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  1. First of all, I don't know this guy from Adam. We don't get Talking Dead here and I only heard about this guy doing Comic Con panels or what not. And I'm not familiar with US laws but...since when is it 'guilty until proven innocent'? In most laws of the Western World it's 'innocent until proven guilty'. From what I understand, she didn't even name drop this guy. Everyone just assumes. But suddenly his career is in shambles even though nothing is officially proven? How the heck did it come to this? Now every woman in the business or married into it or whose boyfriend is in it comes out with allegations even if it was a decade or longer ago? And they are all believed to be telling the truth why exactly? Just because of the lack of a penis? Because women never ever lie for any reason? I'm sorry but wth? Some of them are not doing ACTUAL victims any favors. Quite the opposite actually. Actual victims who couldn't get out of things like abuse or who were harassed or sexually assaulted with no way to prevent it...this will just ensure in the long run that we are back to 'no one believes them'. And really, especially in all these Hollywood cases, a lot of these women had choices. And most of them chose to keep their mouths shut for years, didn't come forward, chose to stay in the business and often chose to work repeatedly with the people who have harmed them. They also chose to put their safety and health at risk for some fame and said to hell with my dignity. And they sure as hell ensured there will be more victims when they kept quiet. In terms of this woman, from what I have read she exercised her free will in this relationship at every step. She chose to be with him despite knowing his relationship expectations which she herself stated she knew like 2 weeks into the relationship. “To be fair, I did go along with it out of fear of losing him.” is her reason for staying with him. Well honey, you said yes. Does yes suddenly mean no? And what's with the rest of her excuses? 'I quietly posted...'. Right because the internet is so quiet when it comes to #metoo. She didn't want to name him because she didn't want the Nerdist people to suffer. Erm, the guy has other projects going where people are also employed. And they probably will suffer from this. So this excuse doesn't make a lick of sense, unless her goal is protecting herself from defamation charges. And her threatening to release evidence should he get law enforcement involved. Aren't black mail and extortion illegal? This sounds like a highly dysfunctional relationship between two people (probably due to age difference) where one chose to get a little publicity (doesn't she have her first high profile movie coming out?) out of it, probably also expecting some nice cash and it's made easy for her thanks to the current #metoo climate.
  2. S02.E13: Surprise

    Then why could he burn Dalton? The yardstick used on Dalton for humanity was READING. Just that, and the Judge was able to burn him. So if things like that count as a symbol for humanity, then Angelus sure as hell should have lit up like a match. I'm sorry but there is no other way around the fact that it doesn't make sense that Angelus doesn't burn. As he has feelings that humans feel and just like Dalton, a love for human entertainment. He's no different than other vampires since all vampires are reflections of humanity by their very nature (demons formed out of the former human).
  3. S02.E13: Surprise

    So what if the Judge can't burn Angelus? His fixation on Buffy...very human and for that he should have been able to be burned. His fixation on Dru and need to make Spike feel inferior all the time, again human enough. Him leaving well drawn pictures behind for people, showing his artistic nature, also should have made him Judge material (if reading is enough, drawing definitely is). If the Judge sets the bar for humanity as low as being a book worm is enough, Angelus more than qualifies, via all the things I've listed.
  4. S02.E13: Surprise

    Are people still spreading this fanon? Have all of them watched a different show than me or something? And Spike and Dru are NOTHING special. All vampires have humanity (in the sense of human feelings and desires, although limited due to soulessness) by the very nature of being demons born out of/ formed out of humans. Even Angelus fits the definition of human per the Judge's standards, who sets the bar as low as READING=humanity. Angelus loves culture, language, arts etc. and he has affection for Dru and Darla. So what? They are still demons, bound to do evil because of their connection to evil and because you know, no soul.
  5. S02.E13: Surprise

