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  1. Good old Porkwood! The victim line is rich! Substitute Matt for Farrah, boom!
  2. "I had to appear on Teen Mom." No you did not, period.
  3. This one is cute
  4. Did you know; winning crap from Audrey means you are blessed? Blah, blah, blah.
  5. New trailer, with Farrah this time
  6. How Matt earns his keep
  7. Meri posted a pic in a LLR outfit. Someone commented that she saw an episode in season 6 where Meri stated she'd never wear leggings as pants. Funny! Even the trolley isn't real.
  8. Calling viewers stupid is..........stupid.
  9. I wish she would have hip checked him off her.
  10. Two suspects arrested. She's a "star"? Gag.
  11. More salmon for Logan and Michelle. No 10 day cook challenge hash tag for her! I like these two as a couple, can you tell, lol.
  12. Their view of children in marriage
  13. I recall HFC was going to be moving. Perhaps busy with that?
  14. Rob

    I wish life long passion had something to do with actual life. This is on the Arthur George page: The Arthur George brand, the name a combination of Robert’s middle name - Arthur - also his grandfather’s name, and his father’s middle name - George - was born from Robert’s life-long passion for men’s accessories and his observations of the growing trend in vibrant streetwear, and lack of colorful, unique socks for men. Robert started working on stand-out, spirited, slogan-centric sock designs and the Arthur George statement sock was born. Make a statement with Arthur George and share your sock shots with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Use the hashtag #shoparthurgeorge and tag @ArthurGeorge87!
  15. A dinner (she only shows one plate in these posts)