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  1. None of the endings that look like they are likely make sense either, to me.
  2. S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    As soon as Sister Hildegard gave that speech, I knew she would be Mother Superior and as soon as Sheighieh picked up May I knew she would be taking her home. I am sad to see Winefred go. I hope that May ends up staying too.
  3. S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    Anyone know when it will be on the PBS streaming app?
  4. I'm curious. What if the ending is really like a full circle? What if Gendry ends up on the throne, Danny dies giving birth to her and Jon's son, and Jon's is put in a position where it would be better to protect the child than raising it himself so he gives it to Sansa to raise as his bastard as he rejoins the NightWatch? Jon said he never would leave a bastard behind because of how he was treated. It would be a bittersweet ending. The Lannisters are all dead(let's be honest do were think any Lannister is finishing out s8), but the wheel would just keep turning. I have a feeling that the 7 kingdoms as a whole will not know that Jon is a Targ so the only threat to the child is if they knew who the mother was.
  5. Blind Items: Daredevil In The Media

    This is the thing, right here. Every company wants their own streaming service. They want their content on their service only. However, 90% of the population can't afford $500 a month on streaming HBO, STARZ, HULU, NETFLIX, DISNEY+, WB (their planning one), etc... The reason people ditched cable and started just streaming HULU and Netflix in the first place, is that its cheaper and cable/satelitte is expensive. Hopefully, they will see the error of their ways soon.
  6. Call The Midwife In The Media

    Any word on a the Christmas ep this year?
  7. Good Witch

    Anyone have any idea when this show is supposed to take place, or if its in it our sort of reality? Otherwise, how would you explain Cassie going from pregnant with Grace in 2011, to Grace being in her senior year of High School in 2018? Not to mention that seasons 1-3 of the show, apparently only took place over one year, even though the show started with Grace being 15.... Im so confused. My big thing was that a real ruby of that size would be worth millions of dollars. It would have had its own security detail and security system not sitting out on display for everyone to pick up.
  8. Good Witch

    So much about this show is becoming unbelievable. There is no way that Grey house has enough rooms for 4 seperate guest rooms, Cassie's room, Abigail's room, Grace's room, and George's room. That is 8 bedrooms, all upstairs. The arguments don't feel believable. Like with the Merriwick intuition you can't tell me that Grace didn't realize that Courtney was right behind her? And Tara? What is with her. Her state of mind since s2 seems to be my way, or no way; and anytime Brandon gets recognition she gets upset? Also the now 2x delaying of the wedding, tells me that the painting is going to come back in the picture. Cassie will decide that after two failed attempts to get the alter, that she and Sam should not get together and break it off.
  9. Good Witch

    I have noticed the steer away away from the more occult aspects of the show too. I loved the movies when they aired and only recently found the show. (We stream so we no longer have hallmark). Although they still all have the Merriwick intuition and they all have that ability to pop up out of nowhere. Other than that, only a few episodes of the show have really shown much use of magic. I even notice that the original movies were even a bit more .... racy is the wrong word, but more lovey? ....but they have even toned that done for the show too. For a show titled Good Witch, that touches on the occult, its very wholesome. Almost sickly so now. I mean we're talking we're on 2018 now and they don't even once talk about sex? In our day and age, its just unlikely. Especially the implication that no one seems to be having sex before marriage on Hallmark. Its just not realistic.
  10. If there is a kid in the mix, Jon won't go back to the NW.....he always said he would never leave a bastard behind. He would stick around to raise his child.
  11. So.....I think I will treat both 'leaks' and all future leaks without photo documentary proof like April Fools Day........ believe nothing, and no one. ..... and be prepared for attacks of a humiliating and malicious nature....
  12. I have a mini bar in my house..... I'm good.
  13. Every fandom I have every been a part of, took the the words 'unpredictable' as a challenge(at least the hardcore fandomers did). And it was accepted. By time the episodes aired, we figured out what would happen and more often than not were just mad because we ended up thinking that it wasn't really all that predictable. A few celebrities I follow that lead shows, we've come to actually realize they use the word 'unpredictable' when they actually don't like they way a plot turned out. Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked. I would be pissed off, but not shocked. I don't like Arya or Sansa. I think Arya is not a psychopath. And while Sansa may be growing into her role as LoW and trying to do her best by her people, she is obviously easily manipulated, thinks she deserves to be in charge, and often mean, spiteful, and degrading to her own family. She is so quick to trust everyone but her own family. I would trust neither with the Westrosi throne......not that most of the other candidates are better, but still.... Oh good, then I am not the only one. Not even the cheap stuff either.....this deserves the high quality booze and chocolate.
  14. So..... stock up on popcorn, chocolate, and alcohol is what your saying?
  15. How do we know that the War is Rhegar and Lyianna's fault? Yes, what they did was reprehensible. However, did Ned, Robert, and Ned's brother and father know they ran away or think Rhegar kidnapped her. We know what Westros was told but Robert was betrothed to Lyianna and loved her. I think he would have been the type to lie to start the war because he felt jilted by Lyianna running away from him to be with another man. If Robert started the war because Lyanna ran away from him to be with Rhegar, and lied about it to start a war. Then the War is on him, not Lyanna and Rhegar.