course. Maybe they will bring back Ruby to be a bridesmaid. I am imagining Emma saying, "Regina, I know we've had our differences, like when you wanted to kill me. And when you wanted to kill my parents. But bygones! We're family now! Will you be my bridesmaid?"
  12. I think his date was a combination of wanting to appease Daisy (she was obviously involved since she set up his profile), moving on from the attempted reconciliation with Daisy's mom, and realizing that he needs some kind of work/life balance. I can imagine Daisy telling him that he should at least try to find someone to date and Alec making a semi-sarcastic remark like, "Where? On the internet?" and then Daisy just signing him up for a couple of dating apps. Knowing that he flaked on lunch with Daisy, he then made it a point not to miss this date because if he did, that would be like letting Daisy down again. To be honest, I thought he was doing some kind of undercover operation, that he had somehow found Zoe was connected to something and he was going on this date to try to get information from her (unbeknownst to Zoe, who thought it was a real date).