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  1. I would love to see Archer do this, especially as a post series special. The characters have the right mix of tawdry past and catty personalities. As far as a host I can't think of a better one than Aisha Tyler.
  2. I would watch an Anna Kendrick Halloween special.
  3. I'll go with Catalina from My Name Is Earl, because I think Rosie from The Jetsons would get annoying, and I don't watch Downton Abbey.
  4. I would love if the world bent to my will and Pushing Daisies, Firefly, and Agent Carter are all dominating whatever passes for TV in 2067. But I have to go with Avatar: The last Airbender/The Legend of Korra. The series has a rich universe that can generate new series so easily that it could be a D&D campaign. Shy girl from the Fire nation set in the past, or cocky boy from the Earth Kingdom set in "the future", etc.
  5. "THE COSBY SHOW" is now a true crime series, each episode an accusers recounts their story. Currently the series is planned for 59 episodes (so far). The series will take place from 1965-2005 all over America (New York, LA, Los Vegas, Philadelphia, Texas, Chicago, etc.) Hopefully, by the end of the series there will be extra episodes for the trial. Should he be found guilty, a spin off series "A Different World" is set to go into production. Showing what it's like to be famous geriatric prisoner.
  6. "It's a FFFFFAAAKE!!" is an all time great line read, downright legendary.
  7. American Game Show Story: Liar's Club Two contestants have to figure out which of the celebrities (filled by Murphy's regulars) is telling the truth about an unusual object.
  8. I would love to see Casting Directors get sung. Being able to take someone from living out of their car to making them world famous, but if the casting doesn't work the casting director could be fired. Could have an reoccurring character like George Clooney who is on their 9th failed pilot, but just seems to have "it". Also showing the process of casting for tv could explain to the public how an actor can get stuck in a terrible show that isn't what they had signed up for at all.
  9. "Orphan Black-ish" is the story of Dre having to juggle his family with all his clone brothers. "Star Trek Rebels" A brave and clever ragtag starship crew stands up against the evil Federation as it tightens its grip on the galaxy. "Legends of Tomorrow People" a group of evolved British teens travel in time with their super computer named TIM, using their special powers to save all time.
  10. After hearing what a nice guy Chevy Chase is I would love to see him retire to being one of those women's self-defense padded men. I think he could do a lot of good.
  11. Red Velvet and her pet Dwarf bunny Jos Louis.
  12. I would like to see Daniel Craig in "The Umbrella Academy" TV show, based on the trippy comic by Gerard Way (yep, from My Chemical Romance). I had no idea who Way was (and really still don't as far as music), but he is an amazing comic writer. Craig would play Spaceboy (Luther Hargreeves), who is the stoic leader of the Umbrella Academy, who's head has been transplanted on a part mechanical/mostly ape body .
  13. Spike and Dru 4ever Animated by studio Mir (Legend of Korra). Spike and Dru murder their way through the 19th and 20th century. All the stories take place before arriving in Sunnydale. When Spike and Dru got bored with the olds (Angelus and Darla) find out who they sire to keep themselves entertained, see the great adventures when Spike killed 2 slayers (that's Spike 2, Slayer 0), and see what was it like dealing with a guy who calls himself "The Master" (it's not easy, I promise you).
  14. I think that the Muppets are the way to go. Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) ... Donald Trump Animal ... Bernie Sanders Miss Piggy .... Hilary Clinton Link Hogthrob ... Bill Clinton Camilla the Chicken ... Jill Stein George the Janitor .... Gary Johnson Beaker ... Paul Ryan Crazy Harry ... Ted Cruz Chip ... Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump '80s Robot ... Baron Trump Janice .... Huma Abedin The Great Gonzo ... Anthony Weiner Fozzie Bear ... Ken Bone Dr. Bunson Honeydew ... Jeb Beauregard ... Ben Carson Sweetums ... Chris Christie Uncle Deadly … Steve Bannon Statler & Waldorf … The Voters Sam Eagle … Barack Obama
  15. Just Walking Dead - When the pre-school is over run by baby zombies, all our WD regulars re-imagined as toddlers. Michonne has two crawlers on strings tied to their pacifiers, they aren't dangerous as they hadn't started teething yet. Gilmore Girls - Set in a nebulous point in the first 3 season (Rory still in high school), in the show Luke's Super Coffee acts as a cross between Popeye's spinach and Gummiberry Juice (Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears) and is used to fix whatever physical problem they are having (cleaning up before Emily comes over, or reading a whole book in one sitting). There is also a evil corporate inn trying to put the Independence Inn out of business. Justified - Space Marshal Raylan Givens has been sent back to Starlin County, on the planet New Kentucky. Raylan once dug coalanite, one of the most dangerous jobs in the universe, and now his arch nemesis crime boss Boyd Crowder, an man he once dug coalanite with. Raylan and the Space Marshals have to bring justice to New Kentucky!