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  1. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I'm glad I got to read it before it was let be. Props, Teebax. You are cool with me.
  2. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Oh I noticed and wondered if it would be mentioned here. I figure it's fair game, the same as is someone's hairdo, face shape, position of eyeballs, clothing choice, bouncing rhythm, smugness (ha ha) and/or buzzer jerking. I would like the winner more if he DID look like a young Woody Allen. Mindthinkr is Vulcan mind melding with the J! writers. Cool!
  3. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Well nuts, my gypsy curse backfired on Ali. I knew I should have kept my wink winks to myself. Sorry to see him go. I think he got kinda tired at the end, he blew his lead right at the crucial time. Bye Ali. You were one of my favorites. Barf on you, Trebek, for giving away the answer of Rabbie Burns via your crap Scottish accent. Why not just hand the players the answers on your card, you dip. I hate when you do that. Again, Ali finds (almost) all of the DDs. Celestial Seasonings! Boulder! Yeay! That took me back to when I toured that company, it's a fabulous place. Not sure if they still let people step into the mint room, but don't take a deep breath if you do or you will for sure pass out. The lobby has all kinds of teas to sample, which are all delicious. I could have spent all day there. I do go there every once in a while when I take an out-of-body vacation. Carpe, you should stop in and buy me some Fast Lane. FJ was an instaget for me. I love Hitchcock, and I showed that film to a college class on something or other, I don't remember what. I just remember getting the film from the library and we all piled into the auditorium to watch it. Plus I do have vertigo myself, it appears at the oddest times, none of them convenient. That makes two FJs I've know this month! Yeay for me! Ha ha. Now to put a gypsy curse on today's winner. He can't be gone fast enough for me. I need to find a dead frozen rat to spin over my head to accelerate the curse ...
  4. Sorry. Busted. Now you have to share with everyone. At least one of you Bs has to get a real avatar. There is enough confusion on this thread.
  5. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    A big YES, "Jones" would have been accepted. Although there probably is a Kit Jones (and a Carson Jones), but J! judges don't seem to care about that.
  6. S13.E04: Auditions 4 2018.06.19

    All I could think was, there's a reason the kid doesn't have a dog. Like his parents don't think he's responsible or their apartment doesn't allow pets or they don't want to have to take care of it, or one of them is allergic or neither of them even like dogs. There are a zillion reasons. So for Simon to buy him a dog is SO out of line and SO not welcome IMO. Plus I wish people would stop using the term "adopting" when they are, in reality, BUYING the dog from a shelter, pound or rescue group. Let's use real words people. The Doberman dog act we saw clips of was pretty much like Hero from last year (or the year before?) but with a Dobe instead of a Border Collie. Although all the singers are the same so I don't know why dog acts can't be the same old samo too. I've seen Bello Nock's daughter on YouTube. She does that Wheel of Death that Bello did last year on AGT. I didn't think being "blown up" required any kind of talent. And yeah, Bello was so "worried," but thank you for not crying and shouting out after the explosion, like you thought your daughter was dead. Did the judges ask her to "step it up" for the next round? I still think Bello is cool though. The singer asked to learn a new song if he wants to be competitive ... yeah, right. I'm so sure that was real. *cough*
  7. S02.E04: Qualifiers 4 2018.06.19

    Maybe not new tricks but some dance moves. I haven't followed/posted/read the SYTYCD thread for a long time, but I think that's where I learned the term "HMV*." That's all I can think about when Eva puts her leg up in the air so many freaking times. *Here's my vagina.
  8. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Controversy solved. And not controversial at all. At least not compared to so much real stuff going on: "I really don't care do u?" He's been finding all the DDs, and I think he's gun shy from betting everything (more than $5,000 and his lead) when he discovered his first DD ... and lost. Since Ali's games are all filmed one after the other, not on different days when we see them, it makes sense. I think Ali has a good game face and I don't have any problems with him at all. Compare to Thespian David and be glad Ali's there, not TD. Although YMMV, of course.
  9. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    It was Alabama. They were running to take over the seat vacated by our current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Thanks for that correction DrScottie. Now who's the idiot? (Magic 8 Ball says: "The answer is Saber.") Of course it was Alabama, I don't know where Georgia came from, except it was On My Mind. I do know that people in Europe (and Canada!) know more about what's going on in the United States than Americans do. Maybe not about the newest reality "star," but things that matter in the real world. Yeah, that was a Trebek Golden Moment. I'm waiting for a FJ category of What Would Jesus Say and Trebek to announce Ali is at a disadvantage. Remember when he did that to some other contestants he "ass"umed were not of the Christian persuasion? That would be the best ever, and all the clues about Trebek.
  10. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Must it always be beer? Because I bought a Darwin stubby of lemonade yesterday. I think J writers are trolling here and have read our problems with all categories being about men, then they have to specify women/female in those category names. We should be happy that we are being recognized now in category heads, even if it is in sort of a snarky way. But we understand and appreciate snark here, right? I hope to God this was not the case; that would be far more egregious than women authors. What's on tonight? Girly men, ie, men who are famous for doing something safe? See my comment above. J PTV is being recognized on the show now. So ... Good for US! *drink* I was stunned that a man from Bahrain living in Canada knew Doug Jones beat Roy Moore in Georgia. How many Americans could answer that one? FIVE snaps up for Ali. I followed that election and couldn't get Jones' name to come up in time.
  11. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I don't remember any of the clues and have already played J6 so can't see the category there. And I'm too tired to watch the episode again. I thought it was just questions that had men for answers. I didn't find it odd at all, given the way this show likes to spotlight Women Authors (cough), Female Detectives and so on. So Male Men is a pretty cool category IMO. Well, that was a lot of words that went nowhere. Maybe tomorrow I'll watch the ep again, then dazzle everyone with my brilliant insight into the category. (cough wink) That's what Magic 8 Ball said.
  12. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    That is absolutely FAH-bulous DAH-link. You do know how to dress for piano topping. Three snaps up. Make that four snaps up.
  13. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    And tell him that his payoff is in American money. It's worth so much more than those shekels they use for cash in Canada. I liked that category too. Although I think they stole the idea from Ellen. I heard/read the clue as southeast Australia so it was a big DUH moment for me when it really was southwestern. Perth is the only major city there. Again, it pays to pay attention. Which, I guess, is just a good rule for life. One isn't suppose to rank on children, but I wish he would stop overacting and being precocious. We need to add him to our drinking game since he's on this show more often than Potent Potables. I'm putting the Gypsy (Romani) curse on Ali: I hope he loses, he's been on the show long enough. *wink cough wink* I don't find him smug in the least. Just the opposite. And I don't mean cough wink about that.
  14. I don't remember that seven-time champion, that was six years ago. But this really made me go WTH: "Authorities said Jass logged into other people’s email accounts without permission over a four-day period last year after the college reset everyone’s passwords and assigned everyone the same temporary password." That's WTH worthy from here to eternity. WTH was wrong with that IT department giving everyone the same password? WTH was wrong with the college admin letting everyone have the same freaking password? WTH about all the other people who sneaked looks while they had the opportunity. It's a fact (and a standing joke) that people peak into bathroom cabinets when they are at someone's house. And WTH leaving temp passwords (the same one for everyone!) up for at least four freaking days? I don't think this person is "sinister" at all. She's just the only one who got busted for doing what everyone else did. That IT manager is the one who needs to be fired.