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  1. S03.E05: Rodeo Barbie

    I hate to say things about the children on this show. But Brandi stop with the enormous cheerleader bows on your girls. Even more so why are you wearing one? How old ar
  2. S13.E08: Seeing Red

    Do they give these women bonuses if they disgust the viewers talking about sex acts they give and receive? I'm no prude but I definitely don't want to hear about their sex talk. Shane might be a wimp with no chin, but I would pay money to see Gina belt Kelly. Your first drink huh Kelly. You mean your first since you actually arrived at the party. Wow, Vickie you really know how to pick the winners!
  3. S06.E19: The Geek Interpreter

    I know I sound like a broken record; but can the next case they solve be what the hell happened to Clyde!
  4. The way Kameron speaks makes me feel stabby Can someone please give Brandi some eyebrows I can actually see. And before you topple over with your fake boobs Cary eat!
  5. S04.E11: The Code

    Writers I already think Lennie Ja,e is amazing but could you please give this man something better than this shit episode to work with!
  6. First Deeandras (sp) husband still hot as hell. Carey dont want to hear about where you are going to poop. Brandi dont care to hear if you had sex or not. Kameron she adopted the baby did not give birth you ditz. Oh and Kameron had to order pajamas with a monogram OMG the work. Must have been so stressful fo you!
  7. S04.E10: Close Your Eyes

    If I close my eyes can someone convince me Alicia is not on the show anymore!
  8. S04.E09: People Like Us

    I effing love Lennie James; he is amazing. Even with all his talent, he is struggling to make the crap they are writing worth watching!
  9. Ok Kelly and her man du jour playing tonsil hockey in the restaurant, gross. Im surprise d all the patrons did not get up and leave!
  10. Season 2 All Episode Talk: Chenoweth Chat

    It may seem stupid to some but the shoelace thing got me; everyone freaking out. Then when he tripped!
  11. S06.E03: Pushing Buttons

    I just have one important question. Where the hell is Clyde!
  12. S10.E06: No Country for Old Women

    I agree with you I thought Laurie Metcalf and her delivery and timing was great in this episode.
  13. S03.E21: Aftermath

    Not another baby/pregnancy. That is usually the kiss of death for any television show. Unless they child gets shipped off to boarding school and is never seen again.
  14. S04.E02: Another Day in the Diamond

    You stated all the problems with this perfectly with this one sentence!
  15. S04.E01: What's Your Story?

    Perfect episode until Alicia and her annoying, bad acting ass showed up!