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  4. That picture has confirmed my suspicions - I hate Ali's bangs. It's not bangs per se that I hate. I just don't like the way these were cut on her. She is so pretty so hopefully now that the show has wrapped, she's grown them out or had them restyled. I'm pretty sure she had bangs in an earlier season and they looked fine on her.
  5. Ezria clip:
  6. S3.E7 clip Family reunion:
  7. The cast talks about the worst insults on Conan:
  8. Jennifer and Deacon were the MVPs of episode 7! Cole was correct - Jennifer was adorable in her 50s outfit. So Jennifer when she grabbed the drink of some guy walking by and then spit it out into her cup. Also loved her heavnig her foam bra up before going to talk to one of the eggheads. And she was persistent when he couldn't take a hint that she was hitting on him, high five to her for not giving up. Deacon, on the other hand, was also correct. He knows both Cole and Cassie well enough to know when something is going on with them. As he said, they're speaking to each other even when they're not speaking. He was right to be suspicious of Titan knowing exactly where to find Cassie and then just holding her prisoner for months. He knew that Cassie and Cole were keeping a huge secret and that it was causing a rift between them. Poor Cole is wallowing in his "I'm a bad guy" guilt. One thing I have loved over three seasons is seeing how Cole and Jennifer's relationship has grown. It was cute when he told her that she looked adorable in her 50s look and then gave her a little pep talk, which is why it made me sad when he started snapping at her, especially since she was just trying to be emotionally supportive. When he told her to stop calling him Otter Eyes, my reaction was pure Sugarbaker: "HUSH YOUR MOUTH, SIR!" Sorry, Cole, at this point, she's earned the right to call you Otter Eyes for eternity. But I thought it was very kind of her to ignore his crankiness and tell him why she's always called him that, and that it was those words that caused him to realize he couldn't shoot his own son in cold blood. They really are like brother and sister now. They may snipe at each other and take each other for granted, but they love each other and want to help each other. And I awwwwwed when she told him that he saved her and made her see that there was another way. I can see why she relates to his son so much. She had her mother and Olivia telling her that she would destroy the world, and he has Magdalena telling him that he will become the almighty witness. Man, poor Deacon. First he loses Cassie's interest as soon as Cole comes back. Then he rescues Cassie from Titan and all he gets from her is, "Where's Cole?" And to pour some salt on his wounds, she shoots him. For the record, I am not cutting Cassie and Cole any more slack that I did for Ramse with the constant "MY SON!" about a kid he'd known for all of two minutes. Yes, it's hard to kill someone you love (see also: Buffy & Angel, Becoming Part 2). But you guys don't even know him! There are 7 billion people who are definitely going to die but yes, betray your friends and let all of those people die of the plague because a child who you've just met is biologically related to you. Totally worth it. On the other hand, I wanted to high five Cassie after she hit the self destruct button on Magdalena's vest. That self righteous bitch stole Cassie's baby and then had the nerve to word it like the kid was trying to escape from Cassie. Bitch, please. I hope Hannah survives that big ass stab wound. Who woulda thunk that Jones and Deacon would be the ones to team up? Why were Magdalena et al still hanging out in 1953? Why hadn't they splintered to somewhere else yet? And why did Magdalena tell Little Witness that one day he would return to Titan? Why can't he go now?
  9. Deacon: "Voilà" is usually supposed to express satisfaction or approval. I'm not getting either from that piece of shit. Deacon: You want to pull people together, you put them through hell. You want to split people apart, give them a secret. Jennifer: Raritan National Laboratory sure gets handsy. Cole: Just act naturally. Jennifer: I am a natural actor but I have never acted naturally in my life. [Jennifer holds up a sprig of mistletoe] Jennifer: Whaddya say, sailor? Labcoat: Actually, I'm not military. This is not a navy installation. Jennifer: What would you say if I told you I was just a nerdy typist with a thing for Asimov and magnets? Labcoat: Magnets are my nine to five so I can't say that I'm drawn to them. Jennifer: I guess opposites attract. [Labcoat laughs] Jennifer: Tour of the lab? Whaddya say? * yes, IMDB lists this character's name as Labcoat Cole: It used to be all I wanted was forgiveness. Now I just want it to end. Sebastian: The boy is my charge, not the man. If he believes the future is written, then no choice shall ever truly be his own. Perhaps there is what may be and what is meant to be. Cassie's mother: Nobody wants to think that something that came from them can be worse than them. You can make a bad thing and still be good. Cassie's mother: Never give up on family. It's what you do, win or lose. I's what mothers do. Jones: Why would Mr. Cole kill his brother if not for you? Why would Ramse want to kill you if not for his brother? Betrayal requires blindness. You lied to me. You made what family we had into fools. [Jennifer finds the chosen women] Woman: Whatever this is, we're not a part of it! [Jennifer lowers her gun, Deacon enters and shoots them all] Jennifer: They were giving up! They're good! Deacon: I'm not. Boy Witness: You're like me. You're primary. Jennifer: I don't think I've ever been like anybody. I don't think you're like me at all. I think you're better. Boy Witness: But one day I think that you will be the best of us all.
