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  1. Interesting house, but not my taste. I think the blue and yellow color scheme is too bright and harsh. I don't like the furniture. Oh well, Dimitri and Pjetur probably wouldn't like my house either. To each his own. Love the cute fuzzy kitty.
  2. Her makeup is perfect in the second picture. Very flattering, but not overdone.
  3. She would probably love it if someone made a biographical movie about her life and her rise to fame, like the Joy Mangano movie. (JM got rich and famous making household gadgets to sell on TV.) Sadly, somebody probably WILL make such a movie.
  4. Cricket, I'm sorry to hear Joe has gone through so much pain. This is so hard for both of you. I hear you about the money issue. Try not to worry about money right now; just concentrate on Joe getting better and you being able to make it through each day. I know this sounds like pie-in-the-sky advice, because paying for such extensive medical treatment is a major problem. But both of you need all the strength you can get, and worrying about the money part will drain your strength. So glad you got the adorable puppy home! I think he'll be a comfort to you and Joe.
  5. Ugh, hasn't that men's trend of purposely leaving long beard stubble ended by now? I hate that look. So slovenly. Yeah, TR does look a lot like Lurch!
  6. Tokyo Toni just unleashed her fury on Tyga. Her Instagram post is barely readable, just as effed up as the diatribe she wrote to Rob. This article has a screenshot of the post. Some of it is funny, like when she calls Tyga a "hollow chain wearing fuck." At least she knows something about jewelry. "Blac Chyna’s Mom Tokyo Toni Slams Tyga For His New Interview On The Breakfast Club"
  7. Something funny to cheer us up -- I ran across this on the net today.
  8. *choke* I spit ginger ale all over my keyboard! That's the funniest thing I've read all day.
  9. I'll bet Kris makes some public statement about OJ being granted parole. She'll get one of her pap buddies to ask her how she feels about it.
  10. If she's running around nekkid outside, she must live in a place with no mosquitoes. Or maybe she uses a Dynatrap to keep the bugs off her bits. She could use that in a presentation: "Dynatrap works so well I can go outside naked! You gotta get one if you have a pool like me! I can skinny dip with Dynatrap!" Although I can't see how she could work the baby into the Dynatrap pitch. Take a nap with Dynatrap? Bug-free baby sleeps well? Hehe... I hope none of her neighbors were watching Q and heard what she said. Somebody would be flying little drones with cameras over her back yard. I've seen London, I've seen France ...
  11. They granted OJ parole. I wasn't surprised. Apparently he behaved well in prison, and convinced the parole board that he was remorseful.
  12. The JTV hosts are really into the cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder look. I see them wearing that type of top much more often than the hosts on the other channels. I'm already bored with those styles -- wish that trend would end. But we'll probably still see hosts with exposed shoulders during the winter when it's about 25 degrees outside. I'm starting to really appreciate the style of JTV Rebecca, who does many of the overnight shows. She wears a lot of pretty jackets. She has nice nails too, always with neutral color polish that doesn't compete with the jewelry.
  13. It was brave of SS to post this picture without filtering. You can clearly see all the age spots on her hands and chest, and she's posing with both hands fully showing. I can't imagine Lisa R ever posting such an honest photo. DownTheShore, your post about we baby boomers being hard on the appearances of other women our age was excellent. Many of us have memories of the "granny look" that older women had in the 60s and 70s. It was an appropriate look then because that was the culture. It was acceptable for young women to look wild and hippie-ish, to wear miniskirts and white go-go boots, but old ladies were expected to look prim, faded and frumpy. (Maybe to keep them from competing with the youngsters, like today's "cougars"?) So, should we live and let live, or snipe at other women about an "age appropriate" look? I'm going for snipe, when we're talking about a public figure. If you deliberately put yourself out there, living the celebrity life, people will talk about you ... and my opinion is that you (the celebrity) promoted yourself because you wanted the attention. In this case, what we have to remember about Suzanne Somers is that her look is a niche look: Aging Hollywood Female Celebrity. You don't see large numbers of ordinary women around the country sporting that kind of look. And yes, I'm an equal opportunity snarker. I do make fun of Robert Redford's botched eyelid lift job. Kenny Rogers had the same surgery and looks just as bad. However, DTS, I agree that if Suzanne is happy and comfortable with her look, it's her business. None of us are trying to make her change -- we're just commenting on what she chooses to show us. HappyDancex2, yep, this is a snark forum. We say what we hope are reasonable or humorous things about how the hosts and vendors look. I think any female (or male -- looking at you, Dmitri) vendor who's selling anti-aging skin care creams and makeup is setting herself up for a snarkstorm if she's had a lot of surgery, Botox and fillers. It's obvious to everybody that the customer can't get that youthful look from some ointment in a bottle. You need the needle or the scalpel to get those dramatic changes.
  14. Were Suzanne's products already being sold on the QVC website before her first show tonight? I'm asking because two of the products in that show already have reviews. The set of two protein shakes, A297546 and A300559 for auto delivery, has three five-star reviews for A300559, dated June 5, June 24 and July 18. A297546 has one five-star review, dated June 19. The multi-vitamins, A300560 auto delivery, has one five-star review according to the page that shows a group of Suzanne's products under Items Recently Aired, but when you go to the product page there is no review. The IRA page seems to be screwed up. It says there are four reviews for the shakes, but there are only three reviews for A300559 and one review for A297546. Another QVC tech snafu? I wasn't checking the Q site for Suzanne's products before today, so I don't know whether they were available back in June. Does Q normally pre-sell products before a new vendor's first show?