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  1. But. Pete is making it visible. And uncomfortable. And I also live with depression and anxiety. So. I am a little conflicted as well. Is the visibility helping or hurting him?
  2. Yes, I watched. Looking for new teams. Exciting games.
  3. Maybe she wants to encourage her followers to feel sorry for her about her demotion change in shows? It's very weird. But here we are, commenting on her.
  4. Product Reviews: After Sales

    That Lisa Rinna shirt is sort of like the Jessica Holbrook blazer (jacket?) that QVC sold for years and years and years.
  5. What??? I must have missed the warnings on a lot/most of those items.
  6. Fashion! Sheer coverage of upper arms? (Not that she probably needs it, unlike me!)
  7. QVC

    Sport sandals -- yay! Utility pants -- yay!! Tie dye -- maybe yay! The rest of it probably not in my life too much. (I appreciate neutrals, but I need some bright in my life!) Padded headband reminds me of that hair-grower thingie that Q sells. But they are cute.
  8. Chocolate hummus is a real thing. I bought some because WW folks say it's yum, but I have yet to try it!
  9. I loved the Pete Davidson & John Mullaney bit on Weekend Update. Also Kate as Elizabeth Warren. Disliked the first song by the musical guest. Listened to part of the second song. Not overly impressed, but I am old and probably out of the demographic. Aidy's "babyboomer's song" was hilarious! I am a BB. The skit made its point that my kids are in a different world. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
  10. I believe Dennis (Denis?) Ojon/Tweak'd guy and his wife divorced. I love the original Ojon shampoo as well as another product they had that was a great detangler. I love Amy. This is not her best hair look, though, and I really dislike the short boots/bare legs/short dress look. It's "fashion" I guess.
  11. QVC

    I still like Rick! Maybe because he's a Minnesota guy. Admit I hardly ever watch the shows he hosts. I think he's in on the joke of his "act." So. You think that's a toupee; hmmm?
  12. Jackie looks slimmer in some outfits than in others, so it is hard to know. I do think she has lost some weight or toned up.
  13. Top Chef in the Media

    Article featuring Justin and Brian in Minneapolis Star-Tribune. http://www.startribune.com/we-watched-top-chef-with-two-of-the-contestants/504549772/?fbclid=IwAR3-gUDliDjforDZxdAQTVBT7MIoATA3ipl5NgdKhb8QfeNIZJtRiEDw4IM
  14. QVC

    But -- but --- -- JRT's wearing multiple leather items!๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚
  15. I couldn't figure out WHY they were both in leather, then I checked out the title of the show. Yah, they are "rockin' it" in their leather. I actually prefer Casual Jeff to Suit Jeff (is that his name?), but JRT of course has to overdo it all. SMH