  10. S3.E7 Sarajevo - Max Richter & Sarah Leonard Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV 1068: II. Air ("On a G String") Christmas Boogie - Davis Sisters Ba Da - Roy "Boogie Boy" Perkins
  11. S3.E7 1953 - Jennifer, Cole, Deacon, Hanna, and Whitley go to Raritan National Lab at Christmas to kill the Witness, Magdalena, and the Guardians. Hannah is stabbed by one of the Guardians. Deacon kills the Titan recruits. Cole shoots Sebastian and is about to shoot his son when he looks him in the eye and realizes that he can't. Cassie splinters in and hits Magdalena's self-destruct button. Deacon finds Cole with the littlest Witness and is about to shoot when Cassie enters and shoots Deacon. Cole warns Whitley and Jennifer not to come after him and Cassie because they will fix things. The put on the splinter vests and disappear. 1990 - Cassie pretends to be Amelia Morson so she can meet her mother, a psychologist. Cassie shows her the copies of the Word of the Witness and asks her mother to evaluate him. Dr. Railly Sr. realizes that the Word wasn't created by a patient. Cassie admits it was made by her son. 2007 - Jones travels back to just a few moments before Cole shot Ramse and hears Ramse explain that Cassie and Cole are the parents of the Witness. 2046 - Jones returns to the facility and tells Cassie that she knows the truth. Cassie says they can save her son and that he doesn't have to grow up to be the Witness. Jones says she can't let him live. Cassie grabs the splinter vest they got in the previous episode and splinters to 1953 to save her son.
  12. Jaime Camil will be playing Sam Carmichael (the character played by Pierce Brosnan in the original film) at the Hollywood Bowl production of Mamma Mia this summer (directed by Kathleen Marshall)!
  13. A few people have mentioned other books, tv shows, and movies in various threads for The Handmaid's Tale, so I thought it might be useful to have a thread where people can share suggestions (they don't necessarily have to be dystopian feminist speculative fiction either). Feel free to share a brief synopsis of whatever you recommend, but if you get much deeper into the details, please put the rest under a spoiler cut so that people aren't spoiled before they decide whether or not to watch/read your suggestion! Any recommendations on other Margaret Atwood books to start us off?
  14. I don't think he just made the connection after he got to Gilead. I think he knew who she was before he left Mexico (probably thanks to intelligence from other Mayday members like Emily) and he was just waiting for an opportunity where he could be alone with her and speak with her freely. I'm sure there other Mayday members in positions in Gilead who have access to things like the handmaids' records (maybe a disgruntled aunt who works at a red center or someone in the Gilead administration) and could dig around to see what the handmaids' real names are. Despite being renamed when they're moved to a new house, they must keep track of the handmaids by some other system so that they know which women have been placed in different homes, especially since they get moved around. Normally that information won't be very useful since it's not like Mayday can just bust in and rescue the handmaids, but knowing who she was ahead of time let the assistant dig around to see if anyone had reported her missing, get some information about her family (to offer as proof that he wasn't just saying, "Oh, hey, I know who your husband is. John Smith, right?"). Maybe this will be the tipping point that convinces her to join Mayday and start spying on the commander. Now that she's seen that he's not the nice guy he presented himself as, maybe she'll be even more eager to report what she hears.
  15. While Luke was not my favorite character*, I thought this episode was first of all a well deserved break from the non-stop oppression and hopelessness of Gilead. But it also showed us what things were like during the transition into Gilead when people definitely knew things were bad (as opposed to being shocked at the WTFness of the new rules). It shows the fear and the paranoia of living under the new laws. I mean, when you panic because a neighbor saw you, you are living in a really shitty situation. This is like living in communist era Russia level paranoia that someone is going to turn you in just for simply existing. We saw in Gilead that Ofred is wary of everyone as well, and with good reason, but this was when the Gilead people were being a little stealthier (hanging people in church, as opposed to hanging them on a public wall, no uniforms yet, the "training centers" were established but still a rumor as opposed to known by all). This episode also showed us the desperation, that people were willing to get fake passports and get smuggled into Canada to escape government persecution. And we got to see the roots of the resistance group, and what life is like outside of Gilead. Sure, Luke said they had run out of coffee so they had to drink tea and there was an issue with the electricity, but hey, no monthly rape sessions! Women wearing whatever they wanted! Women with jobs! So I guess if I had to watch a Luke-centric episode, it was still worth it for all the other things that it showed us. * I agree that Luke seems like an average guy who isn't perfect and I'm okay with that. Not every guy is awesome yet so many of them seem to find women who love them. Haven't you ever had a friend whose boyfriend or husband was just kind of meh to you and whose flaws were obvious to you, but she seemed perfectly happy with him? When it comes to relationships, I think that there is no Most Perfect Person in the World, but there are people who you will be compatible with, who will get your sense of humor, and who accept you the way you are. For June, that was Luke. I think it would be less realistic if he were portrayed as a perfect fairy tale kind of guy. For me, he represents the average well-intentioned but sometimes clueless guy who exists A LOT in real life. He's not outright misogynistic. He just doesn't always get it because he's a guy so he doesn't have to. I'm not defending him because everyone can make an effort to understand what it's like for someone who's different. He isn't one of those Gilead men who believes his wife shouldn't work and that she should do this or that, but he also wasn't one of the men who was willing to stand up with his wife when she went to protest for her rights. I live in California and it's about 50/50 based on the women I know. Although not changing your last name after marriage seems to be much more common among women who have professional/advanced degrees, there are a few women I know who legally changed their last names but kept using their original names professionally because they'd already been published under that name before getting married. I also know someone who did the opposite. She goes by her husband's last name but she never legally changed it (and she's an attorney which makes it hilarious to me).