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  1. S03.E04 The Tombs 2017.07.15

    I don't think that's quite what happened. Jody was holding Cassidy's hand, and Jesse said Cassidy must have chopped it off in order to escape. They weren't watching him when he chopped Cassidy up. Then when Cassidy shows up, he's still missing his hand, so he duct taped a weapon to his arm instead. LOL TC and Jody would't want Cassidy to be chopped up. He's their new champion and was supposed to fight Jody when the games resumed in an hour. (The wall had "Vamp vs Jody" scrawled on it.) However, Jesse told T.C. to bring Cassidy blood, so it's strange that T.C. didn't notice that Cassidy was gone until Jody and Jesse had returned.
  2. S03.E04 The Tombs 2017.07.15

    The nametag actually says Hilter. Yes, it's Hilter.
  3. S03.E04 The Tombs 2017.07.15

    Yes. I dont know how he got them in there without Jody noticing, much less how Jody and T.C. didn't hear Cassidy's screams as Jesse dismembered him. I think she just wants to get rid of Tulip. She's a distraction. She also must know that if she killed Tulip, she'd have to kill Jesse since he would immediately go after her, so Tulip "choosing" to take off with Cassidy would be a better solution. Nor do I think it's just going to be an off switch and the spell is done. Agreed.
  4. S01.E10: Video Games 2018.07.14

    The 4 that have been shown on TV the last 2 weeks are on the CBS website, if you have a cable sign in. (Or CBS All Access.)
  5. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    Elektra knew where to advertise to find a replacement for Dick, so I guess it's pretty easy.
  6. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    I think Damon's job is simply to do well in school, much as any mother might be willing to sacrifice so that her child can succeed in his education. And to participate in Balls!
  7. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    It seemed like the entire basis of their relationship was sexual. It's hard to imagine that they had meaningful conversations, or that they really knew each other on a deeper level, much less that he loved her. She was deluding herself. Once the sexual component was gone, there was nothing left.
  8. Me, Myself & I in the Media

    Young Alex will costar in: Shazam!
  9. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    You are correct.
  10. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    I think Angel went back to the docks because she is searching for a real connection with a man. I think she likes talking to them. That doesn't happen at the peep show. Yes, she gave up the docks when Stan got her the apartment, and went to work at the peepshow. At that point, she wasn't trying to meet anyone else. Since she never slept at the Abundance apartment, it's likely that most of her clothes and jewelry were left behind and now lost to her. As the doorman, said, everything belongs to Mr. Ford.
  11. By The Book in the Media

    I just watched with Chrome.
  12. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    Successor. Yeah, I wonder how Alex will get the pay raise that should come with her new title.
  13. S01.E08: Home Alone 2018.07.07

    Exactly! Young Alex could become Bobby Moynihan or John Larroquette, not both. Larroquette is far taller than average, supposedly 6'4", while Moynihan is supposedly 5'8''. It almost seems like the casting people were daring the audience to believe the that the transition was possible. (If there had been a throwaway line from future Alex about his having invented a growth drug for adults, then, maybe.) I also don't buy that Moynihan's quirky, but often playful personality would change to that of the dour Larroquette. I could believe that young Alex might develop that way, I suppose.
  14. S01.E06: Love Is the Message 2018.07.08

    Costas knew. He said he could tell from the way Pray looked at him-the fear in is eyes about his own future.
  15. S01.E04: The Fever 2018.06.24

    Perhaps, but he has a very limited ability to compete. Last night's category was tailor-made for him.