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  1. Congrats to Booney!
  2. Edited: Sorry, I didn't read far enough into the thread -- I finally saw where the celebrity in question was Susan Richardson. Nevertheless, it's sad when any of the older celebrities who are well-liked people fall upon hard times. *** Was it Shelley Duvall? "Shelley Duval, 'Shining' actress, is unrecognizable, reveals her shocking struggle with mental illness to Dr. Phil." Nov. 2016
  3. "Wring it like a colonial"??? WTF? Wring out your wet clothes like a laundry woman did it in 1775? And what's with Skunky having nothing to wear but one filthy sweatshirt? She has an extensive (if ugly) wardrobe. Anyway if it was that cold on the way to work, she could have just turned up the heater in her car.
  4. Does her assistant Katie handle the website? Maybe Katie wrote the bloopers. Whoever did it, whether Lisa's people or the manufacturer, somebody on Lisa's end should have done the proofreading before posting the descriptions on the site. Edited to add: I've seen the same kinds of grammar errors on the Shop LC (Liquidation Channel) website. It sounds like their web people have English as a second language. I have never seen those kinds of grammar errors on the QVC, HSN or Evine websites. They are much more professional.
  5. I was just about to post the same thing about Gem Shopping Network. If she wants to sell high end items, she should apply for a job with them. But they'd make her get rid of her muted Golf Channel voice. Their hosts are loud hucksters. (Not that the irritating voices make the jewelry any less gorgeous -- I'd still buy stuff there, if I could afford it.) Just checked out the expensive jewelry on her website. Each piece is "Last Call," indicating that she had only a small quantity available. (I agree that all of it is on consignment.) She does give the gold gram weight on the pieces. Since the stones don't look all that special, I assume the heavy gold weight and 18K purity added a lot to the high prices (plus markup). Well, at least on the necklaces and bracelet, which are very heavy. For example, the tanzanite necklace weight is 32.15 grams of gold; long diamond necklace, 38.56 grams; diamond earrings, 7.76 grams; opal earrings, 15.70 grams (those earrings sound too heavy to wear, at 7.85 grams per ear!); coral bracelet, 8.28 grams; tanzanite, emerald and diamond bracelet, 42.28 grams. It's exasperating that Lisa does not know "one of a kind" means THERE IS ONLY ONE! But she, like many people nowadays, apparently thinks "one of a kind" just means "unusual." Her web description says "one of a kind" on every piece of the high end jewelry, even the rings, which she specifies can be ordered in three different sizes -- so obviously she has more than one of each ring. Unless I'm wrong, and she did tell her tribe that she only had one of each piece. However, I don't think she said that.
  6. Sounds like these pieces aren't as high quality as she claims. (I didn't go to look.) Tanzanite cabochons? Usually when you cut a clear stone into a cab, it's because the stone was not good enough to be worth faceting. Ruby beads? Same situation. You make beads out of clear stones only if they are low grade stones.
  7. Good article in Salon about how Caitlyn screwed everything up. Thursday, Apr 20, 2017 07:30 PM EDT "Ellen isn’t your scapegoat: Caitlyn Jenner has no one to blame for her tarnished public image but herself"
  8. Notice that the model is not showing ANY cleavage! Skunky pulled her dress way down to show off the goods.
  9. That comment looks like one of the Nigerian scams. She ought to delete it and block that person.
  10. We've been talking about how Lisa needs bangs to cover her fivehead. She used to wear bangs. I don't know why she stopped. Here are two old pictures:
  11. No printers? I thought that everybody who had a computer, had a printer. Of course I'm an old fogey who uses desktops and laptops. I don't have a smartphone, and if I did, I wouldn't use it to shop (don't want to fool with those tiny screens). I print out order confirmation e-mails and shipping notices all the time. Also I print return labels when I need to return something. But I understand that many younger people now consider their smartphones to be their computers, so they wouldn't think about getting a printer. They want to go paperless. Yes, printers are cheap, but the manufacturers screw you on the high prices of the ink cartridges. By the time you wear out a printer (I've worn out 4 or 5 by now), you've "bought" it many times over with the money you spent on cartridges.
  12. She got creamed on twitter for saying that, and she deleted the tweet. Kim Kardashian Blasted for Calling the Flu an ‘Amazing Diet’ What an idiot. People die from the flu, or develop pneumonia and die from that. Yet all she can think about is how good her body looks because she was too sick to eat. God forbid she should ever REALLY get seriously ill.
  13. Kris is pissed about the way Caitlyn portrayed her in the book, according to the clip from the next KUWTK. "Kris Jenner Is "So Angry" About Her Portrayal in Caitlyn Jenner's Memoir: "Everything She Says Is All Made Up" ... "None of it makes sense," the 61-year-old momager continues. "Everything she says is all made up. Why does everything have to be that Kris is such a bitch and an a--hole?" ... Because... that's exactly what she is?
  14. Be respected.