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  1. I believe Chloe and hope she releases the audio. Final nail in his coffin. They'll replace him, hopefully YNB gets the gig.
  2. S04.E08: No One's Gone 2018.06.10

    Yes. But the actors weren't asked to return this season. No she didn't, New Showrunners decided kill the character.
  3. The Walking Dead Season 9 Speculation

    Hello. Andy started attending the WSC in recent yrs. Even did a Q&A panel and Photo Op session with Danai at one.
  4. S04.E08: No One's Gone 2018.06.10

    She got a In Memoriam, with flashbacks from the beginning. It's Official, Madison is definitely dead.
  5. Frank asked to leave. Kim didn't.
  6. S04.E08: No One's Gone 2018.06.10

    Kim Dickens confirmed it on her IG, Madison is dead.
  7. S04.E08: No One's Gone 2018.06.10

    Guess that will have to do, would've preferred an on camera death like Nick. John Dorie LIVES!! Should've gotten a Cap busted in her skull.
  8. That's why Nick killed Ennis. Maddie got a heroic death.
  9. Still need to see the Stadium get overrun and how Madison and the others died.
  10. Twisted Round, who TF wrote this?