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  1. Thank you, Supr. I already developed a serious illness from smoking, so I have to try harder to quit. I hear you about the addiction. It's powerful and awful.
  2. Oh boy, she really altered this photo! She brushed out a big chunk of her rib cage to make her bewbs look bigger.
  3. Smoker here, trying to quit. The gruesome anti-smoking commercials are not effective on me. Lefay, I agree, many smokers already hate themselves for failing to kick the habit, and we don't need more publicity telling us how dangerous smoking is. We already know that. We are just still fighting the urge. It's like all those news articles telling us that depression will cause us to develop serious physical illnesses, and that being depressed will prevent us from getting well. Oh, thanks a whole hell of a lot! If you're already depressed, that kind of article just makes you feel even more hopeless.
  4. I believe the celebrity stylists call that length "mermaid hair." It's just another silly trend. Hope they all get tired of it soon.
  5. Both of those dresses look like nighties. And there are those dirty old sandals again. I like the aesthetic too -- just meant that she doesn't know how to pose in contemporary ways. About her LOOK-AT-ME! boobs, in the 60s-70s nobody had breast implants. Women had natural figures. I wish society would go back to accepting natural breasts as beautiful.
  6. This pose looks so old-fashioned. 1960s patio party photo shoot.
  7. Wow, seahag, that's scary. I'm so glad your friend was there to help you and Mr. Hag is okay.
  8. This is just too damn creepy. Whichever woman that is, she ought to keep her bathtub pictures private and off social media.
  9. I was thrilled to hear that the rest of the group was rescued from the cave. I had to hunt around in the news articles to find that the remaining 4 rescue crew members also got out safely. It is heartbreaking, though, that the Thai Navy Seal, Saman Gunan, died in the rescue attempt. He sacrificed his life for the others. May he be blessed throughout eternity.
  10. That hair! It looks like some big dead leaves all stiff with mud.
  11. Thanks for the tip. I have no words, not even swear words, to express how much I despise autoplay videos! I have to keep my computer sound on mute so they won't blast out at me.
  12. Home Shopping Network

    I'm betting it will be on both channels.
  13. Good thing she wore the camisole! Without it, she would have had a totes major wardrobe malfunction.
  14. QVC

    That's a sweet picture. They're so young! They look almost like teenagers.
  15. Saks calls it a wrap dress. To me, it looks too lingere-ish to wear out in public. I'd wear it at home as a robe. I like the color and print. It's marked down 67%, good deal (if you think the original price of $485 was fair - I think that was a ripoff) except that it has to be dry cleaned.