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  1. Media: Dietland In The News

    Lousy ratings could be due partially to the idiotically haphazard scheduling of the show. I recorded (so I can ff through commercials) and watched the first 2-hour debut and then found the third on demand and watched that right after. This week they "aired" that 3rd episode which was available to watch a week ago. If they can't get their shit together to air this like a regular series they are definitely going to have terrible ratings.
  2. S06.E10: START

    Thank you!
  3. S06.E10: START

    What are BB and BCS?
  4. Thanks for the correction - since I was a faithful L&O mothership viewer, I should have known it ran for 20!
  5. S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    Was he the schlubby lawyer who McCoy et al seriously underestimated at first?
  6. After rarely watching this show for the past three years of soap opera, I tuned in to the 2-hour season finale (recorded). I fast-forwarded through most of the first hour of that wretched hostage porn and hysteria, hoping the second hour would be better. I gave up on it fifteen minutes in, feeling irritated, bored and pissed off at myself for the time I wasted. What a pile of crap this once-great show has become. And to think it's outlasting the original L&O, which deserved a 20th season. This certainly doesn't.
  7. S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    When Stan was researching the Jennings and saw there was no record of the travel agency, I was fully expecting an "Aha!" Moment, but Stan barely reacted. Wouldn't that be a huge red flag?
  8. The Americans in the Media

    Don't know if this is the right thread, but Ruthie Miles (who played Young Hee) just lost her unborn baby, two months after a car crashed into her and a friend, killing Mile's four year old and her friend's toddler. This is beyond heartbreaking. eta: http://www.brooklyneagle.com/articles/2018/5/3/driver-dorothy-bruns-fatal-park-slope-crash-will-be-charged-death-two-kids
  9. S01.E01: Bad News

    I had exactly the same reaction. I love Cumberbatch and will watch to the end of this, but I was exhausted by this first episode.
  10. S01.E01: Bad News

    Excellent question. The boy was so markedly different looking that it pulled me right out of the story - he even had dark eyes. Maybe there's a point to this involving Patrick's drug-fueled perceptions, but I can't imagine what that would be.
  11. S06.E07: Harvest

    Thanks for posting the tunefind link! "Horses" drove me crazy when it was used in Ray Donovan while Abby was dying, but the dirge didn't bother me as much here.
  12. S06.E07: Harvest

    I wasn't particularly bothered by Stan's questions/reactions/search because I think they did a decent job of portraying him as a man who is (okay, maybe not the best spook in the world) but suddenly very conflicted about P&E - more P than E actually. Maybe I'm reading into it, but it seemed to me that the possible reality of his neighbors being illegals has been cropping up for him for awhile, and the not-coincidence of the Chicago shoot-out and the Jennings' travels started pinging around in his mind, enough to question Henry and search the house. On one hand, he's suspicious, on the other hand these people have been friends of his for years now and IRL when you start to suspect someone you know and care about of something shady, there's a part of your mind that just won't accept it until forced to do so. And then there's the added probem of Stan being an FBI agent who will probably be disgraced when the truth about P&E is finally revealed. Paige is once again a badly written and badly acted part. The only thing that rang true to me was when she said she has no friends, because it seems perfectly logical that spy parents would try to keep their kids somewhat isolated (within a normal school and social framework) so that no one gets too close to the family. And because Paige is by nature such a whiny, needy and utterly incurious person who just wants to please mom, of course she doesn't have - or even seem to want - a social circle or support system outside the family. It's a role that could have been really interesting as a forcibly isolated teen/lost soul, but instead, Paige just comes off as a weak, flat character who barely has the makings of a good file clerk.
  13. S04.E10: Book of the Unclaimed Dead

    I still watch the Americans, and I still think Paige is a waste of space - a badly writtten, poorly acted character. Taking up more plot time with Paige is just irritating.
  14. S06.E06: Rififi

    LOL - if only!
  15. S06.E06: Rififi

    I just watched a 2017 CNN report on the "real" Philizabeths who were busted in 2010-ish, and there were ten of them, all living as couples all over the U.S. The FBI timed it so that they would be able to pick all of them up at the same time, and it sounds like next week may be based on that. Of course all ten of them were returned to Russia in exchange for prisoners in Russia who had spied for the U.S., but I don't think that's where the show is going to go. This has a rundown on the real-lifers and their children and what happened to them: https://qz.com/926553/what-happened-to-the-real-russian-spies-who-inspired-the-americans/