    And technically Buffy is guilty of necrophilia. And since you are one of those people (I think) who think Spike is already into Buffy, lets talk about him following, videotaping, attacking and stalking an under aged girl. If he was reluctant to release him, why did Spike put the Judge together in the first place? Now he has buyers remorse or something? Yeah, nope. He knew what he was doing and what the Judge was. And Spike is not human or is he suddenly not a vampire anymore and I've missed it?
  6. No it doesn't lead to isolation. It only leads to isolation if you let it, if you chose to go there. Like everywhere in life, even for regular people. That's a problem with Buffy in the Dawnverse. Whedon & Co. were so focused to isolate Buffy, whether it's to pull off a new family member or later Spike, that she was turned into this isolationist, weak quitter. Someone who preferred to live in misery with a martyr complex a mile long. And again, there is no proof for any of that except with Buffy. And she is just one slayer in a long line of them. For example, I don't see how Kendra would ever reach that point. Kendra was removed from all the things/people with meaning, so she would probably never become weary like Buffy. I don't see reformed Faith reaching that point either. And I really didn't sign on for Joyce The Vampire Slayer. One of the saddest things Buffy has ever said on the show was 'I have a life. I have Dawn's life.' Buffy gave up on everything for herself, like a true quitter. I prefer the Buffy that was there before Dawn, the one who would fight for a life outside of slaying and who once called her human emotions and ties a strength. The one who replied to Wesley's snotty insinuation that she's a slayer ('nothing more' is implied there) with 'I'm also a person.'. Give me that fighter over the last Seasons quitter any day.
  7. The point is, neither of them had a slayer specific deathwish. None of them were looking for a way out because they were slayers. Spike deduced they lost against him because they wanted to die when in fact it was pure luck that he beat them, not a deathwish on their part. The same is true for Buffy. Any demon can get lucky and kill a slayer. That doesn't mean the slayer wants to die. Buffy didn't have a deathwish either that was because of her being the slayer. She was having one tragedy after another and she was tired of it. That's very human. Not really slayer specific.
  8. Season One: Hip Hop Apocalypse

    S1 was great and the show should have continued with this formula and done the Manticore stuff further down he line. The world building was great. The effects on a once great nation now basically being nothing but a third world country. How society copes with it. How people live in this new world. How they make ends meet. It has great characters and it's actually damn progressive. But that's what a post-apocalyptic world would be like. Logan represents the idealist who wants the world to be what it was again and who tries to get it there via Eyes Only, despite the fact that even before this the world was a crappy place. Max is the realist as she knows first hand that the world is a cruel place and was that even before the puls. However they are both driven to do the right thing, help those in need. It's kind of sad how Kendra just disappears throughout the Season. I love this Season and rewatch it a lot. I don't rewatch S2 even though I'm always stoked after the way S1 ended. But then I remember S2 and all the enthusiasm goes out the window.
  9. Season Two: Freak Nation

    This Season was crap. All this Manticore stuff was way too soon. It should have come later in the Series. It also was too out there. I get that the transgenics are experiments with animal DNA and such so of course the first generations are going to be wonky. But come on...there seemed to be more non-human looking ones this Season than human ones. That makes no sense whatsoever. So much less focus on the people and things from S1. Herbal disappeared without any mention what happened to him. Every episode is about a damn Maticore thing. And even the one episode that starts out like a good old S1 one ultimately is about Manticore as well. Max suddenly sleeps all the damn time and 'heat' did not once become an issue this Season. The nonsense of 'keep the couple apart to drag it out' that is in every damn show. Which got further bogged down due to the network interference. Network interference in general is what killed this Season and ultimately this show. It's James freaking Cameron FOX, let him tell his story the way he wants.
  10. S02.E17: Hello, Goodbye

