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  1. Margo holding back tears with her chin trembling as she told Eliot to make smart choices instead of being brave - awwwwww! I love how much they love each other. Their list of fictional babies who were magically aged up deserves a high five. I have to agree with Margo about Dawn - technically she was never a baby. Not at all surprised that Kady stole the battery. The bigger surprise is that after two seasons of referring to that teacher as Blue Fairy, that character FINALLY got a name! I was going to say she finally got a name right before she died but since she survived, I'm assuming that we will see her again eventually. How does Mayakovsky get all of these women to fall in love with him? Based on what we've seen of him, it's not his charming personality. Loved that one of Josh's points of evidence that Mayakovsky was the bear in the video was that the bear was a dick. Ha, of course the fairies gave Eliot and Fen's daughter the nickname Fray, short for Frail Human. I was screaming, "NOOOOOOOO!" when the Lamprey entered Quentin. But Quentin's awkward apology at the police station (or hospital) about the kitten exploding was so Quentin. It will be interesting to see how well the Lamprey is able to act like Quentin.
  2. Anika Noni Rose discusses "The Quad" & "Assassination Nation"
  3. Tom Payne discusses the new season of The Walking Dead:
  4. Anika Noni Rose discusses "The Quad" & "Assassination Nation"
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  6. Promo:
  7. The apple doesn't fall far from the psychotic tree, at least not in the Scaramucci family. That kid is a complete wack job. The Imaginary Friends support group was hilarious. "Fuck Judy Blume!" Happy guessing that the book to blame was Freckle Juice cracked me up. So is it a coincidence that Happy is blue? The costumes those poor kids were wearing - horrifying, all of them, but the Jon Benet one that Hailey was wearing was extra creepy.
  8. Little Bo Peep: It's not monsters under the bed. It's penises - great big nasty penises! Also, fuck Judy Blume! Two weeks with those books and now my friend's knocked up and her water's breaking in Algebra 1. Happy: Was it Freckle Juice? Raspberry: Just one marshmallow? They're free, you know. Happy: I only deserve one. It's not hot chocolate without it. Raspberry: Smoke? Happy: After all the cocaine I had this week, I don't think so. Isabella: I can't take any more of this, you running your fat Botoxed cannoli holes like it's any other day! Can't you understand? This is not some show. This is reality! Anna-Theresa: Sweetheart, you got a hundred year old witch menstruating into a red sauce to bring your bambino back from the dead. We ain't even in the same zip code as reality. Nick: Those tasers will really clear your sinuses out. Nick: You listen to me, you little blue jackass. The Sacks family crest is two lions holding a banner reading, "Death before intimacy." What I'm about to say is very difficult and I'm only going to say it once. I believe in you.
  9. I'm not surprised that she hadn't done drugs in high school. I was just surprised that she had a very Just Say No attitude about drugs with the slippery slope, especially considering that she took Junior to a party where their classmates were drinking and doing drugs and she had a very casual attitude about it at the time. If I recall correctly, she told Junior to calm down because it was no big deal. I have no doubt that she knew some of her private school classmates were taking the same kind of drugs she was shown taking in this episode, so it seems like a retcon that she's so against them now.
  10. I loved that even after Johnny and Moira knew that Alexis wasn't pregnant, they let Alexis mess with David for a minute before telling him the truth. Based on the look on Moira's face, she would have let that go on a lot longer if Johnny hadn't spoken up! I also loved the disgusted look on David's face when Johnny was holding the pregnancy test. I'm kind of disappointed that Alexis will be attending college online. I thought going to a new school and meeting new people would be fun for us to see. I always enjoy seeing people's reactions to the Roses, but Alexis and David in particular. I can't believe Stevie is seeing the throuple guy again! It's rare that I agree with Roland, but he's correct - you never need a reason to have taco night!
  11. Whatever else is going on with Ellen Pompeo (personally or professionally), I agree with this. The cast of Friends negotiated $1 million per episode while the eighth season was airing. Their previous contract negotiation two years before that gave each of them $750K per episode. The cast of The Big Bang Theory has been making $1 million per episode since 2014 (I think that was TBBT's eighth season). However much I bitch about Grey's Anatomy, the show is still raking in money regardless of how stupid I think certain plots are. I know it's an ensemble show with a large cast, but Ellen Pompeo has been on this show for fourteen freaking seasons and she's the title character. I have no issue with her asking for a raise in order to commit to two more seasons of the show.
  12. Promo:
  13. Or, hell, 7/11. Or a gas station. Batteries are one of those things that you can buy at just about any kind of store.
  14. Alexis: So I'm thinking like season 5 Carrie Bradshaw, like super professional and polished but also like chill and flirty in an impossibly expensive sort of way. David: You do know that this is your first day at Elmdale College and not Vogue, right? Alexis: Hush, David, because Jocelyn said only her top students go to Elmdale. David: I think that says more about Jocelyn as a teacher than it does her students. David: Why are you waving a thermometer in my face? Johnny: It's a pregnancy test. David: Ewwww. What? Johnny: It's a smiley face so I'm assuming it's a positive result. David: Well, that's presumptuous. David: I am not in a place right now to be emotionally available to a baby. Johnny: You know, I'm a little disappointed in you, David. You spend a lot of time with Alexis. You could have done a better job looking out for her. David: Okay, I'm sorry I'm not a condom. Alexis: Um, hey, excuse me? I'm looking for the registrar's office. Student 1: It's in there. Alexis: Okay, I'm just a little bit confused because on the brochure, it looks like it's in a moss covered building by the lake. I'm guessing the quad is just on the other side of the building. Alexis: Okay, hi. Student 2: Sup? Alexis: I am what this brochure calls a prospective student. Student 2: Cool, so you're not enrolled yet? Alexis: No, I am enrolled, prospectively. I was wondering if there was like a campus tour or something. Student 2: Well, it wouldn't be much of a tour but yeah, I guess I could walk you back up the hall if you want. Alexis: Okay, it's just that the brochure is a little bit confusing. Student 2: Yeah, we couldn't afford in-house photography so we just used stock images. See? Watermark there. This is actually a still from Dead Poets Society. Alexis: I feel like that's false advertising, especially considering what I am paying for these courses. Student 2: Yeah, but you get free coffee and donuts. And an agenda. It's off by a day so I wouldn't use it. Jocelyn: You're probably wondering why I'm taking you out for tacos tonight. Roland: Well, honey, you don't need a special reason for taco night. Jocelyn: So Roland, you might have noticed that I've been on a real Dorito casserole kick lately, and there's a reason for that. Roland: Besides wanting to keep me as your husband? Alexis: Hey, so I've been thinking about what you said, and it is a big expense, but I think I can find a way to make it work. Moira: What's happening? Alexis: Dad's trying to get me to drop out of college. Johnny: No, that's not what was happening! I thought we were talking about something else. Alexis: What else? Moira: Oh, he thought you were pregnant. Alexis: What? Ewww! Johnny: Well, we all did. Alexis: Oh my God, that's so mean! Johnny: A little past curfew. Alexis: Ooh burn, David. David: I'm sorry, I was processing Alexis' situation. Johnny: David, Alexis isn't - Alexis: No, it's okay. I mean, have your fun now, David, because when the twins arrive, I'm gonna really need your help. David: Um, that's a hard pass. Alexis: You're gonna be so involved in their lives. David: Mmm, your body, your problem. Johnny: David, Alexis isn't pregnant. Alexis: Okay, but just picture them as like, tiny little roommates whose tiny little poops you get to clean up!