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  1. S09.E10: Better Off Sled

    HOO HA! The bottoms of the sleds being scratched up was such a great detail.
  2. Season 17 Discussion

    RIP Carrie Fisher, er, Angela. It was touching, in a Family Guy way. Heh, Simpsons had a take that against this show earlier, and now Mr. Burns and Smithers cameo in this one. The credits didn't have Harry Shearer, so who they got sounded almost exactly like him, it was pretty creepy. Billy on The Street is just as good in animated form. Of course Peter gets winded trying to keep up with him. I liked that cutaway with Pawtucket Pat with all the mascots. I love that there was a callback to it.
  3. S09.E10: Better Off Sled

    Neighbor: Manger Danger babyproofing Exterminator: Silent Mites pest control Burger(s) of The Day: The Smilla's Sense of Snowpeas Burger, The Santa Slaws is Coming to Town Burger I knew that when I saw that the description said teens, I knew Logan was gonna show up, and there he was. And man, the kids got lucky with Rudy's cousin. And man, Logan recruiting a kid from the basketball team to get over the blockade was a genius move. But damn, I loved that ending with Mandy gathering ALL the girls together for war. No shock that there were no shortage of people that want to pelt Logan with snowballs. I loved Rudy in all of this. He truly is all of us. God damn did Teddy piss me off with Linda's tote bag. But I liked Linda's plot, and I just lost it at the Knit Cracker. I'm not surprised Bob was better at it, he's just got that obsessive mindset that's perfect for knitting. It's just like the kids to love Linda's hot mess of a scarf. It actually looks someone made it. "It's creepy, but it tells a story." The song at the end was awesome. "Saving Private Ryan called, it wants its opening scene back!" "I feel like I'm in a breath mint commercial!" "And we'll blame it all on global warming! It's the perfect crime!" "I'm going to shovel the sidewalk." "Wow dad, that's the butchest thing you've ever said." Man, Gene was just on fire with the one liners, as always. I missed Gene's spiel on the snowman, but I loved that, too.
  4. S30.E010: 'Tis The 30th Season

    Title: Santa in a Self-Driving Sleigh! Blackboard: The Fat Man Who Works One Night A Year Is My Dad Couch Gag: Wampa attack! Love that Christmas opening. Heh, Big City Greens also had a Black Friday episode to get a new TV. Also, shocked that Sprawl-Mart wasn't open on Thanksgiving proper. Once again Homer ruins everything, and by proxy, the kids. The family has been to some crappy places before, but the Florida "resort" has to be the worst/hilarious of them all. Loved seeing the Flamingo Hospice, and the Hall of Vice Presidents. Anyone spot a Mike Pence figure in there? Most of our Vice Presidents were truly terrible people. Yeah, Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face, but Aaron Burr actually finished the job when he did it. I'm surprised they didn't get Al Gore for the one line at the end. I love that Yankees Fans Fantasy Camp and Yankees Suck Fantasy Camp both feature Wade Boggs (the Yankees Sucks has him in his Red Sox uniform) "I was the It Boy of 2006!" Take THAT, Family Guy. Also the first real joke about Disney owning Fox. That ending at Moe's was pretty sweet, even if it was a little deus ex machina.
  5. S44.E08: Jason Momoa / Mumford & Sons

    I meant just the part where he's in the closet. The rest of it...yeah, his eyes were right on those cue cards.
  6. S44.E08: Jason Momoa / Mumford & Sons

    Cold Open: We start with Don Jr AND I'M ERIC. Of course Eric sleeps in a race car bed. And yeah, of course Mueller was in the closet, and it was the best acting De Niro has done in ages. Man, it got awkward at the end there. Monologue: It's been a long time since we've gotten a song monologue, and they saved it for Jason Momoa. It was great and THANK GOD IT WAS ONLY ONE LINE. The Underwater Boogie was fun, but I wish we only got the brief song. Elf on The Shelf: Good god it's weird hearing Jason Momoa having a high pitched voice, but it really made the sketch. The elf costume is amazing, too. No shock the whole thing was about his kid masturbating. I couldn't believe they got away with a fleshlight joke. GE Big Boy Appliances: I could see these things being made, if they haven't already. You could swear this was real had Jason Momoa not been in it. I just like the concept, advertising home appliances the same way one would market power tools. Man, you know GE wouldn't have signed off on being used here if they still owned NBC by how much they got dragged here. Khal Drogo's Ghost Dojo: And here's the inevitable Game of Thrones sketch. A talk show starring characters that got killed off? Genius. "Brianne of Tarth? Are you dead? I'm seriously asking, the show's been off so long." That was great, and I also loved all the fake ads. I don't really need to see the show or read the books, this had just about every spoiler in it. But I liked just how much it kept building, like ending it with Talking Dojo, wity the Chris Hardwick stand-in getting killed off. That was amazing. Loved the guy with googly eyes. He only needed to be on for five seconds, and he was the best part. Them Trumps: This was a great bit. Of course Darius Trump's presidency ends in five minutes. WU: There was a lot of news in the past few days, and Update is where they dumped it all at once. You know Colin and Che are just DONE. Matthew Whittaker as Super Krang was an image I won't forget. I don't doubt that Trump would fake his death, then tweet about it. Aidy's character was interesting. She really embodied that kind of kid so well. The non political stuff was, of course, great. The Space-X, Kevin Hart, Drag Race, and Bullfighting jokes were the best. Che saying "Well, that was short" referring to Kevin Hart had to be an ad-lib, and it was great. Michael Che having his own feature has to be an SNL first. I don't recall an anchor getting their own before. A Christmas Carol: Yep, a sketch for everyone crushing on Jason. Day of The Dorks: And now a Revenge of The Nerds spoof, with Jason as Ogre. Yeah, whoever thought of that casting deserves a raise. Yeah, Ogre is a character that isn't really talked about when people talk about Revenge of The Nerds. He's clearly an adult man on the football team and nobody batted an eye because he hated nerds. He's kicked out of the Alpha Betas in the second movie. (he also ends up joining the nerds) I liked Jason just wrecking stuff. I thought the jock frat having a nerd as a mole is a pretty interesting concept, but yeah, he had to be wrecked, and I thought that was funny. Sleigh Ride: Oh, Gemma's back. Didn't really care for it. First Impression: This was silly. I could've watched Jason try to follow Beck's weird voice around for hours. Rudolph's Big Night: Pete killed it. A cocky Rudolph was right up his alley. See, Beck's Santa just wants to hear about good children. Jason Momoa's Santa will just straight up shoot his reindeer. He actually brought that up! Gonna disagree, I ended up liking this one more than I thought I would. Next week Matt Damon closes out the year.
  7. S22.E09: Unfulfilled

