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  1. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Sitting at a laundromat....... Video Blog post: http://www.aujpoj.com/the-secret-is-out-we-are-pregnant/
  2. Farrah

    Debra EMBA, video :
  3. Jacob also made remarks about the difference between what was filmed and shown vs the reality.
  4. Mackenzie Edwards: Jesus, take the wheel.

    From Portwood s Twitter:
  5. Catelynn (and Tyler)

  6. Jill posted a video on Instagram, and it doesn’t play. Someone commented that perhaps one has to donate to view it !
  7. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Anyone want to read a looong, poorly written piece about Jeremy’s motorcycle? http://www.aujpoj.com/surprise-shock/
  8. There’s a restaurant not too far from me that offers the birthday person a free meal ON their birthday only. There’s a bar not far from my daughter that offers a free fishbowl drink ON the birthday only. It’s odd, to me to be able to just do it when you want. Special ❄️ I suppose.