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  1. By breaking the fourth wall, the producers have now become characters too. They are just as mentally unstable as the coven and jen-yell.
  2. I think the producers and all the people in charge are just as mental (if not more so) than Brianna, Jenelle, and yes, even Kail. The producers are the ones manipulating these situations and stirring everyone up causing this drama for them to film and air. Chelsea stays in her lane. Leah was manipulated and got sucked into the vortex of chaotic drama.
  3. I'm late to the party (again), and y'all have covered everything. All I can add is I noticed Barb smoking and I wish she wasn't a smoker. I like Barb and smoking leads to seriously depressing health issues. Jen-yell is mentally ill. I can't even make fun of her or mock her for it anymore. She is out of touch with reality ~ paranoid and delusional. Something really bad involving her will happen. I can't even take the show seriously anymore. It has turned into a new genre of reality tv. It is a reality show about reality show participants ~ the filming of random, chaotic weirdness. I used to visit a disney parks message board. It was a really fun online place to hang out circa 2005-2010 or so. There was this really strange guy who was obsessed with the mice from Cinderella. He would do this odd thing where he would be in the park and get his pic taken with the mice, go to the front of Magic Kingdom and have the pic printed and framed. Then he would go back to see the mice and have his photo taken while he was holding the first photo. He would repeat this several times in a day ending up with each photo becoming increasingly bizarre. That's what this show has become ~ a bizarre show within a show within a show...
  4. S09.E02: Drama’s for Nerds Part 1

    Again, I'm late to the party. I don't have cable in my room so it takes me a while to watch online and catch up with the reading here. Before I get to the coven, I will mention all the other things I noticed. Leah's disabled daughter...I don't understand those girlses' names because they have the same name! Anyway, she was wearing heavy make up. Her eyes were all done up with heavy eye liner and mascara. Maybe they are doing that because of the other one doing make up for cheerleading. I think Cole is cute and I like his sense of humor. I got a big laugh out of him mocking the other cast idiots for their fighting. His american flag socks were hilarious. The balloon-knife incident was so fleeting I almost missed it. I'm still trying to figure out what Leah was doing with all that jewelry at the party. The Coven: They are just so gross in every way. Just nasty, stupid, and hateful. I'm not buying it that anyone would be surprised Javi was meeting up with Brianna at Disney considering she lives there! Their talking on twitter was very public. Leah told Kail exactly what Brianna told her. People like Brianna make me sick. Running their mouth, spreading their business then blaming one person for it getting out. I avoid people like that like the plague. The whole "Don't disrespect my mother!" to Kail was just gross. Roxanne started in on Kail and Kail was answering. The rest of the coven didn't like Kail's reasonable answer so it turned into "Don't disrespect my mother!" When that kind of ganging up starts and they are saying something that unreasonable and illogical there is no winning. Kail did the right thing with her "OK." lol She really did. Roxanne is shriveled, nasty and disrespectful to just about everybody so why exactly should she be respected? If you can dish it out, be prepared to take it. The coven are just that ~ a coven. They gang up and bully anyone who isn't in the coven. They troll for drama while pretending everyone else is the problem. You just can't reason with that level of unreasonable.
  5. S09.E01: Not to Stir the Pot, But...

