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  1. S01.E01: Pilot

    I too had thought they should've either cast a 40-year-old or made him at least a 45-year-old rookie, but NF has gotten into shape, and except for his neck wrinkles and a few eye creases, he looks believeably 40 rather than Hollywood 40. Definitely the most well written pilot I've seen this season. And I did LOL when the squad watched NF's character get stuck in the fence. It was a classic comedy setup in that we, the audience, had already seen it happen and had seen lots of body cam shots, so we were both cringing and ready to laugh when it was shown to the squad with the trigger warning that they were about to see something truly terrible. And by showing us in the pilot that the baby survived but the domestic violence guy did not, the writers assured us that they wouldn't go too dark. Similarly, the mean drill-sergeant-style TO was seen to have a soft spot for his estranged junkie wife—which was almost OTT to the point that it could've been a shout-out to NF's soap days—but it also assured us that There Will Be Balanced characters. So, a pretty tightly written pilot. Hope they can keep it up when the writing and shooting schedule are tighter.
  2. And thank you, Stephen, for making me laugh by pointing out that Tucker Carlson shouldn't complain about not being able to go to a restaurant without someone saying F-U to him because it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without that happening. My family doesn't worry about going to Hell, we've already created it here's in our earthly homes. Heh. ETA: LOL! [FakeMelania about Drumpf]: He should just focus himself.
  3. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    You and me, both, @AriAu! 🖐🏼high 5🖐🏼 You throw the legalities at Megabucks Life Insurance Corps while I give them sob stories that will make them beg us to keep the money. Heh. My dear @Camera One, your list of implausibilities is probably just beginning and totally correct, but, hey, this is a show in which an Airbus went through a wormhole, so, ya know, Improbable Is Us is kind of the writers' motto. Still, I'd have to agree that the story of the plane traveling through a time warp would probably have been more effective if there weren't quite so many other random impossibilities happening. But then again, it's kind of like a slightly warped mirror of this moment in world history.
  4. S01.E01: Pilot

    5 minutes in and enjoying — maybe loving it.
  5. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    Maybe they did 😏👀📱👂🏼
  6. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    Grace was also not exactly thinking either for not realizing confronting Ben about the shoplifting would make it clear that she has been talking to Danny, and it maybe should have occurred to her that it also meant Ben was probably reeling from the fact Olive called Danny before him as a parental figure and he was obviously still part of their lives. Yes, even bigger point. To be fair, I guess this is an example of "showing not telling" that we posters are always criticizing shows of failing to do. And to be fair to the character of Danny: If he is genuinely concerned for Olive whom he really has been parenting for years (rather than just using Olive to get to Grace), then he is a hero rather than a villain--which is likely a set up for us to be okay with Grace and Danny being together. In contrast, for example, within days of separating from my ex-husband, he failed to pick up my 12-year-old daughter to take her to a concert (and never took her anywhere ever again), even though he had been her "Daddy" for 8 years. Yes, the whole time Ben was yelling into his phone not to tell anyone anything, I kept expecting a cut away to NSA agents listening to the conversation.
  7. Media for Mrs. Maisel

    FWIW, from Deadline: So, 2 things: Does "this year" mean this calendar year (2018) or this TV year (2018-2019)? "they're waiting for us to finish the show" makes it sound like ASP is saying "this year" is a way of psyching herself and/or the whole show team into a commitment of getting it done in time to air this calendar year. But here we are more than half way through October, so maybe January?
  8. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    Now that you mention it, wasn't Ben kind of an idiot for thinking Danny was not going to tell Grace just because Ben exchanged a manly "I've got it from here" with Danny? If Ben can do that in a few days when his tech skills were 5½ years old, the NSA should offer him a job—which, BTW, would provide a wealth of spy vs. spy story lines. And speaking of 5½ year-old tech skills: Wouldn't Michaela need some training before going out on rounds as a detective? Sure, but how did she do her own brain scan? Did a tech help her?
  9. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    Maybe I'm just being a grump, but it seemed like a rip-off of any episode of Numb3rs. Eh, IDK, was he doing it with NSA guy's blessing?
  10. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    That kept bugging me. Not one of the writers or other people working on this episode has seen the stone angels of Doctor Who (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weeping_Angel )? Nah. They just figured since they never got caught plagiarizing in college, it sure wouldn't matter on TV. And they're right. :P Anyway, if I was Michaela in the car with J. R. Ramirez (Jared) when he was using that sexy pitch of his voice, I would have been telling him all about the stone angels. Sorry bro Charming. Speaking of of guys cast for their hotness quotients: Is it just me, or did Daniel Sunjanta (Danny) look a little puffy? Or did they just have him dressed puffily so Charming would look more sympathetic to us?
  11. Now Arriving: The Cast of Manifest

    I am so sorry that I looked up Athena Karkanis (Grace). Now I know that she played the horrible Abigail in Zoo.
  12. S04.E10: Winner

    I assume that Vince Gilligan characters are fictional because they could not exist IRL. For instance, Jimmy couldn't be a smart, clever, intuitive, observant, etc. as he is and yet still be a con artist. Am I wrong?
  13. Do we know why they started it late?
  14. Counterpart in the Media: Prime Coverage

    At the end, did James Cromwell say "End this war"? So, is that a phone shoe à la Maxwell Smart? It looked like a bomb.
  15. Quotes Thread: Thank Yew!

    Re-airing now on Start TV (Thank yew, Start!). This line never gets old: [Provenza]: Is that how they say "you're fired" in The South?