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  1. Red Velvet and her pet Dwarf bunny Jos Louis.
  2. I would like to see Daniel Craig in "The Umbrella Academy" TV show, based on the trippy comic by Gerard Way (yep, from My Chemical Romance). I had no idea who Way was (and really still don't as far as music), but he is an amazing comic writer. Craig would play Spaceboy (Luther Hargreeves), who is the stoic leader of the Umbrella Academy, who's head has been transplanted on a part mechanical/mostly ape body .
  3. Spike and Dru 4ever Animated by studio Mir (Legend of Korra). Spike and Dru murder their way through the 19th and 20th century. All the stories take place before arriving in Sunnydale. When Spike and Dru got bored with the olds (Angelus and Darla) find out who they sire to keep themselves entertained, see the great adventures when Spike killed 2 slayers (that's Spike 2, Slayer 0), and see what was it like dealing with a guy who calls himself "The Master" (it's not easy, I promise you).
  4. I think that the Muppets are the way to go. Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) ... Donald Trump Animal ... Bernie Sanders Miss Piggy .... Hilary Clinton Link Hogthrob ... Bill Clinton Camilla the Chicken ... Jill Stein George the Janitor .... Gary Johnson Beaker ... Paul Ryan Crazy Harry ... Ted Cruz Chip ... Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump '80s Robot ... Baron Trump Janice .... Huma Abedin The Great Gonzo ... Anthony Weiner Fozzie Bear ... Ken Bone Dr. Bunson Honeydew ... Jeb Beauregard ... Ben Carson Sweetums ... Chris Christie Uncle Deadly … Steve Bannon Statler & Waldorf … The Voters Sam Eagle … Barack Obama
  5. Just Walking Dead - When the pre-school is over run by baby zombies, all our WD regulars re-imagined as toddlers. Michonne has two crawlers on strings tied to their pacifiers, they aren't dangerous as they hadn't started teething yet. Gilmore Girls - Set in a nebulous point in the first 3 season (Rory still in high school), in the show Luke's Super Coffee acts as a cross between Popeye's spinach and Gummiberry Juice (Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears) and is used to fix whatever physical problem they are having (cleaning up before Emily comes over, or reading a whole book in one sitting). There is also a evil corporate inn trying to put the Independence Inn out of business. Justified - Space Marshal Raylan Givens has been sent back to Starlin County, on the planet New Kentucky. Raylan once dug coalanite, one of the most dangerous jobs in the universe, and now his arch nemesis crime boss Boyd Crowder, an man he once dug coalanite with. Raylan and the Space Marshals have to bring justice to New Kentucky!
  6. I don't generally have a huge hate on for tv actors, at least not in compared to my loathing of Mark Wahlberg. Bucket of expired vanilla yogurt Brett Dalton has been a drag on every episode of Agents of Shield he's been in, and I was thrilled when the finally murdered him for real (for the what 3rd or 4th time, damn he must really be a nice guy for them to keep bringing him back, despite the suck). If I was to see he had been cast in something, I would not watch, but if it was Star Wars: Underworld (the long rumored live action SW series, about the criminal underworld starring Boba Fett), and even if he was Boba Fett, I not hesitate to watch. Otherwise unless it is in a sears catalogue trying to sell me a shirt, I don't want to see him... and he's back on Shield again. Damn it.
  7. The next The Muppet Show should have the Muppets working day jobs (office temp work, retail, serving), and trying to make it. I would really love to see Kermit dealing with his 16 year old boss at hot topic. But also everyone at Powerless should be working at an Insurance company, Kara from Supergirl should be in University learning how to be a Journalist, and Marge on the Simpson could use a full time job (for real, not another 1 off thing. I think offering daycare out of the house make the most story sense, but an office job would be the more relatable).
  8. "Wicked" would make a great dramedy.
  9. Getting a ride on the Tardis is like 3% of the reason I picked her.
  10. I want Whitney Houston mini series played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw.
  11. Amy Pond from Doctor who in the Tardis flying in Spaaaaace!
  12. This one is for Dave. I would replace Santa and Scrooge with dogs in the Canadian Tire commercials, to help people give like Santa and save like Scrooge.
  13. I think Jack Bristow is the right answer, but with him being taken, Jack Bauer is my fallback spy daddy Jack.
  14. The Trump error could really use a reboot of "Good Times". I would make the them a Black and Hispanic interracial couple, both should be very upwardly mobile, but the goal posts for the American dream keeps being pushed further and further away.
  15. At first I was thinking about moving "The Real Housewives" to the cheapest city in America to live (which turns out to be Memphis), but instead I'll go with the "$25 Pyramid".