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  1. S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    Apparently I am old and out of touch with fashion because I have no idea what these uncle hunter jeans are that Randall was talking about. Are those a real thing or did I hear what he said incorrectly?
  2. S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    That was us:
  3. S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    Promo: Original air date: 2/5/19
  4. S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    My favorite scenes on this show are always when Randall, Kate, and Kevin are together. They are each capable of being unbearable on their own, but when they are together they are clearly siblings who love each other and I always enjoy watching that. All the teasing in the car about Randall giving out pennies and raisins embodied that perfectly, from the look on Kate's face before she said, "No, I'm good," to Randall good-naturedly protesting that he is the only one on his block who gives out full sized candy bars for Halloween. And just as great was how quickly they went from that fun moment to Kate asking how Randall could be so calm when they just found out that their dad lied to them their whole lives about Nicky being dead. Randall's answer was perfect though. He already lived through the shock of finding out that Rebecca lied to him about William his whole life, so it would take a lot to surpass that. I also loved when Kevin whispered, "I'm Sundance," and Randall just smiled and said, "I know."
  5. This Is The Quotes Thread

    Kevin: Mom, Kate, you want to join our little road movie? It'll be fun. It'll be like Butch and Sundance and Thelma and Louise. And you can pick whatever character you want. It doesn't matter to me. I'm not locked into one in particular. I'm totally fluid on that. I'm Sundance. Randall: I know. Randall: Have you seen my cashmere heather v? The one that goes perfectly with my uncle hunter jeans. What's wrong? Beth: Everything about that sentence. Randall: I've got road trip snacks available whenever anybody wants them. Lots of nuts and seeds. Many pitted fruits. Kevin: Randall, you give away pennies on Halloween, don't you? Be honest with me. Randall: Full sized candy bars. The only house on the block. Kate: Tell the truth. It's healthy raisins. Randall: Remember I live in a house with four very willful and opinionated women so I'm impervious to your mocking. Randall: We're about to embark on some Shakespearean level tragedy, I'm afraid. Kate: How are you so cool about this? Dad basically lied to us his entire life and it doesn't freak you out? Randall: Not really. When you find out your mom's been lying to you about your birth father for 36 years, not much can rattle you after that. Annie: Do you think dad will bring home Nicky like he brought home Grandpa William? Rebecca: No, I don't think so, honey. Tess: He sure likes bringing people home though. I'm just saying. Nicky: You want a beer? Jack: I don't drink anymore. Nicky: I got Nesquik. Kevin: My brother's adopted. Randall: It's true. Kevin: Explains why he's black. Randall: Also true. Nicky: You wasted your time coming here. Just please leave. Kate: No. Sir, I didn't want to come here. And I didn't want to find out these answers, but my brother literally traveled around the world and back to learn about our dad, and it's led him here so we re not going anywhere. Nicky: Yeah, you're Jack's kids, all right.
  6. S05.E03: The Plant

    I agree that this was all on Patrick for not being clearer. If someone that I was dating seriously said that WE should go look at apartments, then I would assume that meant because we would be sharing the apartment, not that they just wanted my opinion. Poor David!
  7. S05.E04: The Dress

    Original Canadian air date: 1/29/19 Original Amerian air date: 1/30/19
  8. Broad City

    Hack into Broad City: portrait of a lady
  9. S05.E03: The Plant

    I was trying to figure out why Emir looked so familiar and it took me half the episode to realize that he played Nash on Red Oaks! Keep in mind that it took me over a full season for me to figure out that Stevie on Schitt's Creek was also Jennifer Goines on 12 Monkeys because I am a dumbass.
  10. The Passage

    I appreciate that this show manages to give us some light/funny moments to balance out the gloom and doom of an impending pandemic, vampires, and a kid on the run. When Brad went full on Zack Morris with the "I'm just a helpless single dad" routine and then Amy chimed in with "My mom left hm for a 27 year old trainer," I laughed and laughed. I also loved when Clark was questioning the kid who took a picture of Brad and the kid was being honest but unhelpful with his answers. It's also a good reminder of the difference between back in ye olden days aka 20 years ago before cell phones were so ubiquitous. I had everyone's phone numbers memorized - my mom's, my house, and all of my friends. I still remember a lot of those phone numbers to this day! As if we didn't already know that Clark is not a good guy, his convenient retelling of events to Nichole sealed the deal: "Wolgast and the kid are still on the run. The police station was a disaster. Sheriff was killed and three of my men." Yes, a sheriff was killed but he conveniently left out the part where HIS MEN were the ones who killed the sheriff. I'm glad that Connor asked how it was legal to do this because IT ISN'T. That's one of the reasons that HIPAA exists and this is is exactly why.
  11. Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    Coincidentally, I saw this article: How Anastasia’s costume designer honored what fans loved on screen in a fresh way
  12. Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    Jason Gotay, Darrell Hammond, & Randy Rainbow join Carmen Cusack in Encores! Call Me Madam
  13. The Passage

    Brad: I'm just trying to get used to this single dad thing. Female teacher: Oh, it's just the two of you? Amy: Yeah, my mom ran off with her trainer. He's 27. Brad: Oh, sweetie, they don't need to know the whole story. Amy: He has his own YouTube channel. Brad: Hey, no more phone calls, okay? Amy: You threw the phone out of the window. Brad: I threw the phone out of the window because they can find us if you make a phone call. Don't you watch tv? Amy: I watch a lot of tv actually and usually the main guy doesn't pass out behind the wheel. Brad: I'd like to point out that the main guy got shot. Amy: Where are we going? Do you have a plan? Brad: I have a friend in Wisconsin. Amy: You have a friend? Brad: Something wrong? Amy: No. Lila seems nice. Smart too. Also good in an emergency, so good thing you hung up on her. Brad: Hey, what is your problem? Amy: I don't know. I've been kidnapped, shot at, and chased and the last thing I had to eat in the last 24 hours is churros and donuts. Brad: You had a hot dog at the carnival! Amy: Why did we park so far away? And what's with the goats? Brad: The woman who lives here is kind of an angry hermit. The goats are new. I don't know anything about the goats. Lacey: What happened to you? Brad: I got shot. Lacey: Well, that's disappointing. Amy: Are you an assassin? Brad: No. Amy: Okay. Cause you assassinated some people today.
  14. Samantha Brown’s Places To Love

    Samantha was definitely correct - she could have showed an entire episode of just her playing with this adorable roly poly St. Bernard puppies and that would have been enough!
  15. S09.E09: Boooooooooooone!

    Promo: Clip: Original air date: 1/27/19