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  1. This actually made me stop and think what "two old women clearly over the hill" were being talked about, but I'm guessing it's Mel B and Heidi. And that made me LOL. You need to capture that post and look at it when you turn 45. I hope you've heard of Janis Joplin so the Courtney references are relevant. Janis would be 75 if she had lived. I will admit that 75 is a tad beyond the crest of the hill. YMMV, of course! Everyone's hill is a bit different.
  2. I finally caught this episode on last night's rerun. If she hadn't done the fakety fake "I'm so shy I can barely live" act, I would like her. She is interesting, even if her "singing" is questionable, alternating between some sort of song and screaming. Heck, I can scream but I don't feel it's worthy of being on AGT. I did SORT OF enjoy her act, but that "shy" business makes me dislike her so strongly, I would never vote for her. If she had played it straight as a Joplin fan, I'd be all about her. As is, no. Never. A zillion times YES to this. He is fabulous in every way. If the circus cats can't win it, Shin Lim for the win. The diabolo (how do you spell that) was overwhelmed by the WAY OTT background graphics. WTH show, you ruined his act. I thought the trailer-park comedian was amusing, maybe not LOL funny, but I liked some of her jokes. Funniest was Simon saying he has had a trailer-park romance. She could have used the word "nasty" about 100 times less though, that was sort of cringe worthy. But I hope she gets some work from appearing on this show. The high-heel dance group was pretty good. Maybe they'll make it to World of Dance next year. The high-school dance group on the other hand ... WTH was THAT cluster? Whomever said their little kid would be in a dance recital like that was spot on. It was the worst and I barely made it through the two minutes or however long it was. It seemed like it lasted five hours, I wanted to stab my eyes out. The the escape guy was another WTH moment. Wasn't the woman in a metal cage with a floor/metal bars for a floor? Those rattlesnakes would be smashed flat if she went all the way into their enclosure. Plus his getting the fake locked fake padlock unlocked was too fake for me. I forgot all about the spitting boys because I refuse to watch them. I saw them the first time and will never let them invade my eyeballs again. I watched the results show but don't remember who made it and who didn't. Not that it matters I guess.
  3. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    How about Walton Goggins: The Shield, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, The Hateful Eight among tons of others. He has a six head.
  4. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    Thanks for reminding everyone of this. Or rather, no thanks. But the clip did remind me that everyone seemed to very much like Yuki so I guess that says something about her personality, "bubble and squeak" (tm Judy Obsure) aside. That clip also had a shocking close up of Ashley I's face, and holy cats, it was pure plastic, frightening to say the least. No one is born with a mannequin face like that.
  5. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    Maybe there's a badge for that .. the Famewhore Badge. LOL! Thanks for your kind words, and sorry for the bad joke. I hope we get to see more of Venmo John, and learn more too. He and Jubilee are the best couple ever. Although the season is young and that could change, I'm sorry to say. YES! Those two were the absolute BEST. Every once in a while this franchise throws viewers a bone. Or a rose.
  6. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    Boy Scouts generally don't make Eagle Scout, the highest rank, until high school. It's a real achievement, counting Presidents, CEOs, and astronauts amongst their ranks. I thought it was cool and highlighted even more how different John was. John saying he was in Scouts until college moved me to the front of the Venmo John Train, which I already was on. That was a super cool thing for him to admit, since boys get teased no end (it's called "bullied" these days) when they continue in Boy Scouts after they age out of Cub Scouts. That says a lot about his respect for himself and what HE wants, not what he is "suppose" to do if he wants to hang with the "popular" crowd. Which is why he's successful and articulate today, something a few of us here have noticed. There's Chris, who is the typical macho jerk guy found in every local bar, and there's Venmo John, who was a Scout until college. Which one do you want to spend time with, much less the rest of your life. It's a no brainer for me. I was in Scouts until there weren't enough kids to fill a troop, so it was dissolved. It was a sad day in my life. Scouting was one of the best things ever. Kids who are strong enough to withstand being oddballs and called "queer" do end up being strong, successful and self-assured when they grow up. Venmo John for the win! (Whatever the "win" is on BIP.)
  7. S02.E12: Duels 4

    I admit I wasn't watching with my full attention last night, but I pretty much disagreed with almost every dancer/team that was put through last night. Most notably, the Owls got beat? That was the best routine of the night IMO, and worthy of those perfect 100s the judges gave some sloppy group a couple weeks ago. I also loved Brotherhood. I objected to one of the judges telling someone that she "stole a move from Eva Igo's playbook." WTH? A good reply would have been, "Eva Igo's not here, I am." What's the obsession with HMV Igo? So many are so much better IMO. The flamenco dancer in the yellow outfit ... OMGosh, that outfit made me think she was going to do a Bollywood routine, but even more than that, the heavy fringe on the outside of her legs made her look bowlegged and hugely FAT, not a good look for a dancer. It looked like she was wearing a full diaper, and that's not something I want to think about. I looked up when the short clips started because I was thinking they were showing auditions again. I was all, who are these people? I guess they were guaranteed at least five seconds of tv exposure so they would sign release contracts. I did laugh at the Iowa Girlz, there was a closeup of one girl doing some sort of flip, ending up with her face in the camera ... a camera that shook like an earthquake just happened. I guess that was a not-so-subtle clue from the show that she needed to lose some poundage. This show could have a drinking game: Take one drink every time Derek demonstrates a dance move from his chair, and another drink when Derek counts out beats to show some dancer how it SHOULD be done. Take two drinks when Derek goes on stage to illustrate full body dance moves. Alcohol poisoning will ensue. ETA: I did like the tapper trio, it was fun and they kept my attention. Loved them, but man, it's hard to be a tapper when judges want to see krumping and gymnastics. Don't remember if they got through. Not that it matters.
  8. S13.E10: Judge Cuts 4 - 2018.08.07

    I caught this on the rerun and pretty much agree with what everyone here has already posted about who stayed, who went. My observation is about the guy suspended over the alligators, ropes holding him in the air set on fire. The camera above the guy clearly showed the (fakely) burning ropes "giving away" ... they were not burned through, the bolt that attached the ropes to the round piece the guy was dangling from were released. First one, then a bit later, a second one, leaving just one fully intact "rope" holding the guy in the air. My guess is that bolt is not built to release so the guy will never be accidentally (or on purpose!) dropped to the ground. A guy came out after the "escape" and used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames on the still-burning "ropes." If they were really burning, they would have just been ashes on the ground, not cables still completely intact, ready to be hooked back up to that circular piece. Yeah, a death-defying act this was not.
  9. True this. He can skip the card tricks and just wink at me. He's got my votes. See ya over there in that forum.
  10. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    Man, Tia's got a real potty mouth. If she's cusses a blue streak when she's being filmed for national television, what's she like IRL. Gah. i don't want to know. Now I foresee Colton giving a rose to Tia. Just when we thought that crap was over.
  11. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    LOL! I forget everyone's name much less what they look like the minute they step into the Limo of Shame for that ride to the airport.
  12. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    All of a sudden I'm loving this show again, thanks to Venmo and Jubilee. I know Flleiss is going to ruin it soon though, I just KNOW it.
  13. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    Yeah, run right to my house. I'll volunteer to save him.
  14. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    Okay, I'm in love with Venmo Jon and Jubilee. Gotta love a nerd couple.
  15. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    I am multi-tasking too, which means I'm missing a lot which means I not missing much. I remember Jubilee had a rocking bikini body when she was on whatever season she was on. Then she got sort of ... well, weird. She was a favorite of mine until then. Plus wasn't she in Paradise last year?