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  1. I'm watching Falling for You now, and I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying it. The dialogue is a lot sharper than most of Hallmark's movies, and both leads are taking a lower key, not as Hallmarky (overly dramatic, effortfully cutesy) approach to their characters. Yup. Thought he was rather bland at first, but I realized he has a dry delivery that Fillion has too that makes his character more interesting. Ha!
  2. Hahaha, I have to hand it to that website and their commitment to listing absolutely every Christmas-related show.
  3. Like I said, another 20 years. <eyeroll>
  4. Wow. So there were plot issues, but I thought the emotional tone of the show was excellent. Sherlock's comment that only Joan could see he was dying, him not being able to use the word "happy" when he was trying to tell her that he finally was, that ending ... wow. I'm so disappointed in Gregson, even though I understand why he did it. I hope in the next season there is a gradual, difficult reconciliation between him and Sherlock and Joan, but that will require (for me) Hannah doing the right thing. She was terrible -- would she really have let Joan go to prison? Let her father ruin his career? I hope she does the right thing eventually and confesses, and I think she owes it to her father to keep his involvement a secret. Mallick was annoying in her conviction that Joan did it (she had two broken ribs!), but she didn't have the evidence we/Sherlock and co. had, and I'm glad she wasn't the killer or even the one who framed Joan. Speaking of, is there a definitive answer to why Michael said "Joan" in that message? Did he see it was a woman attacking him, and assumed it was she? If they do go back to NYC next season (presumably because Hannah told the truth or something), I hope it's temporary, or they split their time between London and here, because I love the idea of Joan in 221A.
  5. Wow, that's awesome that an afro-Latina and a Black woman will be starring in Christmas movies. Maybe in twenty years we'll see explicitly mixed-race couples! I generally stay away from Hallmark movies where Santa is real, but with this cast I may have to break that rule. Someone upthread mentioned getting sick of Christmas by December 1 because of Hallmark's aggressively early start to the season. Do what I do! I record the movies that I like or sound good (helped by you all), but don't actually watch them until well into December.
  6. S06.E20: Fit To Be Tied

    The only possible explanation I can give for Joan being a serious suspect, given her injuries and the timeline, is that they think she hired someone to kill Michael. Aside from the likelihood of someone finding Michael so quickly (although I supposed it could be a day or two later, it's not totally clear), that at least is plausible, given Joan and Sherlock's connections to an assortment of criminals, would-be criminals, and other people with unorthodox skills. I wasn't too surprised he was able to disable her so quickly -- he took her by surprise and the first hit was a bad one to the head. But how did he get in so easily? Regardless, I'm relieved that she wasn't actually kidnapped and she did not need to be rescued by someone else. I suspected early on that we would learn Michael killed the guy's husband, and that would be how the team would get him to cooperate, but I thought he'd be killed by Michael before revealing more than an obscure clue or reference for Sherlock to follow; therefore when Joan left him, I (mentally) yelled at her to offer him police protection.
  7. I'm just settling down to watch the Good Witch marathon today. I hesitate to use the word "edgy" because this series is most definitely not that, but the first movie opens with Jake finding a homeless man in an alley and letting him spend the night in jail. Cassie has more of a spark of life, Grey House isn't so McMansiony, and of course there's actual magic. It's kind of impressive, actually, how Hallmark managed to water down what was already a gentle, inoffensive movie series. Of course, some things don't change. #Middletonsowhite
  8. S06.E13: Breathe

    I love Watson and Sherlock's relationship.
  9. S06.E12: Meet Your Maker 2018.07.23

    It's obvious the writers didn't think they were getting more than half a season, huh? But I'm thrilled for Bell, and I really hope they come up with some sort of delay so that Bell sticks around for season 7, before he goes off to be the amazing marshal we know he will be. And it looks like the next episode will be a bit baby-centric, which leads to my next wish for the finale -- that Watson gets an adorable baby, and Sherlock gives her an entire floor of the brownstone kept safe and baby-proofed for them, and he's the eccentric uncle downstairs/upstairs. I really want Watson to have a life beyond Sherlock. I know babies aren't popular on shows and can be a pain to work with, but I wouldn't need to see it -- just a reference here and there to the nanny watching it, or a developmental milestone, etc. (Although I kind of like the idea of Watson and Sherlock on the street interviewing witnesses, with the baby in a carrier on Joan.) What I suspect they'll do is have the adoption process drag out through season 7, which is certainly realistic -- it can take years, sometimes -- but I hope she gets one in the end. Don't get me wrong -- I'm thrilled that the show is continuing. But the wrapping-up plotlines in the last few episodes have me thinking about the end. Oh, yeah, I liked the mystery, although I was disappointed to have predicted the brother's involvement. The structure of the cases tends to be the same, and I'd like to see that upended every once in a while.
  10. S05.E04: Colours

