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  1. Good grief, Lisa's driving video has over 29,000 views. I guess 29,000+ people are that bored on a Friday night. Get well soon, Seahag!
  2. The dark skin in the cleavage looks like hair on her chest. Eeek! I don't understand how her eyes came out looking so strange (well, stranger than usual) in this photo. Her irises look like they are bulging out of her eye whites. The upper necklace has a white blob on it too. Is that just bad lighting from the flash? What is that ragged brown shape sticking out in the upper left corner of the background? Leaves on a big potted plant?
  3. I can understand that from Lisa's point of view as a small business owner. But it's still quite a ripoff for the customers. Her small business will never become a large business if she isn't offering a good value to the customers. She should try to find jewelry that isn't sold by the big channels. Something unique, not mass produced. Maybe jewelry from local artisans; it wouldn't matter that artisans couldn't produce large quantities, because she never carries large quantities anyway. Then she could also promote the jewelry as Made in the USA. Of course, if she sourced locally, she couldn't justify making all those trips to Italy.
  4. About Lisa's overpriced jewelry: a few pages back, someone posted a photo of her 14K gold mesh blue topaz necklace side by side with a cheaper necklace of similar design. I think I found the same necklace on Evine, MUCH cheaper, made in Italy, and also in 18K gold! I suspect Lisa may have gotten hers from the same Italian manufacturer and jacked up the price tremendously. Viale18K® Italian Gold 18" 24.60ctw Blue Topaz Mesh Necklace - 154-803 Evine's sale prices are $192 for 18inch necklace (regular price $241) and $202 for 20-inch (regular $253). Lisa's necklace, which is sold out now, was priced at $720. The only differences I can see are that the Evine necklace is yellow gold and the purity is 18K, compared to white gold (?) for Lisa's necklace and 14K purity. The Tribebots really need to do some comparison shopping before they pay Lisa's prices! (Although they probably wouldn't care -- they seem to be so devoted to her that they'll throw money at her even if they can see the prices are a ripoff.)
  5. Screenshot of Lisa at the Freddy Awards.
  6. So glad you are all right now! That must have been very scary. Take care. On topic: it's nice to hear that QVC had a bathing suit for you that had the right fit, the right look and the right price. Enjoy!
  7. Jeff is qualified -- his LinkedIn page says he is an "AJP - Accredited Jewelry Professional, Diamonds, Colored Gemstones and Jewelry Essentials" from the Gemological Institute of America. I couldn't find GIA information on Michelle Lau, but she might have the same certification. I don't remember seeing Jeff on JTV (maybe he was there before I started watching them) but I remember, and enjoyed watching, Michelle. She was always pretty calm and laid back. As for her pushing her Facebook page, it looks like JTV makes everybody do that, since all the hosts mention FB. Some push FB harder than others, such as Misty. On some of her shows she spends more time doing shout-outs to customers on FB than she does presenting the products. I agree that it was rotten for QVC to push Peyton out. I suspect, along with some of you, that it was age discrimination, maybe combined with Q wanting to get rid of someone with a high salary. However, that doesn't explain why Q is paying two people to do the job one used to do. Maybe Jeff and Michelle will both be part-time employees with fewer benefits?
  8. My gosh, that is scary! I hope no real emergency rises in your workplace, like some enraged customer with a weapon. Reminds me of our local police. They always tell us (such as our neighborhood association) to call 911 if we see anything that looks wrong or suspicious. Yet sometimes when we make the calls, they don't do much because they don't treat it as a priority. For example, if we spot some stranger repeatedly driving slowly around the neighborhood (like they would be looking for a vulnerable house or parked car to burglarize), we can call 911, but if the person isn't doing anything obviously wrong, the police don't see it as something serious.
  9. Very clever optical illusion; the dress has pictures of a semi-nude body in skimpy clothing. Interesting idea, but I don't think it works as wearable fashion.
  10. Haven't the Kardashians ever heard of AAA road service? But I guess a rescue by the AAA truck wouldn't have been as "interesting" as a bunch of asses pushing a stalled car.
  11. Make some room for me under the cover -- I like Ant too! Co-sign on the hair and nails.
  12. Hmmm. Thinking of the rule about not contacting former coworkers, in Lisa R's situation. (Of course we have no idea what terms she, or any other former host, had to agree to when she left QVC.) She obviously keeps in touch with some current QVC vendors, such as Dr. Denese, since she reveals these relationships to the public on her FB page. But I can't recall seeing her post anything about visiting with/having lunch with/other contact with any current QVC hosts. She's posted various old photos of herself with other Q hosts back from the time when she worked there, but nothing new with them since she left. Am I mistaken about that? Would a QVC vendor or manufacturer's rep (what we call an OAP, on-air personality) be an exception to the "no contact" rule, since they weren't QVC employees?
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean makeup? Why would I want to paint myself up to look like Johnny Depp? "Dead Men Tell No Tales." Is that supposed to be like the vintage Clairol ad, "Only her hairdresser knows for sure," and he ain't talking?
  14. In addition to the possibility of non-disclosure agreements, maybe the former hosts don't discuss their departures because they're hoping to get host jobs on other channels. By now, we longtime shopping channel viewers have seen various hosts leave one channel and turn up on another. If they said anything negative about the channel they left, it might hurt their chances to get a new host job. Although I would love to hear hosts dish some juicy dirt about their old channels, I can understand why they wouldn't want to do it. I've noticed that when news reporters change channels, they seldom, if ever, say anything negative about their former employers. They always say something bland, like how they wanted a new opportunity. Meteorologists too. In my city, a man who had been the no. 2 meteorologist on one channel for many years left his channel and turned up a couple of months later as the chief meteorologist on a competing channel. I'm sure he left because he wanted the no. 1 position on the new channel (their top weather guy had just retired), and he'd realized that the chief guy on the old channel was so well entrenched that there would be little chance to ever be no. 1. But he's never said a word in public about why he changed channels.
  15. Glad you're feeling better. I've always heard that kidney stones are a nightmare. I'm sorry to hear Jacque is leaving. I remember watching her when she first started. She was enthusiastic about the products, and she was easy to watch, not annoying at all. Maybe the sudden announcement of her leaving isn't really so sudden. This departure could have been in the works for a while, but she didn't want to have to talk about it on air or have any "farewell" talk with the hosts or callers, so she just didn't say anything until the last minute. She may have just wanted her exit to be quick and painless.