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  1. It can't be both is the point. Either the Lannister marriage smear works for or against her. Since they already used it once to discredit her, Tyrion can use it for whatever gain he wants should he see how the North reacts. And the reaction should be negative because that's what S6 told us. And I wouldn't call what Tyrion and Sansa have a friendship. It's been years since they have seen each other. And he's on the team that made Jon give up the North's freedom and brought the wall down with their stupidity.
  2. No. If Sansa is not outright hostile or anti her 'husband', whose name is Lannister, that would be a perfectly good reason to discredit her in the North. Again, that's what Lyanna Mormont did in S6. Apparently the North is iffy about her previous marriages and people (aka fans) have argued that as one reason why she was overlooked for QitN. If the North rallies behind Sansa once Team Dany reaches WF, that would the way to sow distrust. Unless Tyrion is planning to betray Dany, in which case he wouldn't do that.
  3. Well...LF had patented and mass produced his teleporter sometime in S6 (Varys had bought one already at the end of S6) because everyone had one in S7. The CG could very well use one too and make it to WF before Jamie.
  4. Tyrion and Sansa was unconsummated for one. And two, neither Roose nor Ramsey are the type to leave things up for chance so there must have been an annulment. Should have been easy on the ground of no consummation and both of them being wanted by the crown for Kingslaying. I could however see Tyrion drop the 'wife' moniker now and then just to rile things up, especially if the North isn't very welcoming to Team Dany. Basically trying to discredit Sansa in front the Northern Lords (Lyanna Mormont redux) should she be resistant. However eventually Arya will shoot him a death glare and Tyrion will choke on his tongue and not do it again.
  5. Just use VPN to work around IP restrictions. Usually solves the problem pretty easily. Unless HBO blocks proxys, you should be able to watch their videos this way without having to wait for someone to youtube them.
  6. She was the only one doing that in S7. How about the others pitch in instead? Bran does absolutely nothing except creep his family out. Arya does nothing but threaten her own family while she doesn't do squat to help around Winterfell. And Jon flitted off first chance he got leaving behind an unstable situation without even telling her she would have to deal with it beforehand. Sansa reached out to Jon telling him to be smarter, he told her to get lost. She reached out to Bran who slapped her with rape PTSD. She reached out to Arya and got nothing but hostility. I'm getting tired of her being the only one in that family to pull her weight. When did that happen in the show? Seriously stop bringing book!Sansa into this just for the sake of hating. The two characters are different. You are talking about show!Sansa in your post, don't invent reasons that never happened in show canon to support your point. He clearly did still intend for them to get married. He should have send the girls home right then and there. As soon as it became clear the Lannisters are monsters, any caring parent would have broken off the betrothal and send his children home. Robert would have gotten over it so no danger there, he cares more for Ned than his own wife and son. And Ned apparently only cares about Arya, never has a convo with Sansa about anything to explain what is going on, like any decent parent would do. Sorry but he explains nothing at all to Sansa. He gives her a doll, not even knowing his daughter hasn't played with them for 5 freaking years. Wow Ned, how out of touch are you? And again....WHAT BETRAYAL??? Don't act like there weren't alternatives. Why not Lyanna Mormont? Clearly the girl is his champion. He could entrust it to her. Or Davos, and no, the excuses listed as to why Davos had to go with him are rubbish. Can Jon do nothing on his own or achieve himself except swing a freaking sword? How pathetic is this guy? And what else is Sansa supposed to do other than placate the Lords? Take Arya's suggestion and start cutting off heads? That worked out so damn well for Robb, didn't it Arya? I'm sure that will keep the North together. And seriously, nicer to Jon? Does the guy have to be treated with kid's gloves? Sansa engaging Jon in front of the Lords actually forced Jon to communicate for once. This guy sucks at communication. Remember that time when he sucked at it so much he got himself freaking killed? And again, Sansa is another Lord/Lady of the North, just because her and Jon are related doesn't mean she has to sit in the corner and keep her mouth shut. Where is that on the show? When