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  1. I hear you, BuyMore. I've had trouble maintaining friendships too. For example, I remember when a group of people I liked disappeared. We all lived in a small apartment building which was sold to a developer, and we had to move. In the old building, we used to spend many happy evenings together having impromptu parties in the hallway. We'd sit on the floor, drink wine, talk and tell funny stories. Once we all found new apartments, we tried to have get-togethers, but it didn't last. When I invited them all to my new place, one by one they called and made excuses about why they couldn't come.
  2. What happened to JTV host Casey Taylor? I hadn't seen her in a while, so I looked on the JTV Hosts page, and she isn't listed any more. Some of the new hires did make it to the host page: Lissa Daigle and Allyson Spellman. I guess the other newbies are still in their probationary periods, since I see them on TV but they aren't on the host page. For example, tonight I saw a nice newbie named Gigi, doing a show with Scott. Gigi reminded me of Casey since they look somewhat alike, and that's what got Casey on my mind.
  3. That's the place that doesn't take returns, isn't it? I don't like shopping at "all sales final" places. It's too hard to tell whether clothes or shoes will fit when you order online.
  4. I wonder if she even bothers to flush the toilet at work. Don't even want to think about her filthy habits at home.
  5. Awwww, Thumbelina looks so beautiful now!
  6. Didn't wash her hands all day? Not even after going to the bathroom? (Or changing a diaper?) That means she might have little bits of pee and poop on her nasty hands. Gross! Couldn't the stinky lazy thing at least use hand sanitizer? Skunky needs to be reminded that this is flu season, and doctors say that, aside from getting the flu shot, the best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands frequently. Hand washing helps protect you from the common cold too. I just hope all the other QVC employees are washing their hands every time they touch anything she's touched! She could infect the whole place.
  7. Ugly Cuddl Duds outfit. Never wear baggy wide leg pants with a loose baggy jacket! It makes the poor model look about 30 pounds heavier. Cuddl Duds fleece wrap jacket A341827.
  8. During the GILI handbag presentation (A342821 crossbody bag), Shawn interrupted the OAP and told the producers to turn down the background music because it was so loud it was triggering her OCD: "Hold on, can we turn Mellie’s microphone off, and could we take the music down. I’m sorry, it is the benefit of my OCD that knows what is happening when most people aren’t noticing anything." This happens at about 0:37 in the product video. What? Another medical thingy? And what's with her convoluted English? Her OCD "knows what is happening"? The OAP looked pissed off, but after Shawn finished her emergency message, she said politely, "I can hear it too." I must not have OCD, because I didn't hear any music.
  9. I loved the Thumbelina kitty video too. Poor little thing! But she seems to be growing and getting healthier.
  10. $1000 on sheets? How many sheet sets did she buy, or did she mean that was for one set? Whatever, she must be making humongous money at QVC.
  11. QVC

    Drives me crazy too. I wish some hair products company would send QC a container load of bobby pins.
  12. Let the hosts dress themselves? That might be a trainwreck. After all, they let #acertainhost dress herself, and look what we got.
  13. Is she just trying to be Miss Thing with her constant slurring of the s" sound, or does she have a speech impediment? If they ever send her down to Florida for an appearance on HSN, will she pronounce it "H Estch N"?
  14. QVC

    Okay, QVC. If it's just a conversation between friends about products, then you won't mind if your "friend" decides not to buy anything. It was just a nice little visit, no strings attached, right? I had no idea streaming used so much electricity. I did know that "mining" for cryptocurrencies was an energy hog, but not streaming. I don't use streaming very much (I'm so old-fashioned that I still subscribe to the print edition of the newspaper), and now I'll think twice before I do it. Thanks for the info.
  15. Let's hope history will repeat itself.