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  1. Media: Killing Eve On BBCA

    NY Times interview with Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge Loved this bit:
  2. S04.E23: Dream Home

    Ooh, that would have been awesome! It would have been SUPER awesome if she had told Dre, "Instead of wasting money on this foolish dream home of yours, why don't you save the money that could be spent on some college tuition and baby expenses by staying at that condo with your mom - you know, the one that you and Rhonda were at war over?"
  3. Dawson's Creek Cast & Crew in Other Projects

    Meredith Monroe plays Carolyn Standall, the mother of one of the main characters in four episodes of S2 of 13 Reasons Why.
  4. S04.E23: Dream Home

    I have been so unenthused about this storyline that it look me TEN DAYS after it aired to get around to watching it. Admittedly I have been a little busy lately, but this was so far down on my list of priorities. When I'd rather watch something as cheery as The Handmaid's Tale instead of a comedy taking on marital problems, that should tell you something. I just rolled my eyes when Dre revealed his expensive dream house. Never mind that Bow might want to rent her own dream house and, I don't know, not live with her in-laws anymore. I did too, but that's why I was yelling, "Girl, go upstairs, take off that dress, and put on some sweats to crawl under the sink!" No need to ruin a perfectly cute dress because you need to deal with the drain! The 9/11 story I always think about is Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. They dated for two years and then broke up in April 2001. When 9/11 happened, they realized that they wanted to be together because life's too short, etc. so they reconciled and got engaged a few months later. They later filed for divorce after three years of marriage so it didn't work out in the end, but the big event made them realize that they weren't ready to give up on each other. Tragedy has a very polarizing effect on relationships. They can bring people closer together or they can push them apart (the statistics for divorce among parents who have a child with a serious illness is higher than the average divorce rate). When my friend's dad died, it ended up being the catalyst for breaking up with his girlfriend of three years. I think tragedy is often a wake up call for people. It makes people realize that they should treasure the ones they love (but it can also make people realize that they are not with the right person!). I think it just depends on the relationship and the people involved. If you love each other, it can make you see that the stuff you were fighting about was peanuts compared to not having each other anymore.
  5. S01.E08: Chapter Eight: Know Your Truth

    It would actually make a lot of sense if he has a bunch of money (either from acting residuals or through his family) because it would explain how he can keep not booking any of the acting jobs we've seen him audition for and somehow be financially comfortable with just the income from teaching this ONE drama class. If you get a role on a series that gets syndicated, it can set you up pretty well. Mila Kunis said that she made so much money from That 70s Show (which wrapped when she was only 22) that afterward she could afford to be very picky about what projects she wanted to do. If you don't blow all your money MC Hammer style then you can live off of that income very comfortably for the rest of your life.
  6. Gymnastics

    USA Gymnastics officials agreed to provide what Larry Nassar's attorney called "false excuses" for his absence from major gymnastics events in 2015, rather than disclose to parents and gymnasts that Nassar was under investigation for child sexual abuse Excerpt (more at the source):
  7. S02.E09: The Missing Page

    To be fair, everyone is a coward. It's just a matter of what each person is a coward about and how far they're willing to go to feel safe. Clay was a coward about Hannah. He was afraid to ask her out or tell her how he felt about her. Courtney was a coward about letting people know about her sexuality. She was willing to actively attack Hannah in S1 in order to protect her secret. She lied about the picture, she lied about Hannah having a crush on her, etc. all to keep anyone from knowing that she was really gay. Justin, Monty, and Zach were all cowards about the same thing - they were afraid of losing the security of having that powerful/popular group of friends. Sheri was afraid of the consequences of knocking over that sign (even before the accident). I'm not saying Zach was right to be coward, just that most of the characters on this show have made decisions based on their cowardice. Zach at least made some efforts to be nice - apologizing to Hannah, hanging out with Alex, checking on Chloe. Could he have done more? Definitely. But he has recognized his mistakes and tried to be better. Clay, on the other hand, keeps thinking that he's the only one who knows how to get justice for Hannah, even if that means wanting Jessica to out herself as the person on tape nine, releasing the tapes (anonymously, of course, so that he doesn't have to take responsibility from anyone but the other people on the tape who realize he did it) which airs everyone's dirty laundry, etc. The only mistake that he seems to acknowledge is that he didn't see Hannah's cries for help, but he thinks all of the other stuff he did was justified and totally okay. I'm not saying that Zach is better than Clay though because it's not a contest to see who is the worst. Everyone on this show has made mistakes and most of them were made out of fear or cowardice. Some of them are now willing to admit what they've done and try to make things right and be better (Sheri, Zach, and Mr. Porter are the ones who seem to be making the most effort). On the other end of the spectrum are Bryce and Marcus who only care about covering their asses, no matter how many other lives they have to wreck to do it.
  8. S01.E04: Simone's

