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  1. Yowza, those shoulder pads! I think she outdid Joan Crawford there. I remember wearing big shoulder pads back in the day. I didn't like them because one pad would always get mashed down by the strap on my shoulder bag, so I walked around looking crooked.
  2. WTF? Is this for people with two pelvises? Or people who wear big thick Depends and need to hide the bulge? What's next? A bra with four cups so you can look like you have double bewbs?
  3. #cantstopwontstoplookingasuglyasican
  4. Bendy fat?
  5. Wendy on JTV is selling diamond rings (cluster rings, lots of teeny tiny stones). She just said the thousand-dollar ring she showed was so impressive that "when you walk in wearing this ring, all conversation in the room will stop" because everybody will be gawking at your ring. Naw, THIS is the big "diamond" ring that will stop all conversation.
  6. Ear wax hooks. (Lisa's nails. Couldn't get the multi-quote thing to work.)
  7. Rustic with "a hint of formal"? Exactly what feature of these lanterns is supposed to be a hint of formal? To me, many of her home decor items are what's called "shabby chic" -- distressed finishes, paint faded and chipping off, crooked parts, rusted and corroded appearance. I can't stand shabby chic. It makes me stabby. (See what I did there?) I'm old enough to remember how low income people used to live, back before everybody could afford decent looking stuff from stores like Walmart. I remember many homes with shabby furniture and decor. I knew families who lived in unpainted houses with aged gray wood siding, ceiling lights that were just cords hanging down with a bare light bulb on the end, and exposed interior wiring just stapled to the wall studs because the house had no interior plaster or drywall. Some of us drank from old jelly jars. We ate off plates our mothers got with Green Stamps from the grocery store. You had to keep old beat-up, corroded household items because you couldn't afford new ones. You would try to clean, refinish, polish and repaint things as best you could, but some of your possessions still looked grungy despite your best efforts. I would be wanting to sand down and repaint those "rustic" lanterns if they were something old that I had. The thing is, in those days, when you had shabby stuff like that in your home, you weren't proud of it. You always aspired to have something "nice" as soon as you could, to live in a pretty place with clean new things. You wanted to better yourself. It astounds me that today's hipsters (or wannabee hipsters) think all that ugly stuff people were embarrassed about is now so cool and chic. That's why I cringe when I see Lisa selling so much of it. That isn't her style at all. You want to talk about aspirational? That was Lisa during her final years at QVC, with her Cartier watch, her designer dresses and her thousand-dollar shoes, and her wistful sales pitches about the Madison Avenue and Hamptons aura of the items she sold. Unless she's totally changed her personality, shabby chic doesn't fit her. I assume her tribebots got attached to her during the QVC designer clothes days, so why are they scooping up all the junky stuff she sells now?
  8. Will wonders never cease? It's ... drum roll ... *** Diane Gilman NOT wearing a giant scarf! *** (Tonight on HSN.) She's wearing normal-looking shoes too. She looks pretty good. P.S. We could have some fun with the closed captioning on this picture. "Think I'm going to get ..." A lot of money from this show. Red and purple dye all over my fingers. Stuck with a whole bunch of unsold jeans.
  9. Thanks for explaining the lace tank! I should have noticed it on the hanger. I'm not getting the appeal of these wide lace hem trims. Doesn't the lace eventually get snagged and torn from the wearer getting in and out of various chairs?
  10. Well, Metro Atlanta made it through the Irma storm. We didn't get flooding rain (thank goodness) but the whole area had a lot of wind damage, and power outages from trees falling on the lines. Many neighborhoods were out of electricity for three or more days, and many roads were closed because they were blocked by fallen trees. City and county government offices closed for two days. Several school systems had to close for most of the week because there was no power. An entire large shopping center near me had to close for two days due to power outage. Many trees fell on houses. One man was killed when a tree fell on his house. My neighborhood was not badly impacted (we kept our power on, although it flickered a few times), but a tree fell in my next door neighbor's yard. Luckily, there was no electrical damage because the tree was in his back yard where there were no power lines. Even luckier, the tree missed his house and cars by only a few feet. The tree is still out there on the ground. All the tree service companies are busy cutting up trees that fell on power lines, houses and roadways. It will take a while to clean everything up.
  11. What is that black garment the blonde woman is wearing over her jeans? It looks like a pair of shorts made of either lace or feathers. Or is it the bottom of the lace mini-dress (or top?) hanging out from under her jacket? Icky. I am way out of the loop on today's "fashion." I dislike almost everything I see, especially long tops hanging out from under short tops. But it sure helps my budget, because I'm not spending much money on clothes. Zero $$ on Q clothes.
  12. "#proudmama" ??!!!? Most moms would be appalled to see their daughters photographed in that pose. But this is Pimp Mama Kris we're taking about, mastermind of the marketing of Kim's porn tape. The sluttier her daughters look, the better she likes it.
  13. imisspuddy, I'm so sorry your mother passed. But it sounds as if it was a peaceful passage. My mother had Alzheimer's and like your mom, she forgot how to chew and swallow food. She passed peacefully in her sleep. Ouch! Take care and get that thing healed up soon.