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  1. Ha! A+ (although now that I think about it, I can imagine old Tahani saying, "I've only worn cargo pants once before today, but that's only because I was doing a favor for my good friend Kanye when he asked me to be a runway model for his new collection during fashion week").
  2. Jimmy and Edgar trying to figure out what GTFO means made me laugh.
  3. Based on Cleen's reaction when he was told that the thumbs were wrong, he probably wouldn't have changed them even if Katie had nicely informed him before he started tattooing the client. He is so convinced that everything he does is The Best Ever and that he doesn't make mistakes so I'm guessing his reaction would have been the same no matter what her tone was or when she told him. "They're supposed to look like that! He's holding a ball!"
  4. Awwwww, best bus driver ever! Doug has a lot of nerve yelling at Julia. No, she didn't react in the best way (she lost control of her emotions and was unprofessional when she yelled at Sam) but she was right too - he bears some responsibility too. I can't really blame Julia for being upset that (1) Sam broke into her house (2) expected her to enter into a romantic relationship with him. Miles sucks. "You win" is not the way to propose. FYI - Julia, that is why you change the locks when someone moves out. On a shallow note, I wish they wouldn't put such obviously fake eyelashes on Julia. Poor Sam! He obviously had no idea how to deal with Casey being cold and awkward toward him so he was trying to make things better. Hee, Zahid in a house full of girls was hilarious. I love what a good friend he is to Sam though. He used his Friday night to help Sam look for Paige's necklace and even volunteered to go into the pool to get it for him knowing that Sam didn't want to get in water that other people have touched. I understand Paige's anger, but her biggest mistake was bringing a bunch of paper things and trying to throw them. You need to bring heavier things to throw, girl. The look on her face when she slit the giant penguin's throat was so great. I'm glad that Sam told Casey that she could go to Clayton because he had other people who would help him. He's a lot more practical about the situation than Elsa was when she initially told Casey she couldn't go. I knew that her lie about Luisa's cousin would come back to bite her in the ass because she's so dumb hat she doesn't know how to cover her tracks well. If you're going to use your friend as an excuse, then either tell your friend so that she knows to cover for you if it ever comes up or use a friend who you know will never be in contact with whoever you're lying to. Sheesh. This is like basic lying 101 which you learn when you're a teenager telling your parents that you're spending the night at a friend's house so you can actually go to a party. I'm not condoning Elsa's affair - just criticizing her sloppy way of trying to cover it up.
  5. Sam: Julia I've wanted you to be my girlfriend since the day that I gave you my brain. But then I learned that you have a boyfriend and about something called a conflict of interest. So on my father's suggestion, I got a practice girlfriend named Paige to prepare for the day when you and I could be together. Okay, Sam, no. And now I believe that I'm ready. I know how to dance and go to the mall and that it's inappropriate to lock a woman in your closet. And I've seen boobs really nice ones. It was so cool. Julia: Sam did you break into my house with chocolate-covered strawberries? Sam: No. The window was open. I just silently climbed in until my dad made me leave. Sam: Zahid says that you just know when you love someone, which is dumb because it's not based on data or research. But when we were dancing in the parking garage, I just knew. Didn't you? Julia: Are you asking me if I want to start a romantic relationship with my teenage patient? Sam: Yes. Zahid: Code titties. I repeat, code titties. There are a thousand hotties downstairs and they're waiting in line so they're bored and their standards of entertainment are low. Zahid: Why are you wrapped up like a skinny white burrito? Zahid: You know what might make you feel better, though? Like a thousand nice asses in those fleecy sweatpants. Or nachos. Sam: No, melty cheese makes my mouth feel funny. Zahid: All right, I'm calling bullshit on this Julia. She dresses like a homeless lady, and she has horrible taste in televisions. Zahid: Chicks are the worst. Now let's go meet a whole bunch of them. Sam: [Paige] seems mad. Doug: Yeah, she is. Paige: You know what's not in [this box]? My virginity! Yeah! Which you were gonna get, by the way. But now you're not. I'll probably end up doing it with the first guy in college with a British accent. So thanks for that! Zahid: Look over here, Double O Penguin. Doug: How does Zahid have your phone number? Elsa: I gave it to him in case of emergencies. But he just uses it to send me selfies when he's bored. Elsa's friend: Teenage girls are assholes. Oh, what? Like you don't know it? Doug: I made this igloo. You like this? Pretty good, right? I even used the stuffing from Paige's murdered penguin as a snow base. I'm gonna go stand by it and make sure no bozos spill punch on it. Sam: Paige lost her necklace sometime on Tuesday, so if I can retrace her steps, I should be able to find it. Fortunately, I have her whole schedule memorized. Zahid: Stalkery, but also kind of sweet. Stalkery-sweet. Sam: I don't like getting in water that people have touched. Zahid: Oh, people do much worse than that. I guarantee this baby's been peed in hundreds of times. That's not helpful. Sam: No. Evan: When you didn't say that you loved me back, I just I felt like a tool. But I really don't care whether you say it or not. I love you, and and that's that. Yeah? Yeah. And I should have been more mature, so, um, how about this? I'll race you to the top of those steps. And if I win, then you have to love me back. Casey: That sounds fair. Sam: I just got a hand job in an igloo. Christopher: Dude, awesome! [Sam and Christopher high five each other]
  6. Oh, Casey, having sex for the first time because you're mad at your mother is a terrible idea. Poor Evan. He was the one being cautious, trying to make sure that she was ready, and he still somehow got exactly what he was trying to avoid with the postcoital awkwardness and all. I had to roll my eyes when Nick accused Elsa of being selfish because she was ending things with him. Um, you're talking about a married woman who was having an affair with a bartender she randomly met. How did you NOT know she was selfish until this moment? I get that Sam's usual decision making process involves making a list so I was okay with him asking his parents how you know when you love someone, but I'm with Zahid - you just know. Unfortunately for Paige, he only likes Paige in a neutral way. If she had dropped off the face of the earth, he would barely notice her absence. Julia, on the other hand, is his fantasy girl. I don't think he actually loves Julia or that he's in love with her, but she is the object of his affection. Hee, I loved Zahid announcing that it was time for a man hug and calling Sam a polar bear.
  7. Sam: When you have a girlfriend, there are always new rules to learn. Paige: We hold hands in the hall now. Sharice: What's a silent dance? Sam: It's a much better way to have a dance where everyone listens to music on headphones instead of out loud. Paige: They started as a way for drug kids to have raves in the woods, but it turns out they're great for people with sensory issues. Who knew that meth heads and people on the spectrum had some of the same needs? Shoot. Was that insensitive to say? Sam: But what about taking the D-Train to Bone Town? I have condoms. I've seen boobs. I'm ready. Zahid: Man hug time. Get over here, you little polar bear. Sam: The old carts were stiff and hard to push, but the new ones are smooth and fast, and I like to pretend I'm in a video game. Zahid: Nice cape. Julia: It's a blanket actually.
  8. And they would have to dive into a reef to retrieve fabric!
  9. I like them too!
  10. I'm just so happy this show is back! FORK YEAH! I think part of Michael's problem is that he's trying too hard to recreate what specifically happened in 1.0 (Eleanor getting drunk and the shrimp situation) instead of just letting the four of them wander around and become miserable in different ways. Death (or torture) by a thousand paper cuts!