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  1. S05.E12: A False Glimmer

    Huge mistake in not leaving Allison around or the Quinn thing or both?
  2. S05.E11: Our Man In Damascus

    Can we talk about the end of the episode-credits preview for next week here? Not the 2 full scene previews, just the short mash up shown at end of episode... The 'next week on' preview?
  3. S05.E11: Our Man In Damascus

    Aren't GSR tests SOP for any shooting victim that comes from the scene of a multiple murder? Writers need to drag the show out to episode 13....
  4. S05.E10: New Normal

    Dang, Saul got physical!
  5. S05.E07: Oriole

    There is a theory amongst a descent sized segment of the western intelligence community that the Russians are behind Assange, Wikileaks, Snowden, etc., so it wouldn't be impossible that the show would go that way & include Düring as part of an elaborate Russian web set up to expose US secrets. You'll notice, in real life, the major government document stealing cases always involve the US & her allies.
  6. S05.E04: Why Is This Night Different?

    Allison answered the phone by saying "Da" which is Russian for "yes".
  7. S05.E03: Super Powers

    Zing! That's a winnner! LOL
  8. S05.E03: Super Powers

    With this seemingly random & odd behavior from Saul thus far, topped off w/ the sudden bedding of the Berlin Station Chief, is it possible that they are setting him up to be a bad guy by shows end- and his treachery will be shown to have stretched back to being the infamous mole from season 1? Up until now, Saul has always sort of been the moral compass of the show, however, that seems to be changing & rather quickly.
  9. S05.E03: Super Powers

    Surely by the now the Emmy folks are tired of it as well... I start laughing when I see it now- after my initial groan.
  10. S05.E03: Super Powers

    Crazy Carrie takes off into the woods w/ a deer rifle... what could go wrong?!?!?
  11. S05.E02: The Tradition Of Hospitality

    There was definitely a Saul look a like at the post office just before Quinn showed up. I enhanced this freeze frame a bit and it's definitely not Mandy Patinkin. http://imgur.com/pIRtl03
  12. S05.E01: Separation Anxiety

    I think there was some justification given; they specifically mentioned how Berlin (and all of Germany) had become a safe haven of sorts for terrorists, hackers, etc., who take advantage of Germany's strict privacy laws that protect against the German government & police spying on citizens- a policy adopted during reunification & mostly born out of fear of what the East German Stasi did to citizens. From that (in addition to facts like the 9/11 hijackers organizing in Hamburg, Germany), I believe the audience was supposed to infer that certain measures needed to be taken against these bad actors that are essentially abusing & hiding behind German law. Perhaps that is too much to ask of the audience, but I think that's what they were attempting they do.
  13. S05.E01: Separation Anxiety

    Well..…… not quite what I was expecting given the SpoilerTV hype (best opener since the pilot). I'll stick with it for now, but I don't know how much longer at this rate.
  14. Homeland Spoilers

    Alex Gansa was quoted as saying ISIS was "too evil" for Homeland... A lot of people speculated that they Charlie Hebdo attacks might have had something to do with his stance and I sort of wonder about that too. http://www.inquisitr.com/1906220/isis-too-evil-for-homeland-admits-executive-producer-alex-gansa/#image_load
  15. Homeland Spoilers

    Just came across this info about Season 5... It sounds like the writers just gave up but still want the paycheck that comes from Showtime for putting out something under the name Homeland. "Latinpost.com reported that season 5 will be two and a half years after the events in season 4, and the story will be set in Berlin. There will be drastic changes for the lead character Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes. In the fifth season, she is no longer with the CIA, and fans know that she is now a mother. One of the most interesting storylines in the show is Carrie's relationship with someone from the German Intelligence. Even if they are on the same side, their relationship will still get quite rocky." Read more: http://www.vcpost.com/articles/70405/20150528/homeland-season-5-premiere-spoilers-settings-timeline-details-revealed-what-you-know-and-what-you-need-to-know.htm#ixzz3bYKzNeN8