    Jane IS a hopeless dope. I wish she'd commit to something, develop a plan for her future. The model had a career and a commitment to civil rights, the French woman has a career and a life philosophy, Trewlove is great (although if she sacrifices her job for Fancy I will be irate), heck even Win appears to be content with her life choices (ballroom dancing! I love it) even if it's not something Joan wants. So what does Joan want? So rare to see Morse happy! Although he was crushed to see whatshername didn't think their relationship was anything other than a fun diversion. I swear, British mystery shows have done more than anything else to make me hate the aristocracy.
  11. S05.E03: Passenger

    And the fact that he was dressing down a violent man twice his size and half (or less) his age didn't phase him at all. I'm quite pleased they've developed his character beyond Season One's hidebound relic who doesn't understand more progressive policing. I too think Joan was trying to signal to Morse with the French woman set-up that she's not interested in a romantic relationship. Which is fine -- even if they did get together, we all know it would be doomed -- but I do wish they'd move her character beyond love interest/doesn't want to be like her mom. So what does she want to be? Let's see a little of that. Ok, so clearly they are setting up Trewlove and Fancy, which I'm not thrilled about, but at least he's a lot more humble and respectful with her than their first meeting. If they do pair up permanently, I dearly hope it doesn't affect Trewlove's career.
  12. S06.E09: Nobody Lives Forever

    This episode cemented for me why I think it's the best modern portrayal of Sherlock -- the writers aren't afraid to let him be wrong sometimes, and let him admit it.* I especially like that it involved emotional growth and the concept of forgiveness. And having Mycroft be already dead, as sad as it was, kept the whole thing from becoming too facile and tidy. *See also: the episode where he came up with an overly-elaborate plan to get some information from a criminal, and it backfired (offscreen) and he got arrested. I laughed hard when he mumbled what happened to Watson.
  13. I loved reading about the dos and don'ts for various movies and books series. The "subtle" attempt at excluding Catholics, though -- I'd be offended if it weren't so stupid. Although now I want to submit a book proposal to that company where the female protagonist has an uncle/mentor/confessor/whatever who's an actual priest and see what they'd say. I'm avoiding the heat by watching the HMM Christmas movies in my air-conditioned living room (... and stitching a Star Wars sampler). Maggie's Christmas Miracle is surprisingly well well-written and has some naturalistic dialogue, even if it's filled with cliches, probably because it's based on an actual novel (is there karaoke in the book???). I'm not ready for the Christmas onslaught, however, and I wish they would do some Halloween movies, especially ones with a bit of spookiness and magic. I know there are Christians who think all things Halloween are evil, but I believe they are only a minority.
  14. Season 12: Good Riddance Lewin!

    Normally I avoid the Serena episodes, but I caught the last few minutes of Equal Rights (the brother-in-law of an abused woman kills her husband) which was a mistake. I wanted smack Serena (hah) when she started spouting off about how if a guy hit her, she'd hit him back, she'd never accept abuse in a relationship, and saying that women might have a hard time leaving an abuser is infantilizing them. Way back in my lawyerly days I volunteered with domestic violence victims, and: fuck you, Serena. Is she seriously ignorant of the psychological abuse, manipulation, and isolation abusers can inflict on their spouses that makes it so much harder for them to leave? Is she unaware that the most dangerous time for an abused spouse is when she is leaving/has left? Gah, she is TERRIBLE.
  15. S06.E07: Sober Companions 2018.06.11

    I'm cautiously optimistic that they won't drag the Michael storyline too long (not past the season, at least), and he won't become a ridiculously overpowered supervillain. Joan said the hospital tests showed Sherlock's tiredness had developed into clinical exhaustion (or whatever fancy medical words she used), so I can buy him being simply too worn out to adequately pursue Michael. I hope to see Sherlock get some real rest in Vermont (I don't think Michael is there), handle some normal case-of-the-week uh, cases, and then when Michael comes back he's all refreshed and ready to outwit him. I also hope Joan destroys that heroin. I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about this, and I decided that they took a picture of the earrings (which I think they showed to the store owner) and did a google image search of that picture which led to an image of the earrings on the store's website. Or maybe the artist's website, and she told them what store she sold/consigned them to.