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  1. Gotta love seeing the classic clips unbleeped, that was a trip. Also loved how the gang kept pointing out whenever they weren't in specific clips. I thought it was perfect that last season's closing scene was when they started misremembering. I wonder if all those clips were filmed back then? Of course the Seinfeld clip was my favorite part. I love how Dennis and Mac were both Jerry. But like the pitfalls of most clip shows, it was showing moments of much better times. Like Nightman Cometh, but in Chinese.
  2. S22.E04: Tegridy Farms

    And we open with yet another school shooting. Don't know what's funnier: That Randy's dream was to start a weed farm, or that EVERYONE had a weed farm. And man, you couldn't have a weed plot without Towelie. Seeing him was a great surprise. He's getting paid to test out weed, it's his dream come true. Gotta love a beat down set to Two Princes. Man, Butters of all people was the vape pusher. And of course Cartman was behind all of this. Selling vape pens to kindergartners...is it above or below Crack Baby Basketball? Oh man, the Vaping Man was hysterical.
  3. S09.E03: Tweentrepreneurs

    Knowing Frond, he'd probably be more into Peter Davison (the celery on the cricket jacket seems like a Frond thing) or, more likely, Colin Baker (the maligned one).
  4. S09.E03: Tweentrepreneurs

    It was a play on America, The Beautiful.
  5. S30.E03: My Way or the Highway to Heaven

    I've been thinking about why the stories became gradually less interesting to me, and I think it's because they became gradually detached from their storyteller. Ned's story was a personal one (and the best story), Marge's was about her grandmother (most likely heard second hand), while Lisa's was about some princess that lived long ago.
  6. Season 17 Discussion

    I'll admit I laughed at alcoholic Lois. Tony Robbins possessing Peter's car is definitely one of the weirder premises. I miss the time when he ate Peter like a snake. I did like the storyline wit Hudson. And of course Brian had to be awful and screw everything up.
  7. S09.E03: Tweentrepreneurs

    Neighbor: Whole Lotta Shaker Furniture Going On Exterminator: The Weevil Dead Burger(s) of The Day: Tumeric-A The Beautiful Burger, The Finders ___rs Burger (I want to say Leekers. I didn't see the word under Finders), The Cops and Rabe-ers Burger (topped with broccoli rabe), The Little Shop of Horseradish Burger BTW The Simpsons had a Bob's Burgers crossover in the opening (and it was amazing), and its Burger of the Day was "The Eat My Short Ribs Burger", while the Exterminator was "I Shoo Shoo Shoose You." My middle school tech (shop) class had something like the startup project and it ended up the same way: The exec people were on top, and the workers were on the bottom. We made gumball machines out of wood and I stare at that thing every single day. Gotta love Tina just sinking further and further into business hell while Louise and Gene just watch. LOVED the "quarter assing" song. And I liked the Could Chucks. "Zeke Chuck" was the best. That dine and dasher was clever. Well, real ones wouldn't make a scene while dashing, but he keeps getting away with it. And wow, loved how it ended.
  8. S30.E03: My Way or the Highway to Heaven

    Couch Gag: Bob Burgers crossover! Seen from the back, that was great. Did Bob's Burgers writers take over for that? It seemed too good. Burger of The Day: The Eat My Short Ribs Burger. Exterminator: "I Shoo Shoo Shoose You." Wait, wrong show. "Do the people my daddy shoot go to heaven?" "Well, as long as they didn't do anything wrong, so yes." That entire opening was fantastic. Of course Uter dies like Augustus Gloop. Too bad it pretty much fizzled after the first story. I liked Ned's story, but the other two seemed rushed, especially Lisa's. Ned's Story: Man, even Ned's beatnik dad thought he was a pill. Must've been post-spilling the ink on his poems (honest accident) and the spankological protocol. Why am I not surprised that one of his first good acts was saving Homer from dying after doing something stupid? (Which, to be fair, wouldn't have been Homer's fault). Edna going with Washington & Maude going with Lincoln make perfect sense, when you think about it. Marge's Story: Man, does Marge's grandmother raise a whole lot of questions. She was Marge's age the same time as Abe fighting in WWII? How old does that make Marge's parents, then? I did like Sideshow Mel having different things stuck in his hair every time we saw him. And of course Rainier Wolfcastle was the Nazi. RIP Jon Lovitz. And oh hey, that really was Tracy Morgan for one line. Lisa's Story: Of course we end with Lisa and Buddhism. "This is about a princess not owned by Disney...unless we are owned by Disney." Complete with an "I want" song...about wanting less. Nothing much happened with her story, though. I did like Bart & Milhouse's game, and Lisa thinking what really matters in life are goat heads. I liked seeing the time traveling Amazon delivery.
  9. S44.E03: Seth Meyers / Paul Simon

    YES! I kept thinking that the entire time.
  10. S44.E03: Seth Meyers / Paul Simon

    Cold Open: Of course we start with Trump and Kanye. Not much you can do to make Kanye/Trump more ridiculous than it is. Yeah, the one person even Trump thinks is an unhinged attention whore. Monologue: Seth Meyers can finally be in sketches again! I've been on record that I wasn't a fan of his solo Update tenure, but apparently he got much better since taking over Late Night? I really liked him here, an actual monologue talking about previous shows I actually watched. Fun fact: Seth's first show (the post-9/11 show) was the first new episode I ever saw live. South of Mason: And now a sketch about the Q&A section of every Comic Con panel. So I liked this. I totally heard Adele Dazeem, right? Beta Force: Where the hell has THIS Seth Meyers been?! I thought this was funny. "SHE HAS OSTEOPOROSIS, YOU MONSTER." Thirsty Cops: Ego gets to talk! It was fun to see Leslie and Ego get something to do, but....eh, I dunno. Frightening Tale: Oh no, not a 22 year old aspiring filmmaker. I've talked to those, it really is frightening. Kyle had the cadence down COLD. Jail: Oh NOW we get Kenan to bust out the Cosby impression. 40th anniversary aside, it only took the show, what, 15 years? Even if Kenan busted it out before then, it's still been a while. Of course I loved it. They had 15 years of Cosby jokes to work with, so they had to make it count. Seth was essentially Update Seth dealing with Stefon. WU: White women do love yarn. Che joining in on Heidi's bubbly goop girl accent was great. The LaGuardia and Radio Shack jokes were killer. And Hey, a "Really?!" segment, which was great. They even called out Seth for making fun of Trump at the WHCD so much he decided to run for president. Bayou Benny's Liberal Lagniappe: The hell did I just watch? A cajun liberal roundtable talk show with Seff Meyers, Taylor Swift, a Gator, and Kate McKinnon dressed as a chili pepper. This was something so stupid I couldn't help but laugh. Cooba: Didn't know what to make of this. Not to fond of insufferable people. Trees: That was short and weird. Didn't even know that was a sketch at first. Did it start midway or something? I thought Chris Redd was funny in this. Band: Kenan continues to just kill it. He was definitely the MVP of this episode. "Not my Gucci shoes!" just killed me. So...this was okay. Paul Simon shows off why he keeps coming back (acoustics sucked as usual, though). We return November 3rd with Jonah Hill.
  11. All the actors also have other side projects going on, this show's starting to seem like an afterthought.
  12. S22.E03: The Problem With a Poo

    Also funny noting the irony that they had different Oakleys based on gender.
  13. S22.E03: The Problem With a Poo

    They're PC Babies, they'll cry regardless.