    To think that was once the site of the great Console War. I heard that, too!
  8. S22.E09: Unfulfilled

    This was...depressing. Josh's accident is no less silly than the actual incident where bear repellent sent dozens of workers to the hospital from earlier today. If the episode somehow had time to reference THAT, I'd demand that the crew be given raises. But the show really nailed down how we're all dependent on Amazon: that center was in New Jersey (I'm in NY) and I'm hoping that it doesn't disrupt delivering Smash Ultimate to my house on Friday. So many callbacks in the first ten minutes: The Buddha Box, Mr. Slave, the Tweeks (RIP Tweek Coffee), the remains of SoDaSoPa. And of course Cartman rattling off all the other plot points this season. Jeff Bezos being one of those giant head aliens from Star Trek was amazing (EDIT: They're called Talosians), as were the mall employees essentially becoming Morlocks. Oh man, next week is the finale, and I can't wait. This has been a really good season.
  9. Season 17 Discussion

    I liked Stewie and Brian's plot. Scamming old rich people just won't get old. Stewie calling himself "The Count of Monty Hall" just seemed like classic Family Guy. Quagmire being the old rich husband of the heiress with the long name was a great twist. Speaking of, Seth MacFarlane probably fired whoever wrote out that ungodly long Heiress name. Seemed like a wasted opportunity to not end her name with ...of Ulm, but at least Monty Python got a shoutout in there. I figured Herbert would lose interest when he found out Peter was a grown man, but wasn't prepared for him to literally EXPLODE. Becoming Baby Groot and running after the ice ream truck cracked me up.
  10. S09.E09: UFO No You Didn't

    Neighbor: You're The Man Now Dog Suits For Dogs Exterminator: The Van That Rocks The Beetle Burger(s) of The Day: The Colby By Your Name Burger. Couldn't make out the second burger, The Figgie Smalls Burger, The Dill Crazy After All These Gruyeres Burger I loved that Zeke of all people actually had a great idea for a science project (saving the bees!) because he does NOT want to use agave over honey. "Aww, tiny tents for little runaway rats." A good explanation of why the restaurant is struggling is that Bob makes terrible impulsive purchases like the tiny coat racks. Not to mention all the times Linda is just giving money to Gayle. Henry just breaking Tina's spirit was just MEAN. But man, Tina NEVER got around to completing the science fair board. That seems out of character for her. It seems like a Gene thing to do. I figured Susimina had a crush on Henry the whole time, and I liked how Henry trying to sabotage her project didn't change her mind at all. I also loved Tina FINALLY kissing Zeke. Like, we know it's the end game, Zeke knows it's the end game, the only question is when. I legit gasped when that happened. Loved the song at the end.
  11. S30.E09: Daddicus Finch

    Billboard: Krusty's Christmas Special - Hey Hey Hey! In The Manger Blackboard: My Pre-Christmas behavior helps out the coal Industry. Chalkboard: Other intros (atoms, mermaids, Edward Gorey) Nelson explains the origin of veal via Anton Chigurh. I love it. Homer turning into Gregory Peck's Atticus Finch when he stood up for Lisa and Lisa respects him for that? This is one of the weirder premises I've seen, but it was sweet in its own way (as was the ending with Maggie talking to him...somehow). You know when the plot is weak and short when they just kill time, like with Duffman and his crew. JK Simmons doing speed psychiatry was genius, but wow, they rush THAT? Turns out, Al Jean wrote the episode, which explains why the episode came in short on time. This was a REALLY weird episode and I don't know what to make of it. Odd that Lisa's porkchop costume is a clear reference to To Kill A Mockingbird, but nothing really came of it, just an easter egg. Lotta great sign gags: -Heisenberger and Fries -Cruelty-Free Saxaphone Reeds -To Mock a Killing Bird -The Science of Futurama (with Prof. Farnsworth cameo!) -The return of Homer's pennants, one reading "Boo Radley" and the other "Yay Radley" -Lisa's Ed Begley Junior Junior poster I think Chalmers being Jewish is a more random retcon than Shauna being Chalmers' daughter. Jon Lovitz showing up (to kill time...) was a treat, as was the return of Llewellyn Sinclair at the beginning of the episode. Homer randomly passing out and coming to in different places was great.
  12. S44.E07: Claire Foy / Anderson.Paak

    He hates Jules because he hates himself.
  13. S44.E07: Claire Foy / Anderson.Paak

    That seemed to be an ad-lib. Seconding both of this. Imagine DeNiro as Mueller as Santa. Or hell, him as Mueller trying to sing and dance along with the song.