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  1. S37:E14 David vs Goliath Reunion

    You think the producers dress the audience?
  2. S06 Talk

    Fair. I adored them as a team.
  3. S06 Talk

    Kris is one of my all-time favorite racers.
  4. I don’t think it necessarily blocks all possible idols played on that nullified person, though, because during the HII window, Jeff says “this is a real idol, and any votes cast against [__] don’t count.” But he wouldn’t say votes don’t count if the idol is nullified. Now, I cant say whether he would say “however, this idol has been nullified and votes cast against [__] do count,” or if he just wouldn’t specify about the votes counting/not counting. But I think that does leave open the possibility that a second idol play might be triggered by Jeff’s response.
  5. Survivor Lexicon

    ...As opposed to G.O.A.T., Greatest Of All Time.
  6. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    I have to admit, when it seemed like the Davids were considering another target before tribal, instead of Angelina, I thought voting out Kara was how they would try to weaken Dan and the Goliaths. I didn’t even stop to consider John as the alternative target.
  7. Bosch

    I can’t believe how much I’ve eventually warmed up to the TV version of Irving; the book version of this character was odious.
  8. I’m not sure the argument does collapse there. For some people, there may be an implicit and unconscious bias that leads them to prefer “the right kind” of black queen - or to let a white queen get away with a specific attitude and affect that would somehow feel “wrong” to them from a queen of color. Because one’s reactions are often subconscious, this could be something that results in unfair double standards that one doesn’t recognize without actively unpacking that bias.
  9. S01.E02: Nominations #1

    I dunno - I was enjoying his perfectly adequate “outline” when he was in sweats in the kitchen, discussing leotards with Shannon.
  10. Funny, I find Luke Knoll much more my type than Rudnitsky (but nobody’s more yummy than my beloved Beck Bennett!).
  11. Luke Knoll was swapped in for one small section of the Bachelor sketch, where he was with one bachelorette on the bench. I think she asked if he was a different guy.
  12. When I was his age - and 30 years ago was a whole other time - I was cruising in comparable ways frequently.
  13. Cutest Guys at Riverdale High

    Moose. Moose. Moose. Kevin. Moose.
  14. S35.E04: I Don't Like Having Snakes Around

    I never liked Tony, and I like Joe even less.
  15. S01.E03: Worst Behavior

    Why didn't she get Danny the list of all the companies Ward told them not to do business with?!?