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  1. When the vets rolled up to finals she sort of did a "woo hoo, bring it!" gesturing thing to the rookie candidates. It was...offputting.
  2. All the reason why I think Kelli should have recused herself. Let VK succeed or fail on her own, without the benefit of her "second mom" making excuses for her. Which is exactly what we are seeing play out.
  3. I have no way of knowing. I guess that's possible. Either way, it's weird. Kashara really saved them last year. Why mess with her like that?
  4. I agree. I wish Kelli did. It was a pretty petty and punitive stunt to pick Kashara last.
  5. Oh, for sure. I'm just questioning WHY we are getting this insanely over the top "hero" edit for VK. It's been suggested that the producers and DCC leadership thought the audience would go nuts for this story arc of a legacy trying to follow her in mother's footsteps. Alternatively, you could argue they are pushing it so hard to overcompensate for VK's weaknesses as a candidate. I don't know. It just seems so glaring.
  6. It would be weird to see her at point with that "punishment" they seemed to be doling out during selection of Training Camp Candidates. But if not Kashara, who?
  7. You mean the former NY Jets' cheerleader that was friends with Danielle? No, different Jasmine.
  8. Thanks for the response! I'll file this one under "marginally irritating." 😉
  9. I have a question. Does being a former DCC give you access to the stadium whenever you want? If not, how do we explain Tina's arrival to celebrate with Victoria? I didn't see any other candidates' loved ones inside. I feel like I'm just looking for reasons to be annoyed with this whole situation...but it's hard to overlook the glaring favoritism being shown to this one particular Training Camp Candidate.
  10. They look adorable. Congrats on the hard work that got them here!
  11. I spent oh, about 45 minutes walking my husband through the Erica lawsuit situation. Seriously, I almost got out the whiteboard.
  12. Alanna, Amber, Bridget, and Caroline are all blind spots for me.
  13. I guess what I'm saying is that they overlooked things they would otherwise not have because they wanted Victoria on the team. It's impossible to know whether they would have done the same for a candidate who wasn't Kelli's best friend's daughter. All we know about Dayton is that they didn't want her on the team. They clearly did want Victoria.
  14. I think l lots of us understand it and have witnessed or experienced it in our own lives. Nepotism exists in business, social groups, etc. However, we've been sold a bill of goods from DCC leadership that they only accept the best of the best. Blind allegiance to "legacies" undercuts those standards. There will certainly be qualified girls with connections, but Kelli is embarrassing herself with the narrative of Victoria as the anointed one. It's ridiculous.
  15. Indeed. Made a rather dismal work day bearable.