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  1. S02.E08: The Luxury of Conscience

    I sometimes wonder if Victoria is trying to compete with Downton Abbey. The inclusion of the staff story lines and the gay love affair are both very Downton Abbey like. In my opinion, Downton did it better.
  2. History Talk: The Victorian Era

    I do love the show, but why do they insist on painting it with such a modern brush? The real stuff was plenty dramatic. *pout* Lehzen was let go much sooner and Princess Vicky's illness was much earlier. Albert objected to Lehzen because she hired Sir James Clark as the nursery doctor. He was the same who examined Flora Hastings. Infant Vicky was ill and he misdiagnosed it as a minor ailment when it was more severe. Albert didn't like Lehzen and he was able to get her booted over that very serious incident.
  3. S02.E08: The Luxury of Conscience

    I do love this show, but I wish they would stop trying to paint it with a modern brush. I have more to say about that and I will take it to the Victoria History thread. Lehzen was overstepping her place. Victoria was spoiled so Albert was absolutely correct in everything he said. Victoria for most of her life knew she was high in the line of succession for the crown so of course everyone pussy footed around her and kissed her ass. Albert was her husband and with that intimacy between them he is able to give it to her straight. Prince Albert was also German royalty (without as much wealth) so it would seem to me he well understood the role and responsibility that came with the British crown. I don't think he was jealous of Victoria at all, and during Victoria's pregnancies he would fill in for her. He was a dedicated husband and father. He took his role as father to the heirs to the British crown very seriously and he wanted the children properly attended to and educated.
  4. S07.E00: Being Gary

    I have it set on the dvr. It's just if I can stay awake to watch it after Victoria. lol
  5. S07.E00: Being Gary

    Last night my husband was watching a Duck Dynasty marathon so we didn't watch Victoria. So now tonight I have to watch Victoria and maybe I can stay awake long enough to watch Being Gary. I remember when Amber when on her deranged rant about he only bought his nice house and chickens to spite her. lol
  6. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    MTV's "golden age" was the 90s! The Real World when it was actually interesting people with goals and career aspirations. Road Rules was my favorite though. Every summer the MTV Beach House! BuzzKill. Sifl and Olly Show! David wouldn't know that though because he wasn't even born until what...88?
  7. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I think it would be funny to ask Jen-yell if you could check out that rifle then field strip it. I would do a thorough field strip and take down the bolt then stand back and lol while Jen-yell has absolutely no idea how to reassemble it. See just how bad ass she isn't!
  8. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    If David is a convicted felon and he isn't supposed to have guns then someone needs to call the sheriff dept for whatever county Money Pot Road is located in and notify them. Edited to add: That would be much more effective than arguing with these fools on twitter.
  9. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    It looks like the magazine is empty. I'm fairly certain it is. That opening down the center of the magazine is to visualize how many rounds are in it, and I don't see any. I don't know where they got that rifle, but it isn't even fully outfitted. If she was to fire it while holding it where her left hand is on the accessory rail, it would hurt her hand because there needs to be a hand guard or a foregrip down there. There is nothing "bad ass" about this for many reasons. I will say I'm happy to see her finger off the trigger! At least they know that much. Her stance is not good. She doesn't have it tucked into her shoulder properly, and it isn't braced against her cheek enough. This is a not very well posed photo, and they need to stop with bullshit like this.
  10. S07.E11: Unconfuse Your Brain

    I am concerned about this poor little unborn baby of Amber's. I can imagine NewMatt trying to take care of the baby but Psycho Amber having some bizarre, unmedicated mental illness delusion yelling at him that he is doing it wrong. I hope for the baby's sake the cameras stay around for a little while longer. At least the TM OG camera crew are people in the house to keep a watch over the situation.
  11. S07.E11: Unconfuse Your Brain

    Butch's candelabra looked like some Dollar Tree halloween stuff. It was a good indicator the lights had been off for a while and they knew it would be a while before the money to turn the lights back on could be scraped together. (I keep old fashion oil lamps around for emergency power interruptions.)
  12. S07.E11: Unconfuse Your Brain

    I really hope they are pulling our leg and Tyler did NOT pay for Butch's rehab. Butch is a life long addict and nothing has stuck before. He always goes back to using. I would kill myself before I let any of my children spend $48k on me for bullshit. I would hope that even the prospect of such an offer would be enough to snap me out of whatever bullshit they felt they needed to save me from. That sister, her kids and Butch are destroying that house! C&T are not the greatest housekeepers, but comparing when they lived there to how it is now! Wow! Huge difference. What in the world was going on for that kid to be walking on the kitchen counter! I have a feeling that is normal behavior. That house is a pig sty on par with Amber's house of horrors; except even shitty Amber pays her power bill. Amber thinking she has to know the baby's gender so she can "prepare" is just preposterous! We have been saying for years that Amber suffers from sub par intelligence and this is another example. She has to have everything spelled out for her in black and white. No creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness, logic, or reasoning is happening with her. To her brain, girls are pink and boys are blue. Nothing in between and she must know absolutely what she is dealing with. That's also why she gets mad and resorts to screeching at people. She is on par with a toddler who is unable to articulate what it is they want or need so they cry and scream. I agree that Maci and Mack are in cahoots with each other and cooking up these story lines for drama and screen time. Farrah looks like a sex doll. If she kept her mouth shut and just sat there, she could easily pass for one. The A.I. sex dolls talk sweet and say nice things. lol
  13. All Episodes Talk: Freestylin'

    I only watch occasionally ~ usually when I'm flipping channels and find a marathon of it on. Last night when they were showing the "bonus buys" episode I was really invested in how they were going to get that 1930s Packard down that old elevator! That was enjoyable to watch. I learned how to move an old car with 4 flat tires!
  14. All Episodes Talk: Freestylin'

    I agree! It's on right now and I came to see if this episode was discussed.
  15. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    That looks like the octagon house