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  1. S05.E18: Zarak Mosadek

    The police officer that Garvey killed knew where Liz lives, so I assume Garvey does too.
  2. S10.E05: Darlene v. David

    I believe Mark had his head in the left-most cake. Isn't that DJ's old bedroom? Harris and Mark are sharing Becky and Darlene's old double bedroom.
  3. S03.E20: The Angel of San Bernardino

    Not a spoiler: There is about a 1% relationship. There are characters in both named Lucifer & Mazikeen, both of whom left Hell for earth. Whom did Chloe betray? Or do you mean someone betrayed her? How did Ella know that the disruption in her lab was cause by Pierce and Chloe in the evidence closet? Has it happened before and she checked out the source through the closet's clear glass windows? Gross. Speaking of which, the "you have DNA on your shirt" fakeout was funny." Speaking of which, is there no middle ground between "Trixie, I've been dating a guy named Marcus, and that's why I've been really happy recently, and he's coming over for chocolate cake so you can meet him" and "Trixie, how was the birthday party? You know that guy named Marcus I told you I'd been dating, as a result of which I've been really happy recently? Well, this is him and he brought us a chocolate cake that we're going to have for breakfast after he spends the night." Trixie spends many nights with Dan; maybe half her nights. Can't Chloe hold off until then? (I know that Pierce didn't wind up spending the night, but that was Chloe's plan.)
  4. S01.E04: Soups Jealous

    Didn't Lena's date pay for the restaurant?
  5. S04.E20: Fifty-Three Percent

    Yes. Every baby has a 1 year checkup. That's when you ask your questions. Also, lots of babies don't walk at a year. If he was pulling himself up and cruising, then he's working on it. The chiropractor friend was just making conversation. If she had asked if Devante had any words yet, or knew where his nose was, and he didn't, would Dre have been equally perturbed? Finally, Bow just now realized that Dre has to have everything his way? Maybe when she was working outside the house she was too busy to focus on it, but that's been the theme of their marriage and their family life.
  6. S01.E02: Devil May Care

    But then they're living together, and they would revert to their old ways of Lena taking charge and Martin opting out of responsibility.
  7. S05.E16: NutriBoom / S05.E17: DFW

    Whoa, I haven't watched the show so did not know he was on their too as his rival! That's brilliant! I always could tell them apart because Mulroney has a deeper voice. Also I watched The Practice a lot. I highly recommend that everyone who enjoys Brooklyn 99 watch the first few episodes of LA to Vegas, as it has the same mix of grounded/wacky characters and situations. There's been discussion on the LA to Vegas thread of how great a crossover would be. (Much better than New Girl.) Seriously, watch a bunch of episodes on Fox (the first one just sets up the characters, so binge a few). It's really funny and Dylan McDermott is almost as big of a surprise, humor wise, as Andre Braugher was! (The supporting characters are great, too.) Jake's an only child, who had a sad childhood due to his dad, so I get wanting to meet a sibling with a similar experience to commiserate or bond with, but he should have met her for the first time close to where she lives, or in a neutral location, instead of bringing unknown craziness into his own home.
  8. S10.E03: Tap That App

    She took a chance wearing an outfit that wasn't body conscious. I guess that's not always a requirement.
  9. S01.E02: I Think I'm Gonna Tolerate It Here

    And your future bills will be smaller, because no more family!
  10. LA->Vegas, Baby: All Episodes Talk

    Even if they were just acquaintances who were contemporaries, we'd have an approximation of Bernard's age.
  11. S01.E17: Jiu-Jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-hoo

    I thought that Missy would have threatened to beat her up. Might have worked, and even if the little girl complained to her parents, Mary wouldn't be mad at Missy since she was trying to help Sheldon.
  12. S02.E21: It's Not You, It's Me

    Taylor had a line about how she doesn't have first period class this semester so she can work the breakfast shift, but the timing still doesn't work, because assuming HS starts around 7:15 or 7:30, Taylor would have to be at school by 8ish and it's unlikely that Anna-Kat gets dropped off before 8 (even though we saw Katie drop off all 3 kids at the same time in the episode where they had to crawl out of the window of Greg's car since the doors didn't work.) It's far more likely that 2nd breakfast is approximately 8:30 to 10:30 or thereabout.
  13. S04.E19: Dog Eat Dog World

    I guess Jack delivered from his point of view, but I don't understand how a teacher giving him an undeserved "A" on one exam got him all A's on his report card if he's as bad a student as we've been led to believe.
  14. S09.E19: CHiPs and Salsa

    Why did Cam assume that Mitch's job offer was great? A new assistant DA with absolutely no criminal law experience as either a defense attorney or a prosecutor would make a very low salary. I don't know why Mitch's friend would even think Mitch had any talent for the position. I personally think that the first time a criminal defendant gives Mitch a sharp look in court, he's going to freak out.
  15. S02.E21: It's Not You, It's Me

    I was kind of glad that Katie got called out on her 2 hour-per day, 5 days-per-week 2nd breakfast, when she does frequently complain about her busy she is. And unless Doris is treating, 5 nice Westport breakfasts per week probably cost over $100. I'm not saying that a stay-at-home-mom can't spend any time or money on herself, but given the Otto's circumstances and Katie's attitude, it does seem excessive.