was she shown actively considering it all the time? In the scripts? Those again don't count. The one time she mentions to something vague to LF while we have no idea what game is being played thanks the deceiving writers? And when in the seven hells did she do things that undermined Jon? And don't say when she talked back to him while all the Lords were present, it's her damn right as LoW to voice her opinion. Who the hell cares what Arya wants Sansa to do? Arya is NO ONE. She isn't a Lady of a Northern House nor is she Queen/Regent/Warden of the North. Politically Arya has no say in anything. That she feels the need to butt in where she doesn't belong and act like she knows everything just shows how she has learned nothing in 7 Seasons. Still the same girl from 1 who thinks she is the shit and better than anyone else. All that was left for her to do was violently attacking her sister like she did at the Trident. But I guess she left it at a murder and skinning threat this time (her and Ramsey, two peas in a pod). Anyone who supports Arya's way of thinking should seriously (the literal cutting off of heads) think of the bigger picture. Cutting off Royce's head would start a freaking war between the Vale and the North. The Vale, aka currently the biggest military force in the North. Cutting off Glovers and other northern Lords heads would lead to complete and utter chaos and war on the freaking Starks. How stupid does one have to be to suggest or support such a 'strategy'? Jon would come back to an utterly devastated North that is completely in ruins and Winterfell probably occupied, the 3 Stark siblings dead. Placating the Lords and reiterating that Jon is their King was the only thing she could do. Sansa is trying to keep everyone united while Arya is trying to send the North into utter chaos. I know which one I prefer. Then stop pretending that the sun shines out of Arya's, Jon's and Dany's asses. Again, who the hell cares. Scripts are not the final product.
  7. Or it's just smart of her to teach him so she has to look out less for him. So he can defend himself so she can do her job. She still did it. And more than once. Eventually changing her tune is nice and all but it doesn't negate anything. Brienne used to treat him like a hindrance and annoyance. I don't care that Pod doesn't see it that way. Any normal person would feel like crap for being treated that way. Just because Pod isn't allowed to by the writers doesn't change the fact that Brienne behaved the way she did. And maybe if the writers were capable, Sansa and Brienne's relationship would be different. They just can't do it. They can't do female relationships. And it's not a priority of theirs either, it would get in the way of all the sexism and DudeBro writing. WHO CARES WHAT'S IN THE SCRIPTS? Seriously how many times does this need to be said? Just the fact that the script suggests that Arya and Brienne have any kind of relationship, much less a friendship, shows they should be discarded as evidence for anything. Arya and Brienne have NO relationship on screen. They have 2 scenes in the WHOLE show. Once with the Hound and then the stupid sparring match in 7x04. That's it. That's not a relationship whatsoever. Then why did you bring up the scripts to make your point? Your examples are all from way back when. When D&D still cared and still had the books to fall back on. As we have been subjected to pure D&D for the past few Seasons, there are no examples you listed from those. Interesting. And don't twist my words, I specifically said 'girl talk' in regards to Missandei and Dany in S7 (dishing about Grey Worm's amazing skills in bed). We never see those two bond as women or friends and then we get girl talk about the sexual prowess of a man. Nuff said. You know Sansa will probably have to be the one to suggest political marriage because Dany, Jon and their entire entourage of advisors are too stupid to think of something so simple. Most of us with a working brain were thinking that during S7, as it would have solved a lot of problems. Dany leaves Daario behind to free herself up for a political marriage but no one suggests it's done with the only guy who is currently a King of a Kingdom. /facepalm And hell yeah Jon better clean up his own mess. He better be the one to explain how and why he bend the knee and then deal with the potential fallout. It's getting tiring with Jon. First he's rewarded with a King title for the achievements of women (Arya&Sansa) and then he flits off and leaves Sansa to deal with the mess in the North. Then casually mentions he pissed everyone's freedom away and doesn't even have the stones to do it in person in front of the Lords. He probably expects that Sansa will tell the North and sort it all out while he's still away. What a putz.