    Since Jen-yell's face was all nasty and scabby and she looked all meth'ed up...I'm linking this blindgossip.com article that I think is about her and her Neanderthal. http://blindgossip.com/?p=91633#more-91633
  6. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Thanks, SimonSeymour. I always enjoy when we can get professional knowledge!
  7. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I hope there is an investigation of the incident happening and they get a subpoena for the MTV video from Jen-yell's car. How sweet would that be!
  8. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    HIgh five to all my board buddies who take precautions to not be a potential victim. As I've read the situation and from what we know, Jen-yell and the stranger she followed home were both in the wrong to pull out a gun. If either one of them had fired, it would not have been a case of self defense. They were both wrong for multiple reasons. North Carolina is an open carry state, and as I understand it, your car is an extension of your home so it is legal to carry in your vehicle. It varies from state to state magazine capacities and such. NC doesn't seem to have any restrictions on that. Everything I'm stating is as I understand it. One major thing I've been told and my husband was on a grand jury (and heard several "iffy" cases of self defense), if you use your weapon in self defense, you will still be arrested. Their will be an investigation of what took place and the district attorney will decide to drop the charges or decide what the charge will be. To claim self defense: 1) you must be in fear for your life. 2) you cannot go starting shit with someone then pull out a gun and or shoot them when they get the better of you. That's not self defense. Apply this to the Jen-yell road rage incident. 3) self defense in your home is a bit different. I had a state trooper and the instructor at my CCL class tell me, use the "eaves of your house" rule. If someone is under the eaves of your house breaking in you have the right to defend yourself. If your shop out back or your car is being burglarized, you do not have the right to defend personal property. You have the right to defend your life and other people inside, but you should not go outside looking for a fight. Call 911 and be ready if they do try to come inside. Apply this to the Jen-yell road rage incident. There is so much to it and every situation is different. Good judgment, logic and reasoning are major factors of self defense with lethal force. Jen-yell has none of those. A few years ago, I had a road rage person tailgating me, honking, flashing their lights, shaking their fist, in general being a raging lunatic. I drove to the nearest police station and drove over to where some sheriff deputies were in the parking lot. If I hadn't seen them my next step would have been to call 911. The road rage asshole drove away and left me alone. I didn't escalate the situation or engage with them and I was scared. I told the deputies what was going on and showed them the vehicle so one of the deputies drove after them. I never followed up on it so I don't know what happened.
  9. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Wow. I saw the Jen-yell road rage story on the fb group and I came here to check it out over here. I'm not understanding why she wasn't arrested. This much is clear...she chased the guy down, acted hostile and aggressive, followed him to his house, and pulled a gun. . . but she is the victim. (Edited to add: In her narcissistic mind she is the victim.) From reading the police report, that is not a reason to pull a gun. The guy she followed would have most likely been in the right to defend himself with lethal force once she pulled a gun.
  10. S07.E20: Reunion Part Two

    Maci's face! Her complexion needs some help. Ulta has really reasonable prices for facials; maybe she should look into that. Some microdermabrasion could work wonders on her.
  11. S07.E20: Reunion Part Two

    I watched it again... I hope Mack Truck is not serious about going to nursing school because her attitude will not work, and I doubt she can just clean it up. Drew is a quack, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. He was right about what he was saying about the suboxone treatment, and Mack Truck giving him attitude and her "excuse me!" were out of line. That arrogance will get her sent home from clinicals; if she could even get accepted in the first place. Nursing students are at the bottom of the pecking order, and a bad attitude is not tolerated in the least. Speak to a nursing instructor, hospital staff member, or doctor like that and you get sent home for the day with a zero grade. Clinical grades are heavily weighted, and a zero for one of your clinicals can equal failure for the semester.
  12. S07.E20: Reunion Part Two

  13. S07.E20: Reunion Part Two

    I'm just now watching this, and *if* (big if) Ryan is on suboxone and taking it "as needed" then he is abusing it. That's now how suboxone treatment works as I understand it. It is to ease detox/withdrawal symptoms and prevent a life threatening withdrawal event. It is to be taken on a schedule with dosages stepping down gradually. It is not to be taken as needed! I'm sorry to say this, but Ryan is in big trouble with heroin and I don't think he is long for this world. We are watching a dead man walking. For once, Dr. Drew was absolutely correct about what he said to Mack Truck regarding the suboxone. Ryan is surrounded by delusional people coddling him. I can't stand Maci but it is total bullshit for them to sit there blaming her. It is gross and pathetic.
  14. Ryan: What the hell happened to him?

    We have all discussed why this truck is impractical for many reasons, and I have another one to toss in. It isn't a good choice for his Tinder Food City parking lot hook ups. A camper van or conversion van makes more sense for his lifestyle.
  15. S07.E20: Reunion Part Two

    I agree with you. If Carly did say it its fine, but I would need to hear it with my own ears to believe it. Cate is delusional when it comes to Carly. I've mentioned before I was adopted at birth, and it never occurred to me that I didn't look my family. I didn't care then and I don't care now. lol