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  1. If there is a kid in the mix, Jon won't go back to the NW.....he always said he would never leave a bastard behind. He would stick around to raise his child.
  2. Spoilers: She's a Mermaid

  3. Spoilers: She's a Mermaid

  4. So.....I think I will treat both 'leaks' and all future leaks without photo documentary proof like April Fools Day........ believe nothing, and no one. ..... and be prepared for attacks of a humiliating and malicious nature....
  5. I have a mini bar in my house..... I'm good.
  6. Every fandom I have every been a part of, took the the words 'unpredictable' as a challenge(at least the hardcore fandomers did). And it was accepted. By time the episodes aired, we figured out what would happen and more often than not were just mad because we ended up thinking that it wasn't really all that predictable. A few celebrities I follow that lead shows, we've come to actually realize they use the word 'unpredictable' when they actually don't like they way a plot turned out. Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked. I would be pissed off, but not shocked. I don't like Arya or Sansa. I think Arya is not a psychopath. And while Sansa may be growing into her role as LoW and trying to do her best by her people, she is obviously easily manipulated, thinks she deserves to be in charge, and often mean, spiteful, and degrading to her own family. She is so quick to trust everyone but her own family. I would trust neither with the Westrosi throne......not that most of the other candidates are better, but still.... Oh good, then I am not the only one. Not even the cheap stuff either.....this deserves the high quality booze and chocolate.
  7. So..... stock up on popcorn, chocolate, and alcohol is what your saying?
  8. How do we know that the War is Rhegar and Lyianna's fault? Yes, what they did was reprehensible. However, did Ned, Robert, and Ned's brother and father know they ran away or think Rhegar kidnapped her. We know what Westros was told but Robert was betrothed to Lyianna and loved her. I think he would have been the type to lie to start the war because he felt jilted by Lyianna running away from him to be with another man. If Robert started the war because Lyanna ran away from him to be with Rhegar, and lied about it to start a war. Then the War is on him, not Lyanna and Rhegar.
  9. Actually, if you think about it.... Dany might very well be capable of doing just this. Dany chose to build her army and conquer Westros after she was told she wouldn't be able to bare more children. She may have been sold to Drogo, but she grew to love him and wanted to be his Queen and have their child. She wanted that. If she is presented with the opportunity to marry Jon, have his children, and leave to build a better life for their child , she might just take it.
  10. You also have to remember that GRRM is the author of the books, as a writer myself, I can tell you a book is like your baby. He dreamed all this up, he created it, brought it to like. He wants to see that it is done justice and is given its due. So naturally he would prefer that the show goes on longer if it does better justice to the books. Now, having said that, I am glad that he also realizes that to do so, would be unfair to the cast and crew. Type casting is a real thing, and not just that but I'm sure these actors are probably chomping at the bit to play other roles. Also, there is the factor of viewers, after a while shows just lose viewership because people get board with it. I generally loose interest in shows once they go past 6 or 7 seasons. There are very few shows that have kept my interest for longer.
  11. Maybe she sends her army north, and Jamie and Tyrion think she finally saw sense and work with the army.... only to find out that they are really there to destroy Dany and Jon.....and the Starks feel that Tyrion betrayed them and put him to trial.
  12. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    If the new PTB were smart (You'll notice i said IF) they would address the major batrayal of the NTA by having them admit guilt, and tell everyone they knew they were in the wrong, and show some remorse of being aware that OQ is ONLY in jail because of them and to protect them........ but I've been in this for the long hall, and sort of blacked out for the last part of s6...so I know we won't get that. Something I could see happening to make Oliver feel was reprehensible is if another inmate tries to use his friend against him, say threaten to kill him....and Oliver doesn't take the bait or calls their bluff and they kill him.
  13. I think this is exactly what will happen.
  14. For continuity sake they have to have Cersei miscarry, they had young Cersei visit the prophet in the TV series who told her that she would have 3 children and bury them all. So all three of her children are dead, if she doesn't die pregnant or miscarry then they screwed up their own story line.