  8. So Brienne apologized? Big whoop. When it's something you do again and again it doesn't mean much. The apologies don't mean much. If you were truly sorry you would adjust your behavior so that a 'sorry' is not needed because you changed as a person. If I were to hit you and said I'm sorry but then I do it again and again. How much is my apology really worth? But me not hitting you, that would show I'm actually sorry by having changed my behavior. I can't dislike Sansa for the writers inability to write female relationships. Only thing they seem able to do is girl on girl action. But actual female relationships? Pft, that's beyond their capabilities. For them women either have girl talks but no closer relationship beyond that (Dani/Missandei). They are bitches to each other. Or they are catty. Or standoff-ish. Or screw each other over. Just look at the DudeBros vs Stark siblings in 7x06. A huge group of men, all very different, get along just fine. They bond, they joke and they have each others back even though some barely know each other. And there are Arya and Sansa, freaking family, being idiots, catty, murderous and just plain bitches (Arya more so than Sansa) towards each other. While these guys can talk to each other about their life stories, Sansa and Arya apparently can't sit down and freaking talk about what they have been through.
  9. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Planets or entire solar systems didn't get wiped out as far we know. Just half of what's on the planets. So the planets still exist where they could land and get something to drink or eat. Unless of course the ship had some malfunction (most likely) which is why they are now drifting though space. Btw is it just me or are Tony and Nebula primed to be rescued by Captain Marvel? If there is less going on in space due to the snapture, something still has to intervene. We can assume they aren't going to die this way. However that would be the weirdest coincidence ever (bordering on deus-ex-machina). She just happens to fly by exactly there on her way to Earth?
  10. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Well if Nebula is with him then I don't get how they are adrift in space without food/water. She knows the galaxy after all. Did they go off course or something? Seems weird.
  11. She always has. As far back as Season 1. Arya was always antagonistic to anyone she didn't like. Apparently Arya is still stuck emotionally in S1, yet she accuses Sansa of still being S1 Sansa. I love the irony. It's similar to the Brienne situation. Sansa raises her voice once to a woman of the same social standing (Brienne is a Lady), so of course Sansa is an evil bitch. Brienne constantly puts down and insults Pod, someone far below her on the social scale, but no one takes offense to that because Brienne=feminist=awesome. Fandom logic in a nutshell. Why, bow down to the awesomeness that is Arya of course. She bend down for the last Ramsey Bolton character after all, she better do it for the new one. Forget Dany. They can't imagine Sansa being anything other than the image of her they have in mind. How can you reconcile Sansa being supposedly power hungry when one of the first things she does when Bran comes back is offer him his rightful place as Lord of Winterfell? The only position that has given her power and she gave it up without fuss. Someone who is power hungry would do that? That seriously makes no sense.
  12. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I love that it's the original 6 (though they are very light on Thor), plus Scott and Nebula. Scott is probably in it because he will have the solution and Nebula because she is the closest to Thanos (aside from Gamora but she is dead). I like all the dread and the weight that you can feel on these characters. I wonder though why Nebula and Tony aren't together. I thought the only ship still space worthy on Titan was the Benetar. Nebula is on it but Tony seems to be on a different ship or am I imagining things. Just the opening moment with Tony is already better than both Captain Marvel trailers combined. That's the guy we will lose (along with others) as the face of the franchise, to be replaced with Larson/Captain Marvel? I'm concerned.
  13. Keep blaming Sansa for something that's Jon's job. It's kind of tiring. The Wildlings were in WF after the battle and the beginnings of S7. Jon had all the time in the world to make the WW problem more palatable to the Northern Lords so that they understand the threat. He could have had the Wildlings speak about Hardhome. Or here is an idea, if Jon & co. are so invested in convincing people that the AotD is real (like with Cersei), show the Northern Lords some proof. For everyone in the North (including Sansa), the threat of the AotD is not really a thing, hence no one is actually focusing on that. Sure they are gearing up for war, fortifying their strongholds and making weapons/armor but that's just general preparation because a war is coming one way or another. From the North (which they don't really believe) and/or the South.
