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  1. I had a washer in my first apartment. My father put a hose on it like a portable dishwasher has and it was in the kitchen. Knowing portable dishwashers makes me feel old but they are still out there! It looked like there may have been more space in Joy’s laundry area, she didn’t venture down the hall far enough to see.
  2. Hopefully not on Mother’s Day.
  3. Michelle mentioned 2020 for their wedding. She also stated it will not be on the show.
  4. Meri must twitch frequently
  5. Kerthy is an MTV person, correct? Yeah let’s film this. so Cate went from Michigan to LA to Arizona? Or what ?? These people confuse me.
  6. In treatment on social media.........
  7. Looks like a GFCI outlet. They are appropriate for wet locations.
  8. I couldn’t watch the whole video. Horrible, just horrible. It wasn’t just Gary she abused. Poor Leah. I guess according to Amber it would be the edit she got.
  9. This discussion prompted me to look up baby names in the year I was born. I didn’t make the top 25 😮 btw, my name isn’t Ginger !!
  10. I hope Tyler doesn’t make a video this time.
  11. I seem to recall Gary was a CNA and worked with developmentally disabled individuals. Then he switched to home health. Amber went to jail, for Leah, ha, and then Gary was unemployed. Foggy, but close?