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  1. They probably get paid quite nicely to eat that cold pizza!
  2. Since the computer is set up on the dining table, I wonder where they are eating dinner. It would be a big pain to move the computer each night. Mary really isn't close to Georgie, is she. While it may have made sense to leave him home with his father, she didn't appear to call him, check on him or worry about him. After all, she could have easily made a 3rd lunch and sent it to school for him with Sheldon.
  3. Dating ones professor would cause said professor to lose his job. Although they've already had the student-professor relationship with Manny.
  4. The version posted on NBC's website the next day is usually an extended cut that's a minute or so longer than the aired version. I think Hulu has the extended cut, too.
  5. Well Taylor, Katie and Greg all had tacos for dinner. I presume Anna-Kat had dinner, too. I still agree with you, however.
  6. I realized when all 3 kids were lined up at the kitchen counter that Anna-Kat and Oliver look look they could be actual siblings.
  7. I predict that Good Janet, pretending to be Bad Janet, will rise to the occasion and somehow rescue Michael.
  8. Michael Kobayashi Maru'd the problem. ETA: Oops. just read Sepinwall, and he says the same thing.
  9. 1) Why would the Gabor Museum that has the coin on loan file a fraud claim if the coin was a forgery? Wouldn't that be for the University of Pennsylvania (which owns the coin) to do? 2) "What do owe the pleasure" (said by Liz to Singleton on the phone right after she copied the Stewmaker's file) is not a phrase. It's "To what do we owe the pleasure?" is the correct phrase. 3) Yes, and when she carried out the empty body bag, where were the empty bottles of chemicals? And all the plastic, duct tape (that she touched with her bare hands), the timer and the mask? And does anyone investigate if someone buys massive amounts of fluorosulfuric acid, etc, or are we to assume that Liz paid cash at various stores? She also had her hair hanging down when she was scrubbing the blood out of the tub and found the eye, though I suppose it was unlikely that she would be traced to that motel. I also wondered if a tub comprised of separate tiles and lots of grout could withstand the chemical reaction that dissolved the body. He took some drugs- that cause bleeding- in the police station to create a medical emergency / distraction / misdirection so Liz could break into the evidence room. 4) The drug reaction mimicked the symptoms of a heart attack. But what if Red hadn't come to Liz to break the penny out of the police evidence vault (which is why she notified the police about the penny)? How would she have gotten the rag back? Would she have approached Red? 5) What happens when the police tech officers investigate out the "packet sniffer" phone that Liz gave Det. Singleton and which he put into evidence? If it's blank, it's going to look very suspicious. 6) It bothered me that Liz wasn't wearing any kind of gloves when she accessed the evidence room. Her prints are all over the keypad, the door, and the cartons of evidence. I would think Singleton would have at least had the keypad dusted for prints once he realized the rag was missing, unless they have excellent cleaners on staff who wipe the pad down daily. 7) When Stern swore on his father's grave, I assume it would turn out that his father wasn't buried in a grave, but was in a mausoleum or something. It really didn't make sense that he didn't just kill Red.
  10. Sue *is* 21 (or at least will be end of Feb). We've determined that in a previous episode (don't you remember the discussion about leap year/non-leap year birthday? Refresher: Sue was a leap year baby in the episode where she turned 16, which would make her 22 in 2018, but she also turned 16 the following year (Sue-eet 16), which would make her 21 in 2018. We determined that current mythology has her being born in 1997). Yes, Sue & Lexie are Juniors (since Lexie was pledging sororities at the same time as Sue, I assume they are in the same year). Remember that Sue is 2 years younger than Axl, so would graduate 2 years after him. Since he graduated in 2017, Sue will graduate in 2019, making her a Junior This was DMC's quote, which I subsequently quoted.
  11. What was Red's plan if Stern had apologized and then simply shot him, as he'd done with the other helpers who were loose ends?
  12. Aren't they juniors? Still, I agree. How is she supposed to buy food with $40 and no warning? Is she suppised to instantly find a job? It made for a surprising plot twist, but in real life could lead to a kid's grades dropping dramatically and what parent wants that? On the other hand, if Lexie knew this was going to happen and had been encouraged to get part-time jobs instead of going skiing with her parents over break, it would seem less ridiculous. And I guess there will be no more Postmates Brie sandwich study breaks. (Instead of Lexie' s parents paying for an apartment for 2 people, she should see if she can get back into a dorm and negotiate with them to instead pay for the dorm and a meal contract. And school books.) I'm pretty sure Sue had a high school crush on him and craved his attention. Now she's had a few actual relationships and doesn't feel that way about him anymore (plus he's married, right?)
  13. She did find a dress in her size-the size 7 fit her well, but it didn't make her happy. (I will say, though, that despite what Kate said in in the present, her teen self was not as thin as present-day Madison, who is extremely thin.)
  14. That's why he needed cash from an ATM, although it didn't have to be that ATM, but I guess he was eager to get down to business.
  15. Leery. Or wary. But not leary or weary. You are correct.