  14. She doesn't need to justify them. Forgotten S6 already? Almost the whole North disregarded the Starks when it came to ousting the Boltons. Some of them even sided with the Boltons. The North changes their mind 10 times a day. In the first 2 episodes they agreed with everything either Sansa or Jon said, the ultimate winner only seeming to be determined by who has the last word. For now the North is united, barely, and they are all wind vanes or whatever Sansa called them. What other justification is needed? Sansa didn't offer to become Queen, the little children (Lords) were complaining about daddy (King) not being home so she placated them. What else can you do with children? How could she possibly explain it? I must have missed the episodes were Sansa saw the AotD. Or a WW. She trusts that Jon knows what he's talking about in regards to that and that it's the best for the North that he went south. But how on Earth do you expect her to explain that which she hasn't seen herself? That's a ridiculous demand of the character quite frankly, she isn't Bran. She can't greensee. The only people who could explain are not in Winterfell. She needs to keep the Lords there and that means listening to their complaints because that's the only thing she can do diplomatically. She can't make them understand the danger they are facing because she has no grasp of it herself. Is that your opinion based on anything that was actually in the show? Or really just based on your personal opinion that Sansa can do nothing right (aka Sansa hate). Or based on BS interviews before and during the Season shaping your perception? And the scripts just confirmed your stance? Because I for one saw nothing on my screen to support this. But then I only pay attention to what's on screen because frankly that's all that counts. If I just look at the end of S6, when Sansa smiles as Jon is proclaimed KitN and then sees LF's scheming smile and thinks 'oh crap he won't take that well'...people like you instead see it as Sansa thinking 'crap LF was right, there goes my Queen title'. But then I didn't read/listen to interviews so that was what I saw on the screen. If they meant to portray something different, then they should have executed it differently. 2 whole Seasons of interviews and comments by actors and writers hyping one thing, people falling for it and the discussion was dominated by 'Sansa will betray Jon' every episode. Everything she did was supposedly proof of that, people read evil intentions into everything she did. But she never betrayed Jon (Battle of the Bastards does not count due to giant plot holes in the story). In fact Jon betrayed her and the North when he pissed their independence away for no reason (Dany had stopped asking him to bend the knee). But his action is defended endlessly and hailed as 'the right thing to do'. Doesn't make any sense to me. She has a freaking right to speak her mind just as every other Lord/Lady of the North. Are all the Lords undermining Jon when they speak up? Was little Lyanna Mormont, his little champion, also undermining him when she voiced her opinion? Sansa is the goddamn Lady of Winterfell. She has a right to speak up. Or are you suggesting she should know her place as a the little woman and just sit in the corner and have no opinion on anything? But you know what would have helped these early disagreements? If Jon for once had a brain and actually did what pretty much every King and Lord in Westeros does...form a council of advisors. And inform Sansa of the decisions of said council (if she isn't on it). His failure to do so lead to these open disagreements. It's called cause and effect. It's downright sexist to expect Sansa to keep her mouth shut because...Jon is related to her? LF may have been nurturing dissent among the Lords (I wouldn't know because we weren't shown that from what I remember), Sansa never did that. It doesn't freaking matter what's in the script. The only thing that counts is what's on screen. Script only shows the intent of the writers. What ends up on screen is all about execution. What a writer intends and what ends up on screen can often be very different. And this has a lot to do with the directors, the actors and last minute changes to scripts. If writers, directors, showrunners etc. want the audience to know something, put it on the screen. If you later have to explain what people were actually supposed to see, you've massively failed at your job. Some things can be vague for the sake of plot (to service a future storyline) but D&D clearly had a specific intend in mind. However they executed it so craptastic that you have one half of the viewers thinking 'Arya varies between utter psycho ()or is she the waif?) and talking nonsense' in regards to Sansa while Sansa is just trying to make the best out of a bad situation. The other half thinks Arya is right about everything and Sansa is the devil. Clear and utter fail in terms of storytelling.
  15. Captain Marvel (2019)

    There are plenty of people, myself included, that aren't convinced in terms of Brie's casting. Like you said, one can be stoic or appear emotionless and still pop off the screen. Theron's Furiosa is a good example of that. The character didn't display actual emotions besides stoic or determined until much later in the movie yet she completely stole the show, in large part because Theron has that charisma. Heck even Emily Blunt's Rita from Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat was a stoic character (and kind of an ass even though there was a reason) and she still had great screen presence and you believed her as a bad ass soldier. I think they made Brie's voice higher or at least it sounds higher to me. Which seems insane because she sounds like a teenager. Combined with her lack of screen presence so far, it's like watching a girl cos-playing a kick ass female character but lacking that something that made that character kick ass.