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  1. I'm a few episodes behind the podcast and go90 pulling the show is pretty annoying. I have all three seasons of the show on DVD, but no longer have a DVD player. Lol. So I'm not sure if I'll breakdown and buy them or just listen to the last few podcast eps without the benefit of having seen the episodes recently. Thanks y'all for doing this! I have so much love for this show and it was a pleasure hearing your analysis (and jokes) every week. Pasta fazool 4eva!
  2. Maybe so. I guess I see it in a more positive light, where cheerleaders now have autonomy to make some decisions on what they are and are not comfortable with. Given all that has come out in the press recently about the "other duties as assigned" that have put NFL cheerleaders in some icky positions, I am all for empowering these professional women.
  3. I just don't see appearances in uniform and a swimsuit photo shoot in the same category of responsibilities and duties of a DCC.
  4. Well, I have no idea what K&J tell the girls about the trip. Perhaps posing is optional and the trip is seen as perk of being on the team, whether or not you want to participate in the shoot. Maybe Lauren expressed her reservations, and K&J said "come anyway." We just don't know. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Posing for a calendar is, as far as I know, not a requirement for being on the team. Whatever equivalence there is, I can see someone drawing a distinction between a dance costume and posing for photographs in a swimsuit.
  5. From her Instagram posts, Lauren seems like a devout Christian. Many on the team are. So maybe the basis for her not participating are religious. Or maybe she's just not comfortable with posing in a swimsuit. Her prerogative.
  6. Same. No guilt required though!
  7. I happened to catch Abuse of Power over the weekend. I knew about the Tokars case because it was covered on American Justice and I've seen every episode of that show more than once (love ya Bill Kurtis). I agree with y'all that hearing directly from the sons was very moving. I'd always found it just absolutely horrific that Sara was killed in front of her two very young children who then had to scramble to get help. Okay, I will accept the Unsolved Mystery/Dan Patrick Brady challenge. I'm about to change jobs and will have a bit of down time so I can do some Amazon Prime investigating. Perhaps it is me who holds the key to this mystery.
  8. It's a fitness class, loosely based on ballet technique with lots of isometric movements.
  9. I've been taking Bar Method classes in my town for years. I would LOVE to take a class from a current/former DCC. I keep looking for opportunities to take a work trip to Dallas so I can pay a visit to the Southlake studio.
  10. Watched the first two episodes of Evil Genius tonight. Really enjoyed it and thought it very well executed. The note/scavenger hunt was just...bonkers. Loved all the law enforcement talking heads. They all came across as professional, focused, and humble which can be a rarity in true crime properties these days. I'm with you Sarah, I read everything I can get my hands on about art crimes, forgery, financial crimes, non-murderous heists, etc. Loved the aside about you being a currency nerd. I get it totally.
  11. Yes! The only thing I knew about the Rajneeshees before WWC came from that episode of Forensic Files chronicling the salad bar poisonings.
  12. While entertaining, Wild Wild Country was pretty incomplete and ultimately unsatisfying for me. I feel like the filmmakers were too focused on making it simply a clash of cultures story. After six hours shouldn't I have a better understanding of the Rajneeshee belief system other than dynamic meditation and lots of sex? More than any other group, they reminded me of Scientology. The money, the vagueness of beliefs, the campaigns against enemies. I mean, just sub David Miscavige for Sheela.
  13. I remember this series! I don't think I caught all the episodes, but I definitely saw the Zack/Addie episode. And Shake the Devil Off has been on my TBR list for a long time. The other cases I remember this show profiling are the Nina Reiser murder out in the Bay Area and the Christian Longo case in Oregon. Both of those are doozies.
  14. So I started watching this new Marcia Clark/First 48 joint on A&E. First ep is on Chandra Levy and the second is Robert Blake. Looks like the Spreckles Mansion Murder will be covered this week. It is pretty good. I live in DC and feel like I know a lot about the Levy case (my bf/now husband lived two buildings down from Chandra when she disappeared and I was working on Capitol Hill during all this Condit drama) but I'm still learning quite a bit about the investigation that I was not aware of.