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  1. That was a really quick article! “We are going to be traveling for our Honeymoon for awhile.” Of course you are.
  2. When it seems scripted??? Lol
  3. Matt will watch because he won't remember it.
  4. I don't even like seeing them kiss. So a porn? No thank you.
  5. Saw this, about Tiffany, the woman at the dinner on Being Matt
  6. No drippy ice cream for Grandma. What's with making videos in front of that door? Where does it lead?
  7. I feel bad for Annette and I forget his name. Amber and Matt did nothing to make their trip or wedding pleasant at all.
  8. Watched a bit of the recent episode. So, Cate and Tyler hired a seamstress by looking at swatches of fabric out at a coffee shop or whatever that was. And Nova eats a burrito while sitting on the potty. Ok. Oh an Butch babysits.oy.
  9. I had to LOL at this. When my girls were little I had scheduled the Salvation Army for a pick up of items I was donating. My middle daughter, 2 1/2 at the time was on watch at the window. When the truck pulled up, she announced, "The dalmation army is here, the dalmation army is here!". Good times.
  10. Preview, with some clips.
  11. Josie got to play outside, click!
  12. Must have been pre-recorded. There isn't even any mention on their twitter about the show today. Day off for everone!
  13. Thanks!
  14. Time wise, are these episodes in order? IRL did Vegas happen before this trip?