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  1. S04.E06: LaLaPaRUza

    I think that's why they had the eliminated select their competitor in reverse order. So that the weaker queens would be force to lip sync against the strongest ones making it easier for the stronger queen to win (at least in theory). That being said, I would have preferred if the show had let Valentina be eliminated last week and then have a straight 5 vs 5 lip sync faceoff. Maybe that would have been difficult from an editing point of view but I think that would have been a more fair route (and less obvious rigging towards Valentina & Latrice).
  2. S04.E06: LaLaPaRUza

    I think this episode proved why All Stars needs a "Lip Sync for Your Life" not a "Lip Sync for Your Legacy". All four lip syncs this episode were way better than any of the other lip syncs we've seen so far this season.
  3. Ex On The Beach (US)

    The other Corey is considered one of the "singles" so he is not eligible for elimination (well, until they decide to reverse the power dynamic and have the Ex'es eliminate one of the singles). The others (Nurys, Nelson, Sha, etc) were eligible for elimination but didn't receive any votes.
  4. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    The same thing happened to me! This show really could do with some structure. I lost interest towards the end of it (though I was kinda impressed by Sara dumping the full bottle on Brent's head). Perhaps they could do some sort of weekly challenge or maintain a $ tracker and have some sort of prize for the "ambassador" who sells the most drinks/cabanas/whatever? Now for the obligatory question with every new MTV show... what is the probably that we will see some of these people on a future season of The Challenge, Ex on the Beach, etc? My money's on Brent.
  5. Ex On The Beach (US)

    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Jay ends up on a future Challenge season. If he manages to hook up with one of the MTV regulars, he would be a shoo-in.
  6. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    Ok so I'm trying not to take this show too seriously (because I know it is fake and all of the "ambassador" storylines are probably scripted) but I was kinda surprised about the storyline about Brent (is that his name?) kissing the VIP client. I would think that, in a post #MeToo era, MTV would not want to air a storyline where there is a clear power difference and the person in the authority position is trying (successfully) to solicit sexual favors (albeit relatively mild in this case). Maybe it is more palatable since the VIP client is a hot chick? Seriously trying to suspend my disbelief here but assuming this is actually how the beach club is run, how far is too far with the VIP client/"ambassador" relationship? I'm assuming there are probably no sexual harassment resources for employees. On a shallow note, I thought the girl with blue hair looked better with pink hair (also, probably didn't help that the DJ had such beautiful long blue hair). Lastly, does Lindsey just hang out at a table all day?
  7. Ex On The Beach (US)

    It almost seemed like after that one conversation between Farrah and Simon, the producers realized that they were not going to get the drama they hoped for with these two and cut him. Also, not sure why Jozea had to insert himself into the Farrah/Simon situation. Well, other than the obvious "screen time" answer.
  8. Unpopular opinion: I actually like Farrah and think she's a stunning queen. That being said, I understand why she was eliminated this episode. Similar to her first season, she was a bit green for this competition (though she has made significant progress). I wouldn't mind seeing her again a few years down the road (maybe All Stars 9 or 10).
  9. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Not sure if this has been posted here yet but there are a few BB faces in MTV's next Ex on the Beach season... mainly BB18 Corey (why? WHY?), BBOTT Morgan (Ballsmashers!) and Monte (aka Morgan's ball and chain). Cast list: http://www.mtv.com/news/3104104/ex-on-the-beach-season-2-cast/
  10. S37.E05 Jackets and Eggs

    Now I know there are way more reasons why Natalie was voted out other than #jacketgate but that whole incident left a bad taste in my mouth. I didn't like Natalie taking the fall when Angelina was just as shady. When Angelina was giving her spiel about Natalie acting "out of love", I was really hoping that Natalie would tell the truth and call her out. I think it is safe to assume that Natalie has a guaranteed spot on a future season now lol.
  11. Dancing Queen

    I have always wondered with these type of reality shows if there is some legal reason why the moms are in the room and on camera with the kids. I remember one episode of Dance Moms where a couple of the moms were boycotting the show (I know,I know, that was like every other episode) and the girls were in the studio but had to be hustled into a side room because their moms were not present.
  12. Dancing Queen

    Just finished the first season. Since it ended on a cliffhanger, I'm assuming that they are expecting this show to do well or that it's insanely cheap to produce and they are planning to do a second season. I agree that the episodes formats were lacking. In theory, I loved the idea of Drag Race meets Dance Moms but the execution felt disjointed. I almost wished there was more structure to the episodes. Or maybe if they focused on one storyline and had the other one more as a subplot? Liked seeing the cameos from the other drag queens. It's interesting that this was released around the same time as "A Star is Born" (with Shangela appearing in both). And I loved JJ dressing up as Alyssa Edwards for Halloween. That was super cute.
  13. I Feel Bad

    Watched the first episode. Thought the workplace scenes were trying too hard to replicate the workplace dynamic/types of conversations in Black-ish. Except 1/2 of the two older children is not remotely interracial (and looks out of place). I guess it might be difficult to find a young actress with Indian roots at the right age that can act and has the right "look". So maybe it's okay at the moment since she's young but I think if this show is picked up for several more seasons, they are going to have a hard time blending the daughter into the rest of the family.
  14. Pretty Little Mamas

    Sooo I think MTV ghosted us on this to see if anyone cared. I guess they were right lol.
  15. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    They said that to EVERYONE. Note to self: if I ever win the jackpot, I will coerce my way onto BB, play my heart out and then when I finally get interviewed by Ross and Marissa, call them OUT on this. Then retire to my private island with a satellite feed.