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  1. S04.E02: Fallout

    I did wonder if CatCo has a coffee maker. And who goes to a pizza place for coffee? What happened to the nearby cafe that Kara used to go to to get Cat's lattes? Too obviously a set up for Nia to cross paths with Brainy.
  2. S04.E02: Fallout

    I was willing to pretend that the scar didn't exist, otherwise she'd have to worry about every freckle, but for me, the same exact earrings on "both" women would be impossible to ignore.
  3. S04.E02: Fallout

    Agreed, so why is he using L Corp's hackable version?
  4. S05.E03: Workin' the 'Ween

    And leaves a 15 (?) year-old all alone to run it? What really bugged me was the plot about taking the pacifier from a young baby who is soothed by it. Right now she has no teeth, and even when she does have baby teeth, they're not going to be her permanent teeth. The problem is when a toddler gets used to sucking a pacifier all day long, which means she also is unable to speak. Keep the pacifier for the crib and maybe the car or stroller, when you want her to sleep. When the baby/toddler is crawling or walking, no pacifier unless she agrees to go in the crib, which means she is tired. By the time she is 1-2ish, and can fully understand what you are saying to her, you can wean her from it at night. For me, that happened when the baby kept throwing it out if the crib and then crying for me to give it back, as a way of getting me back in the room. I finally said that if she threw it again I was not returning it, and that she needed to go to sleep. By that age she was old enough to understand that I was not abandoning her and that I would be there in the morning. We had 2 unhappy nights, and it was over. A young baby's only other alternative is her fingers/thumb which you cannot ever take away from her. Prolonged thumbsucking will likely result in buck teeth.
  5. S04.E02: Fallout

    I also noticed that he left with only 5. Which only makes it more ridiculous that Kara was walking around at the DEO last year multiple times with Alex and Hank, seemingly not concerned about protecting her secret identity. Was Hank the only African-American at the Agent Liberty rally? If so, he should have really changed his appearance to blend in better.
  6. S11.E04: Three Shirts to the Wind

    Women often age better (and live longer) than men, but Betty White is an extreme example!
  7. S01.E04 Beyoncé Circa Lemonade

    Yeah I know.. :) But why don't they? Very strange. Very disrespectful. Because he acts in a manner that even 7 year olds realize is ridiculous? (not peeling bananas before blending them, etc.) Poppy refers to him in a way that comports with his behavior and Douglas has likely made disparaging comments that his twins have overheard. Actually, it's kind of a miracle that Jack is still alive, the way Miggy has been portrayed.
  8. S11.E04: Three Shirts to the Wind

    With regard to Jim, I had the feeling that possibly due to age or health, he was somewhat limited in how much he was able to do. I noticed that Murphy took a long time pulling out and holding onto Jim's chair while he sat down. It might have been a sign of in-show respect, but it looked like he actually needed her to be there. He's 82 and may be somewhat frail.
  9. S01.E04 Beyoncé Circa Lemonade

    Yeah I don't understand why they don't respect him.. That was an odd line. They don't respect him because, as one of the twins said, he's basically their age. They don't view him as an authority figure. Somewhat neurotic mom has extremely neurotic son (Angie/Graham) Wine bar mom has outgoing son (Poppy/Rory) and to be honest, they are the only 2 African American actors in the main cast, so... Remaining easily excitable dad has remaining, calm daughter (Will/Sophie) Except for Miggy/Jack, the parents have opposite-sex children. Finally, there are many methods for getting a baby to fall sleep at night (rocking, singing, etc). The trick is getting him to stay asleep all night. It's not clear at all that Jack was taught to do that.
  10. I don't know that the kids should have been personally receiving $25 per hour each. However, I also don't think that Sheldon would have discovered that they were earning money for the study without knowing how much they were being paid. Unless George lied to him, too, in which case, Missy would have already learned the $7.50/hr amount from Sheldon.
  11. S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    Tahani apparently didn't give a moment's thought to Larry and her imminent marriage after the revelation (nor did Chidi to Simone). I think Larry could do better, if he can get that chip off his shoulder.
  12. S05.E01: Gap Year

    In real life, he might have been able to defer his admission and scholarship to take a gap year, but he would have needed to obtain his deferral in May, so that the school would have had the opportunity to take someone off the wait list. Notifying the school once the term had begun? He'd have lost his scholarship and probably had his admission revoked, unless he had some diagnosed medical condition which prevented him from attending.
  13. And Liz somehow knew that her twin was in trouble. I wonder if she had also sensed when he'd been bitten by the snake.
  14. S05.E01: Gap Year

    A gap year isn't usually a gap in a person's resume. It's filled by what the student did during the year: work, travel, volunteering, a last chance to do something special before settling down to college. It can differentiate one from everyone else. The problem is that Junior is taking the gap year out of fear, not out of a desire to do something else before he settles down to school. And Junior loves to learn! His original plan to try different courses was exactly right. And, no freshman picks an adviser himself, he would have been assigned one. (They seem to be conflating adviser with mentor.) I wish we knew what he did over the summer. He actually might need to talk to someone about his recent fear of starting something new, which apparently did not exist last year when he moved from private school to public school in his senior year! Perhaps he should withdraw from Howard and try to gain admittance to a college closer to home for now, and then attempt to transfer to Howard when he has regained some confidence.
  15. S03.E02: L-O-N-- LONDON Part 2

    That was my thought too. I still wonder where they would get a down payment from, but ok, that part makes sense. The bank will also require homeowner's insurance.