    Tess is such a 20 something girl. She is so impressed by every single thing about Simone - her knowledge, her apartment, everything. She's like an eager little puppy dog around her. Simone could poop on the floor and Tess would just be amazed by the size, shape, and color of her poop. It's a girl crush crossed with hero worship, the need for a mother figure, and her desire to have anyone pay attention to her. She's lonely enough to show up at the restaurant on her day off. And look at how well her wish fulfillment works - Jake shows up! The other thing about Tess that shows her youth is how self conscious she got about being alone in a restaurant. That's youth and insecurity. Once she becomes more confident, she won't care (or, more realistically, she will realize that no one has noticed that she's sitting in a restaurant by herself). Why am I not surprised that Simone is the kind of person who drinks champagne with grilled cheese? Jake once again proves he's the worst by showing up late to the Chinese restaurant and then leaving without paying. He gets paid as much as everyone else but somehow he can't afford to pay for dinner? If that's the case, don't go, you jerk! Tess is getting paid the least of everyone at that able but they still expected her to pay for her $15 share of the meal.
  9. Salty Quotes

    Simone: Some men like to pretend that they're damaged and dangerous fo the effect but some men actually are and they won't just be a cool story for later Ella: Do you want to know what I think? Jake: Desperately.
  10. S01.E05: Weird Night

  11. S01.E03: Some Hope

    Man, everyone on this show is the worst. If Julia wants to have sex with Johnny, fine, but did she really need to tell Patrick about it while she was having sex with him? Julia also sucks for being such a judgmental bitch. Bridget DESERVES having her husband cheat on her, impregnate his mistress, and replace her as the new countess because Bridget had the nerve to marry up? I know almost nothing about Princess Margaret but I'm assuming there was some truth to her obnoxious behavior at dinner. Nicholas is just as much a dick as he was in the previous episode so obviously he hasn't changed at all in the past 20 years. On the plus side, Bridget looked gorgeous in that red dress. I'm glad she apologized to her mom and left her terrible husband. Johnny seems like a good friend, so it's nice to see Patrick has some emotional support. I'm glad he finally told someone what his father did to him.
  12. Patrick Melrose Quotes

    Nicholas: Remember - it's a party. You're not meant to enjoy it. Nanny: You are a naughty, naughty girl! Bridget: Oh, dear. I do wish nanny wasn't so had on Belinda. Tony: Why don't you just sack the old hag? Bridget: She's terrifying! Patrick: [Amanda]'s not an addict. She just likes a bit of coke. Amateur. Belinda: Is Granny upset? Bridget: What on earth makes you say that? Belinda: She looked sad when she left. Bridget: Oh, well, that's just the way her face looks when it relaxes. Patrick: It's been years since I talked to strangers without drugs. Johnny: Even when we did take drugs, all we ever did see was the inside of loos. Patrick: Yes. Nowadays when I go to the loo, I say to myself, "What are you doing ehre? You don't take drugs anymore." It's only after I storm out that I remember I need a piss. Patrick: I suppose the young will be taking ecstasy tonight. Johnny: Ecstasy, the nonaddictive high. Patrick: Call me old fashioned but I don't really see the attraction of nonaddictive drugs. If it doesn't fuck you up, what's the point? Patrick: There's an air of palpable stupidity that comes off that man like opening the door to a sauna. Patrick: I remember these people from my childhood - hard and dull. Johnny: The last Marxists. The last people to believe class is a total explanation. Patrick: Of course, the other danger is that without bitterness, spite, sarcasm, snobbery, and self-loathing, there might be nothing left. Johnny: Perhaps. Or think what you could put there instead. Johnny: Thank you for telling me. Patrick: No need to get California about it. Johnny: No need to be so English.
  13. Parks and Recreation in the Media

    Patricia Clarkson (Tammy One) stars in the new HBO series Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams. It begins airing on July 8. Elizabeth Perkins, Will Chase, and Chris Messina are also series regulars.
  14. House of Cards Cast & Crew's Other Projects

    Patricia Clarkson stars in the new HBO series Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams. It begins airing on July 8. Elizabeth Perkins, Will Chase, and Chris Messina are also series regulars.
  15. Will Chase has a recurring role in the new HBO series Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams. It begins airing on July 8. Patricia Clarkson, Elizabeth Perkins, and Chris Messina are also series regulars.