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  1. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Most definitely he did add a syllable. But ... judges. They ding no "s" on Hungry Hippos but a whole new syllable on "Clinton" is okay. Whimsy. I love that movie so got it immediately. Everyone makes fun of it for being tedious, ala Seinfeld, so I guess that says something about me. Billy Crystal hosted the Oscars that year, and his intro parody film featured the EP plane crash. I can still picture that, too.
  2. I hate you. Don't take it personally. Now that's a place where I would feel right at home. Just no penguins here ... that I've seen yet.
  3. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Made me laugh. Thanks.
  4. Let us know what you decided, and if a movie, which one. I heard some areas around you got 20 inches. Holy cats. That's impressive, even for the Great White North where I live. Hope your power stayed on.
  5. I'm with you on that. On my 14-inch day, I shoveled the back deck multiple times so I could 1. open the door and 2. so the dogs could walk outside without bottoming out. Shoveling two to three inches at a time is greatly preferred to shoveling 14 plus (because drifts) all at once. The term for what we had was "heart-attack snow" since it rained all day before temps dropped and it started snowing. The result is what kids call "packin' snow" since it's perfect for snowmen and snowballs. That's the dif between kids having fun and adults not. Home all day, yeay! Enjoy your day off, B-coat.
  6. That total officially sucks for any part of the United States. AND Canada! But fun if you like to toboggan and/or sled and/or cross country ski. And don't have to go to work/school tomorrow. Good luck with what the snow plow puts at the end of your driveway. IF there are snow plows there! Champaign/Urbana ... practically to Kentucky!
  7. Apologies for stealing your "snow thunder" by one-upping your inches @Browncoat. I feel your pain. I saw that storm was hitting Virginia and the Carolinas. My reaction was relief it was missing me. I'm selfish like that. If your parents did grad work at Northern Illinois or U of I Chicago, you were in my part of the tundra. Both excellent schools. I once shared a hotel room with a friend from LA. Worse vacation ever. She was freezing while I was sweating like a pig in that room. I hope your brother is okay in Texas, which has been under water for the most part of this year.
  8. I'm in the middle of the tundra of northwestern Illinois. We expect this in January and probably December but from Halloween on weather has been brutal this year. Just remember: It builds character. (Insert joke about Browncoat and Saber being real characters.) At least here we all own snow shovels and 14 inches of snow doesn't keep us home. My sympathies to folks in the southeast getting socked. Although many people are seeing their first snow ever. Maybe that's you, Browncoat? 40-degree temps = wearin' shorts weather.
  9. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Word up @Mystery Author, for your phly post and rad granddaughter.
  10. Good luck with that. The 14 inches that fell here (in one day) three weeks ago was the fourth snow of the fall. Temps have been in the teens/20s the past two months, when we should have been in the 40-50F range. I only keep from going insane by following the AA mantra of "one day at a time." Still, I teeter on the brink almost every day.
  11. To me, "That's a good question" is pandering, needlessly buttering the interviewer. Why is it such a good question? The person could say, "Let me think about that a sec" or "I never thought of that before," instead of repeating what everyone says just to fill and kill time -- and butter up the host. Being okay with that time filler, to me, means other time fillers are okay: Starting sentences with "So ..." and saying "like" and "you know" every few seconds in the same sentence. I listen to a lot of radio interviews so these things become glaring after hearing them over and over. JMHO of course. I did a new channel scan yesterday and came up with a new station ... one that shows old westerns on certain days. I got to watch two Dead of Alives yesterday! Mr. McQueen's pants fit nicely. I never noticed that when I was a wee kid. Heh.
  12. Season 35 Final Jeopardy Contest

    "So Mr. President, who are you wearing?" Just the rule of Common Sense. Although one president might wear clothing made in China under his own label.
  13. Season 35 Final Jeopardy Contest

    IMO, the U.S. presidents part was tossed in to confuse us. The real question was, what's the last name of these three brothers who make/sell men's suits in America. That presidents wear Brooks Brothers was news to me. It makes sense they aren't allowed to wear foreign though, like Dior.
  14. S04. E08. Screech, Thwack, Pow

    Well, the writers have to get their ideas SOMEWHERE.
  15. If that bugs, start listening for people saying "absolutely" instead of "yes." That's my big irk. Also, "That's a good question" when someone is being interviewed.