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  1. Ha! I spent my childhood shopping at Belk's!
  2. IIRC, Meredith said she and her husband were diplomats. That translated to me as foreign service officer. That would jive with her saying that they are moving to Bogota. Foreign service officers are posted at embassies (or consulates I think) for a few years (most people I know have been at their various posts for 2-3 years before moving on) and then you get re-posted. You have some say in where you end up, but not total control. It's a pretty competitive process. I know folks who have taken the foreign service exam a few times before passing.
  3. Yeah, throwing shade at the show's fans (essentially accusing us of being losers FOR WATCHING YOUR DANG SHOW as opposed to what...trying out for professional cheer squads ourselves?) is not cute. I wouldn't have expected such a reaction from Judy this late in the game. That defensiveness should have been worked out in the first couple of seasons of the show. Benefit of the doubt, she's just really stressed and hates team decisions being put under a public microscope like this. But that is not the watchers' fault. That's all on Kelli and CMT.
  4. I could still see the favoritism shining through VK's cut. At one point she says rather meekly "but not this year?" and Kelli softly responds "not this year." There just seemed to be this underlying thing of "you will be on this team." If this is the way Kelli was with VK from the beginning, no wonder VK thought she had a spot on the team. Kelli is treating her with such kid gloves compared to others.
  5. Tell me about it. This is where I am now...43, two kids, no thyroid. I'm trying to loose about 20 pounds to get back to where I was between kid #1 and #2 and it is hard as hell. I work out everyday, drink a ton of water, have cut out alcohol, watch what I eat...but I know my eating habits are not where they should be. I'm a full time working gal with lots of commitments so I struggle with meal planning and for sure eat too much convenience stuff. So props to all of you who have successfully done it!
  6. I'm sure she was. I was on South Beach last month and I felt practically Amish in my skinny jeans and t-shirt. Everyone was essentially nude.
  7. It was bad. Some high-necked floral monstrosity.
  8. That's why it's known as Oil of Delay!
  9. Sure, Jan. The old "they're just jealous" defense. Please girl, GTFO with that.
  10. I see it a bit differently. The only reason VK is still in TC is because she's Kelli's pet. I think the initial intent was for this to be a heroic edit, showing her overcoming whatever challenges she had (youth, weight) to rise to the occasion and live out her destiny as a legacy DCC. The idea being that the audience would fall in love with her and root her on. However, reality (i.e. her immature behavior and weight gain) is interfering as it does. Now we've got to keep seeing justification for why she's still there, when objectively she should not be.
  11. I agree with you. She seems to have a giving heart and is committed to living out her faith in tangible ways. There was an authenticity to her that I admired. She's a great dancer and very pretty so if she can just work on her eye contact/connecting with the audience, I think she'd be a great addition to the team. Hope she tries out again.
  12. Nah, he/she peaced out. Too bad, I miss those posts!
  13. I think it was barbeque chicken and broccoli that Brianna made!
  14. It was clear there was some major downplaying of the situation going on. The amount of leeway Victoria appears to be getting is just astonishing. Any other TCC with even a fraction of the attitude VK was showing would have been raked over the coals and probably cut immediately. Instead we get more of Kelli's equivocating and glossing over. It's shameful.