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  1. Meri quotes Dr Phil, she's a lost cause
  2. Sounds right. I guess perhaps we'll see the discussion deciding on the date. Friday is generally cheaper than Saturday.
  3. Rough housing does not fall under this description by Matt. A fight does, though. . "I got my butt kicked by a friend, and it was well-deserved, I might add." They are getting married on Friday, October 13th. I am not superstitious, but... They are getting married near home according to what I saw. No destination wedding, guess MTV wasn't coughing up the big bucks.
  4. I've heard coffee grounds deter them.
  6. She should have a yard sale or get tables at a flea market and be done with it. I have to wonder if she's even aware of what's going on outside the cul-de-sac. She didn't research first, obviously.
  7. It was a poor set up. If you anticipate people, wouldn't you put those coach posters higher? They wouldn't be seen by anyone. I can't enlarge it to see the bullets, oh well. Logan and Michelle were there. No Charlie's Angels poses at this one.
  8. Next week,
  9. You've never watched? Lol
  10. What does "In a culture that is infiltrated with humanistic thought" actually mean?
  11. Nice to see some "normal" activity.
  12. Janelle's booth today
  13. Did she announce that's what she's doing? Perhaps this latest trip opened her eyes to something? Funny though because that's the first thing a teen would do, wipe their social media of him.
  14. They went to Laugh Factory in Hollywood.
  15. He continued, saying, “The photo that surfaced is nothing more than the result of some roughhousing amongst my guy friends. I got my butt kicked by a friend, and it was well-deserved, I might add. Now someone’s trying to use the pic to paint an untrue picture of our life together.” “Amber would never lay a hand on me, and I can’t wait to marry the love of my life in October,” Baier adds. Amber tweeted a link to the story. (And also a picture saying goodnight at 4:30am) I think his wording " would never lay a hand on me" is creepy.