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  1. S12.E10: The VCR Illumination

    Nah, there's no way they would know if it was a dickie (unless they used x-rays). He would've been fine with that. And, just to clarify for any who might not know: a mock turtleneck is not a dickie. A mock turtleneck is a neckline midway between a turtleneck and and crew neck.
  2. S02.E03: The Punishment Room

    Well, Midge's dad did say "What are you going to do with your degree?" He knew it was fluff for jobs but I felt he would have preferred for her to get something else. I remember my Mom telling me in her day, if you were rich enough to go to school as a woman, you went to college for an "MRS" degree. I was confused. She said, rich women would take courses they liked, including how to throw dinner parties and although expensive, the main goal was to find a man of your station to marry. It helped them be more well rounded but mainly put them with other men who could afford to take care of them and their children. Always sounded so cold to me but to each his or her own. It now occurs to me that any men the women would meet who were art majors would be from wealthy, trust-fund families, whereas the Business majoring men would have to work for their millions. But were there any men in the art class (other than the model)?
  3. S02.E07: Look, She Made a Hat

    I grew up in the 60s and 70s and never heard an adult, let alone family, use that word until I entered the working world after college. Unfortunately, today's gutter standards seem to have backflowed and tainted the past. So, then, it seems ASP is sprinkling the F-word throughout Midge's lines for effect rather than for any historical vernacular accuracy. But for what effect? The only thing I can come up with (until ASP says otherwise) is out of some sort of tribute to Lenny Bruce. The Wikipedia article gives us the sequence of events leading to his fatal overdose (his trial, jailing, conviction, and sentencing): Footnote 44 links to The Trials of Lenny Bruce (Linder 2003). See also trial excerpts: http://famous-trials.com/lennybruce/565-excerpts
  4. All Episodes Talk: 12th Precinct Chatter

    This might be our answer (sitcomsonline.com/boards/showthread.php?t=318251): notice I used the familiar "our" ;-)
  5. All Episodes Talk: 12th Precinct Chatter

    Sorry if "I don't even know why he does it" means you don't want any reasons, but on the outside chance that you do, I see it as Lugar substituting the appearance of a close relationship (in which nicknames are used) for his lack of real human relationships, due to his almost sociopathic lack of real empathy.
  6. S01.E04: Chapter Four: Commit...to You

    This makes total sense to me after reading comments like this explaining it. But with a 10-year-old laptop that I need to replace for the self-employed work I'm doing as my employer is downsizing me, I initially thought: Sally. Get a grip. Take the frickin' laptop.
  7. Media for Mrs. Maisel

    This interview confirmed all the reasons I had to flove the show.
  8. S01.E08: Time of Death

    Don't recall that one, but the writers of this episode should've first watched the season 1 finale of the half-hour, mostly comedy Barney Miller, "The Hero," which got an Emmy for writing, in which Gregory Sierra did Emmy-worthy emoting. (https://www.popmatters.com/barney-miller-season-1-2496233021.html)
  9. S02.E10: All Alone

    Rhetorical question, right? Regardless, I do not see a mink coat—or even a regular salary—detaching Suzie from her rising star that is Midge. But realistic too. And it follows the structure of a joke, as well as the mood and world view of a comedy act. So the almost giddy mood with the tragic relationship story fits the subject matter of a comedienne like a glove. A New Yorker magazine review also complained about the "treacleness" of the show, but I find it presented so surreally—like when Midge and Joel part from their dance and their relationship with ballet-like grace—that the prettiness represents the societal norm of the place and period just as, for example, my mother would always "put on her face" (both the makeup and the attitude) before going out into the world, even if she had locked herself in the bathroom to cry an hour earlier.
  10. S01.E08: Time of Death

    Do only the boots keep their body cams on at all times? I was thinking Bishop's body cam was on when she gave Bradford's wife the "methadone," and that it looked a lot like the same baggie that was found on the dealer in the earlier scene, and that maybe Bishop lifted it from Evidence. The addict wife seemed to state a little too loudly that it was methadone--like she knew it might be recorded and also knew that it was not just methadone. Probably none of this^ happened, but maybe some of it. I guess Bishop (like Lopez) has to wash out of making detective to stay on the show as a main character?
  11. S02.E10: All Alone

    I immediately thought of Mathis. I'm assuming he will be in season 3. I hope they explore his sexuality. They already demonstrated his preference for the ladies' restroom. I would be okay with them leaving it with those kind of hints, but will next season be rolling the calendar over to 1960? --Not that "the 60s" really began that early. And, IRRC, gender bending freedom followed after the questioning of racism and the explosion of feminism of that decade. --talking from my anecdotal memory--not based on Wikipedia research.
  12. S01.E03: Heavenly Taco Truck

    True, but look at her. If you were hired to cast actors who could command viewer eyeballs for the advertisers, how could you not give her the biggest role available to her? I bet within a year she'll be making beaucoup bucks doing spots for cosmetic campaigns. And, hopefully, by the time she's more mature, all this acting experience will have given her the chops to continue.
  13. S02.E10: All Alone

    And sometimes we kids felt like we were being raised by wolves.
  14. S01.E08: Time of Death

    Great excuses, but what if they take their (Nolan's and Chen's) separate statements before they have a chance to get their story straight?
  15. S01.E10: Coney Island Cyclone

    Which makes me wonder if her character will come back, later in the season? Or she just likes the show (for all the reasons mentioned upthread) and was happy to have a guest spot.