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  1. S02.E07: The Scimitar

    I'm really depressed by this, actually. Was Berlin's story about his daughter escaping from prison with the dissident a total lie? Unless he just made it up, Zoe is much too young to be his daughter -- his granddaughter would be more likely.
  2. S02.E05: The Front

    As teenagers my friends and I lazed around all summer watching "The Young & the Restless", "General Hospital", and "All My Children". We'd three-way call each other to gossip about the characters, backstories, and plot twists. It didn't even matter that we'd missed three-fourths of the plots during the school year. We thought the shows were campy and unrealistic, but we studied hard to deserve this summertime junk/luxury. Soap operas were a grown-up equivalent to Saturday morning cartoons, but better because they were on every day! For me this is another guilty pleasure, a ludicrous action-suspense soap with an unusually compelling character. Didn't the producer call the show a fantasy or wish-fulfillment? Someone earlier compared it to "Miami Vice".
  3. S02.E05: The Front

    That is a hilarious comparison ;). BTW, my husband just watched the episode, and he noticed that Glenn said he found the girl partly "because of an FBI search" or words to that effect. So when Red asked Aram to check, he wittingly or not helped Glenn. Any bets on whether Red knew this would happen? ;) Moreover, did he guess that Aram would tell Liz, setting her up to see her reaction? Sneaky devil.
  4. S02.E05: The Front

    I just reviewed the “Frederick Barnes” sequence where Red visits his old house and the “Front” section when he watches the film reel. In both his earlier memory and the film, the little girl (one of the recaps says she’s six, but who knows?) has long wavy hair and is blowing long bubbles from a large wand. It really looks like the same girl, but who can tell with the writers on this show?
  5. S02.E05: The Front

    Wait! Don't go! Don't you want to know who's behind The Door? You can't leave yet; we're just getting started! ;) I think the posters here and at the other blogs should collaboratively write this show and crowd-source the production. As long as we're not making money from it, I think it would be legal. And it would certainly be better!
  6. S02.E05: The Front

    Hah! I love the idea of "Lizzie logic". I just need to let the art wash over me ;). If the Powers that Be let her adopt that baby, Dembe and Mr. Vargas will end up raising it. Bleh. Maybe the baby can be Redd's chance for redemption.
  7. S02.E05: The Front

    I'm crossposting this at the WSJ blog to see if anyone has any ideas. BTW, Keith there pointed out that the NBC recaps often explain or reveal things left out by the actual show ;). "The Girl" can't be Berlin's daughter. He was sent to the gulag because she eloped with a dissident, so she must have been at least an older teenager. Perhaps Zoe could be Berlin's granddaughter. The girl in the Stewmaker photo is young, and the photo was not one of the more recent in the book. It seems time-wise and by appearance not to be Zoe. But it must have some connection to her, if Aram would use it to track her. Another suggestion that Zoe is Berlin's granddaughter, and the photo is of her mother. The locket Berlin receives in the gulag was a gift he'd given his daughter, and the photo is of her. It does greatly resemble the Stewmaker subject, to my mind. I don't think it could really be Redd's daughter. I had wondered if a young undercover Redd could have been the "dissident" who eloped with Berlin's daughter. If so, perhaps Zoe is their child. So she'd be Redd's daughter, but not the one he had with Naomi. I also don't think the little girl in the film reel looks much like Zoe, including very curly/wavy vs. straight hair. The first time we see Liz in the warehouse, she sits and looks at The Door. She is tossing keys in her hand, which I assumed would unlock The Door. But later she asks "The Samoan" (NBC's title) for permission to enter The Room because The Door is now open. He seems disdainful of Liz. I don't think she owns The Room. I prefer WSJ Keith's idea that The Samoan is a bodyguard/bouncer, and Liz is being given/exchanging intel inside The Room. Here's an idea: I'm sure Tom was the hood with glasses watching Liz from a car in S2E1. Maybe he made contact with her and is feeding her info about Berlin. The Room could be Tom's hideout -- he IS behind The Door, but not for the reason we think. Perhaps Tom has also provided some information about Redd, and that explains Liz's changed attitude towards Redd. I'm curious about the keys Liz was jangling in the warehouse. I also have no idea who Pepper is in relation to Redd, or what the old-fashioned key is about. If she is Redd's agent, that might explain his ease in finding the compound. He seems to receive the location from Aram, but maybe he is discreetly pointing Aram in the direction of the solar farm. If Redd gave Liz The Front as a Blacklist target, he might have learned from Pepper the group was about to launch an attack. None of this explains the key. Quarantined Lizzie tells Samar that the antidote will come because of Carrie Anne's baby. Hunh?????
  8. S02.E04: Dr. Linus Creel

    Oh, is that what Botox does? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  9. S02.E04: Dr. Linus Creel

    Kariyaki -- I get your comment. But the way Naomi talks about "Elizabeth" seems like she's always known the "whole story", and it wasn't a forthright one. I can't visualize "Elizabeth" being the orphaned daughter of Naomi and Red's neighbors, college buddies, etc. The original contact with toddler Liz must have come from someplace at least a bit shady, and I assume it happened not long before their marriage went downhill.
  10. S02.E04: Dr. Linus Creel

    Hmm. I'm now wondering if Liz has the Warrior gene and is potentially the child of powerful and wily criminals. If so, perhaps Red's mission is to prevent her from realizing her evil potential. His redemption would be saving her from becoming like him.
  11. S02.E04: Dr. Linus Creel

    I'd go for just Red stories of double-dealing and jet-setting, with Madeline Pratt, Dembe, Vargas, Aram, and the Mossad agent thrown in as needed. Traveling the world, sending Blacklister info to the FBI from the road. They could operate out of the jet, kind of like "Agents of Shield" ;). Maybe they can kill of MB and Red goes hunting for her murderers/Berlin (?).
  12. S02.E04: Dr. Linus Creel

    Questions / Did I miss something? 1) Blacklisters have a purpose for Red; their takedown gives him information, eliminates a rival, etc. What was the purpose for removing Creel? Was it so Liz would gain her super-special medical records? 2) Any theories about her tests? Simply that she's a warrior type? Has a disease? 3) Naomi knows about "Elizabeth". Liz obviously isn't their daughter, and they married young enough that I can't believe Red had an earlier family. Naomi was in the dark after Red left, so Liz isn't the product of a later Red relationship. Naomi also doesn't seem particularly friendly/kind to Liz; does she indirectly blame Liz or the Liz "situation" for the destruction of Naomi's married life? 4) #3 implies that Naomi was aware that Red was up to something before he left. Either his relationship to Liz is above-board (daughter of a family friend, etc.) or Naomi knew Red was "compromised/dirty." 5) In Madeline Pratt, didn't Red tell a story about coming home to a bloody mess and a missing Naomi and Jennifer? Was that a lie? If it was true, then I'm surprised he knew Naomi was alive in the first place. I'm trying to ignore MB and focus on the backstory. Has anyone noticed how much more interesting this whole story is in fan fiction? ;)