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  1. I hope that's what it was. But if it was really QVC, then they've pretty much hit the depths of stupidity. QVC needs to make an official statement about this situation, if the comment was on the fake page, so they can clear their name. I just checked the QVC forums, and as far as I can tell, nobody is posting about this. Of course, maybe if they tried, the post was deleted.
  2. Good grief, what a pitiful mess. I've ordered recently from JTV, Evine, Amazon, Lands End and Appleseeds. Prompt delivery, on schedule, no problems at all. I don't understand why QVC is screwing up so badly, and why they've been screwing up for so long now. Biscotti?
  3. Did she get paid to show up at the party? That would explain her just staying long enough to qualify for the paycheck.
  4. Shhh... those aren't head scratchers. It's only a ruse! They are really reception devices for interstellar transmissions. Bzzzt... bzzzt... alert... incoming secret message from the Foreign Minister of Uranus ... enter your celestial PIN at the sound of the tone...
  5. What in the world is going on with that outfit? A cardigan with a peplum and three flared tops sticking out underneath? It makes her butt look like a hippopotamus. Is this supposed to make people want to buy that mess? She's standing knock-kneed and pigeon-toed too. Not a good look.
  6. Is this blanket-y thing the type of garment Lisa was wearing in her Christmas tree video? A runana?
  7. Oooof, wide load! Her bottom half looks big enough for two people. X17 said they photographed Kim at the gym. Who wears full makeup to go to the gym?
  8. This must be Weird Clothes Day. Antthony looks like he has a necktie collection hanging off his belt under his jacket. Callie is wearing a Calvin Klein-style tailored blazer jacket, which clashes mightily with her sweatpants and gold gladiator sandals. Or are those harem pants? Corporate Luncheon at the Hookah Bar? In the other photos, Lisa is wearing a blanket and Nancy is sporting a Roman helmet. "Maximus Nancy," (love it!) and Senator Lisum Ridiculum. Over on Evine, the TSV top is smothering everybody with giant bell sleeves and a huge, droopy, uneven sharkbite lace hem. Just throw that thing back to the sharks, please. I am getting mental images of a shark sweatshop garment factory. They have all these captive sharks in underwater cages. Then they lower racks of freshly manufactured ladies' tops into the cages and let the sharks gnaw on the hems.
  9. I noticed something odd Shawn said during the mattress presentation. She and the OAP were talking about how you can't feel the person moving around on the other side of the mattress because your side will stay still. Shawn said she appreciated that feature because she is a very heavy sleeper and Joe tosses and turns a lot. Then she said that sometimes she gets home from work so late that Joe has already gone to bed and been asleep for a couple of hours, and the Casper mattress would keep her from disturbing him when she got into bed. Fine, that's a good point. BUT -- who is staying awake to watch the baby when Shawn is working late? Babysitter? Night nanny? The baby is still too young to sleep straight through the night. Maybe she just didn't want to bring the child care situation into the sales presentation, so she just made that up about Joe being asleep when she gets home.
  10. How do you return the mattress? Shawn kept making the point that you could try the mattress for 100 days and return it if you didn't like it. But the OAP said you wouldn't be able to get it back in the box, because they use a "giant compression machine" to stuff the mattresses into the shipping boxes. She said she could send someone a box if they wanted, and they could try it. (That doesn't sound very encouraging!) Then she said to go to YouTube and watch all the videos people posted of unwrapping their mattresses when they received them. Is the mattress something like Pillsbury dough that puffs out when you crack the package? Are there YouTube videos of people trying to pack a Casper mattress to RETURN it?
  11. Gaw! The Post Office is bad all over the country. Mine does that with packages too.
  12. Her face looks awful in this picture. Bad angle with harsh natural light. No wonder she poses so carefully for her selfies.
  13. The Pennsylvania Secretary of State (where you register corporations) might require a full street address for her Smarter Luxury LLC. I know that in my state the SoS will not accept a P.O. box address for corporations. However, she could have gotten a UPS store address; many small home-based companies do that. I agree that it doesn't make sense for her to give her home address if she has security concerns. Interesting -- when I Googled Smarter Luxury LLC, the Bizapedia results showed two companies with that name. (I'm not providing a link because it shows her home address.) One is in West Chester, PA and was incorporated in November 2016, and the other is in Wilmington, DE with incorporation date of June 2016. I wonder if these are both her companies? Lots of companies register incorporation in Delaware because of tax advantages. But then why would she also register in PA? The Registered Agent for the DE company is "Corporation Service Company." Hmmm? The RA is usually somebody like the company president or one of the officers, also sometimes a lawyer or CPA. The Registered Agent field for the PA company was left blank.
  14. I agree, Puddy. Until I read about it on this forum, I didn't know Zeta was her middle name. I assumed it was either her maiden name or one of her parents' names. It does sound silly and pretentious to use the hyphen with a middle and last name. However, it's her name, her choice, I guess. (Just look at all the young people's names today that are broken up with unpronounceable apostrophes.) I can't think of another celebrity who does this. Closest I can come is a celeb who hyphenated his first and middle names, Jan-Michael Vincent. CZJ has a distinctive name, with Zeta, and she could get by just fine without the hyphen. There are other actresses who use their middle names without hyphens, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Men too: Tommy Lee Jones, Neil Patrick Harris.
  15. I don't like words on clothing and accessories, regardless of whether the words are Pollyanna-ish or subversive (the good old "eat shit and die" T-shirt). I'd rather make up my own mood as I go along. I might be all ES&D for the first part of the day, then mellow out to "peace and love" by sundown.