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  1. FBI is Dick Wolf's latest outing, scheduled on CBS Tuesdays 9 ET / 8 CT starting September 25. Suggested starter thread title: Anticipating the arrival of the FBI (show)
  2. All Episodes Talk: What A Find!

    I was interested in more of the Vintage Chicago items than I generally am in any one episode — perhaps because I've lived in the Chicago area from approximately ages 10-20 and 50-65 — so, more than anywhere else. I loved the not-steel guitars. They reminded me of one I regret giving away when I moved to California in the 70s. I was surprised that a lot of the items had lost value—especially the old Cubs poster. I think some of the paintings that "lost" value since 2003 were just overvalued at that time. I loved the small Grant Wood painting more than his more famous pieces.
  3. S01.E08: Thank You and Good Night

    All of this^^ accurately describes the character of Joel, which is why I'm conflicted about him. I totally get the sentiment of not wanting to waste time watching that kind of character on screen, especially if watching to forget or avoid reall life people who are like Joel. But, OTOH, having someone like that be Midge's husband kind of frees her up to do her comedy to escape from the tyranny of his annoying, cloying boorishness. Plus, he is a very believable, realistic character, which I appreciate much more than, say, a genius sociopathic serial killer or a saintly do-gooder.
  4. Can that still be done?
  5. Under The Dome

    Lake Forest is a posh suburb with an elegantly restored library building with a domed, sky-lit roof where, evidently, nobody admits to ever having watched Under the Dome: (They just renamed the newsletter.)
  6. My youngest daughter couldn't read analog clocks in high school even though she'd been taught earlier. Use it or lose it. She now effortlessly creates complicated spreadsheet formulas on the fly and makes more money than I do. Round clocks with 3 arrows and numbers that do not match digital clocks are really not intuitive. About the young woman in the phone booth who didn't know any phone numbers: Back when we knew a bunch of peoples' numbers, mostly you only had to know 4 different numbers per phone number. I am old enough to be her grandmother and only know my youngest daughter's number because we got our cell phones together in the early 2000s when you had to get a new number if you relocated, so only her last 4 digits are different than mine. My middle daughter has had the same number since 2001, and I don't know it. She doesn't know mine either. But we do have some long distance mind meld moments when we know to call each other, which seems more important. And I'm still chuckling over @possibilities post of "Jerry Seinfelds, apparently! That's one hell of a war!" because it's exactly how Jerry Seinfield would say it. Memorizing phone numbers and reading analog clocks may go the way of learning Latin, but being able to do funny impersonations of celebrities will be around until the apocalypse at least.
  7. Hello, younger copy of me!
  8. Season 20 Spoilers & Speculation

    Mine too. Sandrine Holt is no B.D. Wong, but neither is Carolyn McCormack/Olivet. Oh well, B.D. played the character with a lot of restraint, and SH should be able to do that. Peter Scanavino/Carisi seems to be the only decent actor left on the show right now, although he rarely gets to show any range, but that's the nature of the role. Ice-T is more of just an engaging personality, although he has the acting chops.
  9. S04.E02: Breathe

    I keep wondering if we didn't see her in BrBa because she was in prison . ☹️ But I also wonder if the letter could be some sort of codicil to the will that would give Jimmy a pile of money to abandon Kim—ostensibly for her benefit—and perhaps part of Jimmy truly severing ties with her is for him to change his name. It could be a satisfying series finale for Eugene to read the letter and have some sort of spiritual release from it, but, to me, those views of his thinning hair and stooped shoulders kind of telegraph a near end to his life.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Chillin' In the Woods

    I'm hoping his role will grow a bit.
  11. Roswell, New Mexico: In the Media

    LOL! Quietly inside I reacted the same way. The actors playing Max and Liz have really similar voices to JB and SA—at least in the trailer. And there was one shot where she looked like Liz/Shiri. And there was a quick shot of a man's face who looked so much like Colin Hanks. I read them them several times, LOL. I do like children's books and young adult books, as well as Jane Austen, because they aren't nightmare inducing, but the Metz books were also just well written within their genre.
  12. S04.E02: Breathe

    The valedictorian of my high school class had the last name Neff. It’s not really that uncommon. @Duke2801, I appreciate your posting of the reference to "Walter Neff (the failed insurance scamster played by Fred MacMurray--and 'played' by Barbara Stanwyk--in Double Indemnity." If I've ever caught this movie, I didn't recall it. Surely he must be the BCS Neff's namesake! @GussieK, you are correct; not only is Neff a common surname, but they even have their own coat of arms! https://www.houseofnames.com/neff-family-crest
  13. S04.E02: Breathe

    I agree with this.^^ If the series ends with zero ex-wives, I'd fanwank Saul making stuff up to make a point before I'd be crying retcon. As for the letter in this episode, I'm most curious about whether VG and PG had any idea what was in the letter when they wrote this episode. Also, it doesn't become Chekhov's letter until we've seen it twice, right? But I doubt it would be in the script if it wasn't going to cause a major kerfuffle; I don't think the letter will just never be mentioned again. And I don't think the letter's contents should be something that would make Kim turn against Jimmy, because that seems like "lazy" writing, but I suppose it could somehow convince Jimmy that his presence in Kim's life will only drag her down.
  14. S01.E09 Shadows of the Past

    Sometimes the writing, acting, background music, and editing on this show seem amateurish. This episode was almost completely amateur hour. The cops say the case is closed even though they didn't find the missing woman/Allison? Okay. But then Sam is sad that she didn't find Alison, and cop Christine says, "Phillip Neal won't hurt anyone else because of you. That's a win." WTH?!? Philip Neal hung himself. Did Sam cause that? Christine was so sincere about it that I thought maybe she was a dirty cop serial killer. But why was it taking Sam so long to buy a vowel and realize: Hey. Wait a minute. Phillip Neal isn't dead because of me!
  15. Yay, Monk! But House instead of Early Edition? Hrmph.