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  1. Oh wow, Canasta. Played it years ago -- fun! Have forgotten it now, though. Sounds like easy, fun times for you and your frîends! I agree. Thank you!
  2. QVC

    This is a very unattractive, but cozy-looking TSV. I am tempted for my MN winters, on my couch, watching TV. Not a fan of the white Sherpa, though.
  3. QVC

    I LOVE the Joan Rivers Holiday Plaid Maxi Skirt! But I would look like a cow in it. Sigh.
  4. Sounds great!
  5. OMG, Vicki's lacy bare clothing --- just no.
  6. Tams is happy because she can hop into bed with Vick's now -- BFFs -- excluding Shannon. Ugh, these women.
  7. Perhaps. But not sure this is the right time or place to suggest it. Later, one-on-one would be better.
  8. Yes! Thank you. They need to let Shannon have some time to herself. I think she feels ganged up on. And Vicki says Shannon didn't support her? In her lies? Tamra is vile. Never trusted her.
  9. QVC

    Bell sleeves, bell sleeves, bell sleeves ... yawn.
  10. Not Army, but same for us with some close friends who helped each other out. Our parents (out of state) sometimes came up to care for our kids so we could have a weekend getaway once a year or so, for which we were very grateful. I don't think less of Shawn for taking a childless vacation.
  11. I wore contacts for many, many years, switching from hard to soft lenses. Loved them. In my 40's, I had to start wearing reading glasses, which I did for many years. Could not do the contacts for close/distance. Eventually my need for readers got to the point that I needed them almost all the time, even to see my food well! lol So if I'm wearing readers, on the end of my nose all the time, I just figured I might as well go back to glasses. (Plus, I had a surgery for a detached retina, which affected my vision as well.). As someone else mentioned, my eyes became dryer too, which affected my ability to wear contacts for a long time as well. Ahhh, aging! 😄
  12. QVC

    I just commented the same over on the host's forum! I notice the bulge at her middle, though.
  13. JRT said she sized down ( to XS?) in the TSV because she felt like it showed her shape better. I was working in the kitchen and not paying much attention. Came into FR and saw her bending over. This top emphasized her midriff bulge! I think a size up would be much more flattering, but then I am very conscious of that area on me.
  14. QVC

    Susan Graver's lurex top looks bad on skinny model Katya. (It's pulling near her waist and you can see the outline of the waistband of her pants underneath.). Not a good selling point for not-skinny me! Plus, I dislike Lurex for the most part.