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  1. Jedediah's take on her questions to Hillary
  2. Such an ass...
  4. From what I can tell, it's two episodes, starting at 8p Eastern.
  5. Amy didn't get permission to post a picture of the baby, I guess.... Matt used a picture that was in Us magazine. Such an interesting family.
  6. Baking cookies
  7. The dog was the focus of the post.............
  8. This isn't in my memory. Was it ever mentioned?
  9. Logan and Michelle are engaged. Janelle tweeted a link Michelle's tweet And, Logan
  10. 4 months
  11. Isn't ember the last of a dying fire? I think I'd rather be named Flame.
  12. Jackson, and his great-grandmother
  13. hit, or miss?
  14. This is what he was responding to: Religious Jezta @ReligiousJeztaReplying to @derick4Him The difference being that #SolarEclipse2017 is actually verifiable & #JesusChristis not. 4:57 PM - 21 Aug 2017
  15. Multiple pictures