    What do you mean mistakenly? I get that you are a Max/Alec shipper but lets not pretend that he didn't get the ball rolling in this whole mess. From the virus, to not getting a cure to Logan thinking Max and Alec are an item. Alec saw Logan getting out of the car outside Max's apartment, then slung his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into him. Logan saw that, stepped back and then left. Whether Alec did that as a misguided attempt to help Max out (because she said she is going to not see Logan again) or to drive a wedge doesn't matter. He's the one that set the ball in motion. Which is also why him being offended when Max makes use of it, and pretends they are together to keep Logan at bay, is laughable to the extreme. You started it, idiot. Also Alec being what Max needs, which seems to be just someone she uses when needs some muscle and her need not to have him turn into Ben, is helped along by the show with the subtly of a sledgehammer. Logan can't walk so it's not like he can help her out there. And then of course there is the virus. It's like, if you want another romance now, at least be fair and tell a good story. Instead they pretty much make it so Logan is pushed out of all of Max's life (can't walk so still no physical help, feelings are dangerous cause virus so best to just not see each other and tempt fate) and Alec can pick up the 'slack' by slipping right in. It's just stupid. But network interference is what killed the show. I don't ship her with either guy for the record.
  11. Doesn't exist. That was a bunch of BS touted by Spike to promote himself to Buffy. And anyone who listens to anything that guy says, is certifiable themselves. Not meaning you, meaning anyone in the show. Spike has met 2 slayers before Buffy, as far as we know. That's what he's basing the 'deathwish' on. The problem is, neither of those slayers had a deathwish. Nikki had a son she loved so she had all the reasons in the world to want to live. The Chinese slayer wanted to get back to her mother. And in the case of the Chinese slayer, Spike didn't even understand her because he didn't speak Chinese. The deathwish is BS and just used by Spike to sound profound to Buffy, since he's all about getting closer to Buffy. And Spike knows happy, bubbly Buffy has no use for him. He's seen that a more fragile, hurt, vulnerable Buffy is more receptive to him. Having a deathwish would make Buffy darker, which is basically the prelude to what happens in S6. So no, slayers don't have deathwishes. Faith tried to commit suicide by vampire but that doesn't equal a slayer specific deathwish because it had nothing to do with Faith being a slayer. Faith's downward spiral was all because of her very human issues. And she used the power given to her in self-destructive ways and the destruction of others. But it's not because of some slayer darkness or because the demon in her drove her to it. Doesn't matter. Wood is still human. However many slayers sleep with him doesn't matter. It just proves that the only one with a yearning for evil or morally questionable undead, has been Buffy. Because as far I know, she is still the ONLY slayer to do that. So it's not a slayer thing, it's a Buffy thing.
  12. So what? That's just how Faith rolls. And I said that. But there is no proof that the demon in the slayers eventually leads all slayers to kinky vampire sex because 'darkness'. We see no other slayer, ever, go dark and jump on an undead body. That's only been Buffy. The darkness we have seen represented by other slayers, namely Faith and Dana, came from their very human issues and not any slayer demon. And you still didn't see them jump to have sex with a vampire. Faith only wanted to take Angel from Buffy in any way that she could, she didn't want Angel because she had a yearning for vampires. As to Spike, Faith flirts with anything. And if you notice, that's where Faith leaves it at. She in fact decides to sleep with the very human Wood, instead of trying to get anywhere with a vampire. So this whole excuse of the show, that slayer going darkside leads to nasty vamp sex, is only proven by Buffy and no other slayer. Mainly because Buffy is the only slayer we ever saw that supposedly went dark/inhuman due to the fact that the slayer power comes from a demonic source. But in general, a slayer going dark doesn't equal vamp sex.
  13. Faith's darkness never had anything to do with her being a slayer. And when Faith developed and grew up and dropped the mask, she actually became much more stable and normal. Faith trying to get something going with Angel/Angelus in S3 BtVS had nothing to do with wanting to get it on with a vamp and everything to do with taking something from Buffy. Faith has never shown an interest in vampires, even just for hot sex. Sure she flirts with anything but boning vampires, that's a 'Buffy only' deal so far. It's real life portrayed in the most shallow way anyone can. These are people who are all from well off backgrounds trying to depict money problems and character flaws-turned addiction. Marti, see the quote above, makes it clear they had no idea about the topics and how to handle them. I mean it's right there in the quote. Why are you arguing against the showrunner of that Season? They didn't want realism, they wanted to pretend to be deep and used sex instead of actually showing talent (by doing a complex and real story). After all the fans use the excuse of liking S6 because it's real only because the creators constantly touted it back then. So the fans constantly touted it and still do. There is no need to argue what the showrunner herself said in a rare show of honesty.
  14. We only see Buffy (not any other slayer btw) having this dark side because she has to have it in order to fit with Spike. That's why Buffy (both show and character) of the later years is forgettable. Everything became subordinate to Spike and Spike's story. And because everyone became talentless in the writers room. Enough said. So much about the often heralded 'realness' of S6 and fans loving it for that reason. Whatever.
  15. S01.E07: Angel

    In the second part of the Pilot (The Harvest) when Buffy encounters him in the crypt. The sunlight is shining directly on the back of his neck.