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  1. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    The only thing ZA movies are for is to teach us what NOT to do during a ZA.
  2. Jon Snow: He Knows Nothing

    I'm still confused as to how Jon was able to pet Dany's dragon. From what I gathered from the show, only people with dragon blood in their veins are able to do that (not counting Tyrion when he freed the two dragons from their chains). As we now know Jon is part Targaryen but that doesn't automatically mean dragon blood since Dany's brother didn't have any either. Back when the first white walker almost killed the commander at the wall, Jon threw a lamp at him and almost burned his hand. Those with dragon blood, like Dany, are immune to fire. So is Jon just so special snowflake that he doesn't even need dragon blood to be recognized by dragons or did the writers royally screwed up here? Or both?
  3. Spoilers and Speculation

    There was so much potential IMO where Merle was concerned. Merle vs Daryl, Merle vs the group and the whole Merle vs Carol in regards to Daryl. Merle was the kind of character that could bring tension to the group on a constant level. I loved the Carol/Merle scene when he recognized how she had changed and she flat out cut through his BS and told him to pick a side and be done with it. And I especially loved the deleted scene where Carol told him she would cut his throat if he messed with Daryl. It could have also provided some character stuff for Carol because she was basically trying to protect Daryl from Merle's abusive clutches. Would have been great to see her reflect on her abusive past as a result. Merle was also a great BS meter. He didn't care who played what role in the group, he flat out told it like it is. Like when he called out Rick, the supposed good guy, for what he was willing to do to Michonne. Imagine him being in later Seasons when these people got so kill happy. They killed him off way too soon. Would rather have had him around than Sasha and Tyreese.
  4. Spoilers and Speculation

    All of that sound great except...all this build up of a better world and in comes of course the next big bad. And we are back to lather, rinse, repeat. Build or take over, destroy, build, destr...I'm still skeptical in regards to the show.
  5. Spoilers and Speculation

    No kidding, considering they are Mr. 'I tear out throats when my child is threatened' and Mrs. 'I kept my baby daddy as a zombie pet because he got my little one killed'. Just reading that summary up there where the stroller gets flung WITH the baby in it...real Michonne and Rick would have had no mercy whatsoever.
  6. Spoilers and Speculation

    At least Maggie is doing something about murderers that can't stop themselves from swinging their man-parts around because they want to stay in power. And Rick now suddenly has issues with killing people? The same guy who killed people who helped him and wanted to switch sides last Season? Maybe it's best you died Rick. Your multiple personalities don't mesh at all.
  7. Captain Marvel (2019)

    It's certainly better than her original story as Ms Marvel where she was raped by her son from the future and the Avengers let it happen which is why she quit the team and left Earth. Marvel definitely won't be doing that part of her backstory. I hope.
  8. Captain Marvel (2019)

    It's a huge part of her character in the comics so they kept it but they tweak it for the movie (X-Men's Rogue for example took her memories when she stole Carol's powers in both comics and animation). It seems like it's a 'we are on a journey with Carol while she discovers herself' kind of origin movie.
  9. Captain Marvel (2019)

    Yeah but the interview made it sound as if she was this proactive character that jumps into action which is what you want your female lead to be. In the trailer everything was happening TO Carol which makes her seem completely reactionary, often with just a blank stare. Why not show her being proactive? I saw Fury being proactive a lot while Carol was passively waiting for things to happen to her.
  10. Captain Marvel (2019)

    I'm still not convinced when it comes to Brie. In the EW set/promo photos she had a blank stare in every single picture. The same was true in this trailer. Blank stare in all scenes. The only time she didn't have a blank stare was that shot with Nick in the car where she smiled. I'm underwhelmed by the trailer and I can't really say why. It feels like Marvel wanted to play it too safe and too epic at the same time, almost because it's their first female lead movie but it ended being 'meh' as a result. Why go with the epic and generic superhero music. It works for something like IW. Why not give the CM trailer more character and make the music specific to the era it will be playing in? Like I don't know, some 90's rock song or something. 90's rock+scenes in space? Era music works for the Guardian's after all, it's their freaking identity. Make it 'Nine Inch Nails' maybe since she wears the shirt. Having her punch an old lady after the 'what makes her a hero' bit was the oddest beat to me. Is that really how you want to promote this movie to the general audience? Comic fans and people who have read up about this movie probably know she's going to be a Skrull. But the general audience sees the trailer for the first female lead Marvel movie and the hero beats up an old lady. Why do that Marvel?
  11. Oh I don't know, it would make a huge difference to me. If I had a choice between infection via 28D or actual zombies, I chose the former. At least there I know I will be dead after a few days if I don't get to eat. Sure beats possibly wandering the world for years (or forever) while your body is slowly decaying more and more.
  12. I don't need to. That's the definition. See the bold word. So nope, 28D doesn't have Zombies. And again it's even made clear that they are still human because they die if they don't get anything to eat or drink. Whether a body gets reanimated supernaturally or by other means, it has to be dead first to become a zombie. To me the 28D later are the same as Croatoan virus victims on Supernatural. People infected with a virus going into hyper rage. Didn't they also explain that in 28D? Been a while since I've seen that one. Never watched those. But I'm pretty sure Land Of The Dead did the evolving Zombies long before Z-Nation. I would have loved if they made different Zombies in TWD because hey, why not. Everyone reacts differently to the Zombie bite after all. The times until death and the rising after vary greatly which proves flexibility within the 'rules'. They could have them move at different speeds depending on how long they have been turned (newly turned move faster). They could have given them different levels of intelligence since it is a virus/fungus/bacteria etc. that caused the outbreak. Humans react differently depending on their genetic makeup, technically there should be people on the planet immune to the virus or whatever it is. But that's just me having paid attention back in high school biology. Something the creators of the comics/shows clearly haven't.
  13. 28 days doesn't have Zombies. Why are they always lumped in with actual Zombies? Zombies are people who died and came back to life. In 28 Days it's people infected with a virus that makes them go into hyper rage or something. The very fact that these 'zombies' die very fast due to lack of food/water proves that point. And the show used to have those Zombies early on. The Zombies in the first Season and beginning of the second had intelligence about them (climbing ladders/fences, using stones to break windows etc.) and some were actually fast. It changed in S2 probably because they knew they would put their cast against them a lot and them surviving against 'capable' zombies all the time would be unbelievable. Especially in light of the fact that they knew their characters were dumb as a post, so them surviving at all was bordering on parody. Better slow down those zombies.
  14. Spoilers and Speculation

    Damn Melissa is looking good. I've always wondered what her secret was for looking so damn good at her age.
  15. I'm going with weed. One of those many junkyard containers was full of it because the former owner was involved with the regional drug gang and helped store their product. Who would suspect a junkyard, right? Drugs. Bad.